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Andreil teacher au

Neil tugs at his sleeve, a nervous habit of his that has followed him around since he was a child. He really doesn’t want to be doing this–but Kevin flew out to just to ask for this favor. He couldn’t disappoint him. He didn’t want to disappoint him, not after what Kevin had done for him.

He sits on a bench outside of Wymack’s office to wait for Kevin because there was no way he was going in there by himself. The students start to trickle into the school and it’s as if they know he’s the  substitute. He supposed news traveled fast and unfamiliar faces were a threat to be determined with these kids.

He sighs and leans back against the bench. He looks up at ceiling to avoid the curious looks of the students passing by.

“Why math?”

Neil nearly jumps and ends up gripping the edge of the bench, feeling someone settle next to him. He faces a blond man with hazel eyes, who seems bored just being there.

“Who the fuck are you?” The words escape from Neil’s mouth before he can even stop them.

The man stares at Neil with something akin to amusement but doesn’t bother replying.

Neil would have almost confused him for a student because the man was small–even smaller than himself, which really was saying something.

No, he was probably a teacher. The man’s hazel eyes flicker over him as if he were a puzzle of some kind.

“You’re still so stupid.”

And then, it hits Neil and his blood runs cold. His eyes widen with recognition. But it can’t be–but it is–shit, he should have gone over the staff list after going through student profiles.

“Andrew,” Neil whispers. A smirk forms on the blond’s  face in confirmation. He hadn’t seen him since–since–

Wymack’s door swings open and this time Neil actually jumps. Andrew snorts in amusement and Neil shoots him a glare.

“Neil! What are you doing sitting out here? We’ve been waiting for you,” Kevin says, stepping out from beneath the doorway of the office.

Neil stands, “I didn’t know you were inside.”

“You could have knocked,” Kevin rolls his eyes and then turns his gaze towards Andrew, “You could have told him.”

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BTS reaction to their crush thinking they like another idol

@exodarkwolf16 said: Please can I request a bts reaction to their best friend thinking they like another idol when they have a crush on them :) thank you :)

Hi love, hope you enjoy! 💋

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Namjoon had invited you to tag along with him to an event organised by another company. While you were talking his attention would constantly drift to a member of Apink. Unbeknownst to you, he had talked about you to her and she wanted to see your reaction after his confession. Every time he would turn his head you would let out a sigh of frustration secretly wishing he would look at you like that. Having had enough, you confronted him and asked him if he liked the girl. Namjoon would be caught off guard, not understanding why you - his crush - out of all people would ask him that.  After you told him to go talk to her if she seemed more interesting, he would quickly understand what was actually going on. You were jealous of her, making him laugh out loud and wrap his arm around your shoulder. He would give you his undivided attention from that point on and later confess that he actually had a crush on you.

“If I could talk to only one person for the rest of my life I would choose you over anybody else.”

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by ksjinie

Seokjin had invited you to come watch a movie at his dorm. Everything was fine until he started receiving some messages. You paid no mind to it thinking it was one of the guys. When his phone suddenly started ringing he excused himself to the kitchen. Curious as to who might be calling him that would make him leave, you followed him. When you heard him laugh and say a girl’s name your face paled. The thought of your crush liking someone else made you sick. After he came back you decided to ask him who called. When he told you it was someone from Girls Generation you asked if he liked her. He looked at you for a moment taken aback by your serious tone. Thinking you were jealous, he smiled and he told you she only called to congratulate him on his win and that he couldn’t like her when someone else had already stolen his heart. You quickly realized he was talking about you.

“If you are jealous of her, don’t be. There is no other competition, you’re the only one.”

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by gotjimin

Yoongi had invited you to the studio to come listen to one of his new tracks. As his best friend - and crush - your opinion mattered a lot to him so he wanted you to be the first one to hear it. When you arrived you were surprised to see a member of F(x) come through the door. Apparently you weren’t the first one to listen to his song as she congratulated him on it and gave him a hug goodbye. Not being able to control the jealous feelings inside you, you decided to get to the point and ask him what she was doing here when you arrived. Picking up on your mood he did not want to say anything and possibly start a fight, so instead of replying he decided to play the track. You were shocked when you noticed it was actually a love song and after taking a closer look at the computer screen, you realized that the title of the track was your name and the girl had actually helped him in composing it.

“I know it’s not finished yet but you better like it either way, since it’s dedicated to you.”

Jung Hoseok

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Hoseok had invited you to come watch his new dance routine. You were very excited because one; he was an amazing dancer and two; you had a massive crush on him. When you arrived at the studio you were confused when you heard laughter coming form inside the room. Upon entering you saw Hoseok lying on the ground with a member of Mamamoo on top of him. Feeling like you just stepped in on something you shouldn’t have seen, you quickly close the door and turn to leave with tears in your eyes. You’re surprised when the girl stops you and explains that what you had just seen was not what it looked like. She goes on to tell you that she was actually helping him in making a choreography meant to confess to you. The scene you saw was actually the part where he was would take you in his arms and kiss you but they ended up bumping into each other and falling to the floor.

“So I guess she told you about my plan to confess to you… Do you still want to see the choreography?”

Kim Taehyung

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Taehyung had invited you to accompany him on set. Being a big fan of movies you were very excited to witness everything that goes on behind the camera. When you arrived, you saw Taehyung sitting in his chair going over his lines with his co-star, a member of Blackpink. Coming up behind him to scare him, you were shocked to see him lean in to kiss the girl and yelped in surprise. Hearing your scream right before his lips touched hers he turned around. Recovering quickly, he got up from his chair and made his way over to you. Seeing the sadness in your eyes, he explains how his character is secretly in love with his best friend and the scene you saw him practicing was the one where he confesses his feelings for her. He then goes on to confess how he asked the producer for this part because he wanted to practice what he was going to say when he would finally tell you about his crush on you. 

“It isn’t easy confessing to your best friend you know, so what better way is there than using a scene from a movie?!”

Park Jimin

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Jimin had invited you to go eat at a new restaurant he had discovered. Of Course you agreed because it would give you the opportunity to spend some time with him, your best friend and crush. Apparently, the place was popular among other artists as you saw the members of Twice when you entered. Sitting down, you noticed one member in particular eyeing him up an down. Not thinking anything of it, you ordered your food and continued your evening. During conversation you saw him look past you, when you turned around you saw the member from earlier approach your table. She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and asked him what he was doing in here with someone like you, making you want to disappear. Seeing the tears in your eyes, he stood up and boldly stated that he was enjoying his evening with his girlfriend before she rudely interrupted. Taking your hand, he turned and left the restaurant. 

“If you were my actual girlfriend, I wouldn’t have to say things like this to defend your honor. People would know I belong to someone already.”

Jeon Jeongguk

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Jeongguk had told you about a new variety show he was starring in and he wanted you to watch it when it aired. However, he had failed to tell you that the show was a celebrity matchmaker and he was paired with a member of Gfriend. Seeing them go on dates and enjoying their time together, made you sick with jealousy. After watching the first episode you went over to his dorm to confront him about it. When he opened the door, you pushed at his chest and started rambling off about how wrong this show was and how you could not understand someone like him would agree to do this. You asked him if he was so desperate for a girlfriend that he had to go look for it on a show, even if there were enough willing candidates around him. Sensing you were jealous, he asked you if you were one of those candidates. When you blushed and looked down at the floor he got his answer and decided to confess.

“You know it’s all for show right? How can I like someone I hardly know when I already have feelings for you?”

I Understand

May I please have a Tao reaction or scenario please? You’re the type to cry at a commercial portraying a mother’s love for her daughter and will get emotional when watching movies easily. But you’ve been hurt so much in your life that when Tao hurts you, you don’t cry. You just sigh, look really sad and go to sleep on the couch when he steals the duvet. When he comes to find you, you’re already asleep under a blanket from the back of the couch, still looking really sad. Please and thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

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Tao sighed, a lap of guilt washing over him when he stepped into the living room to see you lay with a thin blanket draped over your waist. He felt himself attempt a smile, but felt another stab of pain when you blanked it completely and sat up on the sofa without uttering a word.

It seemed you’d get so emotional watching the relationships of others, but when it comes to your own, you seem so nonchalant and emotionless. From arguments to him stealing the duvet, you never cry, or shout, you just look so disappointed and just sad. And somehow, that is worse.

Tao approached, taking up the empty space beside you and guiding his arm around your shoulder before pulling you into his chest so you can lean against him. “What’s wrong?” He questioned you as you pushed your cheek into his Gucci jacket.

“Nothing.” You respond with your usual textbook answer.

Tao swallowed hard, “Tell me, {y/n}, don’t take me for an idiot, I know something is up.” He pushed on, wondering if there was any hope of cracking you to talk to him.

It seems that you can go from being emotional, to completely shutting down. Tao gets that, being an idol, he finds himself in that situation a lot too. But seeing you like this makes his heart swell and drop.

“I don’t know, honestly. It’s just one of those days.”

He wraps his other arm around you, hugging you fully as he presses a light kiss against your forehead.

“I’m here for you Baobei”


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Pairing: Death x infant!daughter!Reader, War x niece!Reader, Reader x adopted parents, Reader x Cage (OC, Brother)
Word count: 1,675

Part 1 of Death’s Daughter

Being who, and what, he was, Death had no paternal desires. Nothing in him urged him to be a father. So, when the woman he was seeing came to him, pregnant, there were no joyus exclamations, no outbursts of love, and no hopes and dreams for his child’s future. All he could see, was a short life, followed by death and decay.

When his daughter was only two months, he was left your sole caregiver. With no desire to be a mother, the woman he’d once shared a bed with, walked away. As he looked down at the sleeping infant, he sighed, knowing that she would need protecting.

With that, he opted to give her a better life, and watch from afar.

At three years old, you laughed as you slid down the slid to your awaiting father. Just like every other weekday, your older brother, Cage, would be dropped off at school, and your father would bring you to the park. You’d play for half an hour or so, and then walk home for a morning snack. It was almost like clockwork, and rarely changed, giving him ample time to pass by, unnoticed.

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request: No

request/plot: this is based on the song something like this by Coldplay and the chainsmokers! 

A/N: just something i wrote today because i cant stay away from writing for that long

word count: 572

warning(s): none?

tagging: @alfred-the-cat-writes @batfamily-imagines @crazyfangirl1810 @tim-help @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @just-a-girl-maybe @geeky-girl-394 @gokusanfan @ti0261 @lucianacornwell @angstytodd @starshipofgotham @yj-tt-batfam-forlife @kimianostalgia @fandoms-arelove-fandoms-arelife

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Beta (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None, Fluff af. Animals I guess
A/N: Some of these animals are real, others I made up. This is the kitten. For @celestialsami & @thyestean-feast
Tagged; @celestialsami @livingthestrongstyle @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77 @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1400 words

“We should get some pets.” “Some pets?”

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The sky was ripped open in a multitude of colors and a giant serpentine-shaped mech fell out of the colorful vortex and towards the ground below.

The Time Twins had Wu cornered, but the sudden free fall caused them to loose their balance and they slid to the far wall. With a hope for escape, Master Wu hopped over broken consoles and shredded metal loose in the bridge of the Iron Doom and catapulted himself out of the opening.

Using Airjitzu, the Master soared above the landscape for a few seconds before landing painfully on the ground, his staff rolling a few feet away from him. Dirt rose into a cloud from where he collided with the ground. He turned around and watched as the Iron Doom slammed into a hill and shattered into pieces. With a sigh of relief, he looked around.

He had landed on a dirt road in a hilly part of Ninjago, next to a glistening lake. There were no signs of anyone around, or what year he could be in. He reached for his staff, but flinched when suddenly a person robed in a dull red ninja master gi landed in front of him and snatched up the staff. With an expert trick of his hands, the ninja twirled the stick around and pointed it at the Master. Wu raised his hand to protect himself, but looked up to see none other than-

“Master Wu?”

The red ninja dropped the staff and stuttered backwards a few steps. “But…that’s…it’s been…”

“It is good to see you made it back to the proper time, Kai.” Master Wu said as he slowly stood and took is staff. “But how long has it been since the incident with the Time Twins?”

Kai was about to answer, but then more ninjas seemed to drop from the sky, wearing similar dull ninja master robes. There was a collective gasp as the team recognized Wu and Wu recognized the team.

“I can’t believe it! It’s Master Wu! After all these years!” Jay spoke up, his voice deeper than Wu remembered it to be.

The green ninja master, wearing full master robes, stepped forward.
“Uncle Wu…I can’t believe…it’s been so long-”

Wu looked around at the Ninja, but couldn’t tell their age because their hoods were all still up. “Please, tell me how long it has been.”

The ninja pauses and exchanged glances with each other before slowly removing their hoods.

Light wrinkles decorated their faces. Cole still had his green scar, but it was barely visible under his cropped beard. Kai’s hair was graying on the sides, and Nya’s hair was grown to her shoulders. Zane looked the same, he might had updated some of his facial features, and Jay sported his mustache. Lloyd removed his hood, revealing his white hair and sunken cheeks.

“Master Wu,” older Lloyd said quietly, “We waited so long for you to show up. After many years, we finally declared that you had died in the temporal zone.”

“How long have I been gone?” Master Wu asked.

Kai glanced at his sister. “Master, we have been waiting for your return for 40 years.”

queen-of-all-the-fandoms  asked:

"Damian, are you sure your dad is going to be ok with us sneaking a monkey into the Manor?"

Sorry guys! I meant to finish these last night but I didn’t get home from work until really late! I will hopefully finish today!! Hope you like this!
“Damian, are you sure your dad is going to be ok with us sneaking a monkey into the Manor?”

“Don’t worry, I can talk my father into allowing me to keep it.” He looked back at you with a confident smirk.

Sighing, you answered “If you say so”

The both of you walked in the front doors of the manor, Damian looking around the foyer for any sign of his family. The marmoset monkey perched on his shoulder. “Coast is clear” he nodded to you.

Making a break for the stairs you both sprinted up them, only to be stopped half way by someone clearing their throat. Both freezing, you hesitantly looked to see Bruce and Dick. “Uhh, hi Dick. Hi Mr. Wayne”

“Hello [F/n]. Damian, would you like to explain why the both of you are running through the manor like a herd of elephants? And turn to me when I’m talking to you.”

Damian turned around, trying to conceal the monkey behind his back. “No reason” he answered. But that was soon debunked when the monkey jumped from his hands and on to his shoulder.

“Is that a monkey?” Dick asked pointing with wide eyes.

“Uhhhh” both hesitating. Bruce narrowed his eyes at you both.

“Cave now.”

600 Milestone Sentence Starters (Closed!)

Mama Shiranui HCS

I haven’t posted my chapter yet, but here are the headcanons about Mama Shiranui and Genma’s relationship with her :)) woooow this got long

also @ayyyez is the best for chatting mama shiranui hcs with me <3

Originally posted by thesunnychan

Genma is a total mama’s boy and i will fite you about it

  • Mama Shiranui is a formidable kunoichi who half-retired when Genma was born to raise him, she still worked while he was growing up, but not as much as she used to.
  • Genma’s dad died when he was just a baby, so he was raised by a single mom.
  • He got it from his mama - he looks just like her. The only thing he really got from his father was his pout. Any time Mama Shiranui sees him pouting, she just sighs and goes, “you look just like your father.”
  • Boy just has really good genes, his dad was ridiculously good looking, too.
  • Genma’s mom is the number one most important lady in his life. 
  • He makes it a point to have dinner with her at least once a week.
  • He calls her “ma” and kisses her on the cheek every time he sees her.
  • Genma knows better than to mess with his ma - she can be terrifying when she’s mad.
  • He does that whine (you know the one kids, especially boys, do), “maaaaaa” when she does something that embarrasses him.
  • Anytime he needs advice, or to vent, his mom is the first person he goes to. He values her opinion above anyone else’s.
  • He will, without hesitation, destroy anyone that fucks with his mother (if she doesn’t beat him to it).
  • He has a deep, deep fear of disappointing her.
  • If she doesn’t approve of someone he’s dating, there’s a good chance it’s not going to last.
  • Now Mama Shiranui can come off as a bit of a hardass, and a little overbearing and nosy, especially with her son, but she’s also extremely kind and caring.
  • She’s generally as laidback as he is, though, and is quick to joke and laugh. He definitely got his sense of humor from her.
  • Any time he cracks an inappropriate joke, she tugs on his ear and reminds him that she raised him better than that.
  • Mama Shiranui is the neighborhood mother hen. Kids that need a place to stay or a hot meal, or who need a scolding when they fuck up and there’s no one at home to give it to them, she’s that mom.
  • Raido is pretty much a second son to her, he’s with Genma so often. They both got the talk from her after she busted them looking at a dirty magazine Raido stole from his dad.
  • How he treats women is 100% because of his mother and how she raised him. Yes, he flirts, and yes, he can be very dirty (though only with people he’s known a long time), but he is, above all else, a gentleman who respects the hell out of women because that is what Mama Shiranui raised him to be from the instant he was old enough to understand.

June 13, 2011

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I was surprised to see Jace poke his head around the corner, “the door was unlocked.”

“Yeah, sure,” I nodded. Jace and I barely spoke a word to one another in almost a month. It’s been killing me, to be honest, but I don’t even know where to start with him. Talking about feelings is pretty high on the list of things I hate. 

“So,” Jace began, “I’m moving out. Thought I should let you know.”

“I’m that terrible, huh?”

“Shit, no,” he frowned, “I didn’t mean it like that, Gorgeous. It’s just that…things have been tense between us. I thought it’d be best. For both of us.”

I felt a pang in my stomach, “That’s nice of you,” I said sarcastically.

“Look,” he sighed, “I know I wasn’t the greatest to you. In fact, I was pretty shitty sometimes. And I know how bad I fucked up. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“…I wasn’t that great either, if we’re being honest,” I admitted, “I picked some stupid fucking fights with you. Sometimes I think I just enjoy fighting about stuff.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “like that time you bit me because I told you a platypus wasn’t a bird?”

“Fuck off,” I pouted, “I don’t remember you complaining about biting any other time?”

“True enough,” he smirked. 

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Death fic

I’ve gotten 1k+ words written so far. I’m writing it all up, and then deciding if it’ll be 1-2 parts <3


Being who, and what, he was, Death had no paternal desires. Nothing in him urged him to be a father. So, when the woman he was seeing came to him, pregnant, there were no joyus exclamations, no outbursts of love, and no hopes and dreams for his child’s future. All he could see, was a short life, followed by death and decay.

When his daughter was only two months, he was left your sole caregiver. With no desire to be a mother, the woman he’d once shared a bed with, walked away. As he looked down at the sleeping infant, he sighed, knowing that she would need protecting.

With that, he opted to give her a better life, and watch from afar.

I Miss Your Chubby Cheeks

Originally posted by darlinglion

*cred to owner*

Anon: Heyy can i request a loco scenario where the reader misses loco’s chubby cheeks cause lately he had been o a diet and going to the gym. Thanks loves ❤

I love Loco!! heh heh I hope u like it xo

Loco x Reader -  Fluff

You sat next to Loco as he was scrolling through his phone, you watched as his cheeks puffed out and how his lips went all pouty as he concentrated, it wasn’t as cute as it used to be. Loco has been on a diet that he does NOT need to be on he lost some weight including his chubby cheeks.

You missed his chubby cheeks, they were one of your favourite things about Loco, you sighed thinking about his diet and his loss of weight. Loco turned to look at you as all you had been doing recently was sighing and thinking “Whats wrong y/n?” you looked at Loco and shrugged your shoulders, if he wanted to lose weight then it was his choice you couldn’t stop him.

Loco looked at you concerned he put his phone on the coffee table so he could give you his full attention “Y/n this has been going on for a while now, you’ve been sighing and looking sad a lot recently” you gave him a blank stare and sighed - again.

Loco shook his head as he wasn’t getting anything out of you, you grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes “Loco I want you to be happy” he raised his eyebrow not understanding the situation “Babe I am happy!” he stared at you waiting for you to explain yourself.

“Loco why are you on a diet?” Loco looked at you a little shook he wasn’t expecting you to ask that you hadn’t said anything when he first said he was going on a diet “I don’t think you need to go on a diet! you’re perfect the way you are!” you gave him a small pout which made him laugh “Y/n you didn’t say anything when I first told you I was going on a diet." 

You let go of his hand and looked away thinking about how you probably should've told him "But Loco” you turned to look back at him with him a little sadness “I miss your chubby cheeks” Loco burst out laughing, he had the biggest grin on his face as you sat there with a small pout “What is so funny?”

He shook his head at you “I thought something was seriously upsetting you!” you abruptly stood up and placed your hands on your hips “LOCO THIS IS SERIOUS!” Loco stood up and wrapped his arms around your waist, he kissed your forehead and pulled you into and embrace.

“I’m sorry y/n I’ll bring my chubby cheeks back if that makes you happy” you pulled away from the embrace with the biggest grin ever nodding your head you said, “Loco I would never be sad again!!”

Mission Control

A/N: So I’m thinking about starting a second series (besides my batman one) and am planning to do it in the Star Wars universe. Tell me what you think

(Y/n) sighed, looking around the room she was currently trapped in. It was simple, cold, and made of only metal.

“Would it kill them to put a pillow in here” (y/n) murmured as she lounged on the black bench that was built into the wall and waited, knowing now that she was awake it wouldn’t be long.

And she was right (y/n) had just started to count the seconds when General Hux appeared flanked by two storm troopers.

“Ah, morning Hux. What am I in for this time?” (Y/n) sat up straightening her jacket. (Y/n) had worked for the First Order every now and then, but more often then not she was brought onto the base to fix something or be reprimanded for one of her jobs.

“Can you just shut up for once?” Huh came over grabbing your arm and hurrying you down the hallway. (Y/n) pretended to be shocked at his harsh tone.

“Now, is that anyway to talk to a business partner?” (Y/n) stumbled, but quickly found her footing, years of smuggling and thieving helping to make the task easier.

“If that business partner is my sister, then yes” Hux huffed turning a corner. (Y/n)’s eyes scanned the hallway doing her best to memorize all she could, in case of emergency.

“I can walk you know, and I’d appreciate not being treated like a prisoner every time I come here. It’s not like I have any other place to be” (Y/n) huffed just like her brother, pulling her arm free. Hux narrowed his eyes but kept moving forward, knowing his sister would follow. (Y/n) let out a loud laugh when she sensed the storm troopers tense up.

“Do you have to laugh at my soldiers?” Hux glared, finally pausing in front of a door, quickly opening it.

“I’ll stop when you stop treating me like a child” (Y/n) waltzed into the room, not missing the small smile her brother allowed to slip through before becoming serious again. He nodded at the storm troopers, dismissing them. (Y/n) sat down at one end of the long black table, swinging her feet up onto the edge.

“So what am I in for now? Need me to smuggle something, get you guys some information? Oh, I know, you heard about me swindling some huts in the outer rim and you want me to give you a portion of my earnings?” (Y/n) smirked, watching her brother stand at the door, waiting for something or someone. You paused trying to figure out what was the hold up. It was then you heard the large footsteps of the only person in this huge place that your brother was forced to wait for.

“Hello (Y/N). Let’s get started” The man in all black sat at the other end of the table closely followed by your brother.

“You’re late Ren” Hux hissed through an almost closed mouth as he stood behind the enormously tall man. Kyle Ren simply ignored him, sitting down. You could tell that under the mask he was probably smiling.

“The mask Kylo” (Y/n) insisted, sitting up properly. She began to play with her fingerless gloves, picking at her nails. She smiled when she heard the familiar hiss.

“That’s a nasty habit to get into (Y/n)” Kylo set his helmet beside him on the table as he watched the smuggler. He did his best to suppress a smile, watching as the girl brushed back a lose hair locking eyes with him.

“Old habits die hard…” (Y/n) leaned back. It was a rare sight to see both her brother and Kylo in a room together and not fighting, she was enjoying it. “Speaking of old habits, what can I do for you?”

“We need you to get us some information” Kylo leaned forward, resting on his large muscular arms. Hux paced behind murmuring to himself before interrupting the conversation.

“I still don’t agree with this plan Ren. It’s too dangerous” Hux rested on his hand, trying to stop whatever was about to be set in place.

“It’s over your head Hux” Kylo quickly turned back to (y/n), scrambling to get the words out before the annoying twit behind him could stop him.

“We need you to get information from the Resistance. They’ve been recruiting lately and we need you to get inside of them” Well crap, no wonder Hux didn’t agree to this.

anonymous asked:

15 + 2d

15. “Are you still awake…?”

His gentle snoring fills the silence between the two of you and the ungodly hour. You glance at the clock, it reads 2:20 a.m. With an eye roll and a almost silent sigh, you roll over to look at the face of you lover. His normally bright blue hair was dark and dull moonlight filled room. You smile as you feel his hand heavy with dead weight rests on your hip. You stare at his face for a few moment.

“How did I get so lucky?” You whisper, forgetting how much of a light sleeper he is. His eyes blink open to see you looking into his eyes. A large toothy grin fills his face.

“ Why are you still awake, love?” 2D asks, his blacker than night eyes are filled with curiosity. You just smile and get closer.