sigh im proud of this


i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

So happy to finally announce that I have my first single out for the world to hear called “Million Miles Away”. I’ve been working on music for years now so to finally have something out there is incredibly nerve wracking, satisfying, and excited all into one. I’m feeling so many emotions right now. I hope everyone likes it and please, give me your feedback whether it’s good or not. 

with the return of her magic came the hunger as well, and she’d drained a bloodbag almost instantly. but she was still struggling in the city streets, a higher concentration of people than she was used to, her eyes darkened and she stepped forward before elijah’s words flashed through her head. ‘the guilt will help you control it.’ ‘it will take time and hard work.’ that hard work had to start now, and her guilt was a motivator. davina backed away from her target, a triumphant smile over her face despite the vampire features still showing through.


Process with the short gif of Invi blushing~

She could be saying a lot of things like “nnno”, “ssso”, “..oh”, “uhm” or she could be sighing idk???? but heck im so proud of it even though it was a simple lil reaction to an ask.