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Washington, DC-born and Brooklyn-based, Jukebox The Ghost is quickly becoming the new face of indie pop. Only a drum set, guitar, and keyboard make up this band, but don’t let that fool you- JTG rocks hard. From their 2008 debut album Let Live & Let Ghosts to their recently released third album Safe Travels, they have proven themselves consistently as the most fun you can have just by listening to your iTunes. Ben, Tommy, and Jesse are also known for touring extensively- so check our their website and see if they’re coming to perform near you soon!

This mix tape is a sort of “best of.” If you haven’t heard of Jukebox, or if you’ve heard a bit and can’t get that earworm out of your brain, check out this mix. Although space and death and the end of the world are common themes among JTG’s discography, you’ll find yourself dancing and singing and feeling happier than ever. This mix has highlights from all three of their albums, topped off with a delectable Donna Lewis cover. (Yeah, that Donna Lewis. Just listen.)

DOWNLOAD HERE! (Oh, and that’s guitarist Tommy Siegel’s artwork featured on the tracklisting there.)

I’m more of a Bayonetta 1 fan than a 2 fan. Something is missing in Bayonetta 2, or rather it just feels very off.

And after watching Pewdiepie play it, I completely understand why I don’t like it.

To see him get excited and comment on all the parts clearly designed for straight males was eye-opening because there were things I didn’t even realize had been presented in a way meant to be sexually appealing.

Like this shot of Jeanne:

He was flustered, and all: ‘wow, that shot. it’s focusing on–why did they pick that shot?’ OR SOMETHING SIMILAR.

and I?? and then oh. Oh. Oh.

And when Bayonetta runs, he even pointed out you got a clear look at the outline of her vagina from behind. He zooms in.

Bayonetta 1 had sexualization that made many of us mistake it for satire because of how funny it came across.

But in Bayonetta 2, it’s just not funny.

I will always love Bayonetta though, but she deserves a lot better than this.