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  • expectation at age 13: will grow up to become the extroverted, witty, and enchanting elizabeth bennet
  • reality at age 22: has grown up to become the introverted, awkward, and stressed out fitzwilliam darcy
Jon Snow x reader- Not Good Enough

You walked around the hall of Winterfell as you made your way to Jon’s chambers, waving to people as they passed. Once you reached his door, you saw that it was slightly open already. You walked in slowly to find Jon lying on his bed, napping.

You let out a slight giggle at the sight. Jon always looked so innocent when he was asleep. You closed the door behind you, causing Jon wake up with a jump. You laughed even more as you watched him look around confused until his gaze landed on you.

A small smile appeared on his face the moment he saw you, but it quickly disappeared. You watched him in confusion as he got up and instead of walking towards you and bringing you into a warm embrace, went over to the window and looked out it.

“Jon?” you asked, slowly walking over to him. You gently placed your hand on his shoulder and could feel him flinch at your touch, slightly pulling away. You could tell he was holding himself back from looking at you, touching you, doing anything to you.

“Jon. Look at me, touch me, do something.” you said, walking in front of him and moving your hand from his shoulder to his cheek. This time, he melted into your touch, placing his hand on top of yours and gently kissing your palm. A sense of relief washed over you as you felt Jon’s soft lips against your hand.

“I try but I can’t stop myself.” Jon laughed into your hand.

“What do you mean?” you asked. Jon stopped and looked you with a loving yet serious gaze. He let go of your hand and moved his hands to your hips, letting them rest there as you brought your to his chest.

“I’m not good enough for you, but no matter how many times I tell myself I must let you go, I can’t.” Jon said, his gaze slowly softening and turning into on of self pity and loathing.

 “And why wouldn’t you be good enough for me, Jon Snow.” you asked, wrapping your arms around him.

“Because I’m a Bastard.” Jon sighed, letting you go and walking over to a wall to leaning on it, folding his arms over his chest as he did so. He only moved a few feet away, but seemed like he was trying his best to put some distance between you two when all you wanted was to have him near. You let out an irritated sigh as you walked over to Jon and leaned on the wall next to him.

You constantly heard this from him. He was a great man, but he considered himself less then dirt and it didn’t help that Lady Stark made sure he was treated that way. You hated how she looked at him with nothing but contempt, made sure he was always separated from the family in some way, making him feel like an outsider who didn’t belong. He was still a Stark, had Stark blood running through his veins, no matter how much Catlyn hated it.

“Don’t think that. I hate it when think like this. You are just as noble, kind, strong, and loyal as any of the other Starks. You have so much Stark in you, your father said it himself. The only person who is more Stark than you, then anybody, is Arya.” you laughed slightly. Jon laughed as well, but you could tell he needed just a little more convincing and you knew just what to do.

You got off the wall and stood right in front of Jon, cupping his face in your hands. You made sure that the space between the two of you was nonexistent and that he couldn’t look at anything besides you.

“You know that I don’t care about your birth. You could have been born a full Stark or born to a peasant family in King’s Landing and I wouldn’t care. I don’t love you because of your status, I love you because of you and who you are. You being a bastard doesn’t change who you are, only how people see you. When I look at you, I don’t see a Bastard, only a good, strong and kind man. And the man that I love. When will you realize that you are then enough for me?” you asked, gently stroking his cheeks the whole time, hoping that he would finally believe what you say.

Jon looked at you for a brief second before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer against, crashing his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck to keep yourself steady.

Both of you pulled and rested your forehead against each other, with Jon still holding you close.

 “I love you (F/N). I love you so much to the point it’s hard for me to keep my hands off you whenever you’re near.” Jon smirked.

“You never even try to keep your hands of me.” you stated as Jon began laying light kisses on your neck. Even in public, Jon shows how much he loves you to everyone, especially to Robb and Theon. Those two have made is very clear that they want you. You often have to swat at him and tell him to stop, only in public though.

“Aye. Do you want me to stop?” Jon asked, beginning to push you towards the bed. You slowly laid down as Jon hovered above you still kissing your neck before moving up and recapturing your lips.

 “Never.”  you smiled into the kiss. Jon pulled away for a brief second to meet your gaze. He looked at you with so much love in his eyes and his smile does just the same, you could hardly believe how much he loved you.

And you couldn’t believe how much you loved him. You would risk anything for him. You were born to a wealthy family and your future was secure if you married well, but you would gladly give all of that up for him. He was all that you needed and more then enough.

 That night, you showed each other just how much you loved each other.

When you awoke, you were snuggling with Jon. You looked up at him and smiled, letting out a content sigh.

“Marry me.” you heard Jon say. You froze and sat up right with Jon following you. You proceed what he said for a minute since you did just wake until you screamed when you realized.

“Yes! Of course!’ you yelled, hugging Jon and tackling him to the bed, planting light kisses all over his face.

 Now some people said that you just throw your entire future away, especially your family and other high born nobles.

But you didn’t care. Jon was more then you could ever ask for and he felt the same.

  • *221B*
  • Client: *wringing his hands* Look, mate, I'm not asking for much. I just...want to find her.
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* She knew of your affair?
  • Client: *guilty* That's what we was arguing-
  • Molly: *bursts in* Right, mister, I've had it!
  • Sherlock: *blinks; chuckles nervously* Molly, I'm-
  • Molly: *points* I don't care. I-I'm not some case work you can just *pauses* do.
  • Client: *raises his eyebrows*
  • Molly: *swallows* I barely get to see you a-and when I do, it's for experiments or casework.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *nods* You're right.
  • Molly: *stunned* I am?
  • Sherlock: Yes. I've been neglecting you. We need to spend more time together.
  • Molly: *smiles* I'd like that.
  • Sherlock: *removes his phone* I'll text Angelo. He'll have the finest wine on ice, a private table ready for tonight.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Can't wait *smiles awkwardly at the client* sorry for interrupting. Err, good luck with... *gestures; leaves*
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone away* I'm going to marry her.
  • Client: *nods slowly* Good for you.

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Hi! Could do write something with Hamburr with "11. Things you said when you were drunk?"

“I’m in love with you.”

Aaron peers over at Alexander, having to stare a little harder than usual to make out his expression in the darkness of the back seat of the cab. But after a few seconds he can see Alexander staring at him with glassy eyes, a dopey smile on his face.

Aaron tries not to laugh.

“I know you do,” he murmurs, reaching out to pat Alexander on the knee. “But thank you for telling me.”

Alexander grabs at Aaron’s hand as he tries to retract it. “No. You don’t get it. Like, I’m in love with you.” He furrows his brows. “Wrong emphasis. I’m in love with you.” Another smile.

“How nice of you,” Aaron says through a laugh, unable to refrain any longer. He twines their fingers together. “But again, I know.”

“I love you so much I want to marry you. I want to wed you, Aaron.”

“Good thing you are then.”

Alexander’s eyes grow wider, and he sits up straighter in his seat, looking at Aaron in amazement. “We’re getting married?” He laughs. “Shit. That’s awesome.”

Aaron rolls his eyes, still finding it strangely endearing how Alexander gets so spacey when he drinks too much. He thought it might grow to be annoying over the years, but it has stayed frustratingly cute, even when it happens because he very stupidly tried to challenge Theodosia to a shot competition. 

“You should have had more to eat,” Aaron says a few minutes later, when Alexander continues to just stare at him. “Or water. You’re going to drink some before going to bed, okay?”

“Uh huh.”

“Stop staring at me.”

“But you’re pretty,” Alexander coos, laughing as he presses a kiss to Aaron’s cheek. “Are you sure we’re getting married? Like you and me? To each other?”

“Well, that’s what you made it sound like when you proposed a few months ago.”

Alexander’s jaw drops. “I proposed? Oh my god. Wow. And you said yes! Wow.” He shakes his head. “I can’t wait till I’m sober so I’ll remember that. I thought it was a dream.”

“It was real,” Aaron tells him, squeezing his hand. “I was a very nice proposal, you should be proud. You can do it again when we get home if you want.”

“Will you still say yes?”

“What’s the fun if I tell you?”

Alexander frowns. “Mean.” He perks up suddenly, leaning in close to Aaron. “Why don’t you propose?” He asks. “Right now. To me. I’ll even say yes, I promise.”

Aaron sighs. “Alexander I-”


“Tomorrow,” Aaron tells him firmly. “In the morning. That way you’ll remember it.”

Alexander narrows his eyes. “You’re just saying that in the hopes that I’ll forget that I asked you after I pass out tonight.” He chuckles when Aaron scowls. “You can’t fool me.”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Alexander murmurs, lips turning down, but he smiles when Aaron raises their hands to press a kiss to the back of Alexander’s. “Tomorrow, then. You’ll propose tomorrow.”

“I’ll propose every day if you want.”

“Every day forever?”

Aaron laughs. “Sure.”

Alexander hums, moving to rest his head on Aaron’s shoulder. “Every day forever. That sounds nice.”

The rest of the cab ride is silent, Alexander drifting in and out of sleep while Aaron looks out the window, forcing himself to stay awake despite the tiredness starting to seep into his limbs.

They get home a few minutes later, and Aaron manages to get Alexander inside and put to bed a half an hour after they step inside, which is a new record. Usually it takes over an hour, with lots of encouragement or begging.

Aaron doesn’t even remember falling asleep, but suddenly there’s a sharp nudge into his side, and he’s blinking his eyes open to see light spilling into the room. But then Alexander’s face is blocking his view.

“What’re you doing?” Aaron mumbles, trying to push Alexander away, but he doesn’t budge. “Alexander, move.”

“You made me a promise,” Alexander says, smiling down at him, and Aaron groans. “Ha! You did think I’d forget! Well, I didn’t. So go ahead and propose, Mr. Burr. I’m waiting.”

Aaron groans again, rubbing at his eyes. “Alexander,” he sighs. “Will you marry me?” He moves his hands to look up at Alexander’s disappointed face with a smirk. “There.”

“That was the worst proposal ever.”

Aaron chuckles, pushing himself up to capture Alexander’s mouth in a quick kiss. Then he flops back down on the mattress, smiling up at Alexander and reaching out to push some of his hair off of his forehead. 

“Well, then it’s a good thing I’ve got every day forever to practice.”

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Does Padawan!Ben have a chip in his head since he is also a clone?? Will he lose his autonomy like the other clones or will he retain his own mind??? If he does resist order 66, would he be horrified at watching his brothers kill Jedi? If he doesn't... Oh god, what would his reaction be when he becomes himself again? It looks like Anakin will still Fall as well, perhaps to save Ben. Oh dear, this may not end well but I love the story so far!

“Ben?” The copper head lifted his head quickly from his hands, blinking blurry black spots out of them before focusing on the worried looking blond in front of him. “Ben what’s wrong, you look pale?”

“I…I just felt dizzy.” Ben rubbed his forehead slowly.

“…Is it because we found that Dooku sent your blood samples to Kamino?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps. I don’t really think about it anymore if I’m honest, its not really part of my life.” He sighed quietly and let Anakin take his head into his hands and rub his temples, making a soft noise. “Oh that feels nice.” He cooed quietly.

“Course it does.” Anakin chuckled softly, smiling at the other.

The years had allowed for Ben to grow a long padawan tail with many decorations though he still sported the traditional padawan cut. Anakin wished he’d grow it longer but wasn’t about to demand the other break the tradition.

The fact that Ben broke it enough to share a bed with Anakin was enough most days.

“Did you have a good time with Fives and the vods at least?” He questioned as he rubbed.

“Mhmm, it was nice. Still able to give good hugs.” Ben’s eyes were closed so he didn’t see the quick shot of jealousy that flitted through Anakin’s eyes before the blond calmed himself. After all, the vods were just that, vods, brothers. Ben’s brothers.

He smiled and pressed a kiss to the others forehead. “Good. They tend to put you in a better mood.”

“You put me in a better mood.” Ben grinned at him.

Anakin grinned at that and pressed a few kisses to Ben’s lips, feeling the other melt against him. “Are you staying long?”

“Until Master Yoda calls me back, so I don’t really know. He has a tendency to change his mind at odd times.”

Anakin hummed at that before slowly pressing Ben down on the bunk below him, lips quirking into a small grin as Ben pulled him along with his own matching grin.


Jerking away, Anakin took sharp breaths as his hands clenched into the blanket as the Ben’s screaming voice still echoed through his head.

‘Another dream…’ He rubbed his face and looked down at the man beside him as he slept peacefully, reaching out and stroking Ben’s scruffy cheek.

“Mmmn? Anakin?” Ben yawned, opening his eyes.

“Its alright Ben, just…I love you.”

Ben smiled at that, shifting around until he could face the other. “Mmmn. I love you too Anakin.” He sighed quietly and settled into Anakin’s arms for a few moments as the other stroked his hair. “…You feel agitated.” He mumbled, brain slowly waking him up.

“Just a bit. Its nothing Ben, honestly.” He pressed soft kisses to the others forehead, stroking the little carved slip of japor around the others neck. “Just battle agitation.”

“Want me to chase away the agitation?” Ben smiled up at him.

“Holding you chases it away.” Settling down with his arms around Ben, Anakin forced his mind to quiet down as he pressed another kiss to the forehead.

“Nice to know.” There was a soft blissful sigh.



“…Marry me?”



They got married in secret.

Well as secret as a marriage attended by the 501, two droids and a priest could be.

They wore their armors and they had no rings to give each other.

But Ben had managed to get his hands on a piece of japor, carving Mando into it, promising Anakin this life and the next and every life Anakin wanted.

It was perfect just like that, under the sun of a distant planet.

Ben’s lips tasted sweeter then any desert fruit Anakin had ever had the pleasure of having and the promise sang truer then anything else.

Their men, their vods cheering for them put the last cherry on it and in the private of their own quarters they shared water in the old tradition of Tatooine, one of the few things Anakin still held onto.

Ben in turn tended to Anakin’s lightsaber in the Mando’a tradition of keeping your lovers weapon at its best.

“Are you going to call me your riduur now?”

“Only if you want to.”

“I like it better when you call me Ani.”

“Then Ani it is my riduur.”

“Heh, my nightbird.”


“Have you ever heard the story of Darth Plagious the wise Anakin?”

Injured Football Player Ch 7

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Summary: After the reader’s cousin calls Bucky, he shows up at the family ranch hoping the reader will take him back.

Word Count: 797

A/N: The fluff is back! Honestly, y’all are the greatest! I have gotten nothing but so much love and support for this series, it makes my heart swell! If you want to be added to the tag list, just ask! Enjoy!

(Chapter 6)

 Bucky made it to the ranch in record time, and hour and five minutes. He sat at the top of the hill looking at the house. He was terrified that you would turn him away. He would never be able to recover if you never came home.

 You woke up and groaned as you turned over. You walked out of your room, as you passed the front door you stopped. You slowly turned and saw Bucky walking up the walkway.

 "Wanda,“ you called out.

 "What’s up?” She asked walking up. She saw Bucky and stopped, “I’m gonna go.”

 "What is he doing here?“

 "I have no idea. I didn’t tell him.”

 He looked up and saw you standing there. The sight of you made his heartbreak, you were a mess. You felt tears welling up when he looked at you. All you wanted to do was run to him and have him hold you.

 Bucky stopped at the door, unsure if he could walk in or not.

 Wanda looked between the two of you, she walked over to the door and opened it, “Come in Buck.”

 "Thanks Wanda,“ he whispered, "Hi Y/N.”

 "What are you doing here, James?“ You asked.

 "I figured I would come out here to get away,” he adjusted his sling and winced.

 "How is your shoulder?“ You asked softly.

 "It hurts. My surgery got pushed back to Friday,” he looked down at his feet, “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

 You sighed, “James, what is there to talk about?”

 He stepped closer, “I messed up. I know I did. Y/N, you have to believe me when I say I did not mean a single word I said to you! You are hands down the best thing I have ever done in my life. I was just upset about my shoulder, but that isn’t an excuse,” he ran his hand down his face, “Baby, please, tell what I can do to make this up. I know you don’t want to talk to me, and you think that we should spend sometime apart, but Y/N, I can’t spend time away from you. I need you. I need you so much, it hurts. The idea of us not being together kills me! I hate being away from you when I have away games, the idea of you not with me is just imaginable to me,” he walked up to you and grabbed your hand, “I need your smile. I need your laugh. I need your laugh,” a small sob escaped his lips, “I need you.”

 Tears were falling down your cheeks, “Bucky, I can’t be your personal punching bag whenever things don’t go your way.”

 He cupped your face, “No, Y/N your not, and you’ll never be one,” he reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out your engagement ring, “When I saw your engagement ring sitting at my feet, I realized what I had done. Please. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

 You missed him you couldn’t deny that. You leaned into his hand and looked down at the ring, then up at him. You let out a sigh, “Ask me to marry you.”

 He smiled softly and got down on one knee, “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you make time the luckiest man alive and marry me?”

 You nodded, “Yes.”

 Bucky slipped the ring on your finger and stood up, wrapping his arm around you kissing you. He buried his face in your neck, “I love you, so much. I promise I’m never going to let anything like this happen again.”

 You let out a sigh, “I love you.”

 "Oh thank God you two are back together,“ Wanda said from behind you.

 "Yes we are. Will you come home with me?” He asked you quietly.

 You nodded, “Yes, I miss my bed.”

 "It misses you too,“ he kissed the top of your head.

 You curled yourself into his arms, and nuzzled into his neck. You hated being away from Bucky, you needed him just as much as he needed you. You really couldn’t imagine not being with Bucky. You don’t remember what it was like to be without him. After spending so much time together, you two had become one person. You did everything together and you hated being apart for too long, it was as if you were missing an arm. You both hated when training camp came around because Bucky would be in California for a good part of a month. But this time apart was different, you weren’t counting the days down till you got to see him again, you were counting the days since you had seen him last. But with Bucky holding you in his arms again, you felt like you were put back together.

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Love isn’t a fact

AO3 Odd’s Drabbles
AO3 Whisper a Secret (Errotic-only-collection)

Love isn’t a fact. Love is a hunch at first, later it’s a series of decisions. A life time of decisions. That’s love.” – Carlos the Scientist, Welcome to Night Vale

Lust smiled where he lied, curled up next to Error. He had never before felt as peaceful as he had these last years, dating the skeleton above him. Music was playing on low volume in the background. He himself was reading a book, and Error was knitting. Both Lust and his brother had great collections of clothes made by Error’s strings. Most of them were too hot for them to wear, but they cherished them anyway.

“H-hEy, l-Lust?”

He turned his head to look at the other, and nodded. Error had an almost nervous look on his face. Lust tilted his head. Huh. Wonder what that was about? He didn’t ask, though. His boyfriend would tell him when he was ready.

“w_Wanna gO on A dATe?”

Lust’s smile grew wider and he pressed a kiss to the other’s teeth. He caressed his maxilla.

“sounds lovely, sweetheart.”

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nicole proposing: baby…with the taste of your lips I wanna take the longest ride of my life…

waverly: can you speak english for once

nicole, sighing: will you marry me?