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Anon Requested:  Can I request 84 and 90 with Suga please?? 😙

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Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Word Count: 1053

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.” 

“Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now.”

“Jin?” You call out opening the door to his shared bedroom with Yoongi. It was cold in their room and you desperately wished that you had worn your sweats tonight instead of your small pajama shorts. Your large black t-shirt hung down to the bottom of your shorts only allowing a small sliver of color to show. You look around their room and notice neither of them were in the room. You huff a sigh and decided to wait for your brother, however long that should take.

You looked around his room, it was surprisingly tidy for it being two twenty year olds living together. You sighed and started walking around Jin’s bed, looking at his dresser which had pictures of you two on them, you smiled at the old memories on his dresser. Your fingers gently caressed the side of the sleek frame as you looked at the picture of you and your brother. You remember the day perfectly, your long blue dress hanging down to the floor while you were caked in makeup and hairspray while you stood in ridiculously high heels that made your feet hurt within fifteen minutes of wearing them. Jin had been in BTS for about a year by the time of this picture and you expected him to have stayed in Seoul and not come back home to Anyang, especially not for a simple high school prom. You were 18 and a senior in high school when you were surprised by Jin, you were hugging him in the picture and you see how big his smile is in the picture. You smiled thinking back on the memory, mind somewhere else and deep in thought, you didn’t even hear the door open indicating someone had come inside. You were quickly snapped out of your memory when you felt hands slide up under your shirt and grip onto your hips, hot breath hitting the back of your neck. Your body froze under the hands as you knew very well this wasn’t your brother.

“Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now?” You quickly spun around, back hitting the dresser once taking a step back to gain some distance. Your eyes met Yoongi’s widening at his words. He quickly took a step to close the distance you had just created. Your heart raced at the sudden closeness and the fact that your brother could walk in at any moment.

“Yoongi..” Your voice trailed, looking up to the boy whose arms were now on each side of you trapping yourself in them. Yoongi leaned in, face growing closer before he just stopped. A clear smirk was spread on his face as he found your sudden stiffness amusing.

“But do you understand?” Yoongi started, “Do you understand how hard it is? Because with what you’re wearing you’re making it a lot harder (Y/N).” Yoongi spoke, eyeing you down before meeting your eyes once more. You broke your gaze only to look down at what you were wearing.

“What I’m wearing?” You asked confused, bringing your head back up confusion evident on your face. “I’m literally wearing a baggy t-shirt.” You state, you couldn’t see how this would make Yoongi want to kiss you.”

“And your shorts?” Yoongi states more than questions. “Your ass is basically hanging out of them.”

“That’s why I’m wearing a long t-shirt!” You laugh but Yoongi’s face lost the smirk and his face turned solemn, eyes staring into yours and body staying in place. Your laugh died down at the seriousness of his stare and your face quickly scrunched up, eyebrows knitting together in uncertainty. “What’s wrong? Why’re you looking at me like that?”

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.” Yoongi says. His eyes stayed on yours expressing just how truthful he was being.

“Why would you say that to me?” Your voice grows quiet, eyes staying on his with sadness and irritation growing in them. Yoongi simply shrugged his shoulders and muttered a “It would be easier.” His eyes now left your gaze falling past your shoulders, a sigh escaped his lips and he slowly stood back up. “Why would it be easier to hate me? I didn’t-”

“Do you know how hard it is to like one of your best friend’s younger sisters?” Yoongi’s voice broke over yours, voice slightly snapping at you while his eyes traveled back down to yours. Your body felt stiff once again as you felt yourself caught off guard by Yoongi’s words.

“I-I didn’t know..” You trailed off, your attention went from Yoongi then down to your fingers which grew to be a lot more interesting and a good source of a distraction in this moment. “I’m guessing you haven’t mentioned this to Jin.” Yoongi scoffed slightly causing you to glance up at him, his face was giving off an ‘Are you kidding me?’ look and you just looked back down to your fingers.

“I’m sure we wouldn’t be rooming together if he knew I liked you.” Yoongi admitted. “I wasn’t planning on telling him if you didn’t feel the same way, there’d be no reason to tell him then.”

Your eyes stood still on your fingers while you stood there trying to think of the next words to say to him. Your mind was going crazy, a million thoughts running wild as you tried to decipher your own feelings. Of course you always thought Yoongi was attractive, he’d gotten more attractive over the years especially. You’ve known him for the past three years and couldn’t help but realize all the looks he gave you that might have lingered a tad too long, the way he acted towards you when he saw that you had just broken up with your boyfriend, how he’d be the first one to be there for you. It was completely obvious if you looked deeper into his gestures, but you never did. You relaxed a bit into the dresser and raised your head to look at him seeing that his eyes were stuck on you, looking at you while you were deep in thought. “Tell my brother.”

“What?” Yoongi’s eyes widen as he looks at you aghast. “Are you serious? Or are you just-“

“Yoongi.” You cut him off, smiling at him. “Tell my brother.”

Your baby keeps kicking him (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -as the baby laid in his bed he kept kicking Sunggyu as he was trying to turn on the mobile that was above the crib- “little one if you don’t stop I will leave it off and you can’t listen to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ you hear me no music. Daddy hates to do that because music is important” 

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Dongwoo: -he got threatening with your belly he was laying towards you as you guys were sleeping so he woke up by the annoying tap on him- “one more kick and I will make mommy punish you somehow”

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Woohyun: -she may have been an infant but she had a hard kick. She kept kicking him in the gut when she was laying on the bed with him- “stop please your little feet hurt alot little one”

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Hoya: -your daughter kept kicking him while she sat in his lap. She recently started eating solids and that’s all she wanted now. But she hadn’t picked up on the fact that he’d feed her a bite after he got a bite- we’ve been over this appa gets a bite then you do. I swear you eat more than I do”

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Sungyeol: -all he wanted was a little alone time with you but he was interrupted by a kick in his stomach from your baby that was still in your tummy. He let out a sigh- “I see I am not getting anytime alone with you anymore. Daddy should get a little bit of mommy time while she’s in there. But she’s already a cock block” 

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Myungsoo: -the little guy was giggle as he watched tv and his little legs kept hitting his father’s thigh- “you’re so cute. I wish appa could get as excited as these bright colored shows”

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Sungjong: -he was just trying to get her diaper on but all he kept getting was kicked in the hands away- “sweetie stay still for appa. Your little parts need to be covered or I’ll get yelled at”

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A crazy theory.

So I watched the latest 91 Days episode and I have come up with a crazy theory. What if Fratte Vanetti is Angelo’s brother? We never saw him get show but we saw when his mother turned her back to take the bullets. Also the house was burned down and all evidence and bodies couldn’t be recovered. Also Fratte does have the same hair and eye color of Luce. He looks like an older Luce to me. Sigh I wish I can find out how old he is and that could back up my theory but look. I think this would be an awesome twist in the anime. The Vanettis took him on and raised him into the life. He could also be the informant that gave Angelo the info about who killed his parents because he also wants revenge on the family. 

This is just a crazy theory.

What I realized about Kpop

There was something that really hit me about kpop after spending more time outside of it’s fandom. I’ve recently been paying more attention to the things I take interest in outside of kpop such as anime and gaming, so if you’re wondering why there are all these animated characters and white men popping up from my blog, there’s your reason.

However, what this time has made me realize is that kpop idols are so intangible. After watching people like Pewdiepie and Game Grumps on youtube for the longest while now, It really made me question what it means to admire a person. Pewdiepie and Game Grumps are guys who run their own youtube channels about them playing video games and cracking jokes. They do have their own fandom and acknowledge it, but there’s obviously a big difference between admiring them and being a kpop fan.

When Pewdie and Grumps upload their game playthroughs to youtube you feel like you’re playing the game right then and there with them. They swear, crack jokes, tell funny stories, and some of the time you can really relate to them. It’s nice to hear them crack jokes that you can fully understand, in a language you can fully understand. It’s nice when they go to cons or get onto forms to speak earnestly to the people who watch their videos, and it’s even nicer when they are honest to us who they owe nothing to. It’s just so great that they can be really honest, give us solid advice, and meet us in such a natural way that they feel more like people you’d be friends with than people you idolize.

This made it as bright as day to me, not only how different, but also how difficult it is being a kpop fan. I always knew that it wasn’t so simple as solely liking the music when it comes to being a kpop fan. You idolize the music, the band, the individual band members, the language, the tv shows, ect. You end up genuinely admiring the work and dedication these people put out for you to see until you end up idolizing the actual people and it sucks because the gap between you and them as people is huge. You spend so much time looking at them through stained glasses that you forget the gap between you exists. You won’t be able to realize it until you take a step back yourself.

What I realized recently is that no matter how much I love Taemin or Sehun or Kpop as a whole I can’t deny that the language barrier, culture barrier, and the physical barrier of the sea makes it hard for me to like them. I can’t deny that knowing how 90% of everything they do is all script makes it hard for me to call them people that I look up to.

I love EXO and SHINee from the bottom of my hearts but when I'm  watching their shows and they make a joke I don’t understand because it’s in their culture, I wish I could understand why they find it so funny. When I see them give the stereotypical answers in magazines/tv shows about things like “ideal types” I sigh because it’s so scripted. Or even when they log onto message boards, instead of just sending hearts or “kekeke” it’d be nice to see them genuinely speak to the fans. It’s not even their fault because their companies chose to present them that way, even though it makes these really colorful people appear generic and shallow.

It’s hard dedicating massive amounts of time to people who feel so unreal to you. I can understand that Kim Jongin is a real person with real emotions who functions just like all of us without it really  registering in my mind but when I hear Daniel Avidan from game grumps speak about how he was bad at school and drew comedy skits instead, how he became depressed for a year after the girl he saved his virginity for married another guy, or how one of the only things he gets offended about is when people accuse him of using auto tune when he sings, I don’t just understand that he’s a real person, but I feel that he’s a real person. When he explains the joy of downing skittles with pepsi I can connect to that because it’s part of my reality too.

I’ve been a fan of kpop for 6 years and it’s never been easy loving it. It takes so much dedication and patience, sometimes it’s even stressful. It’s hard loving the idols that you do and you can easily idolize them, call them your bias, and say you love them but there’s a difference between idolizing someone and being able to call them your role model. I will never stop supporting Kpop but part of me will always have this feeling that they’re unreal.

Just Enough (Calum)

“would you be able to do a daddy 5sos preference where he is a struggling musician and you guys have kids and are struggling to make it work but end up getting it to” 

A/N: AUs like this one make me happy. I feel things. Anyway, these will each be going up on different days, so look forward to these for awhile! I used different babies, just to mix things up. Enjoy, and let me know what you think xx 

“Daddy! It’s career day next week! Are you going to come?” Benjamin asked, looking up from his snack. Calum looked down at the four year old on his lap and smiled softly.

“You want Daddy to come? And talk about what, bud?” he asked curiously.

“About how you write music!” Benjamin grinned. “Then we can play something!”

“Play something, huh?” Calum smiled. “We’ll see about that.”

“But will you come, please, Daddy?” Benjamin asked, his lower lip protruding as he pouted up at his father.

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