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Night fell around Vetra, but she was too absorbed in her work to notice. Hushed “good nights” were exchanged, the lights dimmed, the only sound that remained was the white noise of the drive core adjacent to her. Yet her head remained bowed over her terminal, her fingers frantically working.

She was so occupied, she jumped out of her seat when her omni-tool dinged at a late hour with a message from Ryder.


You still up? Want to show you something.


She smiled at the use of Ryder’s first name. Charlie was informal at the best of times, but around everyone other than Vetra, she preferred the use of her surname. The use of her first name was like a gift to Vetra.

Me? Sleep?


Charlie’s next message arrived so quickly, Vetra wondered if Ryder had known Vetra was up already.

Meet me at my quarters when you’re ready.


Immediately, Vetra closed her terminal, her work suddenly feeling unimportant, and departed for the Pathfinder’s Quarters.

In the short time since they had become… whatever they were – girlfriends, maybe? – Vetra had never been to Charlie’s quarters, and the thought of entering such a mysterious space thrilled her. 

Truthfully, everything about Charlie thrilled her. But over the years Vetra had become a master of creating a veneer of calm, so with a deep breath, she school her expression into neutrality and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

The door whisked open, and Vetra was faced with chaos.

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  • Matteusz: I woke up every morning thinking about How much I love Charlie. Now I wake up every morning sighing and wondering how my suicidal boyfriend is going to try to sacrifice himself today. He picked up and held onto a dangerous rock. Maybe he will find a deadly flower and wear it in his hair for a whole day. He couldn't wait to die and be trapped in the cabinet, maybe he will just find an oven and shove himself into it and ask ME to turn it up to 400 degrees. I just don't fuckin know with this guy anymore he is really stressing me out.
  • Quill: Okay that is the last time I will ever ask how your doing.
Angel Heart 10.20 Missing Scene

In which Dean and Cas go to Hot Topic to get a present for their pseudo-daughter; Dean pines; there is Supernatural merchandise; and Dean takes a risk and reaches out for Cas.

“It’s Claire’s birthday,” Cas says abruptly. When Dean turns to look over at him in the passenger’s seat, he sees that Cas is fidgeting a little, fingers tapping against his knees. He’s staring out the window, profile lit up by the passing street lamps. The yellow glow catches on the sharp point of his nose, the plush curve of his lips, collects in the little furrow between his brows. Dean stares longer than he means to. Then, coming back to himself with a shake, he clears his throat and turns his attention to the road.

“Huh,” he says. “She’s turning, what, eighteen?” Cas nods. “So, uh. Got any plans? Gonna get her an ice cream cake and a piñata?” Dean jokes.

There’s a rustle of fabric as Cas turns to look at him. “Is that customary?” he asks after a moment. “An … ice cream cake and a Mexican craft filled with candy?”

“I guess,” Dean says. “You string up the piñata and give the kids a blindfold and hand ‘em a bat and—” he raises his fist for emphasis—“let ‘em at it.”

“That sounds.” Cas hesitates. “Violent.”

“Dude, it’s a game,” Dean says. “And it’s friggin’ hilarious, kids falling all over themselves trying to hit the damn thing.” He chuckles a little, remembering the frustration on Ben’s face as he’d swung wildly, missing the piñata. He’d complained he was too old for that sort of thing before the party had started in earnest, but he’d thrown himself at it with unabashed glee when it came time for the piñata. Dean and Lisa and all of Lisa’s friends had looked on, amused, as the kids egged Ben on, shouting at him to turn a little to the left or a little to the right.

Dean’s chuckle dies in his throat.

“It’s my understanding,” Cas is saying hesitantly, “that there’s a tradition of, um. Giving gifts on birthdays, in American culture.”

Dean raises his eyebrows and looks over at Cas out of the corner of his eye. Cas is staring straight ahead. In the dark, Dean can’t really tell, but he thinks Cas might be blushing. “You wanna buy her a birthday present?” Dean asks.

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