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17. “You did this, all for me?” Brett Talbot

“Guess who?”

Callused fingers covered your eyes, and you jumped. “Damn it Brett!”

His laugh rumbled against your back, and his hands left your face, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you securely against him.

He leaned forward, resting his head on your shoulder. “Hey baby.”

“Hi dummy.” You smiled, leaning your head back against his shoulder. “What are you doing here?”

“Kidnapping you.” He said with a shrug.

You raised an eyebrow, turning to look at him in surprise. “Sorry?”

He grinned. “Skip class with me.”

“No!” You protested immediately. “It’s AP biology Brett! I can’t miss it.”

He sighed. “Come on (y/n). I took that class last semester, I can help catch you up on whatever you miss. Please?”

You shook your head. “I’m so sorry but I can’t. I have so much work to catch up on and–”

“Shh baby you’re stressing.” His thumb rubbed across your cheek. “Look, it’s your last period right? Skip with me, I’ll help you with biology, and we can work on some of your other homework too okay? You need to relax.”

You bit your lip, shaking your head. “I don’t know, I have to work tomorrow and I need to study and–”

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours and silencing you. You sighed, going limp, and his arm skid around your waist, keeping you up.

He dropped his head in the space between your neck and your shoulder, mumbling against your neck, “You need to relax okay? You’re too stressed.”

You sighed when he pulled back and made the puppy dog eyes at you. “Alright. Fine. Because I love you.”

He grinned, kissing the top of your head. “I love you too. Come on, let’s go.”

Before you could change your mind, he grabbed your bag out of your locker, slinging it over his shoulder and dragging you out of the school. He tugged you across the lacrosse field, shushing all your questions and protests and leading you into the woods.

“Brett, where are we–?” You froze, mouth dropping open, when you saw the Christmas lights hanging from the trees and the couch, inexplicably sitting in the middle of the woods, with a picnic basket sitting on it.

“What is this?” You asked, eyes wide.

“It’s for you.” Brett had his hands folded in front of him, and he was fidgeting nervously, gauging your reaction. “I know how stressed you’ve been, and I know when you’re stressed you don’t eat a lot, so I thought you could just take a nap here and eat something before you go home.”

“You… You did this, all for me?”

Brett nodded, tugging you towards the couch. He sat down and pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Ready?” He asked, handing you a muffin from the basket.

“For what?” You asked.

“This.” He pulled an iPad out of his bag and opened Netflix. “We have two hours. What do you want to watch?”

You smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed the top of your head again. “So, Zoolander or The Proposal?”

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Imagine requested: Princesses

Imagine Brett Talbot is the father to one of your preschooler’s, and it surprises you because you hadn’t seen Brett since your Senior year which was half a decade ago, and you were absolutely stunned when he walked in with his little girl for Teacher Meeting Day. You had to act as if you hadn’t even realized it was him, and waited if he would realize you first.

“Hi there beautiful, what’s your name?” You ask playfully with the adorable little 4 year old girl. She giggled and says her name is Avea, and smiled widely, “Well I’m Ms. (Y/L/N).”

“Avea, baby, what did I tell you about going off without asking me first?” You froze only for a second hearing his voice again after so many years. It still had its heart fluttering effect on you but you had to remember that his werewolf senses probably could detect it, so you tried to breath calmly.

Brett told you about his supernatural powers back in junior year, at first you were totally freaked and didn’t talk to him for weeks on end, absolutely afraid, but when he saved you from a flying arrow at archery practice, you felt the flutter of your heart beat again when he was around so you made up with him, and since then you were his best friend. How he didn’t realize your feelings for him is still a mystery to you.

You took a soft breath, and you straightened your posture, and turned around to see him, his blue eyes still shimmering brightly as they did the last time.

“(Y/N)?” He asks, looking taken back and all around stunned to see your face once again. It makes you smile to see he’s remembered you after so many years.

“Brett,” You confirm his question, and smile widely as he smiles back, “It’s been so long, is.. is this your daughter?” You take a slight step away so the little girl is in full view, and is shyly looking up at the two of you.

“Yes, my little princess.” He bends down for a moment, easily picking her up, and in the moment you take a glance at his arms, that was your biggest weakness for him when it came to his body in high school other then his amazing personality, “How’ve you been (Y/N)?”

You smile and nod a little bit, “I’ve been good, got my degree last year, and this is my first year teaching, guess this is a small town after all.” You look around seeing the other parents and children walking, all curiously looking around the classroom of yours.

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He smiles softly, and glances down, maybe to your heels, and you smile to yourself.

“Well, I really should get going to talk to the other parents, but I’d love to meet your wife or- or girlfriend soon.” You nearly slap yourself for stuttering or even bringing that topic up, but you just had to get rid of the curiosity.

“I actually don’t have a wife, or girlfriend, just me and my little Avea, aint that right princess?” He nuzzles his nose into her cheek making her giggle, and it made your heart grow a little more closer to your old feelings for him at how he treated his little girl.

“Oh, oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up-”

“Ms. (Y/L/N), may you start the presentation, please?” One of the impatient parents asked, and you nodded, apologizing, and gave a smile to Brett and his daughter, going to the front of the class to start speaking.


It was a few hours after all of your new students and the parents left, and all of the Teacher Meetings were over, and everyone, even Brett and his daughter had left, and you leaned back in your desk chair, taking your bobby pins out, ruffling your hair because your hair was too tight for too long and it was starting to hurt. And you were nervous all day since these were going to be your first students so this was your first Teacher’s Meeting Day, and Brett made you even more nervous since you wanted to look good since you succeeded at what you had wanted to become.

“Mrs. Devan said you might be in here.” You sat up quickly, and tried to fix your hair but he had already seen it down and ruffled, so you gave up, leaving it partly messy. He was without his daughter, and your mouth opened before you could think.

“Hello, Brett.” You smile slightly, and got up from your chair, “Where is Avea?” Brett nodded behind him before speaking.

“She went to dinner with my mother tonight since that was her plans with her for her birthday, but it happened a little sooner.” You nod, understanding.

“Was there a question you forgot to ask earlier, or?” You trailed your sentence a little, waiting for him to finish it and answer.

“Oh, uh, yeah, there was.” He stepped a little closer to you. The thought of his werewolf senses popped back into your mind and you tried to keep your heart rate steady so he wouldn’t know you were nervous, “I miss you, (Y/N).” He spoke lightly as if he were worried someone else would here, and he raised his hand to your cheek, and you swallowed to try to keep your breathing down.

“I miss you too, Brett.” You sigh, closing your eyes. You missed him, a lot, and you leaned in, hugging him. After a second, he hugged you back tightly, “I’m sorry.” You say gently, pulling away after you were done hugging.

“For what, princess?” You laughed at that, remembering your nickname he’d given you so many years ago.

“For that argument we had before I left.” It was right after senior prom, right before Graduation, and you two hadn’t talked since. It was over him being too over- protective of you, and you thought it was because of the supernatural issues, but really it was because he was jealous of your former boyfriend that took you to Prom.

“It’s nothing now.”

“No, it’s still something, why were you so upset?” You asked, your curiosity getting the best of you still.

“I was jealous, okay?” He leaned in and kissed you passionately, taking you off guard, making you hold your breath. Brett pulled away slowly, and you opened your eyes slowly.

“Wha-what was that for?” You asked, absolutely stunned.

“I love you, (Y/N), and I tried to get over it, and I thought I did get over it, but when I saw you today, it was like, I don’t know, every emotion I thought I got rid of, just came over flowing, and-”

You leaned in, getting confidence from when he said he loved you, and kissed him gently to stop his rambles. He held his breath this time, and pulled away slowly a few moments after.

“I love you too, Brett Talbot.” You whisper onto his lips, looking into his eyes.

He closed his eyes slowly, and then they opened again, showing his real eyes. They were bright, beautiful red, and you waited to ask him later about his Alpha status, but now you leaned in and kissed him again, him kissing you back gently.