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Subunit Songs AUs

Brain stahp stop coming up with new AUs from looping the new subunit songs _:(´ཀ`」∠):_  I haven’t even finished the JobSetAU doodles/headcanons yet

If you like these, you are free to take these headcanons and write/draw lolol

  • CYR’s P.S. no Mukougawa (On the Other Side of a Postscript)
    A couple broke up some time ago on good terms - there wasn’t really any reason for breakup, both just felt that this relationship won’t last and they better end it while they still thought fondly of each other. GirlB moves away soon after. GirlA, however, begins to feel like something’s missing in her life. Her mind wanders to her ex whenever she least expects it, such as when she is just sipping tea in a cafe, or even just doing crossword puzzles. She regrets ending the relationship so early, but she remains positive and believes that they would meet some time again and when they do, she will try to work on their spark again.

    GirlB also feels the same, and she’s obtained GirlA’s contact information through a friend. She’s too shy to take a direct approach, so she decides to write GirlB a friendly-casual postcard with a postscript:
    P.S. I miss you
    A fluffy, diabetes-inducing shoujo story? XD

  • AZA’s Lonely Tuning
    A freelance composer is at a pinch at creating a melody she is satisfied with. She sits in a cafe, jotting down notes with her headphones on, trying to refine this new tune she just can’t seem to perfect. She always sees this girl waiting for her bus outside the cafe; the girl looks stressed, perhaps even a bit melancholic, most of the time. The composer is intrigued at first, merely curious about the girl and what could be causing her to wear such expression. The more the composer wonders, the more attracted she becomes to the girl. Whenever the composer is at home, she’d look out of the window or even go on the balcony and gaze at the night sky, wondering how the girl is doing and if anything is able to cheer her up. Repeatedly and tirelessly, she edits the tune hoping to give it to the girl one day, see if the music would bring a smile to her face.

    Little does the composer know, the girl has noticed her too…
    A simple, light-hearted romance story that could have drama in between

  • GK’s Guilty Eyes Fever
    After a one-night-stand, GirlA regrets it and wants to pretend that the night of passion ever happened, though a small voice in the back of her mind seeks more. The night of passion empowers her with confidence, something she lacks in everyday life. GirlB is unable to forget GirlA, wanting to get to know her more. Luck is on GirlB’s side as the two keeps running into each other, whether at cafes, on transit, in grocery stores and so on. GirlB doesn’t push it - she chats with GirlA to understand more about her and only flirts from time to time. If they somehow meet at night, GirlB lets GirlA lead the conversations, or if they get touchy, GirlB would entice GirlA but allows GirlA to take control. She wants GirlA to truly fall for her out of her own volition - to be the first to admit she needs her, even though GirlB herself is the one falling deeper in to this web of love.

    GirlA realizes her growing desire to be with GirlB but still struggles to fight against temptation in spite of losing to it every time.
    Most likely a smutty/limey drama? angsty? story

because too many people asked for more after i posted this drabble… i regret nothing. (or idk maybe a little OTL…//hides for all eternity//)

“It’ll be nice being able to actually wash my hair…” Jonghyun muttered, knees bouncing under his hands, head turning slightly as if doing so would enable him to look around the room.

Kibum sighed at Jonghyun’s constant blissfulness about the situation. “I’m just surprised the surgeon said you could just remove the bandages at home.”

“It’s supposed to be a routine surgery.” Jonghyun explained with a shrug. “Like getting wisdom teeth out.”

“Stop acting so aloof about this.” Kibum muttered, walking up to Jonghyun, his fingers jittery. “Aren’t you scared it hasn’t worked?”

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Lightning flopped down on her bed as she sighed. It felt good to finally be able to relax after a hard day of training, paperwork, and other boring, tedious tasks. Running a hand down her face, she stared up at the ceiling for a few moments, before forcing herself to stand up again. She stripped herself of her normal uniform and proceeded to dress in more casual clothes. The moment she had finished, a knock on the door was heard. A light groan sounded as she dragged her feet towards the door, ready to get snarky to whomever decided to bother her. As she opened the door, she rose a brow and leaned against the frame.

“Noctis. What’re you doing here?”


There’s something about seeing this, hearing this, that gives this scene new life. Let’s indulge for a moment:

“Really? …so it’s not the fact that the Liz Taylor Jewelry Auction ended at midnight last night?” - Blaine

First, take a moment to appreciate that Kurt and Blaine are walking down the hallway together having a casual conversation. An actual conversation. Just…sigh…we need more of this (but I digress). What’s subtle and beautiful here is that not only is Blaine aware of Kurt’s uncharacteristically poor mood, but also that when Kurt speaks in his little code, “something about the holiday season makes me a little melancholy,” Blaine reads is perfectly. The holiday’s don’t really make Kurt melancholy – Blaine knows this all too well because you just know he’s listened to Kurt excitedly extolling the virtues of every single item up for auction and how great each piece will look with particular ensembles. So, when Kurt says he’s melancholy, Blaine knows why, and he calls it out in his sassy little way, and Kurt adorably caves because, yes, damnit, he wanted that Edith Head Ivory Disk necklace. And this little exchange is just a microcosm of who they are together – comfortable, playful, honest, teasing, sweet. Kurt’s sadness here is silly, just like his worry was over a year ago when standing in the wings of the Regionals stage, but this time, he’s not afraid of Blaine’s judgement, because Blaine always finds him irascibly adorable.  

“It was auction porn. It was just a fantasy. But it was so hot.” - Kurt

Do you see Kurt’s face?! Do you see his HAND ON BLAINE’S SHOULDER! The way Kurt runs his hand down Blaine’s arm?! Who are you and what have you done with Kurt ‘Baby Penguin’ Hummel? Tell me, because I want to add dozens of layers of dirt on his grave! This is a far cry from the boy being taught to make sexy faces in his room that blanched at the mention of “those movies.” This Kurt is confident and comfortable in his skin and in his relationship. Blaine (and all of the world) approves!

“I think this year we should be thankful for the things that we do have.” - Blaine

The pause, the lead in before Blaine places his hand on Kurt’s back and takes him to the side, is reminiscent of the nervous boy entering a room over a year ago with a smile and a mission, sliding into a seat, taking a breath, and seizing the moment – a moment about Kurt.  Because after all this time, after all they have been through and overcome together, after a series of firsts, Blaine is ready to promise all of his firsts, lasts, and everything in between to Kurt. 

“If that’s an engagement ring, my answer is yes.” - Kurt

Kurt’s head tilts to the side and he wears a face of suspicion, wonder, and expectance as Blaine leads him into a solitary corner and begins rummaging through his bag. As soon as the box comes into view the words are on Kurt’s tongue. Kurt’s ready to make promises, ready to say yes, because he’s already said yes. Kurt said yes on those steps at Dalton. He said yes after their first duet. He said yes in the McKinley court yard. He said yes on that dance floor. He said yes on that stage. And when he and Blaine decided that their bodies should join their hearts and become one, he said yes. And Blaine knows, because the fact of their future is something so true, so sure, so inevitable, that it being spoken aloud simply induces a mere smirk, a lift of an eyebrow, as if to say, “Of course, silly, now open the box.” Kurt does.

“It’s a promise ring.” - Blaine

Sweet, sweet, baby Blaine is so proud of his little promise ring, explaining how he made it out of gum wrappers, and you just know he was sprawled on his bed late at night playing an mp3 of Kurt singing Blackbird, chewing Juicy Fruit (because it’s Kurt’s favorite), painstakingly crafting the ring.  

And Kurt sees the ring and it’s as though he’s seeing Blaine for the first time, because Blaine made this for him, put time and effort into it, for him, and the existence of this little ring is a tangible representation of every second of its creation – a circle of confirmed moments in time when Blaine was thinking of Kurt, loving Kurt. 

And Blaine’s proud little smile, nod,  and “mmm hmm” when Kurt realizes it’s a little bow tie is enough precious to put kitten videos out of business forever.

“But what are you promising?” - Kurt

It seems a strange question, but Kurt and Blaine have already promised themselves, their lives, their future – Kurt wonders what else there could possibly be to give. And Blaine searches, slightly shrugs his shoulders, and with the air of the obvious, empties his heart, putting words to the promise their bodies and hearts made long ago. 

To always love you. 

Kurt’s eyebrows lift, and his face shifts, because while he’s seen, felt, and heard Blaine’s love countless times before…this is different – this is always.  

Always, they will be a team, Blaine firmly on his side even in the face of certain defeat.

Always, Blaine will exceed his expectations, take the extra step, always keep him guessing, yet always certain that Blaine will be there, listening, answering, no matter what. 

And then Blaine’s voice changes, takes on the tone of happiness, the sound of a smile, as he envisions lazy days spent in their home, together, the timer on the oven their only deadline or concern. And once dessert has cooled and gone, he’ll lay in wait for the request, the direction of exactly where and when Kurt wants him, needs him. And Kurt smirks, blushes, and bites his bottom lip to keep from delivering kisses of his own. 

But ultimately, it’s not about kisses or cookies, who’s right or who’s wrong, it’s about Kurt, and how, even in his imperfection, he’s perfect for Blaine, and Blaine wants to make sure Kurt knows that…forever…always

“I love it.” - Kurt

Kurt throws himself into Blaine’s arms, into his promise, into their future, and Blaine’s face wears the satisfaction, the comfort, the love that comes from knowing he’s holding his forever. 

“The first of many.” - Blaine

Kurt smiles, his face alight with the memory of all the firsts they’ve shared, including this–their first Christmas. Together. The meaning of the moment is audible in Kurt’s humming giggle and Blaine smiles, because yes, this is another first in the lifetime of moments they will meet and share together. 

They walk, arm in arm, the promise held tight between them.