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You Drive Me Crazy (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: May I please request a star lord one shot where you and Peter really hate each other and you always disobey his orders and you’re both constantly fight but there’s lots of sexual tension and one day you and him get trapped in the ship and you’re yelling at him and he’s had enough and smutty smut where we get dominant star lord? Thank you you soooo much oh and btw I ADORE YOUR WRITING💕/hiiii, so idek how to say this but i really want a ‘bad girl’ and spanking/daddy kink going on with our sexy star-dork, i meant, star-lord. let’s make it very rough and animalistic. oh god i need help im sorry im awkward. thank you so much and im a fan of your work :)

Warnings: smut, language, orgasm denial, daddy!kink, spanking, overall roughness

Words: 2836

i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in like 10 years but here ya go! enjoy!


The loud slam of your door echoed through the ship. God, you needed to either punch something or scream. He was so goddamn infuriating and you were reaching your breaking point. Peter was always on your ass about something and he was especially pissy today just because you didn’t listen to him on the mission.

Essentially, your plan was much better than his. But because he was the great Star Lord and everything had to go his way or else he’d throw a bitch fit, you went with his idea. Basically, you were sent out to stop some group of galactic douchebags who were on a rampage planet over planet, stealing and murdering innocent people. Their leader was an easy target, for he was obnoxious and gaudy whenever he made his appearance.

“Stay behind and wait for the signal,” Peter ordered. You rolled your eyes, but cooperated and got into place with him behind the grimy dumpster. However, the leader came stumbling out of the bar he was currently pillaging. He was obviously inebriated, judging by his slightly greened, yellow skin and the sloppy smile painted across his face. And, there were also only three of his bodyguards with him. There couldn’t have been a more golden opportunity.

Moving to charge at them, Peter stopped you by grabbing your ankle. He was still crouched on the ground and he shot you warning look that let you know if you did this, you’d be in trouble later. Deep down, you relished in pissing him off, so you silently blew him a kiss and slipped out from behind your hiding place.

It was almost too easy enough taking them down. A few good punches and a swift kick to the groin later, they were all whining on the ground like newborns babies. Even though you’d earned yourself a nice bruise to the cheek, you grinned valiantly in Peter’s direction. However, the loud bang of the bar door being kicked open made you jump and, once the rest of the group saw their leader was on unconscious on the ground with you standing over him, and all out warfare began. You were lucky enough to dodge the first few blasts of gunfire and run back behind the dumpster as the Guardians shot back.

Once the firing had stopped and bodies lied splayed across the ground, you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair calmingly. Your wrist was gripped tightly by none other that Quill, who pulled you up harshly from your stooped position into a standing one.

“What the hell happened to the plan?” he gritted. You tried pulling your hand away but he was stronger, especially when he was angry.

“I improvised,” you replied coolly. This time, you were successful in ripping your arm back and you turned on your heel before walking away. Usually, this was his cue to shut up and drop it. But, when you heard his heavy footsteps behind you and felt his taut grip on your upper arm, it seemed as though this was far from over.

“Don’t walk away from me!” he yelled, stopping you in place. Your eyes widened slightly at the volume of his voice, for he was never one to really yell, but you quickly recouped yourself. “I am sick and tired of you not listening to me! You’re gonna get yourself killed if you keep pulling stupid shit like this!”

To be fair, he was right. You didn’t listen to him or anyone for that matter. Taking orders from someone else was something you rarely did and, because of that fact, there were always problems between Peter and yourself. He wanted to control you, you didn’t want to be controlled.

“Back off, Star Bitch,” you fought back, using that name you knew he loathed. “I took him down just like I was supposed to. What more do you want from me?”

“I want you to stop acting like a bratty little kid and take orders properly!” He stepped closer to you in an attempt to be intimidating. You moved even closer, unafraid while almost completely closing the space between you two.

“I don’t need to take orders from anyone, especially you!”

Peter’s glare was hard, eyes narrowed and ablaze. You weren’t scared of him whatsoever and definitely weren’t going to be talked down to like you were born yesterday. The bickering and fighting continued all the way back to the ship and was only interrupted when the talking tree said his only line.

“I am Groot.”

“Haha, I was thinking the same thing,” Rocket laughed. Simultaneously, you and Peter both directed your daggering glances from each other to the small raccoon. He held his paws up in defense and shook his head, still chuckling obnoxiously. “Hey, don’t look at me. I didn’t say it.”

“Then what did he say?” you demanded.

“That you two should just do it already.” Unintentionally, your jaw dropped at the insane thought. You, luckily, were able to fight down the heat that threatened to crawl up your cheeks and come up with something to say back so you didn’t look as dumbfounded as you felt.

“Sorry, but huge asshole isn’t my type.”

“Well, aggravating bitch isn’t mine,” Peter retorted. You huffed and rolled your eyes, storming back to your bunk. This was always happening, but it’d never gone this far. Anger boiled deep within you and your mind wandered around murder and how to get away with it.  There suddenly was a loud pounding at your door and you groaned loudly as you were forced to get up. After maliciously flinging the door open the door, it was none other than Quill again.

“And by the way- whoa!” He was cut off short by his body being forced in a collision with yours. Losing your balance, the both of you fell to the ground in a heap with the weight of his body almost crushing you completely. You caught a glimpse of Drax before the the door slammed shut, meaning he was the one who pushed him, and a heavy click followed. Shoving Peter off, you got up and went to open the door. When you pressed the button, and an ear piercing hiss was heard. Judging by the sound, someone must’ve rewired your door to lock from the outside and you resorted to pounding your hands against it.

“Let us out!” you called, still thumping your palms against the exit.

“Oh no, neither of you are getting out of there until you make up… or make out,” Rocket announced through the door. You faintly heard him snicker to himself before he continued. “Seriously though, you guys are giving us all a headache.”

“If you don’t let us out of here, I swear I’m going to skin you alive,” you threatened, desperate to leave this confined space. Especially when Peter was in there with you.

“We’ll be back later and if you have to go, try holding it in. Have fun!”

“Rocket!” you screamed. Giving up, you turned around and leaned back against the door, sliding down into a slump on the floor.

You went for God knows how long without talking. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? The concept of time seemed to disappear more and more as the tension grew the same. Finally, he spoke.

“This is all your fault,” Peter muttered to himself, now lounging like a fat cat on top of your bed. How dare he?

“You got something to say, Star Bitch?” you sassed, getting up from your seated position. You strutted over to the bed where he lied lazily with his hands folded behind his head and you put your own hands on your hips. At the mention of the nickname he hated, Quill glared up at you and sat up.

“Yeah, (Y/N), I do. This is all your fault,” he repeated while standing up so he could tower over you.

“Please elaborate for me.”

“Well maybe, just maybe, if you listened to me for once in your goddamn life,” he explained condescendingly whilst taking steps forward, urging you to step back, “none of this would’ve happened.”

“Well maybe, just maybe, you can kiss my ass.” And with that, you pushed past him and went to sit on your bed, arms folded under your chest. However, he quickly pulled you up from your seated position and slammed you against the wall, holding your wrists down so you couldn’t move. His movements were fast and, on impact, almost knocked the wind out of your lungs. “Get your hands of me you piece of-”

You were cut off short by his lips pressed in a bruising kiss against yours. It was astonishing, for it was the last thing you expected. A war raged within your mind, battling between whether to still be angry or not. It was very confusing. You welcomed yelling and screaming, maybe even some hitting, but this newfound intimacy was shocking. And judging by the growing warmth in the pit of your stomach, you weren’t completely dissatisfied with it. An unintentional moan escaped your throat as your eyes fluttered closed and you finally joining in the kiss.

Your wrists were still pinned against the wall so you unable to touch him and his grip tightened even more as he moved to nip sensually at your neck. Gasping as his teeth sunk into your delicate flesh, he sucked a mark then move to whisper against your ear.

“You need to learn how to listen and not be so defiant,” he muttered, his voice an octave lower than usual, “and, obviously, I’m gonna be the one to have to teach you.”

Even though his tone was an enormous turn on, his words themselves were not. Something in the back of your mind still didn’t sit well with obeying him, but you played along with his little game anyways.

“Now,” he began as he released your hands to grab your ass instead, “what was it you were about to call me?” You hesitated, debating on whether or not to actually tell him you were going to call him a piece of shit. But he was impatient and demanded your answer by pressing his thigh against your pant-clad, yet heated, core. You threw your head back against the wall and began melting slowly. “Answer me.”

“Daddy,” you moaned, not actually meaning to call him that. As soon as it slipped out, you immediately felt embarrassed and awaited a snarky remark about your secret kink.

“That’s more like it,” he hummed. This whole experience was just surprise after surprise and, to be honest, you didn’t want it to stop. “Anything I say, you do and you ask for permission otherwise. Understand?”



“Yes,” you corrected yourself. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Go over to the bed.”

You wanted to put up a fight, you wanted to give him a hard time but your legs were already shuffling towards his desired spot. He strutted up behind you and moved your hair to one side to leave rough kiss on the nape of your neck. His lips smirked against your skin when you moaned and Quill forced you onto the bed on your hands and knees. You kept your face forward and suddenly felt your pants being tugged past your hips, consequently exposing your butt to the mild air of the vessel. His fingers traced the curve of your bottom and you shivered with delight, feeling yourself getting wetter with anticipation.

“Count them,” he ordered. Before you could question what he meant, a hard slap made contact with your skin. It stung badly but he soothed it over with the palm of his hand.

“One,” you said, breathing uneven. Smack after smack after smack, your cheeks turning bright red under his hard touch. You were at 13 now and you could barely take anymore. Peter could tell by your heavy pants that you were though and flipped you over so that your back was pressed against the soft mattress.

Peter took his jacket off and threw it across the room a little too dramatically. It fell into the corner with a loud thud and you would’ve laughed at his over-intense attitude had your clothes not been practically being ripped off.

Your top was ripped over your head, your bra snapped open, your pants pulled off your legs, leaving you only in your panties. In the heat of the moment, you forgot the rules and tried pulling at his soft cotton shirt. Quill stopped, smacking your hands away and grabbing your jaw to make your look at him. His eyes were cold and serious and you felt anxious as you lie naked underneath him.

“What did I say?” he asked harshly.

“Anything you say, I do and I ask for permission otherwise,” you repeated his words from before meekly.

“Good girl. And did you ask permission to take off my clothes?”

“Peter, c’mon, I-”

“Excuse me?”

“Daddy, please. I want you,” you begged. Your body was hot and on fire, for all you wanted was him. It was taking too long and patience wasn’t one of your virtues. He began trailing kisses down your body and you shivered under each one. His teeth grazed over your hip bone as his finger hooked under the waistband of your underwear. Then, he pried you thighs open, holding your legs tightly in place and exposing your wetness.

Peter nipped and sucked at the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, the scruff of his beard slightly tickling you.

“Daddy,” you pleaded again, desperate for something. He chuckled a little to himself before ghosting his tongue all the way up your pussy, getting a full taste. You gasped at the terrific sensation, which egged him on. He sucked on your clit, licked patterns around and dipped his tongue inside you. My God, he was good at this. It seemed as though he was everywhere at once, a climax slowly consuming you. Your lower stomach burned with need and you called out his name, so close to it. Then he pulled away completely. You looked down to see his that stupid smirk he always wore. He crawled up to kiss you, tasting yourself on his lips.

“It’s about time I make you as frustrated as you make me. You don’t come until I say so.”

“God, Peter, I swear- oh!” He curled his fingers inside you, stroking your g-spot with each pump. Just like before, you were at the edge only to be left there without release when he pulled away again. It took everything in you not to just finish yourself off, but you waited as best you could as you watched him remove his garments. You reveled in his incredible physique, his line of work keeping him in amazing shape.

Then he pounced on you, completely nude with a striking erection. His muscles were robust, his body hard against yours. He smelled of his masculine cologne and intoxicating musk that you could get used to. You waited for it, the sweetness you’d feel when he was finally giving it to you, but it never came. Instead, he littered your neck with kisses and bites which, while it was enjoyable, you wanted to cherry on top.

“Daddy, I want you to fuck me, please,” you whined. He grinned against you skin then moved to nibble on your ear.

“Are you gonna listen to me from now on? Be a good girl for me?” he bargained. When the words ‘good girl’ fell from his lips, your hunger only grew more insatiable. You’d never nodded harder in your life and as soon as you agreed, because you knew he wanted it too, he thrust into you. A loud moan was heard on your part and you were thankful everyone was gone or else they would’ve surely heard it.

His cock was thick and filled you perfectly. Peter started off slow, then picked up and an incredible pace. You were already so close, but you held out the best you could. His skin was dewy and you wanted to lick every inch of it.

“Daddy, please can I?” you breathed needily.

“Go ahead, babygirl.” In a matter of second, with the help of that little pet name, you were shouting his name to the rooftops as you finally got what you wanted. Heat flashes and stars consumed you as you exhaled, feeling all the tension wash away. Quill came too, a heavy grunt and a ‘fuck’ enacted from him.

He rolled down next to you, both of you sweaty and sticky but satisfied completely. About 2 minutes later, the same loud click from before was heard and you had just enough time to cover your exposed body before Rocket strolled in with a grossed out look on his face.

“So, I see you two… made up,” he hesitated. You couldn’t help laughing a little and Peter joined in. Rocket groaned and turned to leave. “You humans are so disgusting, I swear…”

BTS reaction to their enlistment

Anon Asked:  Can I have a reaction when BTS have to go for military service (it lasts 21-23 months in Korea). Like they have a gf and they’re sad that they have to leave her and members?

Angsty shit. Like I don’t want to think of them enlisting. I don’t But like Seokjin in a uniform..;)  BUT LIKE SEOKJIN IN A UNIFORM CAUSE MY BB IS ENLISTED. -Admin Cat


You couldn’t believe this was how you were finding out about this from a trashy blog. Seokjin would have told you he had enlisted. How could he not have told you? Just as you were pondering this thought the front door of your apartment opened to reveal a tired and puffy eyed Seokjin. The moment you looked at him all anger washed away and you hurried over to envelop him in your arms. He let out a shaky sigh and you felt his arms wrap around to keep you close to him.

“Jagiya, I am enlisting.”

“I know, the fans are talking about it.” you murmured and Seokjin gripped you tighter to him.

“Promise me something” Seokjin croaked out, his throat thick with tears. “Promise me you’ll wait for me and we’ll keep in touch.”

“Jin…” you felt tears fill your eyes and you pressed a kiss to his neck.

“Promise me you’ll take care if the boys, come to the dorms and cook for them. Make sure Yoongi rests and Jimin eats.” You nodded, you would keep the boys safe and healthy.

“I promise, I love you Kim Seokjin.”

“I love you too.“

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He broke the news to you over text. Which was very out of character for him. He would have normally called you with such news. You almost didn’t believe him, so you called Hoseok to get the truth. Hoseok confirmed your fears and you sat in bed for hours, it didn’t really make sense. You knew it was inevitable, him enlisting, it was mandatory and you had your own feelings on the matter. You didnt even hear Yoongi come in, entering your bedroom and he sat down on your bed.

“Hey baby,” Yoongi ran a hand up your thigh and you looked at him. His face was unsmiling and his hand gripped yours tightly. He looked supremely stressed.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” You weren’t dealing with this the way he was. You had to understand this wasn’t about you. Yoongi shook his head and leaned into you, his head gently resting on your shoulder.

“I just, I can’t believe it. What if BTS fails?” He asked and you squeezed his hand. “Babe, I just cant imagine leaving them and you.”

“I’ll never leave, you know I’ll wait and BTS wont fail, the members and fans wont let it.”

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You eyed the enlistment form with a sigh, it had been roughly twenty minutes since he had come home and shown you the letter. You weren’t surprised and honestly, you had been waiting for this to happen. You looked over at him and placed your hand on his.He was very much so ready to do his military service and you both had discussed the topic at length. 

“Y/N, do you think the fans will forget about me?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You looked over at Hoseok who had a frown upon his normally brighter features. 

“You know,” He began and breathed in a heavy sigh. “They’ll focus more on the group and think it is better off without me.” You turned to look at your boyfriend and shook your head. You couldn’t believe he was thinking like this. You reached over and grasped his hand, bringing it to your lips and kissing it.

“I will never let that happen. I will scream the name Jung Hoseok from the rooftops.” You ran your thumb over his hand and he smiled at you. God were you going to miss that smile.

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“Jagi” Namjoon wrapped his arms around your waist.

“When do you go to basic training?” You asked and he sighed. He knew this was all you would think about until he left.

“I leave the 10th of October.” He replied, he kissed your temple. “Babe. Do you think I am abandoning the group?” You turned and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“You aren’t abandoning the group.”

“It feels like I am, How can I be a good leader if I am not there?” Namjoon questioned and sighed heavily. You pressed a kiss to his lips, his eyes fell closed. You wouldn’t let him think that way. You couldn’t.

“I’ll keep the boys in line I promise. We’ll skype every day and you can yell at them.” You attempted a joke and he laughed lightly.

“You have 5 more months with me, lets make the best of it.

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You scrambled off of the couch as soon as you heard the news. Jimin was on his way home and Jungkook had told you that Jimin was worried about enlisting. You opted to make him the best dinner he ever had. Making his favorite foods. Anything to keep his mind off it. Jimin strode into the house an hour later, apologizing and telling you all about bad traffic. Thats when his nose caught the smell of grilled meat enticed him into the kitchen. “Babe, is this for me?“ 

"Of course.” You replied and turned the burners to low, walking over and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“God, I am going to miss this.” He cried, he crushed you to him and you smiled a bit. You knew that he was upset because his smile never touched his eyes.

“You don’t ship off until November, thats six more months of my cooking.” You cooed. He admired how strong you were being. He couldn’t believe you were keeping it cool. “Now, sit down and lets eat.”

“I love youso much,” Jimin replied and kissed you again. This time the smile reached his eyes.

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A letter! You had been waiting eagerly for a letter from Taehyung. He was away on tour and was to be home tonight. Which is why he told you his letter was going to be late. When you began reading though, you discovered that Taehyung had forgone his usual sweet talk, this time he delivered news of enlistment. He described to you his worries and most importantly how he felt like he was letting the fans down for leaving in September. You headed to the airport, hoping to greet him since it was so late at night. When you arrived you parked you car and strode inside, waiting with other families until you saw his mop of dirty brown hair. You sprinted towards him, shouting his name and he dropped his bag.

“Jagiya!” Taehyung cried as he held you. “I missed you so much.” You pulled away and slapped his chest. An angry look falling on your face.

“Ow!” He cried He ran a hand through his hair. “I guess you read my letter.”

“You should have called or waited to tell me in person!” You hit his chest again. You were angry. It wasn’t fair.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Taehyung mumbled and you watchedcas his expression became solemn. You loved this stupid dork and he was worried more about you than himself.

Tae, I will always be here, just talk to me.“

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It was your last night together. Jungkook was going to be shipped off to base tomorrow. You guys had been quiet all night, just laying next to each other. He had been trying to cope with leaving you and the fact that he felt like he was abandoning his group and ARMY’S. Jungkook squeezed your hand tightly and you turned your head to look at him. 

“I’m going to miss you.” He announced looking at you and smiling sadly. You smiled half-heartedly. Jungkook rolled over to lean over you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I’m going to miss your laugh,” He kissed your lips. His lips ghosted their way across your skin and you moaned slightly. 


“I’m going to miss everything about you, your skin, smile, the way you feel in my arms everything.” He whispered into your skin. “We’ll write to each other and my hyungs will keep you safe.” 

“You better write Jungkook.” He laughed and you spent the rest of the night tangled up in your bed sheets. 

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Prompt idea! 5 different ways that Bughead made their friends totally see them as #relationshipgoals. Btdubs, I'm in love w/ your writing :D

Hey thanks so much! I love this prompt.


It had been three months since he and Betty had started actually dating, they weren’t your typical couple, you could tell just by the looks of them.

Betty was always put together impeccably not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle on her sundress and definitely never a food stain on her cardigan.
She took her appearance very seriously, she wasn’t into too much makeup and nothing fake was ever going near her body, but the OCD made her strive for perfection , evident in the way she looked.

Jughead on the other hand, rolled out of bed and threw on whatever layers he could, never really knowing when he may have to pack up and relocate, his hairstyle was more run your fingers through twice and pray it wasn’t sticking out of the beanie.

So when his girlfriend overslept and wouldn’t dare risk her perfect attendance she had thrown on a cardigan with a hole in it.

Betty never wore a dress without a cardigan so half way through first period Kevin had run into jugheads calculus class saying he needed to speak to him urgently.

As Kevin pulled him along to the girls restroom he explained Betty was having a panic attack because of the hole in her sweater.

He walked into the bathroom and nodded at Ronnie making sure she knew it was okay for her to wait outside.

Kevin and Veronica were pacing outside the bathroom for a solid five minutes before Betty and jughead emerged.

Betty wrapped up in jugheads blue flannel surprisingly matching Betty’s dress, and jughead in just a tshirt. As the two walked back to class hand in hand Veronica whispered in Kevin’s ear

“Hashtag relationship goals.”


Jughead was always hungry

The quirk was loved by everyone in the friend group, always brought up in a joking manner when they went out to eat.

Jughead would laugh along and shrug his shoulders taking whatever was offered his way.

Even though they tried to involve his girlfriend in the jokes she always just shook her head and passed the rest of her food to juggie.

Then the news hit the fan

Jughead was homeless,
suddenly his hunger wasn’t so funny and when they went out to eat the awkward silence before they ordered was almost deafening.

After about a week of awkward meals and shaky comments Betty had had enough.

Jughead reached for fries on the table and he tension rose before Betty erupted

“Oh for petes sake, he’s fine! Jughead is living with Archie, I assure you he gets more than three meals a day and if you haven’t noticed the stress of his family hasn’t made him lose his appetite so can we all just get over this awkwardness and eat our damn food, you’re only making him feel worse, and I am not okay with that.”
She huffed and plopped back down in the booth sinking into jughead as he kissed the side of her head and whispered

There was never anymore awkwardness around the table and if jughead was getting a few extra leftovers Betty never mentioned it.

They were fighting.
Josie and Valerie noticed before anyone else.

They were arguing in quiet whispers almost every time they saw each other in the hallway. Neither of the girls wanted to mention it to Betty as she dropped down at there table in home economics.

They just stared at her before she snapped her head towards them.


They both looked shocked before Josie slowly put her hand on Betty’s arm

“Everything okay pussycat?”

Betty took a deep breath and sighed.

“He doesn’t trust me. He thinks I still have feelings for Archie but he doesn’t get he’s all I want and more.” She said teary eyed.

Josie was afraid of this, those two were just not compatible. Betty cared to much and jughead seemed like all he cared about was food. It just wasn’t gonna work out.

Valerie on the other hand had been shipping this couple since the start. Pulling out her phone she sent jughead a quick text

“Your girl is crying, thinks you don’t trust her. Fix it.”

About two minutes later Jughead burst through the doors interrupting mrs.dicker and catching the whole classes attention.

His eyes searched for Betty

“I’m sorry, I care about you, I don’t wanna lose you, I’m an idiot but hopefully I’m still your idiot.”


The whole class turned to the teacher and shushed her.

Betty stood up and moved to jughead
“It’s okay jughead, I just need you to trust me.”

He placed his forehead to hers,


Josie’s jaw was on the floor while Valerie smirked in her seat before snapping a picture of the couple and turning to Josie

“Hashtag relationship goals

Jughead had a black eye and Betty Cooper was not happy about it.

When jughead came into school that Wednesday every eye was drawn to the usually invisible mysterious boy.
Because wow that was a shiner.

No one knew how to ask , so immediately the rumors flew.

Betty had beaten him up because he cheated

His dad had taken a swing at him like usual

Archie finally realized he loved Betty and was fighting for her honor.

Fortunately none of those things were true.
The explanation came walking through the doors only ten minutes after

Reggie mantle, with a busted lip and bandaged nose.

The halls went quite for a minute before Veronica burst out in laughter.

“You messed with the wrong guys girlfriend mantle”
She said in between loud laughs.

The pieces finally came together.

Reggie had tried to get Betty to sleep with him after cheerleading and wouldn’t seem to take no for an answer, unfortunately for him jughead was coming to pick up Betty and had caught him with his hands on his girl.

As Betty shoved past Reggie she stood in front of him.

“Hit my boyfriend again Reggie mantle and your face won’t be the only thing broken.”

As jughead pulled his fiery girlfriend away he placed a kiss on the top of her head smiling at Reggie and giving him a wave.

Reggie was shaking with anger as he pushed past everyone in the halls to get to the weight room.

Cheryl smirked from her place by the lockers

“Hashtag Relationship goals”

Archie still had feelings for Betty,

jughead knew that and while he pretended to be cool with Betty and his relationship jughead saw the way he would keep his hand on her back a little too long, or offer to carry her books to class.

He couldn’t say anything they were friends, all of them were.

Not to mention he couldn’t blame the guy for being in love with Betty, she was pretty great.

But when he offered only Betty a ride home as they were walking together,
He was irritated to say the least.

“She’s cool dude, we’re together I won’t let any riverdale thugs get to her” jughead joked but kept his face serious

Archie nodded

“Yeah but it’s kind of chilly out there, you can hop in Betty, I promise it’s clean.”
He threw her his best American boy smile

As soon as she opened her mouth to answer
Jughead stepped forward

“I said she’s fine, bro you can keep driving.”

Archie parked the car getting ready to get out of it

“Why don’t you let your girl answer.”

“If my girl wanted to answer you she would have.”

They bickered back and forth

“ENOUGH” Betty yelled.

Both boys heads snapped to hers and while Archie looked confused jughead seemed to know exactly what was going on as he slowly backed away from Archie biting his lip and bowing his head.

“I am not an object, I can speak, I can make my own decisions. I do not need to be taken care of or protected from anything.” She turned to raise a pointed eyebrow at jughead who nodded and grabbed her hand

“I know I’m sorry bets. It’s my fault I overacted, testosterone ya know?” He shrugged smiling apologetically.

She nodded and kissed him quickly turning back to Archie

“And as for you, thankyou for the offer but theres nothing I like better than walking home from school with my boyfriend, he keeps me plenty warm, have a nice night Archie.”

She tugged jughead along moving foreward leaving Archie standing by his running car.

Archie wanted that kind of a relationship is this what Ronnie was always talking about when she mentioned
Hashtag relationship goals.

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Has Batman ever had encounters with Harley and Ivy as Bruce Wayne? Would he ever try using that part of his identity to help them or any other of his rogues, for things like trying to start a new life away from villainy and such?

Someone was in Bruce Wayne’s office, and there was no graceful way to avoid them without making it obvious that he knew they were in there. There was a smell in the air like mulch and roses.

He had no frame of reference for what would constitute a normal amount of things to notice, and so chose to err on the side of oblivious moron.

If there’d been a smell like marzipan dipped in bleach, he might have chosen differently.

“Heya, Mister Wayne,” Harley Quinn greeted, sitting on his desk. She waved as much with her feet as her hands. He closed the door behind him.

Bruce considered his response. Hopefully his momentary indecision with regard to his facial expression could pass for surprise, or confusion, or fear. “Hello, Dr. Quinzel.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not with Jay no more.”

“She’s with me,” Poison Ivy said.

“Hello, Dr. Isley.”

“I really prefer Ivy.”

“Dr. Ivy,” he corrected.

“Doncha love the way he says doctor?” Harley asked Ivy.

“Charming,” Ivy said. She did not sound charmed.

“I told her we oughta come talk to ya,” Harley explained, “on account of you’re a real nice guy an’ all.”

“Thank you?”

“I was just going to kill you,” Ivy added.

“Thank you. For not doing that.”

“Isn’t he just like a puppy?” Harley asked, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

“You can’t keep him.”

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Okay. First try. Usually I’m not that kind of fan who writes a meta or something like that. I’m not that good with words, when it’s not my mother tongue. But this is something I have to write off of me now. It bothers me. I’m doing this mostly to reassure myself, that I’m NOT seeing things. Well, I hope so. Sorry in advance but…Please, listen…

So, I have this dear friend of mine (who’s a huge fan of BBC’s Merlin and loves The 100 as well), whose opinion I value very high, and she said a thing, that I can’t get out of my mind now. She said that everything Bellarke-related, the slight touches, all the stares, might be unintentional acting, especially by Clarke. And I considered it, I really did, to maybe be true. BUT… Then again… I’m a huge ArMor (Arthur/Morgana)-shipper (Merlin BBC), and you may think of this ship whatever you like but… In season 1 - and most of that fandom agree with this, as well as the actors themselves (Bradley James/Arthur Pendragon even said in an interview, that “they clearly fancied each other” in season 1) – they were written as a potential couple/love interest for each other. No-one can tell me otherwise. There are far too many hints/evidences for that, far too many “glances” and “touches” and even “words”, although they never really got together… Sounds familiar? (But due to the storyline and the introduction of ArWen (Arthur/Guinevere) as a pairing it was kind of clear that the writers would drop ArMor at some point – although it’s part of the Arthurian Legend itself. But that’s another story…)

What I’m trying to say is this: If you/we consider ArMor a thing in season 1 of Merlin and say/admit, that at this point they clearly fancied each other/had a crush on each other, how on earth can anyone POSSIBLY think, that Bellarke is unintentional at all?! I mean… Have a look at that if you please… (Disclaimer: GIF’s not mine! All rights to the owners.)

These are my ArMor-baes….

And these are my Bellarke-baes…

And have a look at that

and now at this

And here too

And look at that…


And… (this isn’t even only S1)


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The angst…

Bellarke baes:

Hugs (be still my heart):

Last but not least (and very dear to me):


Even L said/realized it’s true. “You care about him?” –

And let’s not forget all the fuss about “weakness”

Let’s Murphy have the last word (or Kane, or Jaha… or who else realized only because of all their (of course only) unconditional acting around each other that they clearly have a thing for each other…):


The writers did all these things ON PURPOSE. It can’t be otherwise. And the cinematography speaks for itself. All the zooming in on their touches or stares… And the things they SAID to each other up until this point of the show, all the “I need you’s” and “I trust you’s”, all the “I’d do everything! Please don’t kill him’s” and “We can’t lose Clarke’s/I can’t lose you’s” (not to mention Bellamy’s -  completely unintentional of course… – decision to run after Clarke, even though he’s gravely wounded… or the latest “If you’re on that list, I’m on that list – Write it down or I will”-confession…),

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as well as all the other things like the epic hugs or the neck-nuzzles – and yes, Clarke’s nuzzling too (I TOTALLY would do this with a platonic friend of mine…unintentionally… of COURSE… who am I kidding >.<). Can it possibly be more obvious? I don’t know. But these are the facts. They can’t be overseen or ignored. And I think… even if I’m preoccupied because I’m a reader of the novels by Kass Morgan, there’s definitely a visual (sexual) tension between our lovelies. And I think they were planned right from the start. As the slow burn of all slow burn-relationships - to keep up the tension. That’s why there are so many hints even in the first series. If there would be ANYTHING that reassures me that Bellarke is endgame at last, than I could endure EVERYTHING on the way, even one-night-stands and other crushes. *sigh*

So… tell me guys… am I seeing things, or what? I wished, that my friend would be able to see the show through my eyes every now and then. The fact, that she smiles a bit over metas like this, or hardcore-shippers (and I am one of these) for that matter, saddens me more than I could’ve ever imagined. I have too much time I guess… *sigh* But that’s nothing we couldn’t solve or talk about. And that makes me happy again. I trust us. ;)

But please, guys, I’m not delusional, or…

A Pirate’s Life

IMAGINE: In which Lady (Y/N) Baratheon encounters Captain Jon Snow. through an unconventional way. 

[gif is not mine. based on jack sparrow and elizabeth swan’s first meeting from potc. hope you like it.]

warnings: none

word count: 2.6 k+

The handmaiden tightened the straps of the corset, not minding (Y/N)’s gasps of pain and surprise. She could slowly feel her organs moving around inside of her body with each pull. “My gods,” she breathed out. “How long until you are finished?” She snapped at the woman behind her. 

“Just a couple more, Your Highness.” One tug, another tug and a ribbon to finish it off. (Y/N) turned around to glare at her, the handmaiden bowed and left the room.

(Y/N) walked up to the mirror to admire herself. She ran her hands down the hard corset, scowling disdainfully at the frills that encompassed the waist area, she looked at her reflection frowned and scoffed. While the black and gold dress was beautiful, it was hell wearing it. Accompanying it was the heat. A Lady should not wear a dress that would put her health in danger, but of course everyone would complain if she wasn’t wearing the most beautiful thing. They could not expect anything less from a Princess.

 A knock at her bedroom door was heard, (Y/N) turned, “Come in.”

 Renly walked in, a small smirk on his face, “My, my, dear sister, don’t you look lovely.”

 “I look like one of those cakes that Joffrey’s so fond off.” She gestured to the abnormal flare on her dress.

“Brother says that it’s the latest fashion.”

 “Robert should stay in the vicinity of whores and wine,” (Y/N) spat. “Why do I even have to go to this?”

 Really walked up to his sister, placed his hands on her shoulders and gave her a pitying smile, “Because your betrothed is…well, I actually don’t know what he’s getting.” Renly frowned, trying to remember.

 “A medal?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “He’s a coward and a fool, Lancel should not receive any sort of medal.”

 Her brother laughed and linked his arms to hers, “You really should watch your tongue sister, sometimes people might think the worse of you.”

 (Y/N) rolled her eyes. She knew what was said about her, she heard the whispers. “They already do.”

 Renly looked at his sister, he knew that she was often the subject of frivolous gossip. Frowning, he decided to change the topic. “Did you hear? Stannis caught a pirate.”

 She laughed, “Pirates are a legend. They died long ago.”

 “No,” Renly shook his head. “A breathing, living one. Saw it myself. Stannis caught his own crew. Pirates said they knew the Starks.”

Jon looked around at the various ships that were docked on the harbour of King’s Landing. He knew that this was dangerous, but what can he do? His ship was towed, his crew was probably dead, he needed to find a way out and fast. He looked down at his clothes and frowned. It was going to be hard to be discreet in King’s Landing when wearing dark colours and obviously wearing pirate’s gear.

Jon looked at the stairs, there were no people, deciding that it was luck he quickly ran up the stairs. Maybe he could bribe, or kill someone for their clothes. As he ran, he made sure that no one was near him, if they were he decided to take a different route. He was too focused on not being noticed that he did not see (Y/N) and Renly in front of him.

“Watch where you’re going!” A woman’s voice yelled at him. Jon looked up and saw a small brunette glaring down at him. “You could have killed me.”

The man with the black hair beside her sighed, “(Y/N), stop being over dramatic. Sorry.” He held out his hand and Jon gracefully took it.

“Honestly,” the woman huffed. The woman -(Y/N) looked up and down at Jon. “Interesting choice in clothing. Are you with the circus?” 

“(Y/N),” Renly warned.

“Renly,” she mocked as she looked at her brother.

“I do apologise for her,” Renly spoke. A chime was heard in the distance and he craned his head towards the east, “We must be going.” He spoke to his sister, then turned back to Jon. “Sorry to bump into you Ser…”

“Jon,” Jon replied not taking his eyes off (Y/N) who was still staring at him intently. 

She knew that he was from out of town. The way he carried himself, the way he talked…the way he dressed. She smiled at him knowingly. He was a pirate.

“Sorry Ser Jon, we must be going but if we do see you at the Feast we owe you a favour.” Renly turned to (Y/N), “Let’s go.”

“Aye, aye,” she spoke those words knowing exactly that Jon would get them. (Y/N) winked at Jon as she passed him.

Jon looked on as the siblings walked past him. There was something extraordinary about that woman. He would have usually stopped and thought about it but he knew that time was the enemy here. He needed to get out of this place and fast.

(Y/N) struggled to breath, and to pay attention at the ceremony. These things were usually a bore, but with the combination of the dress from hell, the weather from hell and the person she abhorred was getting honoured was a nightmare.

 “Are you okay?” Cersei whispered as she saw (Y/N) continuously fan herself.

 She nodded meekly and began fanning herself again. She sighed in happiness when she saw the event ending. (Y/N) quickly got up and started walking towards the large archway that overlooked the ocean. She welcomed the breeze that came off the sea.

 She watched as the waves crashed against the rock, the beauty and chaos that the sea brought. (Y/N) found peace and serenity as she watched the waves dance, she could see small ocean life if she looked hard enough. Her peace, however was broken when Lancel tapped on the shoulder.

 “Lady Baratheon, if I may have a moment of your time?”

 (Y/N) closed her eyes and hesitated in turning around, knowing if she did she would have to be forced in a mundane conversation which would either have her being bored to death, or wanting to slap him. Forcing a small smile on her face, she turned around and prepared herself for utter dullness.

“And where are you off to?” A man in armour spoke as he held the handle of his sword.

 Jon looked at the man, he was younger than the lot that he passed. “Just having a lovely stroll.”

 The guard narrowed his eyes, “Have a lovely stroll somewhere else.”

 Jon pouted and looked around, “But it’s lovely here. Why can’t I?”

 “You’re welcome too. I just don’t want you here.”

 “Now, that isn’t very nice, is it?” Jon stepped around the man, focusing mainly on the man’s hand. One slip and that was all Jon needed. “I mean, if I’m allowed here why can’t I stroll here? I’m not doing any harm am I? I just want to take the beauty that is King’s Landing.” He knew what he was doing. Talking while walking towards the ship that he needed. “And I saw a lovely spectacle up there, loads of guards, so why aren’t you there?”

 The man shifted, “They needed people to guard the ships.”

 “Aye, they did,” Jon nodded. “Brave men, just like you. Did you volunteer because they really like that. Shows initiative.” Jon briefly looked behind him, one more step.

 “I did,” the man spoke. “Father says that I should take whatever the King’s Guard gives me.”

 Jon nodded pretending to care. “Your father is a wise man.” He quickly walked towards the wheel.

“I can’t let you do that! Stop that!” The man took his sword out of the hilt and began to prepare to strike.

“Just admiring the wheel,” Jon caressed it all the while giving a small smile.

“I don’t want to seem forward, but with everything that’s happening now. Getting the recognition I rightfully deserve,” at this (Y/N) tried to roll her eyes. “I’m only missing one thing.”


Lancel turned to (Y/N), “A marriage to the right woman.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and fought the urge to vomit, “I’m sure you’ll find her.”

 Lancel gave her a dry laugh, “It’s you.” He turned back around so he wasn’t facing her anymore. “Your brother and I have had talks, the same with my father. They all I agree that it would be great if our Houses tied once again.” He took a piece of fruit from the passing servant. “I do hope I’m not being forward.”

 “I can’t breathe,” (Y/N) muttered to herself, fingering the corset. “I can’t breathe,” she spoke louder.

 Lancel chuckled, “Well.”

 The next thing (Y/N) knew she was falling down and suddenly being drenched in cold water.

Lancel turned around after hearing a splash. “Lady (Y/N)? Lady (Y/N)!” He rushed towards where he last saw her and looked down. All he could see were the remnants of something dropping.

 He started removing his jacket, “Ser, no! The rocks!” Lancel stepped backwards in defeat.

“Is anybody going to help her?” Jon pointed to the woman who was now slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. He turned to the man who was standstill. “Here, hold this,” passing his sword and removing his jacket he dived down and began swimming towards her.

 As he got closer to the fallen woman, he could see the black and golden dress that he ran into before. It was (Y/N). He swam faster, as he reached her, Jon guided her into his arms. Once securely in his arms, he began swimming up. Finding it difficult he looked at the garment that she was wearing. Sighing -as best as he could while holding his breath-, he took his knife and cut through the middle. She was lighter now, thank the gods, and he began swimming upwards. 

 As Jon reached the shore, he was surrounded by men in noble clothes and guard uniforms, unsurprisingly enough they weren’t there for him.

 “(Y/N)?” He recognised the man as Renly. “Jon?” Renly looked at his sister, “Why isn’t she moving?”

 Jon leant down to (Y/N) and cut down her bodice once again. She began spluttering out the water that she inhaled and slowly opened her eyes. “Jon?” Before he knew it she was being yanked from his grasp by a blonde man. “Ouch, Lancel, I’m perfectly fine getting up by myself.”

 “Get off her boy, before you harm her more,” an old blonde man who seemed to dominate the space spoke. “Are you okay?” He asked (Y/N) more gently. She nodded as he wrapped a garment around her.

 “Who are you?” The young blonde man asked.


 He looked at Jon’s clothes, “You’re no ordinary man. You’re a pirate.”

 (Y/N) looked at Lancel then back to Jon. “Don’t be silly Lancel. He’s simply dressed for entertainment later on.”  

 “I’ve seen those clothes, those are the garb those pirates that were taken by your brother wore!” Lancel pointed at Jon’s clothes, and soon enough people started scrutinising him. Lancel drew his sword and pointed it at Jon.

 (Y/N) stepped forward, placing herself between Jon and Lancel. “Surely you’re not going to kill the person who saved my life.” (Y/N) looked earnestly at Lancel, “Please. Spare him.”

 Lancel narrowed his eyes, he held his stance for quite some time. “Alright. Lock him up.”


 “Your Highness, with all respect, I’m doing the best of my abilities. He will be thrown in jail with his other cronies, he will be happy.”

Three men circled Jon, he knew when he was done for. He could easily take three men, but taking more than that? Even he had his limits. Jon heard the lock of the handcuffs and looked down despondently at his wrist. Looking at the scene in front of him, (Y/N) was just a few steps ahead, and he knew that the people right here deeply cared for her. Taking his chances, he stepped forward and circled (Y/N)’s neck with his handcuffs.

 Gasps were heard around, the sound of swords being drawn were heard.

 “Let her go!”

 Jon tilted his head, “No, let’s see here. I want to go free or I’ll pop this pretty lady’s head off.” (Y/N) thrashed around, trying to get away from his but all he could do was tighten his grip. Jon moved along, people making space for him. “I’m not going to hurt you, just play along.” He whispered in her ear. He felt her stop moving and then began moving again. Jon pulled her closer, the chains tightening around her throat.

 “If I stop fighting, then they’ll know something is amiss,” she whispered harshly. 

 “Oh.” Jon eased his grip on the chains. “Or maybe, I’ll take her with me. Take the great Lady Baratheon.” Jon moved backwards, careful of his stepping. Up the stairs he went, careful not to trip over, once he reached a cliff that overlooked the ocean he stopped moving. “Deal is, I let her go and you let me go.”

 A tall man with a round waist and a crown on his head grumbled, “Fine.

 “Pass her the keys,” Jon spoke.

 A guard passed the key to (Y/N). “If you could love.” Jon jingled the chains. (Y/N) narrowed her eyes. Jon lifted his arms, allowing (Y/N) to step away from him. Once free he rubbed his wrists. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. Jon touched his lips to hers, allowing the fantasy that he wanted since he saw her come alive. He tightened his grip on her waist, she moaned quietly into his mouth. Jon regrettably pulled away, “That was for you love.” He winked at her. “Be seeing you.”

 (Y/N) watched as Jon jumped off the cliff, as she heard the splash she touched the still tingling part of her lip.

 “(Y/N) are you okay?” She heard Lancel’s voice in her ear and all she could do was nod. 

“Quite an eventful day was it not Lady (Y/N)?” Sandor asked as he walked her to her chamber.

“Yes,” she nodded. “It certainly was.”

 “Are you truly okay?”

 (Y/N) smiled at her personal guard, “I truly am Sandor. Thank you.” Reaching up on her tip toes, she placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Good night.”

 “Good night, my lady.”

As soon as (Y/N) entered her room she knew something was amiss. She looked at her open balcony door, frowning she opened the drawer on the table that was near the door quietly. Grabbing the small dagger, she hesitantly made her way to the balcony. From what she could see there was nothing, or no one there. Still, she made her way cautiously. Once on the balcony, she looked at all the possibly hiding places and found there was no one. The balcony was empty, except for one thing on top of the railings.

 There was a small note flapping due to the wind and a small medallion. She picked up the letter and opened it. There were four words on the paper. Three words, the last three words he spoke to her and finally his name. She looked at the medallion in her hand. It was gold, a pirates skull etched on it. It was simple. 

 (Y/N) looked out to the harbor and smiled. She knew that she’ll see Jon again. Whether it be through good or bad circumstances, she couldn’t wait.

Into The Woods

Characters: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy x Reader

Summary: Lost in the woods on an unfamiliar planet with the grumpiest guy in the entire universe. What’s not to love right?

Word Count: 1151 words

A/N: So, I got a lovely request from @outside-the-government and I am so sorry this has taken me so long but Bones did a runner on me and has only just reappeared.  I hope this is what you were looking for.

‘Go on an away mission’ they said.  ‘It’ll be fun’ they said.  Yeah, well trudging around in the dark surrounded by the biggest god damned flora you had ever encountered was definitely not fun.  The only upside was you weren’t alone.  Unfortunately, your companion was the living embodiment of cantankerous. You were fairly certain that in years to come children would look up the word and find a picture of a frowning Doctor McCoy glaring at them in irritation.  You had given up on your attempts to make small talk and for the past hour had simply followed in his footsteps as you searched for a way out of the vast canopy in the hope you could then contact the ship.  When you passed a tree with a very distinctive fork in its branches you could no longer contain your frustration. “OH COME ON! Have we seriously just walked around in a circle!” You threw your pack down on the ground and huffed out a sigh.  

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Band Au
  • Lance, Hunk and Pidge are apart of a band called Garrison
    • Lance is lead vocals and guitar
      • damn that boy can sing
      • He likes to run around the stage during parts he doesn’t need to sing
        • he slips A LOT
      • He takes his music v serious but loves to fool around with his fans and band mates
      • he head bangs A LOT
        • He one fell on stage while getting too into their set
      • Some shows his tapes things to the back of his guitar and flips it over his head to show the crowd
        • “Lance, my buddy, my pal, why in the world did you think it was a good idea to tape ‘I’m a furry’ to your guitar?”  “I DIDN’T THINK EVERYONE WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND I HAD NO CLUE THAT THE TAPE WOULD COME OFF THIS TIME”
      • Whenever a fan comes up to him at a meet and greet and proposes he’ll only say yes if they ask with a blue ring pop
      • he also calls out anyone that disrespects the rest of the band
        • there have been many times his stopped a show to get the crowd to call the person to just spit near Pidge a asshat
        • there have also been many twitter feuds between him and various over people because they insulted Hunk, Pidge or a fan of theirs
          • Everyone calls him their big brother
    • Hunk is drums
      • Every show he has something tied around his forehead
        • Every time it’s something new, it could be a sock, tie, t-shirt maybe even a bra who knows?
      • He has a t-shirt line 
        • Most have floral patterns
        • all of them say somewhere “Hunka Hunka Burnin Love”
      • Whenever a fan is brought on stage he gives them a piggy back ride around before the next song
      • most signs held up at concerts say “fuck me hunk”
      • at meet and greets his always the first person to hug their fans
        • he hugs every single one
        • He’s also kisses people one their cheeks a lot
          • Lance drapes his body across the fans in all the pictures he’s in
        • When the group is given gifts he usually gets a tub of chunky monkey ice cream but with the c in chunky scribbled out
    • Pidge is a backup vocalist and on keyboard
      • They have the most dedicated fans out of the three
        • people jump on stage to try and touch them
        • At meet and greets many fans tell them how inspired they are by them and that they saved the fans life
      • All of the bands slow songs have them singing all of it
        • Lance says it sounds better with their voice
      • There are many pictures of Hunk giving them a piggy back ride 
      • and of them slapping the back of lances head
        • There’s a meme where someone takes a picture of it happening then in bold red text they write “LA CHANCLA’D”
        • They like to put some of the better pictures of this on their instagram
      • In between songs when Lance is just talking to the crowd they like to interrupt Lance and say random things
        • “You in back with the blue shirt and purple hair, I see you ;)”
        • “Lance likes to crawl into Hunk’s bunk and sleep with him for the rest of the night” “WHAT THE HELL DUDE”
    • Half of their fans ship Lance and Hunk together
      • The two of them are always calling each other babe and are always draping themself on top of the other
        • Lance once taped “Lunk is real” On the back of his guitar and five people fainted when they saw it
      • In interviews or if they’re asked about it the pretend they have no clue what Lunk is
        • Lance always adds “Not only do we not know what that is, I also so not stay awake at night reading Lunk fanfiction” He then winks at the camera or interviewer
  • Shiro, Allura and Keith are part of the band  “Human Hearts Aliens Parts ”
    • All of the sing
      • Allura the angrier and louder sounds
      • Shiro the more pop-y and light songs
        • When there’s a duet about two lovers Shiro is always one of the parts
      • Keith sings all of the sad and slow songs
        • some of the angry songs have him as lead vocal but not a lot
      • Their most popular songs feature all of them
    • Allura plays drums
      • Between songs she likes to embarrass Shiro and Keith
        • “Hey Keith” “yeah.” “You need to pull your pants up every time I look at you I can practically see London and France.”
        • “Shiro there’s this one girl who every time you sing shouts ‘Shiro is such a daddy!’” “I-I know I heard her every time.” “You should say thank you cause it’s one of the truest thing I’ve heard shouted tonight” 
          • The crowd goes dead silent until Keith decides it’s time to move to the next song
      • She has a cult following many fans dedicated just to her 
          • and her biceps 
        • Any sign held up at their concerts either says “Fuck me Allura” or “Have my babies Allura”
          • She always flexes when asked
            • always.
        • Their fans rioted when they found out she was dating someone
          • they then proceeded to scream in happiness when they found out it was Shiro she was dating
      • She’s always the best dressed out of the three
        • she slays on a day to day basis
        • when asked if she’s tired to get Keith and Shiro to dress better she just sighed and said, “Whenever I try to tell Keith he looks a rejected sad clown he just flips me off and hisses. Like he actually hisses at me like a cat. I’m working on Shiro though.”
    • Keith plays bass
      • He claims he can play guitar too but refuses to back this up
      • their fans often refer to him as “Space child” since he looks like he could be the child of Allura and Shiro who are called “Space parents”
        • He always laughs and says true whenever her hears that
      • All their fans make fun of his hair
        • if a fan tweets him about it he just replies “This is bullying guys”
      • Everyone knows that he’s gay af and proud af
        • They always know he’d give a leg to meet Gerard Way
      • He has a really soothing voice so that’s why he sings most of the slow songs
      • he writes a lot of their music
      • He also keeps all the fan gifts he gets
        • he always gets really blushy whenever someone at a meet and greet gives him something, hugs him, proposes, or says something sweet
      • has been known to stop shows to make sure a fan is alright
    • Shiro plays guitar
      • EVERYONE calls him dad
        • Once a fan tweeted him asking him to be their father he replied “I am not your legal guardian, now go clean you’re room then we can go play catch.”
      • He gets the most proposals at meet and greets
        • he always says yes then hugs them and kisses their forehead
      • Before the some concerts begin sometimes he’ll go around playing his acoustic guitar in front of the band’s bus
      • His snapchat stories are full of pictures of all the band with bed head
        • Shiro’s is super curly
        • Keith’s is all over the place
        • Allura’s is up in a messy bun which always looks amazing
          • how ???
      • He’s always complimenting his band mates
        • Fan:Omg Allura is so pretty! Shiro: I know right! She has the prettiest smile, and she’s so strong. Don’t even get me started on her hair…
        • Fan: Damn Keith is so cute Shiro: You don’t even know the half of it, he once accidentally called Allura mom! He is such a good person too like once when we found a stray kitten…
      • He blushes SO MUCH
        • if someone compliments him
        • if someone mentions his relationship
        • if someone else is blushing!
          • Allura’s pet name for him is Bashful the seventh dwarf
  • The two bands are really close #squadgoals
    • They tour together all the time
      • When they are on tour they always start up a park war
        • Lance will never again trust Shiro is he says there’s an emergency
        • Kieth will never let Pidge touch a pair scissors again
    • They feature each other in some of their songs
    • So remember how I’d said half of The Garrison’s fans ship Lance and Hunk? Well the other half are die hard klance shippers
      • Fans flip out anytime they see the two of them together
      • Of course there are a few pictures and videos that go around as proof of their relationship
        • A video of when after Keith came on stage to sing a duet (it was a love song) with Lance, a crowd member told Lance to kiss Keith and so Lance just did it
          • the crowd FREAKED OUT
          • So did Keith cause he hadn’t heard what the fan said the fan just Lance say “Alright” Then put his hand on his cheek and kiss him
          • It was totally ten seconds long
        • A picture from Pidge’s snapchat story of the two of them fast asleep, on a couch spooning
          • Keith was the little spoon
          • Lance had his arm wrapped around Keith and his head in the crook of his neck
        • An interview where Keith was asked about Lance and said 
          • “Oh Lance, he’s really funny and super talented but we’re not together. Besides why would I want to date a guy who talks in their sleep?”
            • Once he realized what he’d said he put his head in his hands and was blushing like crazy during the rest of the interview
        • On valentines day one year Lance changed his tweeter bio from “ Bi Pride with a latino side” to “Mullet sexual”
          • He didn’t change it till the next year
        • A photograph that was meant to be of Allura slaying in dress while posing but has Lance and Keith in the background holding hands
    • Any time anyone on twitter makes a rude remark towards Pidge the whole gang starts educated and demolishing that person
      • the level of clapbacks is unreal
      • of course Lance is one of the main people replying
      • But surprising, Shiro is the one you replies first and gets the most aggressive
        • Like his starts insult their whole family
    • Whenever Allura and Shiro kiss in front of the group
      • Pidge, Lance and Keith all shout “My innocent eyes they burn with this sin!”
      • Hunk stand in front of the three and tries to cover their eyes while his says “Don’t ever come near me or my sons again”
    • Whenever Lance and Keith do something couple like
      • Pidge asks when the wedding is
      • Allura asks if she can be the maid of honer
      • Shiro asks if he can walk them both down to the alter
      • Hunk asks if he can be best man
    • Coran is both of the bands vodka aunt managers

Feel free to add on to this all you like!

Never Enough Part 4

Summary: After finding out you are a mix of a siren and an angel. You must go out about life as best you can. Though, things get harder when it comes to your boys. Well, the pull towards them, anyways. Enjoy!

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, minor smut?

Tagging: @flopmalum @thegirlwiththestories @morganschiebel @fabulous-dani@milkywaygalaxygirl @nathaliabakes @graceburnell @allana5100@bellamysterekblake @beingmadinwonderland @graceburnell @bellamysterekblake@fabulous-dani @archer-whovian-violinist @pure-blu @dean-the-danc3r@sailorchibimoonunicorn @findawaytofadeway @drkplum @milkywaygalaxygirl@hannahobrien-n @allana5100 @favoriteserendipity @sillyrayofdarkness @angelicshinigami @zachmantle @laheyisaac @lucyqueenofthestars @hannahobrien-n

Your P.O.V

I sat with Isaac for a few hours, making sure he was okay and lowkey protecting him from Derek. I know Derek has a good heart but he almost killed Isaac to get information about Boyd and Erica. I made sure that Scott was talking Isaac home. To his house, and not to Derek’s. I wave Isaac goodbye after our relatively close interaction. The moment they speed off, I can’t help but sigh in relief. There was something rather odd, almost intense, about having an anchor. For some reason though, I felt like I was suffocating. Before, when I was with Isaac, I felt whole-fantastic even. But being around him now, for too long, it was driving me stir crazy. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s my siren side acting up or something.. And then, all of my questions in my head were answered in under a few seconds. The mere roar of an engine made it all click in my head. Stiles’ car engine, to be in exact. He rolled up in Roscoe, giving me his signature smirk. The smile I’ve always loved. “Hey, have you seen an angel around here?” I snort at his lame joke before hoping in his car. “Shut up. Where to?” He grins again. “Anywhere. I haven’t hung out with you in a while, so I thought we could hang. Just the two of us.” I swear my heart fluttered at the thought. I hadn’t hung out with Stiles in quite a long time. I was excited to be with just him. We went over to the public mall, which was odd, considering Stiles wasn’t a fan of shopping.

But the moment we got there, he acted like an excited puppy, grabbing my hand as he pulled me around the mall. We tried on hilarious clothes and laughed until till our stomachs hurt. After eating, something caught my eye. A photo booth, to be exact. I grinned from ear to ear, grabbing Stiles’ hand before yanking him towards the machine. He grunted at the action, laughing at my giddiness. He knew I loved these things. Stiles sat down, smiling at me as I put the money in. “Alright, get ready!!” I say, giggling. First we did a James Bond 007 photo, back to back with semi-serious faces that only ended in us laughing. We made another silly facial expression, giggling. The picture went again when Stiles was laughing into the crook of my neck. His breath brought shivers down my spine. An action, that he was too good at doing. “Oh, shit!! I think we missed that one! Last one! Better make it count!!” I say, happily. I rest my hand under my chin, posing. 

Stiles P.O.V

For the last photo, I couldn’t help but watch (Y/n) with loving eyes. When she smiled, there was a twinkle, a glint of genuine happiness in her eyes. It was a smile I’ve seen a thousand times, but in this moment, I was seeing her in a completely different light. I don’t know how I haven’t seen her this way before. She was beautiful, ungodly breathtaking. The way the light hit her hair and face made my heart leap. (Y/n) looked like an angel. My eyes raked up and down her face, trying to remember every crook and crease, fearing that that much perfection would slip away from me at any moment. When she glanced back at me, my heart stopped. “What?” (Y/n) asks, her voice soft and smooth, very enticing. What the hell was going on with me? When I spoke, I spewed out words, not even the slightest filter. 

“I never realized how beautiful you are.” She was speechless, as am I. I didn’t usually say stuff like that but I was overcome. I continued, muttering softly. “I didn’t miss your concert.” Brows furrowed as she asks. “What?” I continue, quietly. “I was there, at your concert. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. (Y/n), no matter how mad I could be, I’d never miss your piano concerts. You were amazing. I’m so sorry I ignored you for so long. I was being so childish and I’m really sorry I hurt you.” I meant every word I said. And I felt better, relieved from this guilty weight. She pulled me in a tight embrace, a simple action that made my heart beat pick up, drastically. “It’s okay, Stiles. We’re okay now.” I notice a slight crack in her voice, making me ponder to myself. 

After we left the photo booth, a strong part of me wanted to hold her hand, to hug her and keep her close to me and never let her go. I don’t know why, but I do. We head back to my house, I order pizza on the way. As I close the front door, (Y/n) runs up the stairs. “I’m gonna change! Get Star Wars ready!!” I snicker, popping in the movie. However, I couldn’t ignore the fact that my heart was in my throat, hands perspiring profusely. What the hell? Am I sick or something? I felt my head, ignoring the odd sensation that fluttered in my stomach. I poured our drinks, taking a swig of my own before paying for the pizza. When I walked into the living room, (Y/n) was chilling out on the couch, legs bare, only covered by a pair of short shorts. 

I groan, an immediate response. What the fuck Stiles? I set the pizza on the table with shaky hands, putting the blanket from the couch over our bodies. After a few Star Wars movies, I had to pause it to settle an argument. We were going back and forth, our voices growing louder and louder by the second. We decide, while argueing to stand up and grab our refills. “I’m telling you, it would have been better if he’d just died!” I yelled back, completely frustrated. 

(Y/n) scoffed, walking back to the couch, her hips moving from side to side. My eyes uncontrollably eyed them as she spoke. “No! If he had died, everything would have changed!!” She turns to say to me. But as she does, her foot gets caught on the carpet. Automatically, I leap forward to catch her, using my lacrosse skills, and in doing so, I flipped her so that she landed on me instead. We made a simultaneous ‘oomph’ sound, both laughing. “I swear, you are such a klutz.” I mutter as she sits up, slightly. “Haha, I’m sorry. Are you okay?” I nodded, my right elbow prompted up while the other hand brushes a stray hair out of her face. We stay like this for a few seconds, completely silent. That was, until (Y/n) spoke. “So, do I win the argument?” I pucker my lips, rolling my eyes before I sighed in defeat. 

“I guess it would be better if he was alive.” She yells in victory, pumping her hands in the air, her waist and stomach completely open and vulnerable. I smirk wickedly before striking. I tickled her stomach. She yelps in surprise before giggling loudly. A sound I adored. Our laughter’s filled my living room as I pinned her down, blowing down on her stomach and then her neck. It made a loud fart noise that made both of us laugh even harder. I pull away from her, stilling laughing until I notice the closeness of our face. Our smiles soon fade and our giggles die down. Our position on the floor was- awkward, to say the least. My legs were in between hers, my pelvis resting on hers while my right hand hovered over her waist. My left elbow kept me propped up, inches from her beautiful face. 

What the fuck was happening to me? (Y/n)’s my best friend? Why am I having these thoughts? I feel myself wanting to move closer to her. I brush a piece of hair out of her face, smiling. She grins back at me. I know I am in complete control. But I want to move closer, so I do. All of a sudden, my phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality while giving me a heart attack. I reluctantly pull myself off the floor, falling on my face once or twice as I grab my phone. “Stiles, I need you and (Y/n) to come to Derek’s. I’ll explain more later. Where’s (Y/n)?” I didn’t realize it until now but my face was tomato red, completely flustered. “Uhh- yeah. (Y/n)’s with me. Be there soon.” I manage to spew out before hanging up the phone, abruptly. When I turn around, (Y/n)’s picking up the dishes. “What do ya suppose they need us for?” Her voice coming out a little more uneven than usual. 

I shake my head, trying to lighten the mood as much as humanly possible. “They need my smart’s and your bad-ass skills, of course.” She grins before running upstairs to change. When she’s done, I give her my hand to take. “You ready, angel?” (Y/n) smirks, taking it before we jump in Roscoe. That was definately not normal. I wanted to be closer to (Y/n). But why? Slowly but surely, for a year or two, I’ve been feeling different about her. I just couldn’t comprehend as to why. When we arrive, I stay close to (Y/n), almost never leaving her side. When we first walk in, I noticed Isaac growl lowly, eyeing us suspiciously. He was mad, jealous. And, for some reason, I was happy that he was mad. After a minute, I noticed he got even more angry. And then I hit me, (Y/n) was covered in my odor. Solely based off of Isaac’s reactions, she was doused in my stench, my musk.

It made me smirk at the sight of Isaac being so enraged. He was practically fuming with jealously. I almost want to smile, but instead, I smirk. Which fuels the fire even more. (Y/n) talks to Scott, not noticing or completely ignoring Isaac and I’s non-verbal war. Isaac and I rarely took our gazes off one another, cautious of what the other might do. I didn’t- wouldn’t let Isaac take my- my best friend away from me. I continued to glare him down as we talked about a plan to break into the vault. 

Your P.O.V

I stood up tall, talking with Scott and Derek about a plan. Stiles and Isaac joins occasionally, speaking of Stiles.. hOlY sHiT!! The things he does to me. There were so many times he could’ve kissed me but didn’t. Which confuses me to no end? Not to mention the weird duel going on right now. The boys, Isaac and Stiles, to be exact, were practically growling at one another. As if they were in a nonverbal fight. I tried to ignore it, focusing on Scott’s voice. “So, Boyd, Erica and someone else are trapped in the bank. We can sneak in through the tunnels but-” Stiles shook his head, sighing. “there’s a five foot thick wall between you and the vault you need to get into.” Derek stood up from the chair he just occupied. “I can do it.” Peter’s voice called from up the stairs, sitting down on a step. 

“This is a suicide mission.” Stiles agreed with him. “You mean you’re gonna punch through the wall because you’re a big bad wolf?!” He asked Derek, practically seething. To which Derek shrugged and responded with. “Yes.” Stiles lifted up his hand to indicate the distance before leaving it mid-air, tauntingly. Oh, no.. “Alright, you think you can punch through that?! C’mon! Show us then, if you’re so tough-” But before he could finish, Derek punched his hand, earning a yelp from Stiles. Almost immediately I get in front to protect him, helping him up and off the floor. Derek and Isaac snickered not so quietly to themselves. But the second I glare at them, they shut up immediately, obviously scared of me and what I could do to them. 

I keep my hands on Stiles, rubbing his arm soothingly. I could have sworn I heard a low growl come from over my shoulder. But I didn’t need to be a psychic to guess that it was Isaac. I ignore it, sighing. “When are we going?” Derek scoffed, taking a step toward me. Using his height against me as a motivation of dominance, a threat. But I do not give in. “We? You’re not coming with us.” I stand up, leaving Stiles to hold only one of my hands. “Try and stop me.” He rolls his eyes like a drama queen. Scott bites his lip, glancing between the two of us with uneasy eyes. But before he could muster an sort of an excuse on why I couldn’t come, I continue, voice solid, strong. “You’re gonna need all the help that you can get. I’m coming.” Scott sighed in defeat. 

“Fine. What’s the plan?” Though he aloud me to come along, I knew, being his non-biological sister and all, that, he didn’t- couldn’t lose me. I was there for everything he did. Scott couldn’t live without me and I couldn’t live without him. That’s just the way it was. The closeness between us was practically written in blood and carved in stone. We continued discussing before we got ready to go. But as I grabbed my jacket, slipping the fabric through each of my arms, Stiles grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room off of Derek’s kitchen. I noticed that his hazel eyes were not directed towards me. Instead, however, they were directed towards Isaac, almost with a glare. But the second he spoke, his gaze shifted to me, much softer than prior. “You don’t have to do this.” 

I nod, somewhat confused. “Who says I don’t want to?” Stiles sighed in defeat, running calloused fingers through his hair. He knew me like the back of his hand. Once I put my mind to something, there was no way going around it. “I just- I just don’t want to lose you.” My heart ached at his honesty. We teach boys that they cannot express emotions and feelings. And, not that Stiles was taught that way, that’s the way he thought. So when he said that, I couldn’t help but feel for him. I put my hand up to the side of his face, rubbing my thumb against his chin so that he looks directly at me. I take my other hand and rest it on the other side of his cheek. I look at him with sincere eyes, speaking with meaning. 

“Stiles, listen to me closely. I’m gonna be okay. I’m not going anywhere. You’ve lost too much already. And you’re not gonna lose me. I promise.” A single tear fell down his face as he wiped it away. “I also have this theory. I didn’t tell Scott about it yet but-” I pauses, hesitant before continuing. “I think you’re my angel anchor..” His eyes go wide in shock. Stiles pulls away from me, brows furrowed as he ponders to himself. Almost immediately, I miss his warm, his embrace. “That makes sense. Because I’m your-” He pauses, “your best friend.” I clutch my chest as a small pain emulates within my chest, my heart. He doesn’t notice the action and instead, takes the hand I rested on my chest, kissing it before wrapping his hands around them. 

His warmth makes me feel whole again, though, mentally I hate the feeling. I hate the feeling of him being my anchor. I was always second best to him. Always second choice. A friend, nothing more, nothing less. But in my heart, in my angel heart, I have never been more driven to him. Not only that, but my never ending love for him makes the situation all the while more painful than before. Stiles whispers quietly, almost pleadingly. “Come home safe.” There it was again, that leap of happiness only to be burnt away by reality. I suck it up, ignoring the feeling as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. He bury’s his face in the crook of my neck, wrapping his arms around my waist. When I pull away, I miss his touch, though I don’t say it, I feel it. The loss of his warm body. I kiss his head, smiling at him and then at Isaac as I headed out with Scott and Derek. 

I felt their gaze follow and maybe linger longer than it should on me. Isaac and Stiles’ gaze, to be exact. I shake my head at the thought of them. Here’s the thing, I love Stiles. Always have, always will. Apart of me wished I didn’t but I do. It would be easier if I didn’t. With Isaac, however, I don’t know. I felt..something. A crush? Mutual friendship? Possible love? I couldn’t name the sensation that bubbled within me. On the way there, Scott eyed me with brotherly concern. He watched the war fester within me, but did not pry. The one, of many things that I loved about Scott is that he knows his place. Scott knew when to ask and when not to. And right now, was not the time, nor the place. When we arrive, we sneak in through the tunnels. They reeked of dirt and must. Our movements as quiet as mice. 

Well, we were quiet until Derek busted down the wall with a single punch. Good job, Derek. Though, I’d never say that aloud. The sound ricocheted throughout the empty bank. We stepped inside, cautiously eyeing our surroundings. But before I could go further, Derek grabbed my arm, not painfully tight, but just enough to grab my attention. His face was sympathetic, sad. “Find Erica, meet us back here-” Before I could deny his request, he pressed on, voice almost pleading. “Please.” He looked completely helpless, desperate. An action Derek didn’t like to put on display. I don’t fight back this time, instead, I nod and sneak off quietly. I felt Scott’s gaze follow, as well. I could have sworn he sighed in relief. I shake my head, focusing on the task at hand. I wasn’t far from Scott and Derek before a feeling washed over me. Go back. A voice, my inner voice, seemed to say. And for some reason, I didn’t fight it. Without a seconds thought, I turned over my shoulder, running back to them. 

My inner voice was right, as I guessed, because there, outside the vault, stood one of the members of the alpha pack. She was grinning wickedly as she poured mountain ash in the inside of the vault, shutting Scott and Derek in with whatever beast also haunted that dark chasm. I cried out, afraid for my brother. “NOO!” The alpha had not noticed my presence, but now, she swiveled her head, her red eyes currently hold my own. I do not break contact, non-verbally challenging her. I ran towards her, faster than she predicted, throwing her to the ground. She pushed me off her, throwing me across the room. I hit the wall with a loud thud, cracking the cement in half. Through my slightly blurry vision and ruptured hearing, I could have sworn I heard Scott, my brother, cry out for me. Get up, (Y/n). Get up. 

Who’s voice was that? Get up, (Y/n). Please, (Y/n). You can do it. I need you to get up. That voice.. That was Stiles’ voice. He was praying to me. I need you here, (Y/n). I can’t live without you. I need you to fight. And though I know I’m selfish, I don’t care. I can’t do this without you. Please. Fight for me. In that moment, it was as if everything within me changed. I began to shift and form, not into a siren, but an angel. The angel that Stiles needed, deserved. I stood up from the ground, feeling heavier than before, but faster, stronger. The alpha wolf in front of me, despite her attempts, cowered back in fear at the sight of me. I didn’t understand why until I glanced to my sides. Twenty-foot plus angel wings stood, gaping. I felt a pang of pain in my back from shifting, the sharpness not being as brutal than my first shifting but it still hurt like a bitch. 

I felt strong, light and free. Stalking towards her slowly, she takes a few steps back before shaking her head, as if she was trying to ignore the fear that quenched her body. The alpha had the pure audacity to run at me, full speed. I stop, which confuses her slightly but she does not stop running towards me. Bringing out my hands, I match the angle of my wings before pulling them towards my body. My massive wings, mimic my hands like a clap. The wave, being so prominent, echoed throughout the bank, knocking the alpha over. The force itself was so strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott and Derek fell at the impact. I stalk forward, wings flowing with me. I intend to strike again but before I can, she pries herself off the ground, grunting before bolting. Scott yells as he fights the two werewolves, as if he knew what I was thinking. “DON’T! GO FIND ERICA! WE’LL WORRY ABOUT HER LATER!” 

I do as he asks, shuffling down the corridors. My mind was in a blur. Not at all accustomed to my powers yet. Calm down, (Y/n). Find Erica. I stopped in the hallway, closing my eyes to think. All of a sudden, as if it were magic, my eyes scanned the whole facility until I found her. In that moment, I ran as fast as I could to her, swinging the closet door open, glancing down to see her broken dark body. Her normally bright and pretty features were now pale, dull and sullen within. Her carcass reeked of a horrid smell and all the while I couldn’t help but gasp in sadness, a wave of pity. Picking up her lifeless body, I carry her carefully, being sure not to drop her. As turn the corner, I catch the attention of Scott, who looks at me first  before Allison, who I didn’t realize was here, and Derek. Never had I seen Derek look so heartbroken. My heart leaps out to him. Glancing over his shoulder to see broken mountain ash, and then it all clicks together. 

He takes her dead body from me, tears drenching his cheeks. Allison and I glance at one another, nodding respectfully. But I couldn’t help but notice their eyes on me. Scott and Allison’s, to be exact. They watched my wings in awe. And, for some reason, I didn’t feel uncomfortable under their gaze. I felt like I was above them, not physically, but mentally. And not in the conceited way. Just the motherly way, the light and free way, if that makes any sense. After a few minutes, we come up with a way to subdue Cora, Derek’s supposedly not so dead sister, and Boyd. I don’t ride with them, instead, I decide to test out my very new powers. I mean, it’s now or never, right? Derek, Allison, Scott and Erica’s body were most likely back at Derek’s loft. Closing my eyes, I focus as hard on the location that I intend to go to. 

Derek’s loft. I felt wind or something unknown whip around me, an odd sensation before I felt warm arms wrap around me. “(Y/n)?” I open my eyes to see Stiles, embracing me tightly. I gasp, taking a step back, completely surprised by his presence and my new abilities. “(Y/n), are you okay?! I was so worried! When you didn’t come back with them, I thought-” My heart dropped. He thought I died. When I pull away from him, I look at his hazel eyes before something behind him caught my eyes. It wasn’t Derek sitting on the edge of his spiral staircase with a sad expression. Nor was it Allison, Isaac and Scott looking over plans. Instead, it was someone I wasn’t expecting. Erica. She looked scared, petrified. Tears drenched her beautiful face as she looked throughout the room. 

Poor girl thought nobody could see her. Stiles asked again, pulling my attention back to him but only for a second. “(Y/n)? Who are you looking at?” That question grabbed Erica’s attention, her eyes flashing to meet mine. I walk past Stiles, now grabbing everyone else’s attention. They watched me walk towards something- someone who wasn’t there, at least to them. Erica began to cry, shaking. “Am I dead?” I nodded, taking a step forward. “I’m so sorry. If we’d found you earlier, we could have saved you. I-” Scott walked up next to me, not uncomfortably close but respectfully far enough. “(Y/n), who are you talking to?” Erica glanced at Scott before looking back at me. “He can’t see me right? None of them can, can they?” I shake my head. For some reason, deep down within me, I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear or see her. 

“They won’t be able to hear or see you. Only I can, apparently.” I say with sympathy. She notes it, giving me a sad smile. “It’s not your fault. But- where do I go now? I’m dead, right? What do I do now?” All of a sudden, the front door to Derek’s loft started to glow. It gave off a beautiful white hue, almost familiar. I glance back at it smiling to myself. For some reason, it felt like home, warmth. When I look back at Erica, I’m sure of everything, though I might not know all the answer’s, it felt right. “You go home. And I’ll take you there.” When Erica touched my hands, she sparked back to life. Well, not actually. Back to life in the sense that she could be seen fully by everyone. That being, the pack. They gasped, choking back their tears. I know if I let them say their goodbyes, the window for her return home would slim drastically. She takes my hands, clutching my arm with desperation. 

Though my eyes focus on the light, I can’t help but glance at Stiles. Pure adoration on his face. Erica looks back at Isaac, smiling before glancing at Derek with a forgiving expression. It seems to relax him slightly, guilt still thick in his mind. The moment we reach the gate, I don’t hesitate to swing it open. Light seeps into the dark room, bringing it a beautifully gorgeous color. Like Erica, I cannot help but gasp at how enchanting the light was, how much of a pull I had towards it. I take a deep breath in, pulling her forward with me. She hesitates at first but looking between my angel wings and eyes brought her some sort of comfort. As if she were thinking I was the real deal or something. The door to Derek’s loft closes behind us. And not for a second do I fear the inability of returning. 

I knew I’d come back to them. To Stiles. This, helping people get to heaven was one of my many missions. I felt it. Though that sounds rather weird, it made sense to me. Erica and I walk further into the light, which got brighter, despite my thought for that to be improbable. The further we went, the warmer I felt. And, like many dreamt, there in front of us, was the golden arches. A massive golden gateway stood in front of us. Guarding the gate, was a very handsome, tall black man. His smile was to die for, no pun intended. His teeth were white like snow, with loving and warm eyes. When we came up to him, he grinned. His smile was the kind that made you want to smile, even if you were a bitter piece of shit. “Hey, princess. My name’s Lucas. Welcome to Heaven.” Erica loosened her grip, slowly but surely taking Lucas’s hand. He smiled back at  me, whispering. “Good job, newbie. I’ll see you around.”

 A promise. So I would be seeing him, and this place more? Huh.. As I walk back to the loft, I don’t know how I know how to get there, but I just do. The door soon comes into focus, I smile at the thought of coming back to them. To my friends. To Stiles. I however my hand over the loft door, hesitantly before wrapping my hand around the handle. I pushed it open, stepping out into the loft. As I closed it, I felt multiple pairs of eyes on me. It was the pack plus Mr. Argent. When I turned to look at him, his eyes scanned my ginormous wings, smiling to himself. “I always knew you were an angel, haha.” I can’t help but laugh as I take a spot next to him. Stiles takes his spot next to me. Not knowingly, I wrap one of my wings, as if on instinct, around Stiles. For protection purposes, I would assume. By now, Scott probably knows my theory, considering the fact that his gaze continues to shift between Stiles and I. Finally, we come up with a plan to get Boyd and Cora. Scott nods his head, looking at his team of people with a sense of pride. “Alright, let’s go to work.” 

(I hope you liked it! If you want me to continue it, please comment below or message me. I will also be posting the next part of Empress soon, so please go check out my first one if you liked it!)

Letters from Lance Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s another Klance fan fic. This one is going to be a mini series about Lance writing letters to you about his high school days and feelings for Keith. 

Summary: Lance McClain was told to write letters about his problems after he reunites with his ex, Keith Kogane, during a high school basketball game. The reunion sparks an old flame that Lance desperately wants to put out.

Dear you,

To those of you reading this, hi, my name is Lance McClain. I’m a sixteen year old guy who tweets about his Starbucks runs and takes selfies that use the hashtags natural and no filter. Give me a break. Like I said, I’m sixteen. 

I’m writing to you because Shiro, the counselor at my school who acts like everyone’s dad, said I needed to get some things off my chest. So here goes nothing.

At my school everyone keeps score on how many girls and guys they slept with or basically cheated on throughout the school year. Well me, yeah, just keep this between us, but I’ve never slept with anyone. Girl or guy. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got about twenty guys in the gym locker room tossing around names of who slept with who, while I’m standing there between them trying to keep score of how many exams I failed. Yeah, true story.

Keep reading

Tonight, you’re mine. (Yoongi oneshot)

Pairing ~ Yoongi(Suga)x Y/N

Genre ~ Smut (possibly a lil fluff if it’s considered that?)

Words ~ 2,799 (I am annoyed it isn’t a nice round 800)

Originally posted by yoonseok

The imagination of ARMYs never failed to amaze you. Every single day BTS fans submitted their fan work to your Tumblr page to gain some publicity and love. Of course, none of them actually knew who you were. They didn’t know you were dating one of their favourite idols. You were the girlfriend of Suga or as his friends called him, Yoongi.
You started the blog as a joke with Yoongi himself, to see first hand what ARMYs created and thought of his group. It didn’t take long for him to get too busy to look at it with you but you kept it going, telling him about certain things now and then.
Finding out what the fans truly thought of your boyfriend always amused you and sometimes you’d get so caught up in fanfiction that you’d be cheering on the imaginary girl who was chasing after your man. Once or twice, Yoongi had caught you and you didn’t hear the end of it for weeks on end, he even mocked you in front of the rest of his band and that lead to them to teasing you, until one-day Jungkook took it too far and Yoongi yelled at him.
With Yoongi so busy the majority of the time, you found your fingers searching for something a little more substantial than regular old fanfiction. You were never disappointed at the long list of Yoongi smut online and on more than one occasion, you had wished that it was real and your boyfriend would ravage you like he would always the main character in the stories. But, you two rarely had the time to even go on a date so there was no way sex was on the table…or the bed…or the couch…

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James Imagine 5

Request: Do you think you can do a James Potter x reader? With then like just laying in bed on a Sunday morning and he starts singing “Sunday candy” and then she joins in? Like can it just be fluff? Please? Thank you! Xx

I was having SO MUCH trouble writing this!  thank you sm to @justasadlittleblogger, i really don’t know what i’d do without you, vix. She wrote a detailed outline for this and i built off of it, so go give her a follow!! she’s starting an imagines account!! 

James sighed and looked over at you looking through his bookshelf in his Quidditch jersey. You had stayed the night after Gryffindor had beat Slytherin, and had ended up just wearing his jersey to bed. James shuffled around a bit, hoping to get you to turn around at the noise so he could have all of your attention (as usual). When you didn’t notice him moving around, he decided to find another way to gain your attention. He remembered the muggle song you’d showed him before, Sunday Candy, and jumped up to grab the record you’d left last week. He slipped it out of its case and put in on the record player. The song began to play and you turned to him holding a book and rolled your eyes smiling. Then, in a horribly off-tune voice James began to sing along, “she can say in her voice in her way that she love me.”

You quirked an eyebrow.

“With her eyes,” James continued pointing at his eyes.

You giggled at your boyfriend and he walked closer to you, still singing, "with her smile,” he grabbed one of your hands and rubbed his nose on yours, laughing.

 "With her her belt, with her money” James stepped away and rubbed his fingers like he was asking for money.

You marked the page in your book and but it down.

“I am the thesis of her prayers, he nieces and her nephews,” James continued, “are just peices of the layers.”

You laughed and he grabbed both of your hands.

“Only ones she loves as much as me are jesus christ and taylor, I got a feature,” James sang, outlining his jawline, “So im singing for my grandma you singing too  but your grandma aint my grandma.”

You laughed at his horrible singing, "mines is hand made, pan fried, sun dried, south side and beat the devil by a land slide praying with her hands tied,” James put his hands up like he was praying.

“President of my fan club sayin’ t’ her something told me i should bring my butt to church.”

Then your sweet angelic voice filled the room, “you gotta move it slowly,” you said, grabbing him by his shirt collar, leaving him almost speechless, "take and eat my body like its holy.”

James leaned in closer to you, his lips almost touching yours, mesmerized, and you both whisper to the song, "I’ve been wating for you for the whole week.”

James was about to let his lips touch yours when you pushed him away last minute and sang out loud again, dancing around, "I’ve been praying for you you’re my sunday candy." 

James laughed, shaking his head, somewhat surprised at your effect on him and watched you singing and dancing, "You goota move it slowly take and eat my body like its holy ive been waiting for you for the whole week.”

You got closer to him and he joined in with you, both of smiling like total idiots and about half a centimeter away from each other, “I’ve been praying for you, you’re my Sunday Candy…” Your lips were about to touch James’s when you heard clapping and break a part.

 "You guys sounded amazing!” Sirius applauded.

“Sirius they were having a moment,” Remus whisper-shouted at Sirius.

“Ohhhhh,” Sirius winked, “Let’s just.. go then,” he finished with a knowing smirk

You and James’s foreheads rested on one another and you picked up right where you left off, "I’ve been praying for you.”

James smiled and you laughed, “you’re my sunday,” you were as close as possible to him as you can get without kissing, "candy.“ 

You let out a breath and melted into each other.

"GET SOME PRONGS,” a muffled voice (presumably Sirius’s) shouted.

"Guess you’re my Sunday candy?” James questioned, smiling and ignoring his friend.

“Guess I am.” 

okay this actually came out kinda super cute!! thank u sm again @justasadlittleblogger u saved my life!!! go give her a follow!!! requests are open!! ships are closed!! I’m making my way through them i swear there are just so many!!! 

Empress Part 2

Summary: You’re apart of the one-hundred and you’re really bad ass. People you don’t agree with start to put themselves in charge. You, however, have a different set of plans. 

Ship: Bellamy Blake x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, flirting, swearing, MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE, etc. 

Tagging: @kiralivelove @thalia-prior-of-ravenclaw

Your P.O.V

I rest my hand on the dirt, muttering a prayer that Vera use to sing to me. Clarke stood over me, weeping. The moment we got here, Clarke and I became mutual friends. I was always there if she needed a shoulder to cry on. I stood up, glancing at her. “I’m sorry about Wells. I didn’t know him very well, but he was a good guy.” She cried, but smiled. “Yeah, he was a good guy. H-He took the blame for my father’s death.. He even forgave me for how I had treated him..” I put my arm out for her to take. She embraces me, whole heartedly before releasing.

Bellamy enters a few seconds later. Clarke wipes away her tears. “I’m sorry about Wells.” His voice came out as genuine. Which was odd to me? She thanked him and then walked back into the camp. I followed her, making eye contact with Bellamy. My heart skipped. It was a strange feeling. Not exactly unpleasant, just unusual. Maybe it was because his gaze was intimidating? Yeah, that had to be it.. I shake the thought out of my head. Clarke and I head back to the tents. I walk into mine, plopping down to sharpen my knives. After I’m done, I make my way out to hunt. Out of the corner of my eye, Bellamy seethed with anger. I could tell this bothered Bellamy greatly. But I didn’t care. We need food.

Third P.O.V

Clarke ran into Bellamy’s ten, huffing.”Where’s (Y/n)?!” He shrugged, even though he knew quite well. He worried about her. “Hunting, why?” She shoved a knife into his hand. “What is this?” Finn comes in seconds later. “That is the knife that killed Wells-” She turned it over to show him the embroidered side. Murphy. His eyes went wide. “Do you know for sure?” Clarke was too deep in her grieving state. Blaming. That’s all she wanted to do. And Murphy was the perfect target to direct her pain. She didn’t bother to listen to Bellamy’s reasoning. “He needs to pay for what he’s done-” Before Bellamy could intervene, Clarke stormed out of his tent, barreling towards Murphy. 

She pushed him, hard. Tears threatening at her eyes as she cried out. “YOU KILLED HIM, YOU BASTARD!” He rolled his eyes, scoffing. “What’re you talking about princess?” She threw the knife at his feet. “This is your knife, found by Wells’ body!! With his blood on it!” People began to form up against him. “Woah, guys- I didn’t-” But before he could continue, they started to shout. “HANG HIM!” Another voice tags along as the crowd forms. “HANG HIM! HANG HIM!” They start to chant in terrifying unison. Murphy looked at Bellamy with a pleading expression. “Bell, I didn’t kill him-” All of a sudden, he was grabbed by a group of guys who already begun to bind his wrists. The poor boy kicked and screamed, practically begging for dear life. Clarke gasps and watches in horror. “BELLAMY! YOU HAVE TO STOP THEM!” 

He turns over his shoulder, gawking before glaring down at her. “THIS IS ON YOU, CLARKE! IF YOU HADN’T KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT, THIS WOULDN’T’VE HAPPENED!” He stalks away from her, looking up at Murphy, who begged from above. “Please, Bellamy! You have to believe me! I didn’t kill him!!” Before he could finish, Bellamy kicked the chair from under his feet. Murphy coughed and spurred, blood rushing to his face. The kids cheer, maliciously. All of a sudden, a dark mass jumped from the trees, causing the kids to gasp. As it reached the ground, an arrow ripped through Murphy’s binds. His body falls into the arms of the stranger. Murphy looked up to see.. “(Y/n)?” He questions. She unties his wrists, taking off the noose. When she stands up, the kids fall silent. “Are you okay, Murphy?” He nods his head. 

She then turns her gaze back to the crowd. “What is the meaning of this?” The 100 kids can’t help but quiver and cower at her tone and stature. An unknown voice yelled from deep within the crowd. “Murphy killed Wells!” A few voices speak up in unison. “Justice!” She growls back at them. “Justice?! This is not justice?! It wasn’t Murphy. He wasn’t guarding last night.” Bellamy questions with a bite. “How do you know that?” She scoffs, looking him up and down. “A queen always keeps track of her people.” He rolls his eyes. Soon enough, tension began to rise. It was thick. Nobody knew of who’s identity of Wells’ killer. Then, a small voice spoke up.. Charlotte. “I did it! I killed Wells!” 

Everyone’s eyes went wide. With lightning like speed, Bellamy took Charlotte to his tent for interrogation. Finn, Clarke and (Y/N) followed his tail. “Why’d you kill him, Charlotte?!” He asked, kneeling down to face her. “You told me to slay my demons-” Clarke eyed him, suspiciously. “What does she mean, Bellamy?” His hair tousled as it shook. “She must’ve misunderstood. She was having nightmares and I told her to slay them. To be strong.” Muphy yelled from outside the tent. “HAND HER OVER BELLAMY!” Finn shook his head, pacing. “She’s just a kid.” (Y/n) glare down at her. “She’s old enough to know what she was straight up murder.” Clarke nodded, fuming at her. “You’re right. You killed a boy, Charlotte. You took his life! YOU KILLED HIM!” 

Your P.O.V

She choked back her tears, trying oh so desperately not to cry. Clarke continued to scowl down at her as she sniffled. Bellamy looked between the two of us with pleading eyes. I sigh. “She needs to be punished-” Bells eyes went wide, only to be silenced by my hand. “But I do not think death is the answer. Why spill more than we need to?” He breaths a sigh of relief. “We sneak her out of the camp.” Finn suggested, with hope in his eyes. I look to Bellamy and Clarke. “Take her and go.” Clarke looks back at me, with pleading eyes. “Come with us. You know the woods better than anyone.” I wait for Bellamy to speak up and stop me but I am not his concern right now. Our quarrel is not now. 

They need me and arrogance won’t help our case. Instead, Finn nudges my arm, nodding with determination. “Go, I’ll distract them.” I nod, sneaking out of the tent before we bolt away from the camp. Murphy and his followers trail not too far behind us, shouting tauntingly. “CHARLOTTE! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!” All of a sudden, the little girl took off in the opposite direction, yelling out. “MURPHY! I’M OVER HERE!” Clarke’s eyes went wide. “Charlotte! Shut up!” She hissed as Bellamy bolted to catch her, covering her cries, now muffled. But being sneaky and small, she got out of his grasp and ran again. She stops at a drop off, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry..” Bellamy stood in front to protect her from Murphy and his followers. 

“Give us the girl, Bellamy.” Clarke and I stood in front, growling at them. “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Clarke tries to reason, quietly. Before either of us could comprehend the situation, one of Murphy’s guys wrapped a knife around her neck while Murphy put a knife to my neck. I watched Bellamy tense up, his guard still on Charlotte. She tried to push against his insanely strong grip. “Bellamy, let me go! I can’t let them kill Clarke and (Y/n)! I’m not worth it!” I growl back at Bellamy. “Don’t let her go, Bell.” He nodded, however, Charlotte looked between us, crying. “I’m sorry.” And then, she did something I wasn’t prepared for. She jumped. 

Right off the cliff. Bellamy and Clarke cried out, lunging forward to grab her. But it was too late. I lean against the railing, shocked. She just jumped into the chasm. Bellamy got up faster than I thought humanly possible the stalked over to Murphy, who was just as shocked. He punched him, repetitively. After a minute, Clarke pulled Bellamy off him. “We can’t kill him!!” He looks at her with wide eyes, like she had grown a third head. “Are you serious, Clarke?! What do you suppose we do then?!” He shouted back at her. Before she could speak, I stood up, wrapping my hand around Murphy’s neck, slamming him against the tree. “We banish him.” I growl, lowly. I throw him to the ground, stalking back to camp. Bellamy, hot on my tale. “It’s not your fault..” I say to him before heading up to the drop-ship. Little did I know, his eyes followed me all the way. 

It had been a few days since the incident with Charlotte and everyone has been on edge. Murphy no longer lurks around the camp and it seems to calm them. Bellamy continues to bark orders at people, as if they were his dogs. But their real loyalties resided with me. I help as much as I can, which, to everyone, seems enough. Clarke and Finn left not too long ago to go get some more supplies. I sent the rest of evening restocking the medical bay. I don’t know what time it is before I head out but it must’ve been late considering that it was pitch black out. All of a sudden, a massive crash came a few miles ahead of the camp. Everyone got out of their tents to see what the ruckus was. 

I look over my shoulder to find a girl, almost naked, latched onto Bellamy’s arm. For some reason, in that moment, I felt nauseous and mad. Why was I mad? Bellamy can do what he wants? However, I tear my gaze away, ignoring my emotions as I grabbed my weapons. On instinct, as if he knew, he chased after me. “No.” Still shirtless, he sticks his chiseled arm out in front of me. “We can wait until the morning.” I wanted to fight back but I just couldn’t. For some reason, I don’t know whether I was too tired or too mentally drained, in that moment, I couldn’t fight back. However, I didn’t trust his motives. “Fine.” I say, he eyes me, not trusting me either. A mutual distrust. I head back to my tent. That night, I didn’t sleep at all. But then again, I usually don’t. Considering my past. 

My nightmares were worse than ever. Though, I know I won’t see…him here, it doesn’t stop me from worrying me any less. In fact, it builds up my already horrible paranoia. The next morning, I got dressed, glancing over my scars and bruises that he left on me. I cover them up before heading out. I was happy to have the weather on my side, it not being too cold or too hot outside. As I headed out, Octavia stopped me, asking. “Have you seen, Bellamy?” That bastard. “No, but I think I know where he went.” She catches my drift, rolling her eyes. “He left, didn’t he?” I nodded. “I figured he’d pull a stunt like this.” Octavia and I have grown quite close since we arrived on earth. She’s great, funny and smart, a warrior. Though I met her a long time ago, well, she met my eyes, not me. It was nice to get to know her, face to face. I grab my equipment and head out to hunt. I make my way towards the water. 

As I pass a cave, I swear I hear a stick crack from behind me. Turning my head over my shoulder to see what it was. Nothing. I grip my knife tighter, wary. Then, someone put their hand over my mouth.The hand was big, meaty and calloused. Definitely male. My screams being only muffles now. Grabbing my shoulder with exceptional power, he turned me over to face him. I stop fighting against his grip, scanning him up and down, looking for a sign of weakness. A flaw to win in this fight. But then, everything goes still. It was as if his eyes spoke for me. Be quiet. We both look around the corner to see a group of men dressed just like the guy in front of me, run past us. They spoke in a harsh, unknown language before making their way past us and out of sight. My heart was thumping. I’d never seen people on the ground, and up so close. I knew we weren’t alone. But then it hit me. He was one of them as well. We look back at each other. Male. Definitely a guy. He’s tall, I would say 6′2. Toned with deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, tousled and messy. 

He was gorgeous, beyond so. Sporting dark fur and wool, baggy pants and a few shirts with a big brown jacket. A mask covered the lower part of his face. He motioned to the hand that covered my mouth. It was as if he was non-verbally saying that he was going to remove it. Maybe hoping that I didn’t scream or cry for help. He let go of me, warily, waiting for me to attack. I don’t, which confuses him. “Why did you save me?” I ask, curiously. Though my heart beat is practically out of my chest, my voice is strong, steady. He doesn’t answer me. However, his eyes trial up and down my body, almost scanning me. His confused expression was as if I wasn’t what he expected. For some reason, I felt awkward- tense under his gaze. I have the pure audacity to pry once more. “What’s your name?” He continues to ignore me. My brows furrow as my gaze travels down to his stomach. Blood

“Woah! What happened?!” He follows my eyes trying to cover it up with his hand. I take a step forward, touching the outline. He jumps back, grabbing my hand, roughly. I flinch at the contact, it brought back a horrible memory that made my skin crawl. I grit my teeth. Suppress it, (Y/n). I think to myself before growling up at him. “Either you let me fix that, or I can hand your ass to you on a silver plater?! You’re choice.” He ponders my words for a second, though he knows he has no other choice. Letting go of my arm, we walk further into the cave to find a bed and casual homely attire. This was his home. He watches my eyes scan the room with curiosity. When I look back at him, I can’t help but think that he is just as intrigued and curious about me as I am about him. He groans in pain as he sits on the bed, I can’t help but flinch at the thought of what pain he could be in. I pull out my mobile nursing equipment before sitting on the bed next to him. His feet dangle at the edge as he props himself up with his elbows, groaning again. 

With one hand, I push him down flat on the bed. He growls in discomfort, glaring up at me. “What?” I ask, innocently. It takes him a few seconds to realize that I he has to be shirtless for me to have enough access to the wound. He looked wary, not just because I could be a threat, but he looked almost nervous about the whole endeavor. As if this were the first taste of any sort of intimacy he’s ever had in his life. Slowly but surely, I help him out of his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and a stab wound. Though I was suppose to focus on his wound, my eyes subconsciously continued to travel to his pelvis. I’d also be lying if I said his grunts of pain weren’t sexy. After stitching him up, I clean the outside of the wound with a cold towel. I don’t feel his gaze on me until I’ve finished sealing it completely. His ocean blue eyes boring into the side of my head. I start to put the equipment away, hoping to distract myself with something other than his eyes. He grabs my arm, not as hard as last time but enough pressure to show me that he didn’t want to be left alone. “Dimitri..” He said, softly, almost inaudible. Almost. “What?” I questioned, knowing I’d heard it clearly but secretly egging him on to say it again. 

“Dimitri. That tis my name.” Jaw tight as he sat up. Though he was only sitting, he was now towering over me. If I thought he was beautiful before, he sure looked gorgeous now, especially this close to me. “Dimitri.. It’s nice to meet you.” My voice came out a lot shaker than intended.Which was odd, considering I usually have a strong voice. I cough, clearing my throat. “I should get going-” I stand up, turning over my shoulder only to be held back. He tugged my wrist, gently. A feeling that I quite enjoyed. And, for some odd reason, when I looked into his eyes, not for a second did I doubt the inability to leave this place. “Will I see you again?” For some odd reason, I felt a pull, a strong tug, to see him again. I wanted to get to know more of him and I knew by the way he was acting, he wanted to get to know, or understand me as well. We were both aliens to one another, aching to understand one another. My mind ran with how sudden and wrong this was. I shouldn’t do this. He could be the enemy. I shouldn’t. But then again, when have I ever gone by the rules? My mouth was moving before my mind. “I’ll be here tomorrow.” A promise. One I had to keep. 

He nodded, eyeing me with pure fascination. Something I did not too long ago. For some reason, I felt in my gut that he wouldn’t go after me. Not when I just saved his life. That would be stupid. As I head back to camp, I thought to myself. I shouldn’t be meeting with the enemy. Was he even the enemy? I just assumed. But then again, he did save my life. That has to count as something, right? I head back with half of the rashen’s I intended to catch. I drop the food off and almost run right into Octavia. “(Y/n)! Glad I found you. We need your help.” I pear over her shoulder to see Clarke and Finn holding someone up. Just when this day couldn’t get any weirder. “This is Raven, Finn’s-” Clarke pauses, pain in her eyes. Oh, fuck. I take Raven’s weight. “Go set up. I can carry her in.” I say to Clarke. She nods, thankful for the distraction. I smile down at Raven. “You’ll be fine, hun.” I help her into one of the medbays, glaring up at Finn. He looks down, ashamed. 

I’m smart enough to know that Clarke and Finn had a thing. And here his girlfriend was, half dead in front of us. Finn held her hand, not daring to look up at my hard gaze, probably scared I’ll kill him where he stood, and he was right. When I look away, I swear I see him relax a little. “Raven, honey. I’m gonna stitch you up, okay? This is gonna hurt.” She nods, growling back with determination. “Do it.” I pour some alcohol on the wound, she hisses before biting her lip. The moment I finish stitching her up, she sighs in relief. Clarke comes in a few seconds later, avoiding Finn’s heavy gaze. She motioned for me to follow her, I do. I close the tarp, following her down the drop-ship steps. Clarke begins, her voice full of frustration. “Bellamy jacked Raven’s radio. It’s our only means of communication with the ark.” 

I nodded, hesitantly. I, like many others, wanted nothing to do with the Ark. But deep down, I knew we needed them. Their resources, anyway. “Okay, let’s get a search team and scout the area.” Bellamy came up to me as we left, trailing behind. He looked ashamed, sad. Though, I knew why he really threw the radio away. He killed Jaha in attempts to save his sister. I understood that desperation. The way he walked around me made me think I was ashamed or angry with him. The rest of our group scattered to look around. The second I’m in the clear, I talk lowly. “I know why you did it.” Bellamy looked at me with hope and confusion. “What?” I press on. “You killed Jaha to protect your sister. And getting rid of that radio means that you live another day.” 

He stopped dead in his tracks, petrified. “How’d you know about that?” He asks, threateningly. Bellamy towered over me, trying to be scary. It didn’t work, though his gaze made my heart race. I press my hand on his chest, smirking as I push past him. “I know everything, Bellamy Blake.” He looks at me over his shoulder, not satisfied with my answer. I continue. “I heard that it happened when they tried taking me from my cell.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t worry. Your secrets safe with me. But Octavia’s gonna know, eventually. You should start practicing your apology speech.” He looks like he wants to say something but before he can, a voice not too far away yells. 

“I FOUND IT!!” We rush back to camp. I follow, going my own pace. As we make our way back, I can’t help but look for Dimitri. A small part of me wanted to see him again. Maybe because he was considered to be a bad boy and a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, he is a grounder. I’m not suppose to talk to them, or even know about them. But then again, when have I ever followed the rules. And truth be told, whether I saw him or not, I knew he was watching. I slow down, in no need to rush. “C’mon, hurry up, princess!” Bellamy yells from outside the gate. I walk past him, scoffing. “I’m an empress. Get it right.” Swiveling my hips as I walk past him. I could feel plenty of eyes on me, especially Bellamy’s. The next day, I head out at the same time to hunt, well, to meet Dimitri. I arrive early, hiding behind the cave wall. 

Dimitri’s P.O.V

I sneak out of the city, staying close to the walls. They’ve become my best friend during my secret excursions. Every step I take is with delicate meaning. Once I get to the outskirts of the city, I run to meet (Y/n). I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was strong, tough as nails. Beautiful, gorgeous even. Though I’ve only met her once, there was something enticing about her. I take off my scarf and head into the cave. I look around for her, almost desperate. Nothing. All of a sudden, I’m flipped around and tossed to the ground. Groaning in pain, I lifted my head up to see (Y/n) smirking down at me. Her waist sat right above my pelvis. I gulp, nervously. When she spoke, I swore I shivered. “You’re gonna have to be faster than that.” She pulls herself off me, giving me a hand up. 

I grab it, smirking. She pulls me up but I’m fast to slam her against the wall, placing her hands above her head. “You sure about that?” I ask, towering over her. I let go of her hands, walking away as I take off my jacket. It being suddenly very hot in the cave. She smiles, an action I’m sure she isn’t use to doing. “So, tell me about yourself, Dimitri?” I organize my bookshelf, nervously. “I live in a village not far from here. What about you, (Y/n) of Skikru?” She smiles again, I’m sure at the name. I could get use to seeing that smile. Dimitri, you’re flirting with the enemy. A voice in my head whispers. I ignore it and listen intently to (Y/n). “I”m from space.” I question, sitting down. “What is it like out there? In space, I mean?” She sits down next to me, pondering. She scrunches her nose in a cute way as she thinks before speaking. 

“Beautiful, but, extremely cold and lonely. We’ve been up in space for a long time. That’s all anyone knew. But the view of earth was extraordinary.” I watched her face as she spoke. And then, a thought hit me. My place. My secret place. She had to see it. I grab her hand, excitedly. “Come with me.” At first she wobbles on her feet before meeting my pace, tuning in like I thought she would. “Dimitri, where are we going?” Instead of answering, I smile down at her before nudging her to look up. She does so, gasping. Her face lit up. An image that would be etched within my brain forever. I lean into her, memorizing her facial features. “You saw everything from space. I wanted to show you my point of view.” She doesn’t say anything, all too captivated. (Y/n) then looked down before meeting my gaze. “Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance? Why do you trust me?” I smirk, blushing slightly. “Why do you trust me?” 

She scoffed, folding her arms, defiantly. “I asked you first.” I sigh, defeated. “I have been watching over you and your people since you have arrived. At first, I thought you to be potential enemies. But all I can see now is a bunch of delinquent kids, scared and unsure. In a world they do not understand. And then I saw you-” I hesitate but recover. “I saw you hunting, sacrificing yourself for- Charlotte, I believe.” She winces at the memory of her. Guilt washing over me, I knew what it was like for someone to pour salt into an open wound. “My apologies. But I noticed how protective you are with the kids and your clan. All you wanted to do was protect them. That’s why I didn’t kill you.” She fiddles with her hands, almost like she was nervous. An emotion, I could tell, she liked to suppress and rarely broadcast. 

(Y/n) stood up straighter, as if she was trying to compose herself. “Thank you.” I can’t help but laugh at her adorable discomfort. “You look like you’re going to hurl. Deep breaths. Nobody is watching you. You can relax. You always seem rather tense. Why is that?” I ponder. She stops, her smile completely wiped clean from her face, as if it was never there. “I have my reasons.-” (Y/n) pauses, moving her eyes back and forth, conflicted. There was a pull, a need to tell me, someone, anyone for that matter. I didn’t pry as she continued. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you about them.” I nod, understandingly. I was in no rush for her to learn about my secrets. And neither was she. Lord knows we both have things to hide. Things we’re probably not proud of. We chat for a little longer, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it chatting. It was more of witty remarks and quick playful banter. It was casual, very comfortable. 

But then, the worst part came. Saying goodbye. It was my least favorite part. I hold onto her arm, with a pleading expression. “Will I see you again?” She smirks, eyeing me happily. “Tomorrow, same time.” (Y/n) winked at me, leaving me speechless, flustered and on the tip of my toes, wanting more. What a tease. I thought to myself as I headed home, a smile plastered on my  face. There was something enticing about her. That pull made me want to see her all the time. She was strong, wise and beautiful. Not to mention a sarcastic smart-ass. (Y/n) gave me quite a hard time and I loved it. We met up at the same time and place for the next couple of days. We’d talk for an hour or two before heading back to our second lives. It was kind of like Romeo & Juliet, a story that (Y/n) told me about. We lived two completely different lives but when we were together, we were able to be ourselves, live freely. 

All those days (Y/n) and I spent together, we taught each other many incredible things. I learned about literature, stories, tales, and all sorts of things. I taught her more about the land and harmony between people and animals. When we are reincarnated, we transform and are reborn. I felt like I could really be myself around her. But deep down I knew my life and what I wanted were two very different worlds. I can’t help but think about what could happen with (Y/n). But it was all a lot bigger than the both of us. I had duties- responsibilities to live up to. And I was scared that (Y/n) wouldn’t be apart of that life. Of that world. But maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. 

(I hope you liked it! If you want me to continue, please comment below or send me a message through my inbox!!) 

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“Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.” For rebelcaptain because I'm just trash and those prompts are wonderful

Thank you anon for this prompt, I secretly wanted to do this one!! :D After being bombarded with beautiful, heart-wrenching HD Rogue One gifs all weekend, I needed to write some fluffy, awkward bed-sharing to rectify the hole in my heart, so hopefully you enjoy :) sidenote: this one was 500 words before editing, then somehow became over 1k after? wtf??? whO AM I.

on ao3 too cuz read more’s sometimes suck a butt on tumblr.

“Kaytoo, what’s going on?” Cassian ran a hand down his face, “Why aren’t we moving?”

“After some diagnostics, it appears that someone has tampered with the ship’s left engine,” Kaytoo flicked through screens on the ships dash, looking over at Cassian, wide-eyed n the co-pilot’s chair, before adding, “Nothing that can’t be fixed.”

Cassian’s left arm was already through the sleeve of his parka when Kaytoo stood to block his exit, “I can fix this myself, Cassian.”

“Kay, this is a two person job and you —“

“Two person, yes. But one droid.”


“Cassian, you haven’t slept for forty-two standard hours.” The muscles in Cassian’s jaw twitched, poised to argue but Kaytoo continued, “Jyn, forty-seven.”

Cassian glanced over his shoulder, finding Jyn staring blankly at the ship’s floor. Her hands were folded loose in her lap, still bloody and bruised where she’d refused to let him waste a bacta patch. He wasn’t sure if it was the low light of the ship or Kay’s correct analysis (he was stupid to think otherwise, of course it had been) but he found that thick, black circles pooled beneath her eyes and her skin had lost its’ flush. She hadn’t slept at all over the course of their mission, just as he hadn’t.

She looked tired, exhausted, haunted by something much more than just the lack of sleep, and knowing Jyn, she wouldn’t allow herself to sleep if he didn’t give it a try as well.

He turned to face Kaytoo, who was already making his way out of the ship, and sighed, “Alright.”

“I’ll wake you when I’m finished,” he answered simply, as if expecting no other response. “Now sleep, before I enforce the security subroutine.”

Their ship had no supplies for sleeping, much less the room. Floor space was minimal — not to mention disgusting — so the bench beside the engine room would have to do. Cassian gathered a spare poncho from underneath the pilot’s chair and made his way to Jyn’s side.

She remained silent as he slid carefully beside her, her gaze still fixed on the floor. He took the poncho in both hands and fanned it over her lap, patting it down along her front as he curled himself onto the seat next to her. When she let her head fall to the beam at her side, a contented noise escaped her throat, and he let his own shoulders relax.

“What’s wrong with this piece of junk,” her words were lazy and soft, as if she were speaking to herself.

“Kay’s fixing it,” he whispered, low against her shoulder, stealing a corner of the poncho for himself. “He said we should sleep, while he does.”

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Imagine being Jensen’s best friend.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Warnings: All the fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is like a marriage of a couple fics that I’ve written in the past with a different twist on it. I hope that it’s no so similar that you guys are booing it right out the gate. I really enjoyed writing this one. Hope you enjoy it. 

Feedback Welcome

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Prompt for Enjonine? "I work at a movie theater and I'm trying to clean up but you're still here, ugly crying" :P

(ancient prompt? FILLED!)

dedicated to everyone who’s still reading and writing for this ship, in particular to the awesomesauce @aurimaedre who deserves some fluff. 


She’s been here for a while. She’s seen things, some of them she will never be able to unsee, not even if she lives to be a hundred years old. She has seen everything from full frontal nudity to proposals to vomit in every direction - and she hasn’t just seen it on the jumbo screen 

And the tears? She was around when PS I love you premiered (as a surly teenager) and for the hype surrounding The Fault In Our Stars (as the surly assistant manager). 

So she gets it - even the tough guys needed tissues when Han Solo died. And she’s heard that the latest Star Wars movie involved some kind of heroic last stand, so she’d stocked up on the Kleenex. 

She just was not expecting the most outspoken idiot running for Congress to be the weepy mess she would physically have to drag from his seat after the 7 PM showing of Rogue One. 

The surly teen currently on cleanup duty, some friend of Gavroche’s she’d hired out of something resembling pity, had been way too terrified to ask the intimidating man in the three piece suit to get up and leave. Eponine had no such issues. 

“Sir?” she had to force herself to stay polite. “I have to ask you to leave. Your weeping is freaking out my employees and we have another showing to prepare for.” 

Zero tact. Yes, she was aware. 

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Who Am I Without You?

gaaah, I love this idea so much, I can already see this being sad and fluffy as heckie. Thanks anon!! :)

Summary: Dan and Phil have been best friends since they met on the internet. They do pretty much everything together, including their career endeavors, and eventually getting a flat together. When speculation rises that the two lads could be dating, Dan and Phil agree that Phil should go get his own place, but is that really what they both want?

Genres: Slight Fluff! Friend to Lovers! Angst! In Real Time Phan Au! Oneshot!

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,628

Warning: slight cursing! It’s also cheesy af I’m sorry ._.

A/N: Yes, I know I have an addiction to writing ftl fics, it’s an obsession!! It’s just so easy to write a bit of angst with it :) This is purely fiction, so don’t attack me if you don’t ship phan, but I’ve written plenty of ftl oneshots and it’s all been good feedback so I’m not totally worried :) enjoy guys!! And I hope I did this justice for you anon!

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Made For You (Part 3)

Summary: The team discusses what they’re going to do with the reader, and everyone finally finds out her name.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,734 (I am so sorry, holy shit)

Warnings: nightmares, definitely angst, BRUCE BANNER BEING A CUTIEPIE, language

A/N: Guys, I promise, action/shit hitting the fan will happen soon. This chapter is unfortunately sort of a getting-to-know-you chapter, but we’ll start seeing more of the reader and Bucky in part 4! There’s like barely any Bucky in this chapter and it’s super long so I really apologize, I just wasn’t sure where to cut this off before Part 4. I’m thinking this thing will be between 10-15 parts? Not sure. We’ll see! (also yes if you’re wondering, I ship Clintasha. This chapter makes it obvious.)

Part 2

Originally posted by dailywandamaximoffs


I hate team meetings.

One hundred percent of the time, our “meetings” turn into Steve and Tony arguing with each other, with Natasha occasionally mediating. I’m glad that I’m not required to speak, but having to sit in the common room with the others and listen to the two bicker is possibly the biggest waste of my time. I’d almost rather be in prison than sitting here.

I try to distance myself from the rest of the team when we have to be together like this. I have no want nor need to talk to them; the only necessary communication we have is during a mission or during training, and that’s the way I like it.

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Ready? Cool, me too.

It’s 3am where I am and I played a drinking game with @walshizzle tonight which has resulted in me drinking lots of red wine. The teeth, the lips… It looks like I’ve been feeding on the blood of innocent mortals. So, I’m drunk and this is the warning that there’s going to be a lot of swearing and a lot of typos in the following post.


So I start with this because it is the most important part of the episode in my opinion. Quick N.B.- I’m currently depriving myself of chocolate and other delicious things (clearly not alcohol!) for lent because I know that on Easter Day, oh my dear Lord, that creme egg is going to taste soooo gooood. Caterina going on maternity leave was lent for all Omelia fans. 13x15 is Easter Day.


a) When Owen asks if Amelia wants to be married to him, the sharpness and promptness of her response says it all. “Fuck yeah I wanna be married to you.”

b) He was always the rock with Cristina, to be the one fighting. And finally, he’s saying “fuck off, I’m awesome”, expecting Amelia to run. AND SHE DIDN’T. I have full faith she’ll fight for them.

c) Owen is so dejected about being in the same argument he was in with Cristina about babies, which is obvious from how he sighs and walks out the scrub room. Lots of people have been saying Amelia is pregnant and whilst I hope to dear God she’s not (purely cos I want them to just be a functional married couple before getting children involved), I don’t believe Amelia would abort a baby.

d) He knows she can’t sleep without floss. sobs uncontrollably

e) That fucking screentime. Her face, HER SCRUBCAP, his face, on the same screen, at the same time. Ask me how happy I am- go on, ask me! I’m going to rewatch this episode whilst eating my body weight in chocolate on Easter day and I’ll live stream the whole hideous event.


(I believe this is what the kids are calling it.) So tonight they faced the age-old Spice Girls problem of “If you wanna be lover, you better get with my friends.” For those of you too young to know that reference, search Wannabe on youtube and educate yourselves on ‘90s female pop music and the origins of “girl power”.

In a week that International Woman’s Day was a thing, surprisingly this week was very much about men standing up for themselves. Riggs got into an argument with Alex about how to treat a baby and Meredith was caught between them. She took Alex’s side and asked why he was being an ass, meanwhile he stood by his beliefs that he was doing right by the patient and asked why he blindly trusted everyone over him.

They saved the kid in the end and Riggs asked her how she felt about him. Not Alex, not Maggie, not Owen… We all know the answer but let’s see how long it takes. I’m giving it a week for her panties to be in the backseat of her car again.


Richard Stubborn Webber. How this marriage works is beyond me because I’ve never seen two people be so stubborn towards each other. But that’s part of their charm I suppose. He has a bad back. She is being her usual meddling self but yet it’s Richard who admits he never wanted to come between her and her son. 


Like mother like son- stubborn af.

On one side: April Kepner is so very kicked aside in my opinion. Quite frankly, as much as ADORE Meredith, if you’re in a career like surgery and someone offers you a position as chief of the field, you’d take it. Everyone in that field would. By accepting that job, it was her one declaration of saying, “I’m actually pretty good at what I do thank you very much.” Ever since they were interns, she’s been laughed at and pitied and as much as I hate Catherine meddling in her son’s life and April’s- if it means April sticking up for herself then I’m in.

For instance- Meredith saying “You stole the car” and April just smiling and walking off. Oh, I was so close to slapping a bitch up the wrong way. But actually I’m very English and hate confrontation so realistically I just narrowed my eyes.

On the other hand: Catherine- fuck off. Stop pitting April and Jackson against each other and using her to reel your son in. Not cool, not fair, and sort your own problems out before meddling in other people’s business.

DeLuca and the Interns

Much to my Jolex fangirl’s dismay, Jo is very much a support system for DeLuca these days. It’s nice. But I also hope it doesn’t get in the way of Jolex getting back together. Also, side observation, Alex and DeLuca have the same facial hair. Same as Mark Sloan’s used to be. I’m all for that.

Interns? Residents? No idea. Basically, the people who don’t wear dark blue scrubs. They’re all for Minnick, they’re all loving their job. I like that. Positivity in a workplace is good. Shoutout to Stephanie for voicing all Amelia stans opinions with “You’re back, I’m so happy!”


No idea if this is their ship name but I’m shipping whatever it is! I can tell they’re going to try to make Richard an obstacle for Arizona but with Eliza’s eyes and that beautiful smile and that “hiofsa afsap asfsopget aopstat” Polish (was it?!) then I can only assume the attraction will prevail. So yes to all this. I have so missed Arizona Robbins genuinely smiling about someone else we know. S12 she got her slutty groove back with a lot of girls we never even met. S13 she’s getting her sweet ‘I’m in love’ smile back with someone we see and know and can learn to love, and I’m really enjoying it.


There were some. I didn’t really pay much attention to them because of all the Omelia, Griggs, Webber, Japril and Elizona development going on around them. Sorry. Something about a cooking incident and something about a baby with a heart mummmmmmuuuurrrrr.


Patients will come and go, Stephanie will always be the biggest Amelia stan, perhaps Catherine’s meddling will lead to a Japril reunion, Webber needs new mattresses in the on-call rooms, Jo supports DeLuca whilst still OBVIOUSLY being in love with Alex, Riggs is so very assuming that Meredith wants him to be ‘all in’, and Omelia are going to be married forever and all will be ok.

You’re welcome. Gotta go brush my teeth. Bye.