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Plot: Jimin always thought his traditional Korean girlfriend was perfect – that was, until he realized how beautiful foreigners could be.

Pairing: Idol!Park Jimin x Backup Dancer!Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Notes: I based this off of every single MTL I have seen of BTS dating a girl of a different race or a girl of color – Jimin always seems to be one of the people who were least likely to date one. I definitely do not think that Jimin is this ignorant in any way. This is only a work of fiction. This is for all the international beauties! 2,536 Words

Familiar | masterlist

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“Oppa, I’m missing you so much!”

“I’m missing you too, my love. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days, okay?”

One of the worst parts about tour was leaving lovers behind. For Jimin, it wasn’t only his lover, it was his home. He enjoyed tour, performing for all of the ARMYs around the world, going on stage; but he wasn’t a huge fan of being in a foreign country. He didn’t know English that well, and he wasn’t fond of being in a place where he couldn’t understand anything. 

“I know,” The soft voice of his significant other brought pink to his cheeks. “Call me when your rehearsal is over.”

“I will, I love you,” He glanced at the leader of his band, who was calling him over.

“I love you too.”

With that, he had ended the call with a sigh, and headed over to his band. It hadn’t even been a few minutes since he cut the call, and he was already missing her – a thought he had experienced after each long-distance conversation with his lover. The short male shook his head and got his head back in the game, his eyes going up to meet a group of people dressed in black.

“This is your dance crew for this city,” The manager announced to the band. “Not all of them know Korean, so if you have an queries, just talk to Jihoon. He is the leader.”

“We understand.”

Once that brief introduction was done, they were all left to their own devices for a few minutes, whilst the leader of the dance team talked to the leader of the band. Jimin had let himself scan over the people he would be working with; not that he would talk to them, he was just curious and bored. Most of them had masks on – no one had really caught his eyes, except for one person. 

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An Aquarius was throwing and making a mess in his own room after he found out that she, his girlfriend, had finally moved on without him. I looked as he cuss and threw away some of the mementos of her, and finally stopped when he found an old photo of them together at a photobooth. He sat down and started to burst into tears. “If only.. If only I told her everything, and hadn’t kept it all in, maybe she would’ve stayed..” he said through the tears.

An Aries looked through his twitter and found a picture of his ex with someone else, he let out a soft chuckle. “Oh shit..” he laughed, and slowly he stood up and continued to laugh. “Look at this. Look at her.. Oh, she’s.. she’s fucking hilarious.” He slowly started to laugh so hard, and I watched as he began to shake and slowly made his way to the balconey and started to scream about her, just screamed her name and called her names and how he hated her but finally he broke down and cried.

A Cancer started shaking and tries to grab his phone out of our reach. “Please, let me just call her..” we shook all our heads and told him to just stay put. He begged that it’ll be just for tonight. We told him that he has had enough, but he wouldn’t listen. He wanted to call her so bad, but the truth is.. she’s about to have her wedding in a week, and he was going to tell her he still loves her after all these years.

A Capricorn and I were out in mid-town late at night, and he had too much to drink. He sways as he walks, and suddenly one of Bryson Tiller’s songs played through one of the bars nearby and he let go of me and sang through the whole verse. He finally stopped and looked at me and said, “This shit, that’s me. I wished God would saved her for me. That’s it, and fuck.. I’m not really at my best at the moment, but I loved her.”

A Gemini breath out smoke after inhaling his cigarette and he looked at the city lights from our view. “I miss her..” was all he said, taking another inhale from his cigarette. He looked at me and gave me a small smile and back at view.

A Leo drank with me, and place an arm around my shoulders and said, “I shouldn’t drink too much. These crazy thoughts are hunting me again, and I just want to crush the world. Ha, oh she’s in my head. My ex, you know? She’s in here again and.. fuck! I hate her. I miss her. You know we’re talking again, right but just as "friends”? I want more than that..“ He gave me a small playful slap on the cheek and walked to get another drink. It’s going to be a long night.

A Libra rushed to her house, knocking at her apartment door. But it was locked. Ran back downstairs and started calling her name out her window, trying to get her attention. She finally opened the window and told him to leave. I watched from the car, as he asked for her forgiveness. She shook her head and said it was too late for him.

A Pisces admitted to me how he still thinks about his ex, and how he still calls out her name and how his mind would play memories of her every single day. He can’t stand the nights because his mind would play her, her voice, her smile, the way she would call him everyday and she was his rock. As he sits here with me, tears roll down his cheek and he said, "Now here I am still holding on to her, just waiting for a sign that maybe she’d come back, and maybe we can try again.. but also maybe she’s with someone else, who.. who treats her well than I could’ve had and.. I want her to be happy, I do, but I wish.. right now.. she could be happy with me, and I am so selfish for it..”

A Sagittarius once said that he used to think too much about the relationship and how every time he was with her he would start to overthink every scenario of how she would leave him, and he would tell her and she would shook her head and promised him she would never leave… and now that she’s gone he still can’t stop thinking about her..

A Scorpio said to me, “I’m just not too sure if I could ever ask her to come back. I really messed up, you know? I could try, but would she ever give me another chance to prove to her my real worth? Can she really do that..?” I was a little loss for words. Knowing Scoprio and how he is, he seemed to be really serious about her. I just didn’t know what to say.

A Taurus and I passed by a coffee shop and he paused and peered through and saw his ex with someone else, and she’s laughing and holding this man’s hand. He gritted his teeth and his fist clenched. I put a hand on his shoulder and told him to let it go. It’s been years since they’ve together and been a two years after their break up. He slowly looked down in defeat and sighed. He walked off ahead of me..

A Virgo and I were driving out late one night around the city, and all the songs he played were just old, sad R&B music and I would watch him from time to time as he mumbled some of the lyrics to himself and would let out a small smirk when the singer goes and says, “I love you and miss you..” and he shook his head. We pulled up to a parking lot, and he got out and looked at me and said, “I do miss her, but do you think she misses me..?”

—  Regrets..

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a metahuman and she meets The Flash and beats him up but he ends up falling in love with them and the reader is really someone he knows.

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a villain and she and The Flash have history and they flirt with each other and make out whenever they meet.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: Smut

Word count: 1967

A/N: My hand slipped and I went to a smutty side! It’s the first time I write something like this so is not too good. What do you think? I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you’d like more stories like this :) 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


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bae jinyoung - demigod!au; demeter

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  • honestly, the boy is just very misunderstood
  • he lived in the big city near the piers and beaches 
  • him and his father ran a flower shop in that city and jinyoung loved it 
  • he loved having the big and busy city life but also being able to see the sea and his flower shop for relaxation 
  • it was a nice balance 
  • he loved his father deeply since they only had each other 
  • so when he was brought to camp he was furious, he hated it 
  • he wanted to go back to his comfortable home, plus his dad was alone when he wasn’t there
  • that’s how he got his cold image at camp half blood 
  • he didn’t talk to many people, he never shared his life, heck people barely knew his last name
  • “bong jinyoung?? bing jingyoung” the hermes cabin would giggle
  • he was exactly what you expected, bad at almost everything 
  • he couldn’t get up the lava wall, sucked at capture the flag, couldn’t carry a sword and slept through greek mythology, history and language 
  • he was good at harvesting of course and had all the basic demeter children skills 
  • one he didn’t reveal was that he could teleport (geeky i know)
  • he can think of any plant to swallow him up and take him somewhere else 
  • he’s still working on the distance (which is why he hasn’t escaped and went home yet) but i mean he loves beating everyone to the showers 
  • so one day he was assigned to fix up all the wall plants along the cabin and change the ones hanging on the porch 
  • head counselor euiwoong was getting sick of him being lazy 
  • as he was throwing out the vines, he didn’t pay attention to the people that were walking about 
  • and you were a bit too engrossed in your book to pay attention to the ground
  • so guess who tripped over the vines?? you! 
  • and he turns around, slightly annoyed cause whats the commotion but immediately feels guilty as he hears people laughing at you for tripping face first into the dirt road
  • he kneels down next to you a little bit of second hand embarrassment is seen on his face
  • “uh hey sorry, are you okay??” he’s kinda awkward cause he doesn’t really talk to people
  • “yea yea,” you get up and dust yourself and the book off “just try not to leave your vines off the main road yea?” 
  • “okay” and he just returns to the plants on the cabin, leaving the vines on the ground
  • you raise a brow did this boy straight up ignore me?
  • and he isn’t he’s just being the normal demeter kid he is  
  • as the stubborn athena child, you don’t accept just an “okay”, you march back up to him 
  • “how dare you, can’t you see that you’re being an inconvenience to the rest of the campers?” 
  • “no one is here?” he turns back at you and motions to the empty ground
  • “but yea, what if someone else comes by and trips like i did?” 
  • “shouldn’t they be more careful? i mean you were the one reading and not paying attention to the road” 
  • you kinda want to stab him at this point, but he really doesn’t give two flying fucks and goes back to wall vine set up thing
  • and you stomped off, a little angered
  • and the next time you guys meet, you guys were having sword training class and were assigned as each other’s partner 
  • you being athena’s child were easily capable of adjusting to any sort of weapon whereas he wasn’t experienced much in sword fighting 
  • so you easily have the tip of your blade at his chest plate in a few swings
  • he just rolls his eyes, admitting defeat and smacking his blade into yours to knock it off
  • “you should try to bend your knees in the first position in order to be more steady as you start” you smirked, remembering the time he tripped you at the cabins 
  • this was payback 
  • but he’s ignoring you he’s actually just spacing out honestly
  • and you’re like “uh hello are you paying attention??” 
  • he shakes his head, snapping back to reality and you’re rolling your eyes 
  • “cmon, the sword isn’t gonna strike without you” 
  • and he’s back at it again,
  • with each defeat, he gets more and more stubborn
  • he isn’t frustrated, he’s much more patient then you expected
  • maybe it’s the way you’re shouting commands and tips at him with each battle 
  • and he hates being told what to do
  • “normally people would’ve thrown their sword and spit curse words by now”
  • he just shrugs, panting and rolling into a ball to rest
  • “hey get up, spread your arms out to open your lungs to take in more air” you kick at his side 
  • and he groans and gets back up 
  • god you were such an annoying know it all athena kid
  • and through out this entire class he hasn’t even spoke a single word to you
  • every week you guys have this class together and it’s the same routine
  • and honestly he gets better but of course with new weapons means a fresh start
  • one time, you guys stayed after class was over just to keep sparring 
  • at a tired moment, you both lied down on the grass, watching the clouds move 
  • “you know, i really hate this place” he sighs, this being one of the only times he ever talked first 
  • “what really? why?” you’re shook because you loved this place 
  • “i like my home, i miss my home, my flower shop, my dad, the city, it’s just so empty” 
  • “man, lucky you” you sighed “you have somewhere to go back to” 
  • and now hes shook 
  • “hUH?” 
  • you explained how your mom, athena, met your dad, a high rank military soldier at one of the bases  
  • they fell in love of course but they only had each other, no other families within reach
  • so when your mom gave birth to you, she had no where to put you and your father refused adoption 
  • at first, you mom had found a cousin of his, but they refused to raise you because you were too problematic
  • your mom had laid out many conditions and rules about you and they just couldn’t handle such responsibility 
  • and her brother apollo already forsaw you’re future with them and lets just say its pretty dark 
  • he would know i mean the dude is the sun god
  • “it must be nice huh? i don’t even know my dad, he doesn’t have time for me” 
  • and it just clicked in his brain, he’s a brat
  • he couldn’t apprecirate what he already had
  • he still has his father, his home
  • and the next day you’ve never seen him so motivated during battle class 
  • his sword swung so fast and you weren’t used to it 
  • by the end of the first spar, you were panting
  • and you saw something you never thought you ever would
  • he was smirking 
  • and you scoffed at his sudden confidence, unsure as to what sparked inside of him 
  • dusting yourself off, you cleared your throat, 
  • “you still need some work” 
  • and you went back to sparring 
  • you started to notice that he was smiling when you guys were getting ready for the next round 
  • he would actually start conversations between battles and he was actually a pretty silly dude
  • he started finding motivation somehow, and it has something to do with you
  • at first he just wanted to defeat you and you’re know it all ass 
  • but you started to realize that he’d always sit by you during the campfire (which he only recently started attending)
  • he also asked you about greek history and mythology
  • so you guys end up studying together as well 
  • wow yall battlin with weapons and books 
  • and you started getting sus 
  • like is he into you ?????? 
  • but he really doesn’t show many signs otherwise
  • not much blushies or flusterness, just a lot of attachment 
  • so maybe he just really saw you as a friend
  • did your heart just fall into your stomach ?? 
  • nO! cause you’re an athena kid ! you don’t fall for anyone psh !!! 
  • aka you’re just repressing them feelings 
  • too bad he actually likes you too 
  • though he may be lookin like a blank rock
  • everytime you two are alone together (all the time) he’s gettin butterflies all over his stomach 
  • like his tummy is a snowglobe of butterflies
  • and he thinks he’s sending signals by being with you and only you 
  • but you’re a cold ice cube too so he doesn’t know how to approach this situation 
  • and guys are just stuck 
  • both too scared to say anything 
  • and one time, jinyoung needs a break from all the book reading and wants to walk in the forest 
  • you go with him reluctantly cause you love books 
  • “god what a nerd”
  • “whatever flower boy” 
  • and he’s walking ahead of you, blushing 
  • why did that sound so cute to him? it just a simple name?? 
  • there’s a flower that you guys spot 
  • and you’re like oh hey gardenias how pretty
  • “yea, you know they mean sweetness and purity?”
  • “no??? they mean secret love u idiot, some demeter child you are dafawk???” 
  • and now he has his eyebrows raised 
  • “my mom literally created the language of flowers, are you really gonna try arguing with me ??” 
  • “books don’t lie sir” 
  • and you both whip to look at each other 
  • the eye contact is overwhelming, it’s lw hot, but also playful??? but you’re both ready to roast each other at the campfire 
  • you guys can’t seem to form words with your thoughts though 
  • you’re both kinda annoyed 
  • not only with some tiny argument, but also those compressed feelings are rising
  • “why can’t you just admit things for once” he bursted before you could you first, 
  • “you’re so stubborn for a boring demeter child”
  • “you’re the stubborn one”
  • “yea, but that’s expected of me”
  • “uuuUUuUUUuGGHhHHhHH yOU aRE sO aNno YinGGG, first, you have to lecture me nonstop, second you’re so self entitled, thirdly you such a annoying knowitall and lastly you’re still so vulnerable and I still have such a strong urge to care for you because you’re YOU. and i like YOU. oF ALL  CAMPERS AND CHILD OF ALL THE GODS, YOU. sOME KNOWITALL ATHENA CHILD”
  • silence, silence so deadly that hades himself must’ve created it his face is as a red a tomato and all he can think about is running away and hiding underneath this sheets and screaming
  • and thats what happens suddenly he’s engulfed in a flower and sucked into the earth
  • for the first thirty seconds you’re speechless, unaware as to what just happened and then you scream 
  • meanwhile, jinyoung sprouts out of a potted plant on his nightstand in his cabin he’s literally thrown out of the flower and rolls onto the floor, covered in petals 
  • everyone is shook
  • “d-did y-you j-j-ju-just c-co-come ou-out of a fl-fLOWER???” euiwoong freaks out 
  • and now everyone is screaming 
  • “i-i can explain..” jinyoung is literally going to become a tomato
  • “but can someone go get y.n in the woods???????” he nervously chuckled
  • and the sound of your name gives him ptsd cause he literally just confessed to you
  • euiwoong takes you back to your dorm, you were no longer freaked at that point but just needed some serenity
  • euiwoong just explains that jinyoung can teleport through plants 
  • “yea, no one has had that demeter power for a while, even we were shook" 
  • you don’t ask to see him though, you just needed to recollect yourself
  • you couldn’t face him
  • you’re feelings were out of the roof now there’s no way you’d be able to look at him without getting nervous 
  • and he’s curled up underneath his sheets, regretting everything he did that day 
  • his siblings think hes untouchable now
  • like yo, he’s all mighty powerful and scary cold 
  • now you guys are extremely awkward 
  • he sees you run off to you siblings asap during weapons class 
  • and he’s kinda hurt honestly 
  • like you could’ve at least rejected him to his face, not full on ghost him 
  • but at the same time he understood since he kinda abruptly said he like you, he probably surprised you 
  • but he still couldn’t help but hear his heart cracking
  • and you’re not even trying to break his heart
  • you’re just too awkward, what an athena move 
  • you can’t face you’re own feelings, and its okai, it’s hard i feel 
  • everytime jinyoung walks past your face turns red
  • when his name is brought up you kinda steer out of the conversation 
  • and the only reason why his name keeps being brought up is because you’re siblings know and looooooooove making fun of you 
  • even you’re quiet brother minhyun finds it amusing 
  • they’d always find any reason to say his name, anytime anywhere 
  • “ooh the strawberries are blooming is jINYOUNG piCkING THEM???
  • him and minhyun end up sitting next to each other in mythology 
  • “oh, you’re jinyoung huh???” he’s making the connections 
  •  “you know me?” the younger asked, very quietly 
  • “how could i not, you’re the talk of the talk in the athena cabin” (old dad terms wtf minhyun)
  • “oh cause y.n basically rejected me” he sighs “i get it, what a joke, can’t believe i thought i even had a shot” 
  • and minhyun blinks his eyes in confusion
  • “she rejected you??????????” he scrunches his eyebrows 
  • “well no, she kinda just left me hanging and ignores me now, so i have to assume it’s a rejection” 
  • and he laughs
  • and jinyoung has math equations all around his head (you kno the meme) 
  • “you guys were made for each other oh my lordy” he covered his mouth with one hand and the other patting the smaller one’s back “send her some flowers or something, i’ll deliver them” 
  • and thats how you find gardenias on your bed, with a small note 
  • ‘secret love” 
  • i see him have some pretty sloopy handwriting and you kinda smile at it
  • and you send one back with a simple note 
  • ‘secret love’ 
  • and he’s squishy and grinning to himself 
  • kicking his bed sheets in excitement, trying to refrain from jumping around 
  • his siblings are so done with him 
  • and so during breakfast the next morning, he swings an arm around you 
  • “hey you” he grinned
  • “jinyoung?????” you look up at him surprised 
  • the entire athena cabin is staring in amusement
  • and he’s immediately back to being flustered 
  • “jihoon said i should be smooth to impress you” he confessed, taking his arm back 
  • and you laugh and he ends up giggling with you
  • everything is back to normal 
  • ya’ll are the very quiet camp couple 
  • but you guys can get pretty wild together 
  • at the fireworks, you guys were pretty chill
  • just on a towel watching the fireworks in each others arms, unbothered 
  • and everyone is like ‘awwwweeeewwew cuuuute” 
  • but one time you guys were alone, just having your own picnic at the edge of the forest 
  • you two were nonstop laughing 
  • he would continuously make dumb faces at you 
  • and the more you smile, the more he would too
  • and it becomes a reoccurring routine 
  • where guys just sit outside 
  • whether it be studying, reading, growing flowers, trying his new recipe for brownies, or just laying in silence 
  • you were reading a book once, and suddenly a small flower grows in between your eyes and the book 
  • and it tickles your nose 
  • and your scrunching your nose at jinyoung and you both giggle 
  • he finds you so adorable during these peaceful times 
  • very unlike your uptight athena side 
  • he has a habit of playing with your fingers 
  • like you’re both on your way to the mess hall and he has one of your hands in his two hands and he’s playing with your fingers 
  • not even like intertwining them
  • just folding them, pressing at the pads of your fingertips and joints, drawing little pictures on your palms 
  • and you help him open up and the demeter cabin sees it 
  • they re-welcome him as an official sibling and are genuine friends/siblings 
  • imagine him taking you back to his hometown 
  • he tours you around the big city and you’re so fascinated by the buildings 
  • but then he even takes you to piers and beach that are like a bus stop away
  • and you’re just in awe 
  • “they’re right next to each other ???? buildings AND oceans ???” 
  • he’s overjoyed to see you appreciate the scenic views that he too fell for too 
  • and plus he fell for you too 
  • as much his dad wants you two enjoy your little couple vacation 
  • one day he needs to do a huge delivery so he asks jinyoung to watch the store 
  • and you’re much more excited than he was expecting cause he was feelin sorry 
  • “babe i’m sorry we ha-” 
  • “omg we get to run the flower shop??!?!???!!?!” you’re squealing and he’s blinking his eyes in confusion 
  • it’s really chill though 
  • he mostly handles all the buisness stuff while you just finish up your book next to him 
  • “jinyoung, i haven’t seen you in so long !” a longtime mom/costumer would greet him 
  • and in that moment you were talking to her 5 year old son, teaching him the meaning of certain flowers which you had learned from him 
  • and you and her son start giggling and you give him one the flowers, sliding it on top of his ear, and hoped that jinyoung wouldn’t mind 
  • “awe, you’re girlfriend seems very sweet” she would compliment 
  • “yea, she’s definitely a keeper” he would blush, smiling and looking down at the register 

if anyone was curious, the city i was basing jinyoung’s hometown was san francisco, ca in the u.s, mainly downtown sf and the ferry building + piers  :-)) 

and sorry i took so long, thnks 4 being patient w/ me !!! 

Speed Date (W/Kenny Omega)

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This is a new short series I’m starting based on an idea from @waynscastle thank you for this marvelous idea <3 They’re going to be short because it’s all about speed dating and I might end it with a longer story where the reader picks one of the guys and goes on an actual date. I’m not sure yet but anyway, enjoy speed dating with wrestlers lol. I have three guys already planned but I need five more to do so if you have someone you want to see in this, let me know.

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @sarahmatthews7 @shadow-of-wonder @happiness-in-reznor @tooweirdforlifex @fan-fiction-galore @omgmissmillie @thedeboniardevistation @jazzytoosweet @mindsetcalamity @alexispoo @mermaidfett @thathpchick @skyrina @laziestgirlintheworld @ang-78 @valeonmars @laigy2213 @squirrel666 @brooklyns-scumbag @megan-monroe @wweximaginesxd @lclb13 @phlebotomyprincess1 @awkward-potato-imagines @effy-christine @pjanina13 @fearlessflawlessdior @wrestlingnoob @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay @wrasslin-x @xxmaddhatter39xx @legitlunatic

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Auston Matthews Part 2: February

Originally posted by tysbarrie

Part 1

Warnings: slight mention of anxiety

Word Count: 2649

It had been nearly a month since you were reunited with Auston. Logan was finally going to meet the Matthews family on a week long trip to Arizona. Every other day Auston would FaceTime you to be kept updated on Logan. If he called early enough, Logan got to talk to him and show him his toys or talk about his day. To say you were nervous about the Arizona trip was an understatement. You were ecstatic for Logan to meet the whole family but you didn’t know how the family felt about your 3-year long decision to keep them in the dark. Your mind also was asking yourself if it was even a good idea to be spending an entire week with Auston since you aren’t too sure on where you both stand.

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Pater’s Rose

AU, I hope you will like it!!! tell me what you think about it…. Looking forward to hear from you!!! 

Breathlessly, I open the compartment, all my belongings in my hands. I enter the warm cabin, smiling at the other traveling passengers. A wealthy man stands up, helping me with my battered suitcase. With a slight movement he stows my suitcase away over my head.

I thank him, falling exhausted in my seat. He takes the seat opposite me; tiredly I smile, watching outside. With a loud toot, the railway signals that we’re ready to leave.

My hands are still clad in my new lace gloves. Carefully I pull on the fingers of the right hand, sliding out of my right glove, doing the same with the left. Holding both gloves in one hand I place them gently on my lap; in the same movement I bend forward to remove the hairpins which are holding my hat in place. Putting the hat on my lap too, covering my gloves, I close my eyes,feeling how the heavy machine starts to move.


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Biscuits and Gravy

Characters: modernau!husband!Bones x Reader

Summary: bones is overwhelmed at work and you give him a little bit of home

Warnings: like one f word, fluffy fluff, gets a little steamy at the end

A/N: just a little something that i wanted to write; modern au! i think someone posted something about wanting more star trek modern au, and it just stuck with me. if y’all like it i’m definitely up for writing more parts; i’ve got great ideas for the other characters, too! also i’m avoiding always part 3. sorry. not sorry

Word Count: 2553 (yikes)

@outside-the-government you might like this? I dk.  let me know if you don’t want to be tagged lol

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“You’re too nice.” - h.s.

My friend gave me this idea and I’m just fulfilling her wish.

A one shot in which you are Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and Harry’s ex and see some very risqué pictures of the two of them on New Year’s Eve. But considering you’re a kind person, you let it go and someone you hoped to never see again calls you out for it.

Word Count: 4336

You didn’t have the last name Kardashian but you may as well have been one considering you spent the majority of your time with the family. You were Kendall’s personal clothing consultant and though you technically just worked for Kendall, you had definitely helped the other girls get ready for red carpet events and casual night outings in the past. You were close with them, and you’d appeared on their show a handful of times. There was no avoiding it, considering your business was pretty popular ever since you’d started working with Kendall and the Kardashian camera were everywhere.

You didn’t mind though, considering you and Kendall were ridiculously close ever since you’d started working with her a couple years ago and you were around the same age so you got along rather well. 

She was the one who introduced you to him actually. It was at an event and they came back to the hotel to hang out. You were sitting there zipping bags up and listening to music while drinking wine by yourself when their loud laughter startled you as they stumbled through the door. Everyone thought they were dating at the time but you knew from Kendall that they were just friends. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on between them but you could tell he was rather fond of her the minute you met him.

“Harry!” Kendall squealed, “Oh my gosh meet Y/N! She’s the reason I look so fabulous all the time,” she winked at you and shoved Harry forward so he stumbled over his feet. 

“I think you two will be needing some water,” you chuckled, “Fun night?”

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled a wide smile that split his whole face and offered you his hand. You shook it, chuckling because they were definitely both out of their minds drunk, and shuffled past him towards the kitchen. When they’d woken up the next morning, Harry hadn’t seen you sleeping on the couch when he went to sit down, almost killing you by crashing down on your stomach. An interesting conversation followed and you both hit it off rather well.

You were surprised really, considering you were the ‘behind the scenes’ type of girl and he basked in the spotlight. But somehow you ended up in a relationship. It also surprised you just how much Harry seemed to genuinely like you considering you could have sworn he had feelings for Kendall. But months went by and you two remained strong. You fell in love and you fell hard. It seemed that he did as well because you two were inseparable. He spent every waking and sleeping moment he could with you and you tried hard to fit into his schedule as well when he was on the road. 

It was a relationship full of mutual understandings and you both built each other up rather well. Harry even bought a house in the California area you were at just so he could, as he liked to say, “Come home to you.” 

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Would You Still- Adrinette Month Day One

It’s an idle question, on the roof of a building, as the sun rises. Curiosity, maybe, although she knows what he’ll say.

“If I wasn’t Ladybug, would you still love me?”

“Of course I would,” he laughs. “You’d still be my Lady. You’re my other half. We were made for each other, mask or no mask.”

She grins, and grabs his hand tightly. “Do you promise, Chaton?”

“I promise.” He winks. “Race you to the Eiffel?”

She shakes her head, leaping to her feet. “You’re on.”

She wins the race, as usual, and he laughs, bowing to her. “You’re the best, what can I say?”

“Say you love me.”

“I love you more than the stars.”

She believes him.

They’re sitting on her balcony and she’s watering the flowers.

“You’re so beautiful in the sunlight, like that,” he tells her. “I love you so much…”

“If I wasn’t beautiful, would you still love me?” she asks, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Of course I would,” he smiles. “But you could never be less than beautiful, Marinette. You shine. You’re caring, and kind, and strong. You will always be beautiful.”

“If I wasn’t though?” she presses.“

He shrugs. "I love you, Princess. The way you look is nice, but it’s you that I love,” he says, and he strokes her face gently.

She believes him.

They sit in school, in the library.

“What are you drawing?” he asks, peering over at her sketchbook.

“I’m drawing you, so sit still!” she laughs.

“You draw really well, Marinette.”

She raises an eyebrow. “If I couldn’t-?”

“Of course I would,” he cuts her off. “Honestly, Marinette, how many times do I have to say I’ll love you no matter what for you to believe me?”

She bites her lip, looking down. “I’m sorry… I’m being stupid.”

He shakes his head. “No, not stupid. But you should know that I’ve always loved you. I always will,” he kisses her cheek. “No matter what happens.”

She believes him.

They’re in his room, and she hugs him tightly, as they lie in his bed.

He kisses her forehead, and she cuddles closer to him. “Adrien?”

“Yes, my Lady?”

She laughs, but there’s something broken in her voice. “If I was hiding something from you… something bad, and you found out… would you still love me?”

He frowns at her words. “Of course I would. But what could you be hiding that’s so bad?”

She clings closer to him, shaking her head. “Adrien, just promise me.”

He sighs, and holds her closer. “Of course. I promise. I will love you until the day I die, my Lady.”

She believes him.

He stares in shock as she approaches him, the city burning behind her. “Adrien…”

“Don’t. I don’t understand, what are you doing?” he shakes his head, stepping away from her.

“I had to… Adrien, I love you, so much, and they… they were going to hurt you, and…” she looks up at him. Miss Fortune’s eyes are not blue, but grey. “If I wasn’t good, if I lost my soul, would you still love me?”

He closes his eyes. “Of course I would,” he tells her, taking her hand and letting the white sweep over his suit. “I guess we really were made for each other. Made into Fortune… and Blanc.”

She looks on the verge of tears, and hugs him tightly. “Thank you…”

“I will stand with you forever. I will always love you.”

She believes him.

When Things Collide 14

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader // Kingsman Team x The Avengers Team

Characters: Harry Hart, Merlin, Eggsy Unwin // Steve Rogers, Natalia Romanov, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vison, Bruce Banner.

We’ve hit the end my peaches! I am currently writing a sequel to this.


Huge thank you to @thatsarcasticphotographer you’re a damn peach for this! Thank you so much!! vvv

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Prim And Proper (Part 2)

Summary: It seemed unlikely, but [Y/N] and Steve quickly become close friends… until something happens, and [Y/N] has to deal with her feelings for Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1981

Warnings: Some swearing.

A/N: read part 1 here or via my Masterlist.

Originally posted by everyartistwas-firstanamateur

Chapter 2: This Thing Called Jealousy.

It was not until he brought Sharon around one day, his girlfriend, when [Y/N] experienced a new emotion around Steve, and realized an undeniable truth. No matter how much she did try to refute it - first to herself and then to Wanda who had read her feelings. There really was no denying it: she was jealous of Sharon. She seemed like an amiable girl, and had taken an interest in [Y/N], especially once she noted how important [Y/N] had become in Steve’s life.

[Y/N] tried to find a comfortable position on the couch in the common room as she was scrolling on her phone, only to tap on it every now and then when she read or saw a post she loved on tumblr, when Steve walked in with his girlfriend. She thoroughly enjoyed spending hours of her time on the Internet, going through her dashboard and favorite tags. She often received confused looks from observers (known as her roommates) when she would suddenly burst out in laughter over something funny she saw. They must think of me as very weird, she thought amusedly. Her head moved up when she noticed the unexpected guest, and [Y/N] sat up straight abruptly and put down her phone.  

“Hey there, [Y/N].” Steve walked up to her with a smile.

“Oh, hi.” She repressed a yawn. Guess I was a bit too comfortable.

“I’d like you to meet my girlfriend. This is Sharon.”

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Brooklyn Nights (Sashea) - Dandee

Summary–Though Sasha comes from privilege, Shea is the only thing she’s ever really wanted.

AN– Lesbian AU! Sasha’s husband is only referred to as Mister Velour, he’s not Johnny, because this is purely a work of fiction, and I have the utmost respect for the queens’ real-life relationships! Songs that inspired this chapter/entire fic- Quit by Cashmere Cat and Brooklyn Nights by Gaga. Anyways. I suck at titles, and writer’s block is a bitch, so this was a struggle. Thanks to dare for holding my hand throughout this process, and for pretty much being Superbeta. P.S. You should all go read her fic.

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Right Now (Calum Hood)

sorry if it says ashton when it should say calum at some point. i changed from one to other when i finished writing it lmao

Trigger warnings: Mentions of depression


I think… Maybe… We should see other people…

You had hit send before you really thought about what you were telling your boyfriend. It was 4:19am and you’d spent the better part of the last four hours in another depressive episode. You were beating yourself up over it, no doubt – you’d been doing so well for the past six months since Calum had left for tour, but it was back and it was hitting you harder than ever.

Calum was usually the one to help you pull yourself out of it – he would always insist on running a bath for you with your favorite bubble bath while he spent that time in the kitchen making your favorite food. Calum knew that you hated when people had to take care of you – watching you closely to make sure you didn’t do anything to yourself – but he also knew he loved you too much to lose you, especially like that.

You weren’t expecting Calum to answer, to be honest. You couldn’t remember exactly where in the world he was, but you figured at past 4 in the morning… There was no way he’d be awake or not busy enough to stop and check his phone.

But he did. And you immediately felt guilty when you read his reply.

You’re not breaking up with me with a text, Y/N
You know very well that I’m not going to let you do that
Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it

You can’t fix it this time, Calum

Not if you don’t tell me

You sighed – you knew Calum wouldn’t like that you’d told him you wanted to break up, but you didn’t think he’d fight you this hard about it.

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City of love

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Word count: 939

Request: Can you do an imagine where YN is staying at madisons place bc she just moved from Paris to LA for her modeling work. YN comes after a work out home and cameron and the other guys are there. Cameron likes here… blablabla xxx

I stepped into the cool building. Thank god for air conditioning. I just hit the gym for the first time in a long long time due to me moving across the globe. Thankfully my dear friend Madison lets me stay over for a few weeks until I get everything with my apartment figured out.

I got out of the elevator walking straight to Madison’s apartment. I opened the door and was faced with a bunch of guys. I was lowkey perplex. Too many people, I’m too sweaty for this. „Uhm. Hi.“ I said when I walked into the living room area.

„Oh. Finally!“ I heard Madison behind me. „Guys. This is my friend I told you about, Y/N. Y/N these are some of my friends.“ I smiled at her and nodded slightly. I looked at the bunch and one of them in particular caught my attention. His hair was a dark brown just like mine actually. He had hazel eyes, strong facial features and a tiny bit of scruff.  

„You already know Jack and Jack.“ She continued. „I’m Nash.“ The one with the piercing blue eyes said. „Sammy.“ The bleach blonde haired one slightly raised his hand offering a smile. I simply smiled back. The last one just stared at me as I did previously to him. „Cameron.“ His husky voice said. „Nice to meet you all. But I should really get in the shower.“ I laughed a little looking down at my workout clothes.

„Oh. Someone could share that shower with you!“ I heard Sammy holler as I turned towards the staircase. „Shut up. You got a girlfriend.“ Nash said and I heard Madison chuckle. „Yeah and so do you, you idiot.“ Sammy fought back. „Shut up, guys. Some respect please. Although that ass is real nice.“ I suddenly heard Cameron while he muffled the last part though I still heard it.

I smirked to myself and continued walking up the stairs. When I was done and got dressed in some sweats and shirt I met all of them in the living room again. As I walked down the stairs they were all just sitting there watching TV so I went to the kitchen getting some water and maybe a snack.

I opened the fridge checking what it had to offer. I gotta admit Madison knows what good food is. I closed the fridge not finding anything that I wanted to eat right now. I turned to open the cabinet and was faced with Cameron. I let out a shriek and clenched putting my hands in front of me and they accidentally found his chest. Feels good, gotta say that.

I muttered a light „Merde.“ He chuckled as he attempted to catch me for no reason. I wasn’t falling. His hands had a firm grip on my waist. „Sorry.“ His husky voice made me melt internally. „It’s - uhh - fine.“ I stuttered. Get your shit together Y/N. I sighed lightly pushing myself away from him. His arms fall back to his sides.

I took a step back as I felt his gaze on me. „You need anything?“ I raised my eyebrows at him. He looked around the kitchen. „Uhm.“ I chuckled as he searched for an answer. „Fridge.“ He said out of the blue. „Uh. I mean a bottle of water out of the fridge.“ He broke into a smile as did I. „Feel right at home. Take what you need.“ I chuckled again as he passed me.

I couldn’t find anything to eat so I just gave up and settle in the living room. Cameron shortly followed and sat right next to me. „Aw. Look at them.“ Madison cooed and I immediately looked up to see everyone looking at Cameron and I. „What?“ I questioned clueless. „You two would be a really cute couple.“ Madison grins from ear to ear. „Come on Mads. She just moved here from- actually where did you move from?“ Johnson questioned.

„Paris. La ville d’amour.“ I sighed. I missed Paris. I’ve lived there for quite a while. Like what was it. 5 years? Something like that. „City of love, my ass.“ I suddenly burst out laughing and everyone joined. „Honestly. For the time being there I had yet to fall in love. Never happened.“ I giggled as the laughter died down. „Maybe LA will be your city of love.“ Sammy wiggled his eyebrows at me. „Sure.“ I huffed.

„We could make that happen.“ Cameron mumbled. I felt myself blush as everyone all of the sudden had better things to discuss. „I mean. I’ve always needed a few lessons in french.“ He grinned at me. „Sure you do.“ I smiled at him. „Okay. Correction: french kissing.“ He winked at me. I shoved his shoulder. „Just kidding. Just kidding.“ He put his hands up in defense.

„But if you’d be down that would be great too.“ He whispered into my ear. I laughed and shoved him again. „How about you ask me out first.“ I jokingly suggested. „Go out with me than.“ He smirked. Slick little bastard. „I have to get my apartment sorted out. I’m still looking for some furniture and-“ I rambled on and on until he interrupted. „Perfect. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at ten. We’re going shopping.“ He grinned. Oh boy, what was I getting myself into?

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So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

Originally posted by sf9

He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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Little Miss Reporter // Jerome Valeska x Reader (Part One?)

Requested: Nope but I’m in love with Gotham sooooo 

Word count: 928

Warnings: curse words? insanity?? bad writing???

A/n: I don’t want to just write about Riverdale so here this is :)))))

You sigh as you make your way to the back of the bus, walking past the cheerleaders with way too much pep in their step.

The only reason you were on this bus is because you’re the President of the Gotham City High School Newspaper, going on the away game to get some good shots. Even though your school teams have lost nearly every time, the student body of GCHS still wanted to know of the horrible losses in the weekly paper.

You take the seat all the way in the back, shocker. You try to ignore all of the stares; you get them very often being a notorious detective’s Goddaughter.

You feel the bus begin to vibrate as the engine starts up, and the bus pulls out of the school parking lot. The cheers and chants start before the last set of wheels hit the city roads.

You put your headphones on as the drive starts. The city you’re going to is about an hour away, so you play a particularly large playlist to listen to. You sigh in content, the cheerleader’s voices drowned out instantly when the first song begins.

Five minutes into the drive, and you’re still on your way out of Gotham. You take a look out of the large windows on the door in the back. The bus passes a curve, and a peculiar looking truck begins to follow you. You look around the bus, but none of the cheerleaders seem to have noticed.

You try to see who is sitting in the truck, but it’s too far away. Suddenly, the truck disappears. You start to feel less paranoid and return to facing the front.

Another few minutes pass by when you notice the bus suddenly stop. You pause your music, taking your headphones out only to hear a loud horn honking toward the bus.

The cheerleaders have finally shut up, their cheers replaced with the silence of their confusion. Then you begin to hear panicked whispers, almost making you wish they would start cheering again.

You see the bus driver shakily reach over and open the bus doors, then darting out of the bus. Wow, good job protecting the kids.

A ginger haired boy emerges from outside of the bus, waving around a gun. The cheerleaders begin to cry, and you roll your eyes. Like crying is going to save their lives.

“Time for some fun!” He begins to chain the girls to the bus, one by one. Your eyes dart around, wondering what you could possibly do.

You look toward the truck that they arrived in, your stomach dropping.

It was the truck that was following you earlier. And you can now read what the truck says, the word ‘oil’ sticking in your brain.

“They’re gonna blow us up,” you whisper and furrow your eyebrows.

“What was that, doll face?” The ginger reaches the last seat, and he must have heard you whispering.

You smile, and actually start to laugh a little,”You’re really going to blow us up?” You look at him, and finally realize who you’re dealing with. The Maniax.

“Why is that so funny?” his smile drops, and he looks you dead in the eye.

Almost snorting, you enter a staring contest with him,”This is Gotham. Try hard as you might, somehow someone will come and save the bus of squealing little cheerleaders.”

He backs up from you a little, his smile returning.

“And you’re not a squealing little cheerleader, are ya?”

You smile again, gesturing at your normal attire,”You guessed it. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those uniforms.”

“Right. Well see, I’m on the clock. Gotta finish this up,” you return his ever present grin with a closed mouth smile, and he leaves the bus. He’s only gone for a second before returning with a hose.

The smell of gas instantly fills your nostrils when the liquid begins spraying from the tube. He covers all of the cheerleaders with gas- but not you. You don’t say anything, and he exits the bus once again.

After some noises of frustration from the front of the vehicle, he returns, making his way back to you.

“Alright, little miss reporter. Just in case this whole thing doesn’t go down the way I planned, I need some insurance,” he grabs you by the arm, dragging you behind him off of the bus.

He pulls you up onto the truck, and you both stand outside the door on the edge.

“You’re not scared, are you?” He asks, grinning, leaning in slightly.

“Of what, falling of the truck? I wouldn’t make very good insurance if my guts were splattered across the street, now would I?” you suggest, only holding on with one hand.

His smile widens, if possible,”I like you. What’s your name, doll face?”

“Y/n L/n,” you reply,”But my friends call me N/n.”

“Your name is familiar … but I’ll stick to doll face.”

“Yeah, you may of heard of my Godfather before. You know, he’s a pretty well-known detective. His name’s Jim Gordon.”

* * *

Jim sighs in relief as he pulls the bus to a stop, quickly standing up to check on the cheerleaders.

“Anyone hurt? Everyone alright?” He examines the seats, seeing if anything is out of place.

“He took her,” one of the cheerleaders squeaks out.

“Wha- who took who?”

A different cheerleader speaks up this time,”The redhead. He took Y/n. She went with them on the truck.”

Jim Gordon sprinted off the bus, determined to find his Goddaughter.

Post-It Love / Jaewon

I adored this idea; though, it could have become a lot longer. Anyway, I couldn’t let this idea slip away, so I had to write it up immediately. 
And, since I intend to slay Missy as much as possible while I’m back for my short break, this is, of course, for slaying purposes. Since I’m so evil; isn’t that right, @an-exotic-writer​? ;)

Post-It Love / Jaewon

It had been a long time since Jaewon had been home. He was so busy trying to promote, trying to get his name out there, that there were days, weeks, and months even that he didn’t come home. You missed him, but aside from that, you had plenty on your plate to distract yourself. The company you had finally been hired to after years of interning was sending you on a trip to America for a few meetings that you were required to sit in on. It didn’t bother you, until you got a call from Jaewon.

The phone rang on the table, buzzing against the hard wood and you were scrambling around, making sure everything was set for you to leave. The ringing had almost stopped by the time you had answered, knowing you were keeping him waiting.

You cupped your phone so tenderly against your ear, begging to hear his voice as you muttered his name. He sighed, “God, I missed your voice,” he replied to you, melting your heart in an instant. The sound of his voice after what felt like forever—in reality was about twelve days—had your knees weak and you slumped to the couch, taking a seat you hadn’t been able to for at least the entire day. “How are you doing? It’s been so long, I’m so sorry,” he continued, clearly apologetic even in his voice.

“Don’t worry about it; I know how much this means to you. I’m just glad I finally get to talk to you,” you replied to him, “I’m doing well, though. The company has me on a flight out to California in a couple of hours; you know how busy I get now that I’ve finally been hired on,” you laughed.  You couldn’t see it, but Jaewon’s face visibly fell, and for good reason, too.

“That’s great, baby! I’m happy for you!” he exclaimed, but you could tell it was forced.

“You don’t sound too thrilled about it. I know it will put us farther away from each other; the only difference now will be the time zones,” you replied, but you knew it was something deeper than that.

He sighed, loudly. “I know. I just was so excited to see you… I called to tell you that I’m on my way home today. I’ve missed you so much,” he uttered, his voice becoming weak.

Your heart sank. Like, dropped out of your ribcage and may as well have fallen out of your rear, sank. “Jaewon…” you muttered, cupping the phone tighter for a different reason now. Your heart hurt, and you could feel his heart hurt, too. You’d spent so much time away from him, you thought you were numb to the feeling; but the idea of him coming back home was enough to rekindle all of the feelings on those lonely nights, the empty days, the times you searched for his hands, his eyes, his body in the bed next to you.

“It’s okay, please don’t be sad, okay?” he asked of you. He hated it when you cried and he could just feel it coming now. He knew you were wiping them away from your face, having fallen unsuspectingly. “I know it’s hard, and I know exactly what you feel. It’s been so long, we both thought we’d be okay. Honestly, I know it would be this way whether or not you were going to be there when I got home, anyway,” he said, trying to comfort you, but it wasn’t doing a very good job.

“I’ll only be gone four days. I’ll be back before you know it; it will be like I was never even gone,” you said.

“That’s right; we’ve survived longer apart. I just… can’t wait to see you. I’ll miss you, I already do. Be safe, please. Let me know when you get there. I’m sure you’ll have a phone, right?” He was becoming frantic with his questioning, the reality of how far you were going to be and how dangerous the journey was finally setting in. Another sigh left his lips as he hoisted his heavy bag into the van that was going to be taking him back to your city. “I love you, baby. I know you have to go, but, I just wanted you to know.”

You smiled, but still wiped the silent tears away. “Be safe coming home, okay?”

“I will, have a safe flight.”



“I love you.”


Jaewon sighed for the nth time as he pulled out the key to the small house the two of you shared. He jammed it in the slot, one bag falling off his shoulder as he dragged a suitcase big enough to fit himself in it behind him. He turned the key, tumbling the lock before turning the handle to push the door open.  The lights were off and he frowned at the emptiness. It had been three hours since he’d gotten off the phone with you, so he knew that your plane had barely taken off and it would be a long, long wait before he would hear from you.

He pulled the door shut behind him, reaching over to flick the light to the main room on when he felt his fingers slide over a piece of paper. He pushed the switch to illuminate the room so he could determine what was there.

It was a post-it note, your handwriting flowing across it with a short little message.

“To the man that lights up my heart,” he read out loud as a grin spread across his face, “I know you must be hungry, and too tired to cook for yourself. There’s your favorite take out in the fridge; I didn’t want I to go bad before you got home.” His smile grew as he looked up to the ceiling until he pushed his stuff off to the side. He ambled to the kitchen and pulled open the fridge, and sure enough, a take-out container with another post-it stuck to it.

“It’s not a home-cooked meal like I know you love, but I hope it will do in my absence. When you’re all done here, there’s a treat for you in the freezer,” the note read. He stuck the post-it to the freezer, the neon pink paper sure to get his attention when he returned to throw his container. But for now, he heated up his meal, starving after such a long trip home.

He took his food and plopped down on the couch, reaching for the remote which, of course, held another note. “Don’t think I don’t know you’re sitting on the couch with your food. I love you, Jae, but if there’s a mess on the couch, there’ll be hell to pay. Emoticon and everything. You really are the cutest, aren’t you?” he asked himself, shaking his head after finishing the note. He flicked on the TV to eat his dinner. As much as he missed you, it was nice to be back in his own home with his own space and privacy.

Dinner was short-lived, practically inhaled, as Jaewon was starving. He rubbed his satisfied tummy, bringing his trash back into the kitchen before spying that pink note again. He pulled open the freezer door and there in front, a container with another post-it. He didn’t bother read it at first, it was a container her recognized and his excitement was becoming too much. “You mail-ordered gelato my beautiful, beautiful girl; I don’t deserve you,” he dramatized, holding the container in his hand.

He pulled the note up, which had been clutched in his other hand, to his face to read it. “Black cherry amaretto, your favorite; do you love me, or do you love me?” He smiled, “You know I love you.” He turned around, ripping the lid off the container and digging for a spoon in the drawer to his left to delve it into the creamy dessert, only to bring a huge spoonful into his mouth. His shoulders slumped, head lolling back with such a delightful sigh. He acted as though he’d be deprived of righted essentials, but he just loved it that much, and it’s not like he got it very often since you both had to special order it.

Another big bite later and he put the lid back on, “I’ll be back for you,” he said, stuffing the gelato back into the freezer. He moseyed to his bags to drag them into the laundry room, flipping open the top on his suitcase to begin loading them into the washing machine. He opened the cabinet for soap—he was surprised to see there wasn’t a note in there. You knew him so well, he had thought you put a note everywhere you knew he’d go. Regardless, he threw all his darks into the wash with some soap, but he wouldn’t start it yet. He was in dire need of a nice, long, hot shower.

Upon entering the bathroom, Jaewon was surprised to see not a post-it, but a note written in rouge lip stick on the mirror. “The towels and sheets are fresh to ensure you a lovely night’s sleep. Have a wonderful shower; think of me. Winky face. You even kissed the mirror. But I wish it was me you were kissing,” he said, biting his lip as he thought of you, thought of your lips which he had begged to have for so long now. “You’re a bad girl, knowing you’d get me all riled up just to get in the shower. You’re lucky you’re not here!” he called, turning towards the door of the bathroom which led into the bedroom. If anyone saw him, they’d think he was crazy, but he knew it didn’t matter. If you could hear him, you would.

His thick thermal flopped to the floor, pants and underwear following with the clink of his belt on the tile. The shower water came on and it was a matter of a few moments before the water was warm and he was stepping into it, immediately running a hand through his instantly drenched hair. The warmth soothed him, relaxed his overworked muscles but all he could seem to think about was you—seemed to be the only thing on his mind for the longest time.

The water coursed down his body, putting him in no mood to do anything but just stand there until the hot water ran out. But he knew he couldn’t do that; he had clothes to wash, his body, too. After lathering his hair and rinsing that, he reached for the soap, but dodged it, and opted for your body wash instead. He lathered the loofa with it, feeling the exfoliating beads in between his fingers. It was a brilliant plan—he could never admit to you that he liked your soap better, absolutely adoring the way the sugar and beads felt on his skin, but he would also smell like you falling asleep, and that’s what he begged for the most, knowing you had washed your scent off the sheets earlier today.

He cleaned himself up, eyes lightly closed, the scrub against his skin to die for. “God, what I wouldn’t give for your hands right now,” he commented, taking a break from the soap to try and massage his own neck and shoulder. He was tense, no doubt about that, even in the steaming water. He’d had enough and shut it off, stepping out to grab a fresh towel and dry himself off. He wandered back into the laundry room to start his wash, close the door, and shut off all the other lights, making sure the front door was locked as well.

Jaewon was tired, exhausted, happy to be home, but missing you. Back into the bedroom he went, over to his side of the bed to flick on the lamp and set his phone down. A pink note atop something he was sure he wouldn’t see, but happy that he did see on the bedside table. “I’m not there to work those knots out properly, but I figured you could use this. Always looking out for you,” he read, setting the note aside to pick up your massaging neck pillow. It was your favorite thing ever that Jaewon had gotten you. You put it on every night for an hour before going to bed to relieve the tension and it worked wonders for you.

“Yes, you really, really do,” he commented, pulling the pillow around the back of his neck and pressed the small power button to get the balls rolling, pressing surprisingly deep into his neck. With his body relaxing under the mechanics of the pillow, he almost stumbled over to the dresser, forgetting momentarily how to walk, to retrieve some underwear.

He opened the drawer—another note; the last one for the night.

“Goodnight my sweet prince. Sleep well through the night and late into the morning. I miss you already and I’ll call you as soon as I land. Just remember, I love you.”

He took the note over to his bedside table, sticking it to the lampshade so he could look at it every night before falling asleep as he pulled back the sheets of the bed, crawling in to lay slightly propped up as the pillow continued its massaging magic. Jaewon flipped the TV on, getting lost in the white noise, already falling asleep. He shook his head, knowing he wasn’t going to make it long, especially as the bed began to warm up. He placed the massaging pillow back down on the table and snuggled deeper into the mattress, pulling the covers up over his shoulder.  

He closed his eyes, “Goodnight, my princess,” he whispered, clutching the sheets close to where you should be laying. He was asleep before he knew it, forgetting to shut the TV off, letting the white noise lull him into deep slumber.

Part of me

Hey cuties! So this is a request of a lovely anon! There will be a part 2 as well. Hope you don’t mind that it’s kinda Gossip Girl inspired. Thanks for reading! xoxo

“He’s not coming. End of discussion,” her father stated, shuffling with the paperwork on his desk.
There were few things Georgina Eleanor Archibald didn’t get when she asked for them – bringing her boyfriend to the Archibald’s annual family vacation seemed to be one of them.

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