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When you get this, please reply with five things that make you happy. Then, send this to the last ten people in your notifications 😊

1. The deep sighs and whines my cat makes when lying down and falling asleep.

2. Sailor Moon Drops - a version of candy crush that is adorable and I love it. Just look at little Tuxedo Mask!

3. My adorable nieces. They love each other so much and it’s just cute seeing the baby having a relationship with her sister.

4. Guacamole.

5. The fact that my brain has been cooperating with me lately. It’s been a good couple weeks.

I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg
I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg

I Write Sins Not Zuckerbergs
-Panic at! MARK ZUCKERBERG feat. Game Grumps
A Fever You Can’t Mark Out, 2015

Insp. graphicalaces

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nesta/cassian 1,28,32

Nessian + Love: 

I think these two are very well matched in the love department. They have completely different ways expressing their love, and they don’t exactly dish it out to the same number of people but I think they both feel it in much the same way. Nesta and Cassian’s love is intense and fierce and passionate and all-consuming. Neither of these characters have any room in their lives for half-measures when it comes to love. They love with their whole being or else what’s the point in it? 

I think love is also the biggest driving force for both of these characters. It’s the thing that keeps them going, love for their family in particular. And I think that, in each other, they’ve finally found someone who can share that love with them. Someone who understands. I think that scene in ACOMAF, where Cassian watches Nesta fight and argue with the queens and then steps up to swear that he will protect her and hers, that he can think of no nobler way to die than defending those who need it most, I think that’s when they first truly see one another and understand their similarities and that connection between them. 

Because on the surface of it I’d genuinely challenge you to try and find two characters who are outwardly more different than Nesta and Cassian. He is warm and she is cold, he is open and she is reserved, he has a tender softness to him while she’s all hard steel. Yet beneath that, beneath those surface layers I think their hearts are alike. They’re both so intense and fierce and loyal and devoted. And they’ve finally found someone who can not only handle that fire but meet it with their own. 

Nessian + Home: 

I think home is a concept that both of these characters have struggled with. Cassian, bastard born and left to fend for himself never had a true home until Rhys’ mother took him in. And even then I think there was always a part of him who felt, no matter her kindness, that it wasn’t completely his. And now he’s divided between the Court of Dreams and Velaris and the war camps. 

And Nesta. I don’t think Nesta has ever felt at home anywhere. Not even in her own skin. I think Nesta has struggled to find somewhere that she belongs, a place where she truly has a purpose, a place where she really means something, a place where she’s not just a burden for whoever else is there looking after her. 

I like the idea of these two, who have always struggled to find a place to call home, realising that their home can be a person- that it can be each other. 

House wise I don’t think they go for anything all that elaborate. I don’t think Nesta relishes living in poverty but she wasn’t exactly very comfortable in that giant manor house with all its servants either. I think their place is reasonably sized and, surprisingly enough, Nesta gives Cass pretty much free-reign over how to decorate it, she’s not really sure. 

He makes sure to include her anyway and they go shopping for things together. It ends up being quite dark colour scheme wise, but warm dark. Lots of deep reds and rich purples and warm browns. it somehow manages to strike a perfect balance between elegant and homey which suits them perfectly. Their home is comfortable and rich without being lavish or fussy. And it’s relatively small and cosy, neither of them wants a huge house with empty, echoing spaces and rooms they can’t properly fill and will never use. 

Nessian + birth: 

The Inner circle has confronted The War, Amarantha, the King of Hybern, and Amren in a bad mood. All of those things combined were not enough to prepare them for Nesta pregnant/in labour. 

Nesta suffers while she is pregnant. 

Her morning sickness is horrendous, Cassian spends three solid months holding her hair and rubbing her back while she curses at him (very colourfully. He learns quickly not to laugh at these curses, they are not meant to be amusing. She will kill him if he does that again) between retching. 

She has seriously horrendous mood swings. One minute she’s screaming at Cassian and threatening to ‘un-mate’ him because there’s a stray sock lying on their floor. The next she’s sobbing uncontrollably in his arms because she’s sorry, it’s just a sock, it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t she loves him so much. They all have a lot of fun with her while she’s like this (Azriel suggests, very seriously, taking a nine month holiday with Mor. She’s tempted to take him up on that offer) Rhys is nearly decapitated on a weekly basis. 

When they visit a healer to make sure everything is progressing as it should they’re told she’s having twins. Nesta looks from herself, to Cassian, to her slightly swelling belly in abject horror. Nesta is fairly delicately built, she’s slim and slender, she has a dancer’s body. Cassian meanwhile is, well, ‘hulking’ when she’s feeling generous ‘fukcing enormous’ when she’s not. And she has to carry not one but two of his monster children at the same time??? 

Cassian does worry about her a few times during the pregnancy because it does take quite the toll on her. But Nesta is very resolute and she gets through this pregnancy like a trooper. Sadly things don’t really improve as she gets further on. 

She does get over the morning sickness, that eventually stops. And the mood swings settle, she ends up being ‘completely and utterly infuriated with everything’ as a constant default setting, that’s okay. Most unfortunately she also starts getting big and monstrously uncomfortable. And she pitches very rapidly from ‘I am not an invalid Cassian don’t you dare try and help me’ to ‘Cassian I am carrying your monster children over here the least you can do is help me????’ Cassian is up and down like a yo-yo with her but he’s literally never been more hearteyes over her in his entire life. The angrier she gets the more he falls in love because look how much his lady is going through to bring his gorgeous babies into the world. Appreciate her dammit. 

Babies are also incredibly active. They move around a lot. They kick a lot (to Cassian’s complete and utter delight and Nesta’s complete and utter it’s three o’clock in the morning stop moving) and by like seven or eight months Nesta is just like…I’m never doing this again. If you want more kids you can have them. I don’t think that’s how it works sweet- *death ray glare* I will have them, I will have all of the future children I promise. 

I feel like Nesta goes into labour at like…the worst time ever. I also feel like she’s early and she goes into complete and utter denial about it. She’s a couple of weeks out and Cass gets pulled away for some discipline issues in the camps and she shoos him away because it’s fine, I’m not due for three weeks, go.  

Cassian goes. Nesta decides that she’s not letting a little thing like pregnancy and common sense stop her enjoying herself so she goes out to lunch with the ladies. Her contractions start at the table just as they’re about to have tea and she just oh no, no you don’t, you can just damn well wait so you can, I’m not ready, your father isn’t here, don’t you pull this shit with me. Elain tries to reassure her that she might just be having a few practice contractions, she’s had them sometimes, it’ll be fine. 

One minute and a smashed teacup later and things are decidedly not fine. Her water has broken and Elain is rolling up her sleeves and announcing that they’re just going to have to accept and deal with this situation. Nesta is flatly informing her that no, no they will not she’s just going to get these children told and they’re going to stay put so they are. She is their mother, they will listen to her. 

Elain has already taken charge of the situation as she is, at this point, a dab hand at pregnancy and labour and well aware that babies wait for no-one. When they’re ready, they’re ready. Feyre is ordered into helping find her pillows and towels to keep Nesta comfortable (I am not having my children in the back room of a teashop Elain!) meanwhile Mor is dispatched to winnow through every single war camp until she finds Cassian and then she is to bring him here immediately, Elain doesn’t care what he’s doing. (People don’t argue with Elain when she uses That Voice, they just don’t) 

Elain makes a lot of polite apologies to the rather frazzled shop owner and Feyre pulls the High Lady card to clear the little shop and give them space, then she sends for a healer. Elain meanwhile is calmly telling them that they’re probably going to have to deliver them here, you know, things are progressing quite quickly. Feyre and Nesta are both a bit kind of !!! at this point and how can you be this relaxed?? But this is what Elain excels at, really. 

Nesta does have a bit of a panic because by this point Elain has very decidedly coaxed her out of her leggings, onto a comfortable position on the floor and things have started to get mighty painful. She squishes Feyre’s hand and curses Cassian a lot but she can only keep up the act so long because then it sinks in. She’s giving birth to her first child and her mate isn’t here and she’s scared

Elain keeps her as calm as possible, holding her hand and stroking her hair and sponging her forehead with a damp cloth. And at the same time growling at Feyre to contact Mor and tell her to hurry up. Cassian does manage to appear just in time looking very frazzled with an irked Mor at his side. 

He just dives into this tiny little tea shop knocking tables aside in his agitation to get to his mate. Nesta has quite a mixed response at seeing him. Half of her sort of, bursts into very relieved tears at the sight of him hurrying towards her. The other half growls furiously at him and starts demanding to know where he was and why he left her like this and she’s in labour and he wasn’t here and and and- both at the same time so it’s a bit of a mess. 

Nesta does manage to decide (and communicate) that she wants Cassian to be beside her for this. Feyre moves away and gives Cass her spot beside her while Elain continues her measured instructions on what to do, as though she delivers her sister’s babies every day, it’s no big deal really.

 Cassian gets his hand very, very soundly crushed by Nesta (and he does not object to this in the slightest, whatever helps you sweetheart) because this hurts and it’s entirely his fault. A)- for knocking her up in the first place and B)- for bestowing his sense of atrocious yet highly dramatic timing on their children. Cassian just strokes back her hair and nods and agrees with every curse filled assessment of him in between squeezing her hand and telling her how proud of her he is.  

Baby one is born without any great drama (besides the whole tea shop late father thing) and Nesta takes one look at her and decides that this was all worth it, all of it, it really was….Then ten seconds later the other one starts to painfully makes its way into the world and she goes right back to nope, this was a terrible idea and we are never doing it again. Then the second one is born too and she’s changing her mind again because they’re so beautiful, Cass, they’re perfect. 

All in, Nesta delivers two babies in under two hours and she’s completely and utterly exhausted by the end of it. Cassian gets very, very weepy when they present him with his daughters and is fairly convinced he’s never going to be able to use his left hand ever again but it’s completely and utterly worth it. His mate is incredible, his daughters are incredible and he’s just…so grateful for it all. 

The inner circle arrive (Az coaxed out of hiding now that the danger of terrifying Nesta has more or less passed) and help get the little tea shop put back together and Nesta and her bubbas safely moved back home where they can be more comfortable. Everyone comes to visit and hold them and gush over them because they’re very adorable. Realising Nesta is completely knackered, Cassian gently shoos everyone off after a couple of hours to give them some peace. 

Nesta flatly informs him once they’re alone that she never plans to sleep again, she has to keep watch over her babies, make sure they’re all right. Cassian presses a soft kiss to her forehead and very gently scoops the one she had been holding against her into his arms. He balances the two of them, one tucked in the crook of each arm, perfectly peaceful, and tells her to sleep, he can watch over all three of them. 

10 favorite people from 10 different fandoms

I was tagged by @bobsfluffyhair weeks ago, thank you!

rules: list ten of your favorite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people!

I tried to list also the character’s reaction to my confession. Did I succeed? See for yourself! :)

1) Bellamy Blake, The 100

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He’s the best, but he wouldn’t believe me. *le sigh*

2) Mieczysław Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf

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Pretty obvious, this one. Sarcastic little dork.

3) Felicity Smoak, The Arrow

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She’s so smart and so beautiful!

4) Betty Cooper, Riverdale

Originally posted by riverdates

I guess I have a thing for smart ladies. Also she’s such a cutie I can’t.

5) Effy Stonem, Skins

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Troubled little one. We all loved her back in the day.

6) Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

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He brings me so much joy. I aspire to be this sassy.

7) Ron Weasley, Harry Potter series

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He’s so underrated. Wouldn’t believe me either.

8) Legolas, LOTR series

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Don’t look so shocked babe.

9) Sarah Manning, Orphan Black

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Expected it to be Cosima? Guess what: Sarah is the mastermind. Bonus: her style is on point.

10) Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games series

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Surprise, surprise. Katniss is done because she’s everyone’s favorite.

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You got any Headcanons about Lucius and Draco (like joint ones I mean?)

oooh yes

  • lucius spoiled draco rotton when he was little
  • like when draco was little lucius was the “cool” parent because he gave him literally whatever he wanted. narcissa was the strict one
  • draco had him wrapped around his finger
  • lucius would be trying to do some kind of work and cute little draco would come running in
  • “daddy play a game with me!”
  • and lucius would look down at his work and sigh before getting up with a smile and scooping a giggling draco up into his arms
  • and he plays all the games draco wants while narcissa just watches and shakes her head
  • and when narcissa says something to him he’s like “narcissa i cant say no! how could you ever say no to that pouting face”
  • draco followed lucius around because he wanted to be just like him
  • they would go to quidditch games together
  • lucius helped draco with his schoolwork 
  • lucius taught draco how to fly
  • lucius literally loves draco so much and anyone who says otherwise is wrong
On HalluciGen, Inc. (and why I wish Bethesda had done more with it)

[Warning: Spoilers for HalluciGen, Inc. and Vault 108 in FO3.]

This is something that has been bothering me for a while now, and I feel that I’m not being entirely unreasonable here.

When I first heard about HalluciGen in Fallout 4, I got excited. I found two notes. One was a flyer titled “Help Wanted!”, which talked about HalluciGen, Inc. looking for volunteers to help test “non-lethal police and military technology”. Knowing Fallout’s affinity for wacky science gone wrong, I was intrigued. 

Pretty much right next to the flyer was a dead Gunner. Now I don’t remember if the note was on the Gunner’s corpse or if it way lying next to him, but it was most likely his. It was talking about a mission objective to retrieve military technology from HalluciGen, Inc. for a well-paying customer, and mentioned something called “InvisiWave” and “Irradicator” weapons.

So now I knew that there was a location that had a bunch  of interesting events going on, possibly even new or unique weapons, marked right on my map.  

Now even if you don’t find any of these notes you can still get a quest from Fred Allan, the local drug dealer in the Rexford Hotel in Goodneighbor. If you ask him for work he will tell you that he heard about some chemical that was stored in HalluciGen and asks you to get one canister of that chemical so he can examine it.

So Bethesda gave us three different instances to build up HalluciGen, Inc. and for me it worked. I wanted to go there and see what the fuss is about. (Besides, how can you not investigate a place called HalluciGen, Inc.? That name is just asking for trouble.)

Once you get there, the front of the building is littered with dead Gunners. Again, very ominous. 

And then I opened the door, and the inside looks like this:

Notice how the floor is covered in ominous green fog. If you have a companion with you, chances are they’ll cough a bunch and worry about breathing the stuff in.

Almost immediately you can hear the Gunners that are in the building. But…something is clearly wrong with them. They will laugh maniacally, talk to people that aren’t there, chant things like “kill kill kill” or “Bugs! Bugs bugs bugs!”

At this point it’s quite obvious that whatever this gas is that’s filling the building, it’s bad.

I thought “AWESOME! Maybe the gas will cause my character to Hallucinate as well? Maybe I need a gas mask?”

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda screwed with our minds, right? Remember Vault 108 in Fallout 3? That too had an incident which released a psychoactive gas into the air, causing your character to hallucinate.

Like here, where your character sees their dad (who is missing) walk around the vault. Only there is…about three of him:

Even the terminal entries you could find would start messing with you:

It was creepy, and unnerving…and so, so cool.

So now I was in HalluciGen, Inc. literally standing ankle deep in a mysterious, clearly hallucinogenic green gas, without a gas mask or even a bandana or anything to protect my character from breathing it in. Surrounded by Gunners who had themselves gone completely nuts thanks to this gas.

And in my head I was thinking of all the exciting ways this could play out:

  •  What if some of the enemies started looking like your companions/ your late spouse/ NPCs from locations you have discovered (like Mayor McDonough or Ellie if you’ve been to Diamond City, or Daisy, K-LE-0 or Fahrenheit if you’ve been to Goodneighbor)?
  • What if some of the Gunners you find would turn out to be hallucinations, disappearing once you hit them?
  • What if suddenly you were attacked by giant molerats, or a tiny deathclaw, or other enemy creatures whose size or color would not make sense?
  • How about non-hostile hallucinations, like bugs crawling over the walls (hence the occasional Gunner chanting “Bugs! Bugs bugs bugs!”)? A room suddenly filled with idle housecats (Gunners saying “Here, kitty kitty kitty!”)?
  • Objects or noises that don’t belong (like a crib, or a lullaby playing in the background? An announcer talking directly to you, GLaDOS style?)
  • You gun suddenly shooting with Teddy bears instead of ammo? Melee weapons making squeaky noises, or screaming at you when you hit something?

My point is, there were a million ways Bethesda could have messed with our heads while trying to navigate the building and fix the gas leak. It could have been one of the more interesting side missions/locations in the game. they’ve done stuff like this before, after all.

And what did I get?

You shoot/hack your way through a bunch of crazed Gunners, kill a Gunner Commander at the end, pick up some nice loot plus a Gas Canister for Fred Allen and fuck off again.

That’s it.

They didn’t do anything with the gas leak that affects your character.

And the reason I’m so frustrated about that is because it’s such a big fat waste of potential. Because Bethesda has shown in the past that they are capable of doing this.

They didn’t even make it so you find a unique weapon there (in a facility that was specifically targeted by the Gunners because of suspected military tech). The InvisiWave turns out to have been a complete fraud to impress potential customers (achieved with two hacked Stealth Boys and a mirror) and the Irradicator is too large and too much of a crapshoot to be useful.

And it would have been fine if it turned out that the HalluciGen Gas was also some kind of fuck-up that didn’t work properly, but the whole building is filled with Gunners that prove otherwise.

[Note: Using the HalluciGen Gas canisters allows you to craft a special grenade that when used makes enemies attack each other; but there is only nine gas canisters you can find in total, and one of them has to be given to Fred Allen to complete his quest. So…not exactly a big win.]

Why isn’t my character influenced by the gas? They weren’t wearing any special headgear or even just a regular gas mask. How come they’re immune to it’s effects?

So not only is the lack of effects on the player character dissapointing, it’s immersion breaking (at least it was for me).

Bottom line: I was really let down by the events at HalluciGen, Inc. and I sincerely wish Bethesda had done more with the potential this quest could have had.

Football Jersey

a/n: i really needed a dom!luke smut but without daddy kink so i hope you enjoy!

Much Love!


My pen dragged along the last set of words before the clock strikes 3:00. The annoying sound of the announcers came on, making everyone sigh in relief and drop everything they’re doing. “Good afternoon students, tonight we have our rival game tonight, make sure if you want a jersey to go to the auction after school.” Mr. Arthur spoke.

I laughed lightly seeing all the girls whisper about which jersey they would spent an enormous amount of money on. I swung my backpack around my shoulders and walked to my locker. I exchanged my binders to the ones that I needed, when someone tapped my shoulder. “Hi baby girl, how was your day?” I turn and see Luke smiling flashing his pearly whites.

“It was alright, I think I failed our chemistry quiz.” I sighed. Luke grabbed my hand, “I’m sure you aced it.” I smiled, closing my locker and intertwined our fingers. “You ready for the game tonight baby?” I asked, sliding into the passenger seat of his black Mercedes. “Is that even a question? You know I’ve been looking forward to this.” Luke chuckles.


Luke’s jersey swallowed my figure as I walked to the student section, trying to find someone I knew. I found Luna and Ashton which made me sigh in relief that I actually knew someone. “Hey you finally made it!” Luna said giving my a quick hug. “Yeah, I went home with Luke today so I kinda had a lot to do.” I laughed. “Oh god, Y/N why do you always say that when we both know that you guys fuck every Friday after school.” Ashton teased. “Shut up Ashton, you do two do it too.” I crossed me arms.

The game started out with Luke scoring the first goal, then second, and on and on. It was finally half time and Luke always had me calm him down even if he was okay. He just liked my support which I understand. I walked down onto the field, and I herd whistles and I knew all too well who it was. “Damn Y/N, did you get hotter over the summer?” Michael chuckled. “Who knows. I could of or you just haven’t seen you in a while. Now, I have somewhere be.” I scoffed.  

“More like someone to please.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and when I walked away I could feel his eyes on me. My eyes met with Luke’s dark blue ones. “I don’t fucking like you talking to that Clifford guy.” Luke huffs pulling my hips toward him. “I know, I don’t do it on purpose he just you know how he is.” I sighed. “You’re in my football jersey, nobody else. You’re fucking mine and I’ll show you that.” He growls.

I smile rolling my eyes, “Hey I’m suppose to be giving you advice! That’s why I came down here. Now go kick ass, and then show me how much I’m yours.” I giggled. Luke winks at me before quickly pressing a kiss to my neck. “Go on back now baby girl, go on go.” He pats my bum towards the crowd. I smiled and returned to my spot.


The game got more physical than I thought. It started out with Michael shoving Luke, then Luke shoving Michael and punching him so they both got ejected from the game. I could see Michael smirking at me on the side lines and Luke giving him a dark look like he was going to kill him. After they were done with their little chit chats, I saw Luke’s face burn with rage.

“Hey, don’t get-” I was cut off my Luke’s lip roughly attached to mine. “You have no idea how much I wanna fuck you right now.” Luke growled biting down on my lip. I whined pulling back, “Luke we’re in the middle of the field.” He grabbed my hips and roughly picked me up carrying to the storage shed. “I don’t have time to wait, you’re little interaction with Michael set me off. I don’t like seeing my girl wearing my jersey and talk to someone on that goddamn team.” Luke said, biting down on my neck.

A whine came out of my throat as Luke’s hand tampered with my jeans. “Luke please,” I begged. His finger was positioned at my entrance before he pushed the finger in, his eyes trained on my face as he held it still, forcing a whimper from me. “Who’s the only person who can make you feel so good?” He asked, pulling his finger out slightly and then stilling once again.

“Luke, you… Please.” I hardly managed to mumble, but these almost inaudible words seemed to be enough to satisfy Luke – maybe because he himself was starting to become tired of the teasing – and he pushed his finger fully into me, curling it and finding my g-spot as he relentlessly pumped it in and out of me.

“Fucking hell, Luke.” I moaned, which urged him to add another finger. “Are you gonna come for me?” He mumbled, the vibrations and warm breath against my core resulting in my toes curling and white dots clouding the corners of my vision. I started to come down from the intense state of pleasure that he had caused me he brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking on them lightly before licking his lips.

He cheekily smiled at me as I eyed the prominent bulge that made his shorts look increasingly. “Are you ready, baby?” The tip of his dick moved quickly against my folds before he began to push into me. “Holy fuck.” His hands situated themselves on my hips as he started to thrust in and out of me, his pace quickening almost immediately.

“Y/N, you feel so fucking good.” He breathily mumbled. He relentlessly pounded into me releasing his anger yet proving to me how much he treasured me and wanted you to remain his – and only his. “I can’t last much longer. Shit, I want to watch you when I make you come again.” He pulled out of me, my body trembling with the loss of contact and pleading for his touch again.

“I fucking love you.” His lips crashed onto mine in a frenzy of passion and lust – although only momentarily. He hastily lined himself up at my entrance once more, quickly thrusting into me, stretching me by the most pleasurable amount as he sloppily attempted to find some kind of rhythm. His deep thrusts persistently hit my g-spot as his hand moved to messily rubbing figure eights on my clit as I reached my final high of the night.

“Luke I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. “Go on, I want everyone to know who you belong to.” He moaned. “Fuck, you Luke.” I whimpered my chest moved quickly as I came. “That’s my girl.” Luke moaned, coming close to his high. He soon released his high, kissing me lightly. “God I love you, I’m so glad you’re mine.” He whispered. “Thats why I wear your jersey.” I mumbled against his neck.

philosophium  asked:

prompt: kandreil and someone getting hurt (like physically, like during a game or something idk)

I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT THIS UNANSWERED FOR SO LONG by the way you are kind of like one of my favorite writers can i just say. your hcs give me life 

  • so get this: kandreil has been well-established for at least over a month. one of them can never be seen without one or the other or both
  • andrew is the least carefree among the three of them aka he is the biggest worrywart of The Century
  • he can’t get past the mentality that neil will get murdered because the midget’s a goddamn murder magnet
  • “Kevin, you’ll have to trail Josten all the time if I can’t be there to do it, or he’ll get himself murdered the moment we both leave him.” 
  • “You know, both of you could at least trust me to walk to class alone.”
  • “If I had it my way Neil, I wouldn’t burst a vein over you either. Come on, I’ll walk you so that Andrew will shut the fuck up.”
  • kevin, while being less worried in general, goes along with the set-up because he and andrew have this weird mentality that neil is the most fragile bean ever
  • (with him paying a guy $100 to knock him out back all those months ago, you’d think neil’s already attained Hardcore Status, but NO)
  • renee thinks the whole thing is very adorable but also suggested she teach neil how to fight
  • andrew immediately soured the first time renee mentioned this and said something along the lines of no one will so much as harm a strand of neil’s hair because i’ll end the life of whoever does
  • kevin’s face stoned at the idea of neil fighting because he’s a striker renee, he needs his fucking hands 
  • anyways, in the biggest plot twist ever, it is andrew that gets hurt first. damn

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watching critical role is really making me wanna put together an intense long-running campaign that starts with the PCs as level 1 (or possibly even level 0) and then follows them through as they gain more experience and become more powerful up to high levels like 12+

i mean this has ALWAYS been an ambition of mine but critical role has made the urge stronger than ever because it looks like they’re all having so much fun doing it.

i’ve never GM'ed a game that went higher than about level 7 before and i’d be really interested in seeing what can happen to a group over a really long period of learning and growing

i’d also love to learn how to write a story that has natural connections between a lot of arcs/threads so that the players are invested in an eventual big bad

except i don’t even know where i’ll be in two years



“(BN).” You whined in the phone. You hear him laugh.

“Yes?” He said and you sighed laying down on your bed.

“So you’re really not going to get me a milkshake from our favorite place?”

“Nope. What do you take me for?”

“My best friend that loves me very much!”

“I don’t love you that much.” He says laughing which makes you sigh again.

“It’s on the way to my house.” You say smiling really big and he laughs again.

“I just got out of work.”

“Which is why you should come over….. We can watch movies or play video games…” You say trying to get him to come over.

“I’m so comfortable on my bed right now.”

“Fine.” You sighed again until you hear something. “Are you in the car?” You ask and you hear shuffling in the background.

“No….” He says and you laugh.

“Yes you are! I just heard the car door slam.” You hear him sigh.

“I told you I’m at home laying on my bed.”

“Sure.” You say.

“You didn’t finish your story about work.” He says to change the subject. You give in and start talking about what happened at work.

“So you know Gina?….”


“I don’t know. I want to quit but….” You sigh heavily and fall onto your pillows.

“But what?” He asks and you hear another noise.

“I don’t know…what are you doing over there? I keep hearing noises and usually when you’re in bed talking to me I never hear a car door slam shut.” You hear him laugh and a noise outside your window.

“Come open the door.” He says. You hang up and run towards the door. You open it to him standing there with two milkshakes and a bag of chips. You lightly smack him and laugh. “Do you know how hard it is to order a milkshake and try for you not to hear anything at the same time? I had to keep muting myself.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” He makes a face scrunching his face.

“Why would I when I could mess with you.” He says sticking out his tongue. You laugh and let him inside.

“I hate you. But thank you.” You say smiling really big following him to your living room.

ghostingoverthekeys  asked:

How about persephone, demeter, and Echo for the Greek asks? Have a lovely day c:

jdsfhlh HI GHOSTIE <3 only for u love ;)

Persephone: what’s your favorite season?

Fall. By far. We don’t really even *get* fall in Houston, but I love areas where the leaves turn all kinds of different colors. It looks like a beautiful dream. *wistful sigh*

Demeter: do you enjoy nature?

Very much so, even if she can be fickle. She has lovely moments. The moments of great power are just as awe-striking, but much more preferable inside the safety of my house haha. Bugs are gross but I would face them if it meant experiencing nature in her finest.

Echo: what’s something you can’t stop talking about?

Well I answered this already, but another thing I love talking about are animals. They’re so amazing & people really underestimate how intelligent they can be. Cats and dogs are obviously favorites of mine, but horses, dolphins, elephants, and many others also have special places in my heart!

Greek mythology asks

  • Someone: so what did you think of Fallout 4?
  • Me: Fallout 4 was ok but holy shit did you ever play Fallout New Vegas? New Vegas was so much better!! Do you want to hear about how good New Vegas was? Because it was SO good, you have no idea.
  • -sighs and looks wistfully into the distance- Man... New Vegas. Now that was a wonderful game.
--- Me Or Her? [feat. J-Hope, angst]

Part 1(?)—

when he’s dating you, but likes another girl. He leaves you for the girl at the the end, but didn’t know the girl was playing another game. 

“Hey, jagiya, are you still mad?” Hoseok asked, pouting while hugging you by the back tightly. You sigh softly, knowing that you couldn’t be mad at him for so long. “No, I’m not,” you replied bluntly, giving a slight smile. “You know she doesn’t mean anything right? Ye-Eun’s only a best-friend of mine.”

“Yes, okay, I know. I’m sorry I overreacted,” you muttered, facing him, cupping his cheeks. “I love you so much, Hoseok, if you leave me I don’t know what to do,” you confessed, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks. “I love you too, my darling,” he replied– but it sounded forced, or fake, you didn’t know. “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.”

You nodded, kissing his lips passionately– and just like that, you let them pass just like that. 


Too bad you were so blind in-love to notice he was lying. You gave a glance at his phone while he was showering, and it was Ye-Eun. At first, you weren’t really jealous nor mad nor sad, because you remembered his words, “There’s nothing you should be jealous of Ye-Eun, there’s obviously a big difference between you and her.” but her message—-

Ye Eun 

7:13 PM

— hey, Hoseok <33 sorry, I’ll go late for our movie date! Y’Know, my cousin’s here. Just wait for me, and don’t tell your girlfriend ;)

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Jimin Smut Scenario

This is my first bts smut so I hope you like it :)

As you finally got off work you looked at your phone and saw 4 missed calls and 7 text messages from your boyfriend saying he misses you and when will you be home from work. You sigh because you know how busy he is and how much he just wants to cuddle with you. You do miss him a lot though so you rush packing your bag and head straight home.

You and Jimin finally got a house together so you just love coming home seeing jimin in the little den room playing video games. You open your front door saying, “Jimin I’m homeee” in that cute little voice he loves. He wasn’t in the den as you were hoping so you put your car keys on this end table and throw your bag on the floor searching all the rooms downstairs. Until you saw Jimin laying down on your little couch sleeping away, with his shoes off and suit still on. You kneel in front of him just to admire his cute sleeping face. He just came back from a photoshoot that took all day and night.

You started to play with his hair and you can see a little grin forming on his face. “____, you’re finally home” with a little whisper. His arms reach out to grab you and he pulls you close as he burries his face in the crook of your neck. You whisper in his ear saying, “you missed me huh babe” and Jimin slowly sat up and opened his eyes saying, “of course” and pulled you in close to him. You stood up and just before you can say anything Jimin pulled the waistline of your skirt closer to him and set his face on your lower stomah saying, “I missed you so much.. like way too much, I thought I would die” he slowy put his cold hands under the sides of you shirt causing you to make a little gasping noise. With his eyes barely opened he stands up slowly as his body glides on yours and kisses you still having his hands in your shirt. He tugs on your waistline mutiple times causing your body to bump his and it turns you on so much. You let out a little moan inbetween the kiss and you can feel a smirk coming across his face. “You like that huh ____” And begins to suck on your bottom lip.

He slowly makes his way down to your neck and kissed it softly then sloppy. You let out a moan and he started to slowly sit back on the couch not letting you go or breaking the kiss. you sat on his lap still making out. You can feel his buldge right on your pussy since you were wearing a skirt. The only thinf seperating it was your underwear. You started to slowly grind your hips enjoying his moans and how tense he was getting. “Fuck, keep grinding like that” He said as you started to grind harder on him, feeling his buldge harden each time. He grabbed your hips and pushed down hard on his lap and started to move slowly. He started to kiss your neck sloppily leaving you little purple love bites. He grabbed the bottom of your legs an stood up walking to the room. “You’re turning me on so much ____ I cant wait any longer” 

He slowly puts you down on your bed and crawls on top stroking one hand on your pussy and the other fondlin your boob from under your shirt. He takes your shirt of slowly kissing every skin part showing and then fiddles his hand on your back unclipping your bra and throwing it on the floor. He sucked on your left boob and gropped the other switching off while still rubbing your pussy viciously. Damn Jimin knew how to make you feel good. He look up at your face and smirks saying, “You’re already so wet” 

He crawls up to your face gently kissing your lips as you reach down to feel his memeber. It was already so hard as you stroked it through his pants. Getting moans each time from him whenever you stroke it. He sits up and grabs your hand “You want me to cum already?” And smirks as he takes your skirt and underwear off at the same time. He bites his bottom lip just admiring your body with those lust filled eyes. He stood up and loosened his tie and took it off along with his button up shirt and took his pants and boxers off and then leans back on you saying “I cant wait any longer” as he bites your bottom lip and sits up to position himself. He strokes his member up and down on your pussy just getting you even wetter. He put his tip in and out and then all at once slams into you “UGH JIMIN-” His pace is fast right away and he is gripping your waist so tightly “Fuck your pussy is so tight” He says as his strokes become long and hard. He leaned down on your body and put his head in the crook of your neck, “Yell my name ____” he whispers in your ear,  you scream/moan out Jimins name over and over again arching your back. “Ugh ugh ughhh fuck call my name” You moan “Jimin!” as he comes into your pussy slowly still fucking you. He took his finger and wiped the remaing off his dick and slowly put it in your mouth making you deep throat his finger “fuck your so hot when you do that” 

He grabs his boxers and throws you one of his shirts and lays down with his arms open saying “Cuddle with me babe” You throw his shirt on and some panties and lay down on his chest as he kisses your forehead and you both drift off to sleep.

:) Hope you liked it! Please leave me messages or feedback! I’d really appreciate it my loves! thanks for reading!! Saranghae