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things my friend’s new boyfriend said about her the first time i ever met him
  • “i am an old man lost [deep sigh] in the sea of love.” (he is 21)
  • (she shows off a new dress she just bought that is covered in butterflies and is prancing around the apartment) “i never thought i could like butterflies so much in my life. can i…can i please give you a kiss on the cheek? please?” (kisses her on the cheek with a resounding MWAH sound) “magnificent.”
  • “three years in texas? too much.” (emphatically points to her) “the fourth year? totally worth it.”
  • “so, i hate social media, like getting caught up in these filtered lives and shit, but with her? i just wanna take pictures of her all the time, man, and post them all over the place.”
  • he also kept whispering “oh my god” and “wow” under his breath while staring at her while she was talking to me about random stuff

So I was thinking about Viktor sitting at his bachelor party and saying to Yurio or someone “where is my fiance can I see him now”, which got me thinking about the fact that despite everyone trying to keep an eye on Viktor to make sure he stays at the party, he sneaks off at some point to show up at Yuuri’s door, a little bit drunk, throws himself at Yuuri and informs him “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”. Poor Yuuri was expecting this and just sighs, says “I know, I love you too”, tucks him into his own bed and snuggles him for the rest of the night. Probably checks to find his phone with a text from Yurio: “he snuck off to go see you didn’t he. tell him he’s an asshole and not to fuck up his wedding tmrw”. 

And they just spend the whole night clinging to each other, Viktor wrapped around him like an octopus and whispering to Yuuri all about how happy he is that he’s going to marry the man of his life, and how silly it was to celebrate their wedding by being apart, “like what is that about Yuuri? Yuuri, it’s so silly, I missed you so much”. Yuuri just pats his hair and agrees, he missed Viktor too, because they’re both gross and in love and I can’t stand it.

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So I was rewatching episode 1 after the GIANT PLOT TWIST on episode 10 and a weird (and cute) thought came into my mind.

I know that Maccachin is a lovely dog and would probably be friends to any stranger around, but after episode 10 I was imagining Victor staring at all those pics from the banquet every night and showing them to Maccachin, and sighing: “Oh, this guy, Maccachin… this guy saved my boring night. I’ve never had so much fun in a banquet like that. He is just so funny and beautiful and sexy and amazing… why doesn’t he contact me again? Where is he? I thought he really wanted me to be his coach and to see me again…”

(Poor lonely Victor has Maccachin as his best, if not only, real friend)

And then Maccachin finally meets that guy opening the front door: “Oh, gosh, you’re my owner’s boy! IT’S YOU! PLEASE BE MY OWNER TOO AND MARRY HIM, I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM SO HAPPY BEFORE, PLEASE DANCE WITH HIM AGAIN AND MAKE HIM THAT HAPPY EVERY DAY!”

Maccachin might have been the very first Victuri shipper.

I’ve never had my feelings towards a character change quicker than when it turned out that Yuuko wouldn’t be Yuri’s love interest tbh.

Honestly, the first second I saw her, and as soon as Yuri called her the madonna of the Ice Castle, I rolled my eyes and let out this huge sigh, and I was just so. Fucking. TIRED. Because like, oh great, here comes another cardboard cut-out love interest whose main purpose in life is to cheer Yuri on and blah blah blah.


Her girls showed up. And we found out she’s actually married.

And literally, my feelings for her changed so quickly I could swear I got whiplash. I just adore her so much and she’s so sweet and amazing and thank you so much to Yuri On Ice for giving me such an amazing female supporting character who platonically adores the main character. I needed it so much holy shit.

after seeing so many fics where tony is the one in awe and in his love with his partner, or he feels insecure in his fic thanks to all those misunderstanding fics that I’ve read (which is on me because I love angst with a happy ending), I want to see a fic where Tony’s partner is just,,, completely and utterly and OBVIOUSLY in love with him, like publicly ADORES him and isn’t ashamed of showing it mmmmm

yuuri: *lounging on a sofa reading a book* *feels something dropped on his lap*

yuuri: *sees a dead mouse* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL!!!!! *sees little yurio running away into the other room*

yuuri: *sweatdrops*

*incidents continues as yuuri keeps getting dead small animals from little yurio*

yuuri: *tears up* “victor…d-does yurio hate me? 

victor: WHAT???? NO NO!!! BABY NO! yurio doesn’t hate you! he loves you so much! why would you say that love?

yuuri: cause i keep getting dead animals from him…. that just means he hates me……

victor: *sighs* baby.. maybe its just the way he shows how he loves you. Wait a second!!!! *victor googles something*

victor: *shows yuuri an article about how cats brings gifts for their owner in the form of a dead animal/insect cause they are worried that they aren’t eating to well*

victor: see he doesn’t hate you, he worries and cares about you

yuuri:*tearing up from joy*

yurio: *walks in their living room giving yuuri another dead insect then jumps on yuuri’s lap and snuggling to his stomach*

yuuri: oh yurio! i  love you so much!!! *hugs yurio tightly*

victor: *watches his son and husband with a happy smile*

I love how Oliver just pours his heart out to John and Felicity

Almost desperate to remind the two that matter more to him than anyone, that they are better than him. They have been his moral compass for so long, he doesn’t realize that in this very moment it shows how much he has grown. He actually is the one noticing that something is off with them and he goes to them and actually talks about it. 

And then this moment.  I love this moment. Pleading with her with just a look and she understands. She knows what he is saying and she responds with a deep emotional sigh, as if relinquishing it all. And he walks away, hoping he got through to them, to her.  

These two can communicate with just a look. This is so “Olicity” and I love it! 

jealous? ♛ john

Yes this is the same title as the sherlock one, #fightme.

Request made by: @cretin-hop

  • Characters: John/Reader
  • Genre: fluff
  • Warnings: none
  • Prompt: “Who are you jealous of and why.” | “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”

“Hey love, what can I get for you tonight.” your waitress, who had been hitting on John all night came back over to the table standing a bit too close to him. She was leaning down attempting to show off her boobs as much as she could. But your boyfriend simply kept his gaze on the menu and replied, “Oh just give us a bit more time thanks.”

Once the slutty waitress disappeared into the kitchen you set the menu down and sighed, “Ya know what. Maybe we should just go home, I think I’ve lost my appetite.”

“Who are you jealous of and why.” he said in a very monotone voice, keeping his eyes fixated on the menu.

“No one, why would you think that.”

“Because anytime you’re jealous you sigh and make up an excuse to leave wherever we are at the time, without talking to me. So, who is it.”

You clenched your jaw and leaned forward and whispered harshly, “It’s that fucking waitress, she just keeps trying to make you stare down her shirt and stands way too close to you. And don’t even get me started on her-” He quickly cut you off by pressing his lips against yours. When he finally pulled away he licked his lips and kept his gaze fixed on your lips as he said, “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”


2.09 johnny be good

Well like my father told me, sometimes we have choices and sometimes we don’t. 


‘Mujhe tou laga tha ke main tumhein acha lagta hoon.’

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Well im brazilian, and the new brazilian internet polemic is, the gay Kiss in star vs the forces ,The evangelical pastor Silas Malafaia is ordering his faithful not buy the Disney toys because there was a gay kiss in star vs the forces of evil, Malafaia called ONLY A GAY KISS pornography, He is accused of homophobia, what do you think?

*sigh* dunno man,I don’t see a gay kiss as pornography,is just a kiss,that shows love and caring,like a kiss is meant to be…and you hear that from a straight person(me),I don’t see the “gay love” being a wrong thing,since is pure love,is beautiful like a straight love…so people should stop complaining so much about this and to accept it. As I always said,everyone has right to be how they want,because being yourself,is amazing.

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Evermore is AMAZING. I reminded me so much of the song the Beast sings from the broadway show, which is just as amazing. But I loved Evermore and how it fit in this version. And yes, Dan did SO well. 

I already want to go again. I need to see it a second time! I’ve been watching the Cinderella l.a. version multiple times until I could see this and they both have been giving me all the feels!

Ok, so I also have a part I was to squee about for just a second, but I’m going to put it under “keep reading” since it has spoilers

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If this was a movie

Prompt: Can I have an imagine where the reader is an actress/singer and is in marvel and is married to Chris and the reader has to go to a concert and then straight to filming for marvel but finds out she’s pregnant and when she gets to set she tells Chris?

A/N: I wrote this while I’m on a trip. I’m not sure if I showed my vision or the main idea of this. I really hope you do and also that you enjoy it and like it. I love you so much. Thank you for reading.

PS. Send requests.

 Warnings: None, maybe lots of fluff and some bad words. I think.

“Y/n, five minutes”. This was my last call. I was alone with Pete, my makeup artist. He was mad at me. I sighed.

“You gotta look it before you go to that show”. He was right. I just, didn’t want to know yet. The time was flying and I needed to go and make our usual team routine before going stage.

“Fine!” I stood up and look at the stick. Holy shit. Oh, God. Pregnant. I’m pregnant.

“Well, it looks good enough to have to re do your make up really quick. Congratulations, mommy.” I looked at the stick again and my hand went to my stomach. There was a baby growing inside. I had an upcoming show, but all I just could think about was how to tell Chris.

So, this is the day. It has been really hard not to tell Chris. He knows that something’s going on, but I just don’t wanna ruin what I’ve planned for him. The first we talked about a baby, was because he brought up the topic, I’ve always known that a family is a priority for him, but… when he talked to me about having our own family was absolutely everything. It truly made our relationship stronger. And just dropping up the news just wasn’t a choice, I needed to make something really special for him. I’m crossing my fingers for him to ignore the favt that I told some of our Avengers cast. We’re supposed to shot a scene where Chris’s going to rescue me, bur I’m passing away.

“So, this is what I want you to do, Y/N. Lay on the ground, Chris has to look for you, alright? I want to try something I’ve talked to our writers. I need you to improvise, guys?” Chris and I nodded and we walked away to our marks. He winked at me, because this was one of the coolest things we’ve got to do in our jobs, to improvise and make lines that might show or not on the movie. “And… action”

“Don’t do this to me, please, wake up” Chris held my hand and I started to cry, this was supposed to be my death. Actually, I was covered by blood, I didn’t consider that tiny detail.

“I need you to promise me that…” I paused a bit to make it look real “you’re going to take care of our baby” Chris tried to keep on his paper, but of course, this was far from the actual script. He just leaned on and slowly kissed me.

“And cut”

“A baby?” he laughed and kissed me again. He helped me to stand up and I kissed him back. “We should stick to the script, hun”

“I totally agree”

“Chris, come and look at this, please” Oh, God, this was the moment.

“You go, I need a makeup retouch” I saw him walking to the director’s table where everything was set, the computers and the sound. He sat and I was looking through another camara that has filming him. I was on the makeup area. He played the “scene”, but actually were different scenes were Scar, Robert, Chris, Mark and Sebastian held a sign “Chris is going to be a daddy”, “Hi, daddy”, “Welcome to the club”, “Chris + y/n = 3” and my favorite “You’re going to have a baby, Evans”. Chris was in all the scenes, but the holding thing was incognito, he didn’t realize about it. I also recorded my part, with the sonogram and a short message. When it ended it, Chris was speechless. Everybody was expecting for him to show something. I was holding the sonogram when he looked up.

“Guys! We’re having a baby. y/n made a baby” Scarlet pushed me. Everything went dark, but to reflectors that lighted us. This wasn’t part of MY surprise. I started to make my way and the spotlight followed us until we met.

“Hi, daddy” I said crying. He hugged me and made me spin around n that beautiful and amazing hug. He out me down and then he grabbed my cheeks to lean down and kiss me.

“Oh, my God, this is one of the best things that’s ever happen to me. Thank you for the surprise, thank you for making me a daddy. I love you so much. I love you too” He added before he knelt and kissing our baby.

7 Little Troublemakers (BTS AU)

in celebration of hitting another hundred followers, i wrote this drabble that was also a personal request from my adorable marshmallow hyacinth-ink(i’m sorry this oneshot IS A MESS) ♥ although this will my last drabble for a while since school starts monday (kill me now) i seriously want to thank you all for showing me and my drabbles so much love. it’s been an amazing adventure and growing experience as a writer, and i can’t express just how grateful i am. TL;DR I LOVE YOU ALL ♥ (shout out to HQ, my loves, my lifelinfe, and my utter demise. love you fools.)


BTS x Reader

Observing the vibrantly colored classroom buzz with energy, you tiredly leaned back in your chair, an airy sigh escaping from your parted lips. Young energizer bunnies zoomed past the large cherry wood desk, shrieking with either exhilaration or terror as they chased one another round and round, blocks flying all over the place, papers crumpling and rustling noisily, giggles bubbling from the numerous sets of tiny lungs breathing in the air that smelled of waxy crayons and disinfectant wipes. The sight was so hectic and yet strangely heartwarming, and although you often found yourself sighing multiple times throughout the day due to the sheer exhaustion of it all, you knew you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. Seeing their ecstatic grins, hearing their colorful laughter, gaping at how their little sponge-like minds soaked up so much more knowledge than you expected – these were the little joys you lived for.

You drew in a deep, calming breath, basking in the moment while it lasted. These moments of quiet reflection were rare for you, but whenever you had the chance, they served as a constant reminder as to why you loved your job. It was nice, to be able to drown out all the noise for a couple minutes, or even seconds, and take a breather. But your moment of peace was short lived as your eyes scanned the classroom at the sound of a feathery cry.

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You know, I really freaking hate that they didn't include Karai in this season, I mean she was finally back in her right mind and the writers just throw her aside like she's some secondary character! Do you realize how AWESOME it would have been for her to be on the space adventure with the turtles! There would be SO much character development from her and a chance for her to bond with all the turtles plus April! And in my opinion, I think Leorai is WAY better written than Apritello (don't get me wrong I love Apritello but I love Leorai just a bit more) Seriously though, you'll keep CASEY JONES on the show but NOT Karai?! One of your best written characters?! *sighs* some lost opportunities right there....

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did you ever break up with a show?

yup, two shows. the first show i truly “broke up with” was glee. i loved season one but it was clear by season two the show was going in a completely different direction (which figures because they were called new directions lol). it’s just that the continuity errors were so aggravating. it also felt like any and all songs were covered for the purpose of getting to the top of the iTunes chart, rather than to fit the narrative of the plot. the couples soon felt forced and out of the blue and the development sigh. I don’t understand how the show peaked in its first season but it did. shame really, it had so much potential.

then gossip girl came along. i loved it in its first two seasons. then, it started to get tiring. i felt like they took chuck and blair’s relationship, which was originally the highlight of the show for me, and they turned them into a very toxic pair very quickly. granted, signs of toxicity were there from the beginning, but it was just greatly elevated when season three came along. and there was that whole infamous trading the supposed love of your life for a hotel scene that was just so repulsive. i was ready to be done with the show until dair came along. dan and blair’s budding relationship was a breath of fresh air. then, they cancelled that in favor for chuck and blair and dan and serena (which, by the way, made no sense? they were step-siblings! did everybody forget that they share a sibling, that they have a half brother?!). also, they had to break rufus and lily up to do that, was nothing short of horrifying. so yeah, by season six i was done on all levels.

grantaire edits enjolras’ speeches and when enjolras is done going through r’s corrections he shows the final speech to him and r is just like “holy shit this is the greatest speech i have ever read, it is the best one ever, it is so great. in fact it’s so great that i…..think i might even be in love with you” and enjolras pretends to be shocked and fake-gasps in surprise and combeferre is in the background sighing deeply and rolling her eyes

just pls give me e/r with a leslie knope/ben wyatt kind of relationship thanks

Jealousy (Requested)

Maze Runner Imagine

prompt: Hi? I just love your blog, and I was wondering if I could have a newt imagine, where the reader is smart and independent, but in love with him, and he only sees her as another grader until Thomas shows interest in her. She is tired of her unanswered feelings and wants to be happy, but newt gets jealous and falls in love with her! Happy ending please❤️ thank you so much ?  

A/N: This is a wonderful prompt, really. I had fun writing this. Hope you enjoy this little one shot, anon!

Y/N opened her eyes slowly, sighing in melancholy. She dreamt about Newt and the time when, a bit tipsy, she declared her feelings for him after hiding them for a very long time. And what did he say? That for him, Y/N was a glader like the others and that he prefered to remain friends. In a nutshell, the second in command broke her heart. But the girl accepted that answer. Inside her, she hoped that knowing her feelings he would start to answer to them after a while. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

She got up from her hammock and put on her pants. She arrived in the Glade like two months ago, so everybody knew and respected her, even if there wasn’t almost any modesty at all. Nobody dared to touch her without permission, because since her very first day, Y/N showed amazing independence and intelligence. She quickly became the right hand of Gally, planning with him new and smart ways to improve every building in the Glade. After being reglected by Newt, she kept herself busy even more in her work, to stop thinking about the blond who stole her heart. That day she planned to help Gally with the new Greenie, Thomas, because the Keepers of the Builders wasn’t so patient with him, especially since he seemed to hate him.

She went to have a shower and then reached Frypan in the kitchens, smiling at her favourite cook. -Good morning, Fry- she waved at him. -Is breakfast ready yet?

-No, girl- answered the cook, laughing. -But you can help me if ya want. That shank of Gally is still sleeping, you are free for now.

-Ah, some day I will ask you for a damn salary- Y/N laughed, but she agreed. She prepared the meals with the cook and then dish everything to the hungy Gladers. She was still immersed in her thoughts when a familiar accent tickled her ears.

-Good morning, Y/N- said Newt, smiling at her. The girl immediately looked up at him, leaning his plate to the boy. At least, she was the best at hiding her pain and swallow her shattered pride. -How are you?

-Let’s say fine. Gally is gonna make me the Greenie’s babysitter- she chuckled, shrugging. -It’s gonna be a hard day. What about you?

-Alby told me to take care of Tommy as usual, ya know. It’s my bloody work. So I’ll be the one to bring him to you- he answered, relaxed and without any problem to pretend nothing happened between the two of them, because for him, nothing actually happened. Y/N looked down with a small smile, pretending to be just tired.

-Yeah, I know that. See you later then?- it was incredible the way Y/N standed to still be his friend, but she couldn’t do anything else. Minho didn’t believe she was so strong, but she wasn’t. She suffered every day knowing that their second in command didn’t love her back.

-See ya later- Newt agreed, ruffling her hair and then reaching Alby’s table. Y/N sighed, following him with her eyes, and then she returned back to work, her mood going down under her feet.

After breakfast she went with Gally to the Homestead and they started talking about some parts of the building that they could improve. -If we put some… like, some support to balance the weight of the building, we will be able to add more axes to this side and repair the shucking window without making the whole structure break down.

-Yeah, it could work. But what about this side? How the hell are we going to repair this shucking wall? Dave destroyed it all after being stung- Gally frowned, showing at her the wall on the Homestead map he was talking about.

-I don’t know. It was a bearing wall. We should repair that before everything else, or we risk not having more a Homestead- Y/N continued to explain her ideas to the Keeper of Builders, perfectly aware that the guy payed very attention to her words.

-Fine, we maybe have a plan- smiled Gally. -But now you should go. Newt is coming this way with the Greenie- his expression hardened, but the girl tried to not complain about it. Instead, she turned her back to her Keeper and reached the second in command with the Newbie.

-You should be Thomas- she smiled, looking at the guy. He was taller than her, same age, with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked scared and curious at the same time. -I’m Y/N. Did you have fun at the Blood house?

-Please, never speak about it ever again- whispered Thomas, going pale. Y/N laughed.

-Yeah, it’s shucking disgusting that place.

Newt smiled in silence. -Well, you seem to get along. I’ll come for him after lunch, good that?

Y/N looked straight in his dark brown eyes, smiling a bit. -Good that- she said, with a low voice. Thomas looked at her, then at him, and again at her.

-So, are you the Keeper of the Builders?- asked the boy, a bit shy.

-No, I’m not. The Keeper is that big dude over there- Y/N pointed to Gally with her thumb, amused. -I’m you babysitter for today, “Tommy”.

Thomas smiled. -You’re the first one here that hasn’t called me Greenie at all.

-I don’t like it. I was a Greenie too a long time ago, so I understand your frustration. Now, let’s go or otherwise the big dude is gonna kill me.

They spent the entire morning working at the homestead, until Thomas cut his palm with the saw. He went pale seeing his own blood, but Y/N quickly calmed him down. -Hey, relax. I’m not a Med-Jack, but I know how to take care of this kind of wounds. I cut myself about every day.

-I didn’t do that in purpose- Thomas defended himself. -I just…

-I know, Tommy- she laughed, putting a hand on his knee. -Calm down. It’s okay. It happens.

Thomas shutted up, blushing a bit, and watched the girl taking care of his hand. She washed him with the water of her bottle and then she cleaned it. -I’ve got some bandages with me, in case some of us hurt themself.

They stayed in silence for a while, and Thomas was analyzing her face, finding it incredibly cute. Her Y/E/C shined in the light of the day, and her Y/H/C hair looked soft and smooth as silk. She was very beautiful, he couldn’t help but stare at her. He didn’t even notice that she was looking at him too.

-Why are ya staring, Tommy?- she asked gently, bandaging his hand with a soft touch. He blushed even more, caught off guard.

-I… I was… You’re very beautiful and…- he stuttered, looking down to their hands. -I’m sorry. Your boyfriend probably will kill me.

-Boyfriend?- Y/N raised an eyebrow. She was blushing, but she was also amused by his behavior. -I don’t have any boyfriend. I’m the only girl in the glade, but no one likes me so much- she smiled, but inside her chest she felt a hole left by Newt, who didn’t answer to her feelings. She tried to not think about it, focusing on Thomas. -Why did you think otherwise?

-I thought… Gally… So you’re just friends?- the Greenie was still shy and made her laugh.

-Gally? Oh god, no!- she finished bandaging his hand, and left it on his knee. -I’m awfully single.

-And do you like someone here?- asked again the Greenie. Her smile died quickly at that question.

-I… did. I liked someone before, but now I don’t like anyone- she answered, lying. A new light fulled Thomas’ eyes, so she smirked, curious. -Why? Are you interested, Tommy?

Thomas bit his bottom lip. -Maybe- he whispered. Y/N blushed at that answer. Did he liked her? Could she like him back? Y/N didn’t have any answer to those questions, but what was stopping her from trying? She smiled back and ruffled his hair friendly.

-C'mon, go back work. And pay attention this time, I don’t have so many bandages- she warned him, standing up. They kept working till lunch, when they came back to the kitchen and sat together with Chuck. In a week, they became very close friends, just the three of them. Y/N waved at him everymorning, they had lunch and dinner together, and when they were free they spent the whole time together. Everybody noticed how the Greenie liked the only girl in the Glade, also… someone who shouldn’t bother about it.

Newt didn’t say anything when Thomas asked Alby if he could go with Y/N instead of himself, but he started to feel a weird emotion every time he saw the two of them play near the hammocks. Y/N had also started to avoid him, and he couldn’t understand why. He understood that they liked each other. Thomas liked her way more, but she was starting to answer his feelings. Those should be good news for him, shouldn’t they? He didn’t love Y/N as she loved him, he preferred to remain friends.

Then why did he feel so bad at the thought? Newt saw again the two of them playing, and stayed quiet untill he saw Thomas carrying her on his shoulders, making her laugh and scream. -Put me down, you shank!- she yelled, laughing as crazy. -C'mon, Tommy, I’m gonna throw up!

-No, you won’t!- he exclaimed, walking around the Glade with Y/N. -It’s funny, y'know.

-Tommy! Tommy, put me down!- she yelled again, beating a hand on his back. -Thomas, put me down now!

-No!- they kept on laughing, and other Gladers stopped what they were doing to watch them amused.

Enough. Newt was so bloody done with them. -Hey!- he screamed, limping faster in their direction. -Greenie, put Y/N down immediately!

Thomas frowned but obeyed, confused by the anger of the second in command. -What’s wrong?- asked the guy, with an arm around Y/N waist. The girl remained quiet, studying the blond and his expression.

-You’re distracting every one from their works. If you have free time don’t spend it playing like shuck faces and help the other! We don’t like slackers here, you both know it.

-Alby gave us our free time- murmured Thomas, ashamed and intimidated from that behavior.

-Well, use it better. You’re bothering the Gladers, slinthead- Newt growled, anger through his face.

-Tommy- finally spoke Y/N. -Go at the Homestead. I will be back in a few minutes.

The Greenie looked at her confused, but she was looking straight in Newt’s eyes. After a while, he nodded and went away. When he couldn’t hear them no more, Y/N frowned and pushed Newt. -What the shuck is wrong with you?

-What’s wrong with me?- repeated Newt. -You were bothering…

-The Gladers, yeah, I got that- she clenched her jaw, starting to be angry as him. -But I don’t think it’s true. We were bothering you.

-Don’t say bloody bullshits like this.

-I’m not saying bullshits, you piece of klunk!- Y/N screamed. -Why are you acting like this? Why are you acting like you’re jealous? I’ve noticed how you stare at us, okay? And don’t say otherwise! Why can’t you leave me be happy for once?!

Newt widened his eyes, left speechless from her words. -Jealous? What a… That’s not bloody true!- he was stuttering, trying to lie, but when he saw her skeptical face he felt a new anger in his chest. -I don’t stare at you! I don’t care, okay? I don’t care about you, you can do whatever you want, but don’t act like a dumb girl in front of everyone, go hide in a shucking room with him if you want to play, scream and do stupid things like you did till now. I don’t like you, I’m not jealous! How can I? Just don’t be dumb!

Newt didn’t understand that he overreacted. He didn’t understand that every word he screamed was like a dagger right in her chest. He didn’t understand anything he did to Y/N until he saw her eyes watering. Y/N clenched her jaw and gulped her pain, looking straight in his eyes. -Be dumb, huh?

Newt opened his mouth to apologize, but he couldn’t find the right words. Y/N started crying, sobbing quietly, but a few Gladers came near them, Alby included. -Y/N, I…

Y/N didn’t let him talk. She punched him in the face with all her strenght, making him fall on the ground. -I hate you- she cried. Then, she ran away.

Thomas stayed with Y/N while she was crying, both hiding in the Deadheads. She was angry and in pain, but she didn’t say anything. She apologized only for being late, but Thomas didn’t bother about it. He tried to comfort her, hugging her tightly. -I hate him.- she sobbed.

-No, you don’t- Thomas smiled, caressing her hair. -You love him.

-How do you know it, Tommy?

-I’ve noticed how you stare at him. You want him so bad… But he doesn’t want you. At least, he didn’t till now- the Greenie laughed sadly. He understood that Newt was just jealous. He noticed when he yelled at them. -He still hasn’t admit it to himself.

-He’s so bloody stupid- blurted Y/N, sitting up and leaving from his arms. -I’m sorry, Tommy.

-Why?- he smiled. -We’re still friends, ain’t we? It’s okay. I knew you’d never be mine.

-You’re so bloody wise.

Thomas laughed, ruffling her hair, but a voice talker before he could answer. -Bloody is my word.

The Greenie turned to see the second in command stand a few metres away, mortified and with a swollen cheekbone. They looked at each other, and Newt mimed “sorry, Tommy” with his lips. Thomas shrugged, smiling a bit, but Y/N didn’t even move, focused on ignoring him. The guys sighed in sync. -I’m gonna occupy a table with Chuck for dinner- said the Greenie in a low voice. -See you there.

Newt promised himself to thank the Newbie later, since he forgot his so easily. -Y/N- he called quietly, limping slowly next to her. -Y/N, can you look at me?

Y/N still ignored him, turning her face away from him. -Please. I need to bloody see your eyes- Newt sighed. -Please. Y/N, please.

Y/N hesitated again, but then she turned to face him, without bothering to wipe her tears. -What do you want now?- she asked aggressively, biting her bottom lip at the sight of his purple cheekbone.

-I want to apologize- whispered Newt, sitting down in front of the girl. -I shouldn’t say those words. I’m sorry. You were right.

-We know that. Every one knows that I’m right. Every one beside you, of course- Y/N laughed without amusement, skeptical to accept his apologies.

-But I know now too- Newt leaned to her. -You’re bloody right, I’m jealous. So fucking jealous because I came too late. I love you, Y/N. And I’m so sorry that I haven’t understood it before. I just… I don’t know, the bloody dumbass here is me.

-Yes, it is- Y/N didn’t smile, pretending to be still angry with him, but her heart lost a beat when he said those three words. She still loved him, and was so happy to hear his confession. She didn’t say anything else, letting him suffer a little bit, and raise up a hand to touch his cheekbone gently. -Does it hurt?

-A lot. But I’m not complaining, I know I deserved it.

Y/N smiled this time. -Another correct answer. Someone here made up his mind.

-I prepared everything- joked Newt, smiling shyly in front of her. -But I’m serious. I bloody love you.

-Oh, shut up, slinthead- Y/N shutted him up by kissing him, pressing her lips on his with a tiny smile. Newt froze, than grabbed her waist and pressed her tightly against his chest. They moved their lips slowly, until the blond licked her bottom lips, asking for the permission to her mouth. Y/N answered deeping the kiss, not bothering to hide her moan. She wrapped her arms around his neck and melted hearing him moan too, while the blond was exploring her back under the tank top, sighed at the sensation of her soft warm skin under the fingers. They broke out after a while searching for air, breathing heavely, their body burning.

-I should talk too much often- he panted, smiling.

-Newt, you’re crazy as hell- she laughed. The second in command brushed their noses together.

-I’m crazy for you- he corrected her. With a big smile on their faces, they kissed again.