sigh i miss this lovely city

I’m going to bed but like im thinking about my time in Florence, Italy and how i loved it there and would drop everything to go back and live there again

Maybe after my M.A. I’ll move out there and teach. I’m still learning the language but i really left my heart back in Florence..i just have to take all my friends with me XD


“(Y/n)?” You turn your head to see Wanda standing in the doorway to the kitchen. “Where are you going?” she asks.

Steve and Sam eye the duffel bag in your hand, and you sigh. You were hoping just to sneak out. The only reason you passed the kitchen was so you could leave your note on the table and go. Facing them was too hard. Is too hard.

“I have to go,” you say. “I love you all, but I can’t do something this huge. I miss protecting (City of your choice). This whole "saving the world” thing is too much for me to handle. I’m sorry.“