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Callie whined slightly, dropping onto the couch beside her wife as the blonde picked up the remote and flicked on the TV. Supper was cleaned up, Sofia was in bed, and like every other Thursday night since the start of their relationship, Arizona was eagerly awaiting the new episode of her favourite show. It was Callie’s favourite show too – or it had been (it really still was, she just wouldn’t admit it) – and it was one of the first things they’d bonded over while dating, but after the previous season the brunette was stubbornly mad at the fictional characters and the people who wrote the show, and she complained about it every single week they turned it on.

“Why are we still watching this show? Seriously. These are hours of our lives that we’re never getting back.”

Arizona scrolled through the PVR menu and clicked on the newest episode of the medical drama from earlier that night, shifting her legs onto the couch so she could lean into Callie’s side.

“Because it’s still good! We’re too invested, we can’t quit now.”

“I still can’t forgive them for what they did.”

“We just have to keep watching. They’re meant for each other, Calliope. They have to end up together.”

Arizona hit play and snuggled contently into her wife’s side, and with only the slightest sigh of defeat, Callie wrapped her arm around the smaller woman and pulled the fleece throw over them.

“The actress is gone!”

“They’re still meant for each other. Be quiet – she’ll be back.”

The familiar voice of the narration sounded from the television set and Arizona was immediately riveted…and as much as she hated it, Callie found that she was too. She just couldn’t quit this show.

“…she has to come back, right?” Callie smiled as her favourite character appeared on screen, the remaining half of the perfect lovestruck duo they’d been rooting for for years (unsurprisingly, a blonde who looked strikingly similar to the one beside her), and then frowned slightly, “I mean…ugghh." 

Grumbling as the new "love interest” made an entrance seconds later, the brunette waved her hand toward the screen – fully engrossed in the story line already.

“She’s so not a replacement. I don’t buy it. Never will.”

“Of course not,” Arizona scoffed, “temporary distraction at best. You can imitate, but you can’t duplicate.”

Callie arched an eyebrow slightly, glancing down at her own blonde in amusement.

“Did you get that off her Twitter?”


“And I worry about Sofia online.”


Hushing the other woman, Arizona curled a hand around Callie’s thigh under the blanket. She couldn’t help how much she loved this show, she really couldn’t. The medical component was so over-the-top sometimes, and the personal drama between characters was getting ridiculous, but damn it – it had a hold on her.

A commercial for Subaru came on a moment later and Callie sighed, picking up the remote to skip through.

“I just miss them so much. They remind me of us.”

“They remind me of us too.”

Arizona glanced up, smiling as she tilted her head to capture Callie’s lips in a kiss.

“That’s why I know they’ll get back together. Made. For. Each. Other.”

Callie sighed happily into the kiss, hitting play again as she nuzzled her nose into blonde hair and turned toward the TV.

“Thank god our lives weren’t this dramatic, though.”



Homesick (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Summary: anon request: Hiiiii, I absolutely love your writing, do you think you can do something were the reader is sad about something and so Jim tries to cheer her up?

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: none

A/n: just fyi this photo exists, and those really are family traditions. Apologies for the UK centric things described it’s all I know.

Words: 743

You stared at the photo in front of you. It was a photo of the last Christmas Day you spent on Earth before being assigned to the Enterprise for the 5 year mission. In it, you were stood alongside your mum, dad, and brother laughing at a joke your brother had told just before the flash went off. As much as you loved your job, your family meant everything to you and you missed them terribly. You felt a tear slip down your cheek and you let it fall.

A sudden burst of noise from the corridor indicated the opening of the door to your quarters. You felt the bed dip next you, and pair of warm arms wrap around you. The visitor said nothing as you collapsed into them and let out all the tears you had been resisting. As the sobs began to subside, you felt a hand stroking your hair, and a gentle kiss was placed on the top of your head. Taking a deep breath you released your grip on the photo - placing it on the bedside cabinet - before sighing and returning to the yellow clad arms which comforted you quietly.

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Title: Tidal Waves 

 Summary: Stan and Ford sail to the Pacific to take Dipper and Mabel on a little summer trip. It can be an interesting, spending a few months on rough waters.

 Chapter: 1/?

Words: 1,061

 (AO3) (

 A/N: I long for some Pines family fluff. This story is something I’ve been planning for a while and I hope it does well! Here’s the first chapter.. 

 Stan isn’t what one would call an early riser. 

But as the ocean’s waters shift and contort restlessly, and the gulls chant their dismay toward the furious breeze, he groans.

 Unfortunately for him, Ford has developed a habit of awakening at ungodly hours for the past week, dragging the whole world with him in the process, and this fine morning is no different. 

 It’s an added insult to injury. Stan jolts awake as the other end of the mattress dips, and releases a disturbing squeeekk, followed by the sound of Ford’s heavy footsteps, and eventually, some clanks and clatters several feet away. 

 "Do you mind?“ Stan mumbles, "Some people are are trying to sleep here.”

 "Sorry, I’m trying t-“

 "Scare the dolphins away!?" 

 "I didn’t mean to wake you up, I just like to get up early and get stuff going.” Ford exclaims. 

 "Obviously. I don’t know how you function without sleep. It’s too early for this.“

 Stan burrows himself in the comforter and attempts to block out any disturbances.

 "Are you gonna research the effects of insomnia?” He mumbles. 

“No,” Ford replies,“ I’m actually trying to see how much more food and other essentials we can stock here.”

 "You think we’re running out?“ 

 "Not yet, but we will with two more people staying with…” Ford pauses rapidly, “it’s not important. I was just curious. We may need a little extra just to be safe.”

 An awkward silence ensues.

 Stan is beginning to wonder if Ford’s lack of sleep has taken an actual toll.

“Come back to bed and relax poindexter, you’re delirious.”

 "I am not,“ Ford grumbles, ” you just go back to bed while I uh-research. Anyway, we should be heading toward Panama. We’ll stop there to get a few things.“

He disappears to the deck, leaving Stan a tad bewildered, but none the less, exhausted. 


 “You’re saying we can sail with you guys?” Dipper asks.

“For three whole months!?” Mabel cheers. 

The teens sound absolutely dumbfounded, and Ford feels jittery just talking to the twins about this.

 "Yes, as long as your parents agree,“ He responds quietly, worried the twins’ voices may be caught by Stan, and muffles one end of the payphone with his palm,” if they allow it, you two will be able to see Stan and I this summer.“

 Just in time, Stan’s incessant footsteps draw close.

 "Remember, this is a surprise for Stan. He doesn’t know about my plan. I’m sure your parents won’t mind, but until we know for sure, don’t say a word to him.” Ford whispers.

 "We won’t, we promise!“ Mabel exclaims. 

 "Alright, I’ll put Stan on." 

 Stan takes the payphone from Ford’s grasp and looks a bit concerned. 

 "Is this Soos? I hope he didn’t set the Shack on fire again.”

 "It’s the kids, I called them.“ 

 "Oh,” Stan stammers,“h-hey kiddos, it’s me. How are you two goobers doing?”

 "Grunkle Stan! We heard you guys were in Panama City. Is it pretty?“ Mabel responds.

 "Eh, it’s mostly just a port area, but it’s okay. The people are pretty nice, though Ford is a bit rusty on his spanish.”

 "Grunkle Stan, how long are you guys staying there?“ Dipper butts into the conversation. 

 "Only for a few hours. Ford is turning into a doomsday prepper, since he stopped to get us extra food. I mean, it’s the ocean we’re sailing on, we could survive on fish and crabs but no, he’s all paranoid I guess.”

 Stan can hear the twins giggle on the end of the line, though he doesn’t think too much into it. 

 "Anyway, are you kids doing well?" 

 "Yeah! Waddles one a pig contest at the county fair, and Dipper got straight A’s throughout the eighth grade, so he gets to go to honors classes this next year." Mabel says. 

 There is a unique pride in her voice that sends warmth through Stan’s body.

 "And our parents are doing well. They always say how great of a job you did getting us to be more outgoing.” Dipper exclaims. 

 The old man feels as if he’s going to collapse from sheer happiness right on the spot, but Ford places a hand on his shoulder and soothes him. 

 "That’s uh-that’s great! You kids sound like you’re doing great. Mr. Genius and I gotta get goin’, so you guys take care alright?“ 

 The teens say their goodbyes and Stan hangs up gently, his shoulders hunched, and his own sense of pride intense. It’s one of the best feelings in the universe, but as he turns to face his brother,something else brews within. He can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but it’s not pleasant. 


"Stan, you need to eat.” Ford insists. 

 His face boasts impatience, but it’s in the form of concern rather than annoyance. 

 "I will, I’m just..thinking.“ Stan sighs. 

 A seagull caws deviously overhead. It circles over his plate of rice and swoops down, attempting to steal any amount it can get. 

 "I guess the birds and I are eating alone tonight. What’s bothering you?” Ford says.

 "When…it’s stupid, don’t worry.“ 

 "Ignoring a problem never helped anyone.”

The men send each other a sharp glance. Stan caves in and groans.

 "When I talked to the kids earlier, I just felt so happy to hear them and hear how excited they were about things. It felt nice, but I guess-,“ He pauses, and sighs deeply, "I guess I just really miss them." 

 Ford sees the hurt on his brother’s face and longs to tell him that the twins are coming. He wants to get into a spiel about the adventures they’ll all have, but he can’t. Instead, he grabs Stan in a warm embrace and tries to reassure him. 

 "You will see them again, I promise." 

 "But when will that happen?" 

 ”…Soon.“ Ford is careful not to let more than an oblivious hint drop. He pats Stan’s shoulder, "Come on, let’s go inside. It’s too warm out on deck.”

They head inside the Stan O’ War to wind down and catch some rest. 

Nibansenji: wanna play PUBG* or OW* today..! it’s been a while since I last did..!!

Iwashi: Let’s play?

Nibansenji: Overwatch?????

Iwashi: PUBG???????????????????

Nibansenji: well, I’m on my way home now, so wait for me!

*PUBG is an abbreviation for the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, OW - for Overwatch


I miss this summer with you.

I am watching iZombie & on s02e03, Liv is listening to “Castle” by Halsey - the same song used as a lead song for The Huntsman: Winter’s War. You don’t understand!!!! Bradley’s (ex) project meets Colin’s project! I CAN’T EEEEVENNNNN *cries real tears*…(this is what happens when you’re a Brolin shipper and you just need at least something new!)