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That’s My Pie

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 999

Warnings: all the cute ass fluff, hedges into smut world

A/N: The suggestion from @salvachester was as follows: ohhhhh!!!! Hmm let’s see… Dean (or the reader, your choice) eats the last piece of pie and the other one gets all pouty and faux offended, totally melting the other :D

Well this is what I did with it. Hope you like it! It took a turn I didn’t mean for it to, but I’m rather satisfied with the results. :D Happy FLUFF DAY!

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(A Prison World Story)

Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 632
warning : smut
SUMMARY :  Reader gets sent to the Prison World where Kai is. They have briefly crossed parts before  and have spend nearly 5 months together in there, over time getting closer and eventually move in together (as friends , things grow from there) … 

*not my gif


It’s been almost 5 months since Y/N had ended up with Kai Parker in the Prison World. To her it was still a complete mystery how exactly she had ended up there.
At first she had spend her days in denial , thinking that someone will come get her out , but pretty soon it became clear that she was stuck there with Kai.  He wasn’t the worst person to be stuck with in a prison world with. At first he annoyed her and she tried to shut him out. Kai however didn’t give up. He somehow always found his way to wherever she was. Eventually she gave up avoiding him and they started spending more time together. In the end they sort of started living together because it was easier. Kai was there for her and Y/N was kind of surprised because she had never seen this side of him before. She’d have a nightmare , screaming in her sleep and Kai would show up in her room to comfort her in seconds as if he had been awake all along. Maybe he was ..  Other times he’d do small things like make her favorite food when she was sad and missed the real world.

“I know we are stuck here , but in a way I am happy.” Kai told her once.
“Why?” she asked curious. Y/N couldn’t imagine why he’d be happy in any way , being stuck for eternity in another prison world.
“Because this time I am not alone…” he had answered. “Loneliness can do things to your head that nothing else can.“ 

Over time they grew so used to having each other around , it felt wrong when they were spending time alone. Y/N realised very soon after that she had developed feelings for him, but was afraid to tell him.
He probably would just laugh and push me away. she thought. Kai wasn’t very well versed in feelings and emotions , even after the merge with Luke. Some times the old Kai bleed throught … Y/N couldn’t explain to herself how it was that even when the old Kai showed up , it was drawing her even more to him.

                                                    *  *  *

Y/N was studying in the kitchen wearing her pj’s that evening when Kai walked in wearing nothing but his boxers. He poured himself a cup of coffee and turned towards her.
“I still don’t get why you are studying … It’s not like you can get a diploma or anything.” he said.
Y/N sighed not taking her eyes off the papers and books in front of her. “Doesn’t mean I can’t learn things. Gotta do something else besides wondering around this empty town …” thinking about you.  she added in her mind. She looked up at him and for a moment she forgot how to breath.
Did he have to walk around wearing only his boxers? she thought. It was really hard concentrating staring at his bare chest and toned muscles.
Kai must’ve noticed her look because he grinned.
Damn.  she thought. As if I didn’t have a hard time concentrating already.
Y/N tried to catch her breath and come up with something to say to him but couldn’t. Her thoughts were absolutely consumed by fantasies about him.
“Want some coffee ?” he asked still grinning.
“No , no .. I don’t want coffee.” she said studdering. “T-thanks.”
Y/N returned her attention to her studies or at least tried to.  Kai had suddenly decided that he wanted pancakes too with his coffee and started making them without bothering to go back to his room and put on a shirt. He was doing this on purpose , she was sure of it.
She couldn’t take her eyes off of him , he looked so good it was driving her nuts.
Every few minutes he’d glance at her and she’d lower her gaze straight away.
Y/N watched him flip pancakes in the air like a pro for a little bit.
After about half an hour , just as she had finally managed to concentrate on her studies , a plate with pancakes landed infront of her - a blueberry smile on them. She couldn’t help but smile.
“Thanks.” she said glancing at him. Kai was standing less than a meter away from her , a wide grin on his face. For a few seconds she forgot how to breath again. She loved his smile… A moment later she let out a frustrated groan.
“Aghh … ! You are driving me nuts !” she said picking up her things from the table and getting up , ready to walk out of the room.
“OH I am driving you nuts ?” he said with an amused look on his face.
“Yes , you … you … walking around like all shirtless and … you can’t do that ,OK? It’s really distracting.”
“Never bothered you before.” he said taking a step towards her.
“Well , it’s bothering me now. So could you just stop doing this while I’m studying?”
Kai grinned. “Does someone have a crush on me?” he said innocently.
Y/N’s eyes widened, she started shaking her head refusing to meet his eyes.
“No , no … What ? Don’t flatter yourself , Malachai.” she said turning around , already at the door when Kai blocked her way. He took the books from her hands and left them on the counter near by.
“Are you sure ?” he asked leaning in. “Because I can hear your heartbeat… and it’s telling me a different story.” he said softly.
Y/N’s breathing had gotten shallow again.
“I ..  don’t know what you are talking about.” she said , her voice barely audible.
Kai leaned in to whispered in her ear , slowly putting his hands on her waist tugging at her shirt. His fingers gently touching her bare skin sending shivers through her whole body.
“I think you do.” he whispered , his breath tickling her skin.
Y/N’s  breath got stuck in her throat , her heart beating like crazy. There was no point in denying it now.
Kai’s lips hovered over hers , his eyes locked on hers. They stood like that for a long moment before he pressed his lips againsts hers , kissing her slowly at first but soon after the kiss deepened.
“I want you  … and I always get what I want.” Kai whispered to her. Y/N wrapping her arms around his neck , pulling his lips closer to hers. His hands slided down her hips , lifting one of her legs wounding it around his waist before slamming her against the wall. Y/N gasped.
Kai pressed his body firmly against hers , his crotch grinding against hers their moans colling in a perfect harmony.
“What was it you said earlier?” he teased her, pinning her hands above her head.
“Shut up and kiss me.” Y/N said out of breath.
A smile spread across Kai’s face but he didn’t lean in. Instead he decided to tease her a bit more. His hand trailed slowly down her body and under her pj’s, pushing its way in her underwear , his fingers teasing her clit. A soft moan escaped Y/N’s lips making Kai grin. He had her right where he wanted her.
“Please Kai” she moaned again , biting her lower lip.
Y/N was losing focus , her knees about to buckle. She had imagined this moment before but her imagination was surely lacking.
Kai grinned hearing her begging for him.
“Please ‘what’ babe?” leaned in and whispered, his breath tickling her skin.
His face so close to hers , their lips almost touching. His eyes dark with lust.
“I need you Kai.” she moaned.
Kai kissed her passionately as he tugged on her shirt pulling it over her head tossing it on the floor.
Y/N could feel his length getting harder against her , his soft moans making her go crazier by the second. She wanted him.. no , i need him. she thought.
His hand cupping her breasts squeezing them as his hand found its way back to her sweet spot. She threw her head back a little as his thumb started playing with her clit again before sliding in two fingers inside curling them inside agonisingly slowly before pumping them in and out. Her mouth opened and a moan escaped her when he did so.  He leaned in , his tongue slightly  touching the skin on her neck , drawing circles before he left a few wet sloppy kisses on it. Y/N felt her stomach like it was anchored down.
She tried to wiggle her hands out of his grip but he wouldn’t let her. All she wanted in that moment was to feel his length inside of her.  Suddenly he pulled out leaving her breathless and aggravated.
“Jump.” Kai said , and she did , wrapping her legs around him. He whooshed them away to his bedroom , pushing her onto the bed. He kissed her neck slowly tracing his way down her body leaving sloppy wet kisses all the way. His finger tips trailing on her skin all the way down , making her arch her back.
Everywhere Kai touched her skin , it was like fire. He had lit the match and Y/N wanted to burn in the fire he had started.
His hands swiftly pulled down her panties leaving her completely naked in front of him. Kai pulled back for a moment looking at her , a devilish spark in his eyes as his fingers traced her entrance , rubbing her clit. Y/N bit her lips squeezing her breasts in her hands. Her mouth opened and a soft moan escaped her lips when Kai pushed his fingers right through and started to slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her. Each time his fingers curled inside her , she arched her back more.  She reached out to touch his hair as Kai’s fingers curled again , pumping in and out slower this time driving her completely insane.
“Please” she started to squirm. “Please Kai …”
Kai grinned. “Not yet.” he said , pulling out his fingers.
He loved hearing her beg for him. He spread her legs wide infront of him and positioned himself between her legs , his head of his lenght teasing her entrance for a long moment before thrusting in deep making her gasp ; going at a slow rhythm at first , quickening his pace every second. Y/N digging her nails into his back. She was out of breath and all she could do was thinking about herself coming undone underneath Kai’s touch.
“Faster Kai please.. ” her moans getting louder and louder.
Y/N wrapped her legs around him , pulling him closer to her.
Kai’s face started to change , purple - black veins showing under his eyes as his fangs started to show. Y/N could see he was fighting it , but she didn’t want him to.  She cupped his face , trailing the patters on his skin with her fingertips. He closed his eyes , his mouth opened.
“Fuck ..” he moaned , a heavier thrust following. He could barely control his vampirism , all his emotions blurrying into hunger.
“Don’t fight it.” she whispered as Kai opened his eyes looking directly into hers. Y/N bit her lower lip. Kai leaned in breathing heavily , and sank his fangs into her exposed neck. She let out a small scream followed by moans of pleasure sent through her body. Who knew being fed on can feel this good? she thought.
Kai hadn’t tasted fresh human blood in months and she tasted so good it was hard to stop. He wanted her in so many ways in that moment…
He pulled out , nibbling on her earlobe and leaving soft kisses on her neck before looking at her. A smile on Y/N’s face and she pulled his face closer to his , her tongue licking his lower lip before she kissed him. He groaned , his thrusts becoming faster , Y/N’s body convulsing as he pushed her over the edge , she was screaming his name. A few more thrusts and Kai reached his high too , burring his face in the crook of her neck his tongue drawing circles on her skin.
Kai collapsed on top of her , breathing heavily.  Shortly after he rolled over next to her , both of them catching their breath. He bit his wrist , bringing it to her lips to feed so her wound would heal. She took it without hesitation , gripping on his wrist.
“We should’ve done that months ago.” he said with a grin,  pulling her closer to him , her head on his chest.
Y/N didn’t say anything , she smiled pulling his face in for another kiss. 

                                                   *   *   *  

The next day Y/N was laying on the living room floor , her eyes closed.
What had happened last night repeating in her mind over and over again. There was something bothering her … As happy as she had been last night , she still didn’t know if it was all in her head that maybe Malachai had some feelings for her.
“Y/N?” she heard Kai’s voice. “Are you … are you OK? Why are you laying in the middle of the living room floor?”
Y/N opened her eyes and found Kai kneeling down next to her , a worried look on his face. He sighed in relief when she opened her eyes. She just stared at him , trying to figure out a way to ask him the question that’s been bugging her the past few hours.
Kai grinned at her and laid down next to her , his shoulder almost touching his.
“Aren’t you going to tell me what’s so fun about laying on the floor here?” he asked turning his head to look at her. Y/N turned towards him , locking eyes with him.
How does he do that ? He just sits there and takes my breath away completely.  she thought.
“I’m just thinking … or at least trying to.” she said.
“What are you thinking about ?” he asked curious.
Y/N hesitated for a moment. It would’ve been easy to lie to him or ignore the question .. but he’d know she is lying straight away.
“Last night.” she just said smiling.“Was it … was .. was it just a one time thing?”
“Do you want it to be just a one time thing?” he asked.
“No.” she said turning towards him. “Do you?”
Kai reached for her hand and took it in his.
“Y/N , I …” he said flipping himself on top of her , his knee between her legs. “I don’t want it to be a ‘one time thing’ either.” he paused for a moment gazing into her eyes. “I want you , to be with you .. always.”
Y/N’s eyes lit up and she felt her heart beat go faster.
“What … what are you trying to say?” she said smiling.
Kai laughed nervously. “I am saying that I can’t stop thinking about you. You have made me feel things I’ve never felt in my life…and I am not sure what all those feelings mean , but they are so strong I can’t shake them. I just want to be with you every second of every day , never letting you go.”
She couldn’t contain her emotions and she grinned. “I guess , it’s a good thing we have eternity ahead of us.” she said , pulling her hips down on his thigh between her legs.
“Do you want to go for round 2 ?” she asked biting her lower lip. 


COMMANDERS // masterlist

Request: Your fanfic is amazing! Could I maybe request one where the reader is a very powerful dark side commander of the first order like Kylo? And they start developing feelings after supporting each other on the battlefield? They’d be such a power couple!

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I truly enjoyed the concept so I kind of got a bit carried away. Sorry it’s a bit long, but, enjoy! [gif not mine]

Word Count: 4.9K+

Warning: None

“Another Force sensitive commander for the First Order…what was the Supreme Leader thinking?” Standing in front of a railing as Hux had stood alongside Phasma, watching over Kylo’s recommended training with you (as requested by Snoke himself). “It isn’t like we need another Ren, not when the man is already destructive as it is.”

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“I regret it came to this, Will. But every game must have its ending. Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I’ll eat your heart.”

Professor Pride Week 13

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 13

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,316

Warnings: fluff, angst

A/N: Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Series Masterlist

As you sat in class on Tuesday morning, you held a letter in your hand.  It was addressed to you, from your mom.  You knew this wasn’t some heartfelt letter saying she missed you or that she loved you.  She never even called when the university informed her of what had happened to you.  Neither did your father, but you weren’t surprised.  Your dad cared more about his business than anything else.  You weren’t paying attention to a single word Dwayne was saying.  All you could do was stare at the envelope in your hands.

You opened the envelope, taking the folded piece of paper out.  Usually your mom used stationary that reflected the tone of the letter.  This letter was written on notebook paper.  It was as if you were no longer worth her effort, or her time.  You reluctantly unfolded the letter, reading it carefully.

Dear [Y/N],

I received a call from your university a few weeks ago telling me what happened.  Yes, I chose not to contact you.  We all wanted to take time to process things.  

I remember introducing you to Chad last summer.  He’s a good boy.  We heard what happened in detail from Chad’s father.  He no longer wishes to sponsor your father’s business, since you pressed charges on Chad.  He was a big help to your father and his business.  Now, thanks to you, your father’s business might fail.  Without Chad’s father to help, things don’t look good for the business.  I’m sure you can imagine how upset your father is.

This letter is to inform you that you are no longer welcome at home.  We depended on you.  You’ve tarnished the family name.  What you’ve done, will not be forgiven, or forgotten.  

We’ll send you your things if you have an address to give us.  Otherwise it will be thrown away.  You have a month to send us an address.


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UNDENIABLE BEAUTY… [Maggie Greene x Reader - F/F]


~ Imagine where Maggie realises just how beautiful the reader is, and decides to confess her feelings (F/F) ~


- requested by the lovely @musermallate


“Are you coming?” Y/N asked, opening the door to the truck and smiling at me. I nodded quickly, jumping into the passenger’s seat before she got in beside me and started the engine. I watched as she huffed when the engine failed to start the first time. I couldn’t help but laugh as she scrunched up her face in annoyance at the old vehicle, “This damn thing!” She yelled, slamming her hand on the dashboard before trying again. She finally got it to start and revved the engine victoriously. She looked at me and grinned, nodding with pride as we drove down the dirt path and off of the farm.


It’s always fun going on runs with Y/N. I like spending time with her. Since she arrived at our farm with her group, I haven’t been able to stay away from her. I can’t take my eyes off of her sometimes. I’ve never had a real relationship with anyone, besides a few high-school crushes that didn’t really end well. I’ve never been one to commit to someone, I’m not the typical girl who’s going to follow someone around. I’ve lived on a farm my whole life, I’m a dedicated country girl who’d rather ride a horse and get a little muddy out on the fields than hanging around with guys.


But the main thing is, I’m not into guys. I thought I was, I was fully convinced throughout my teenage years that a boyfriend would come along and we’d be happy. However, that never happened. I found myself having crushes on girls and I would get embarrassed because I thought I was weird and too different. With my family being quite religious, I thought I was doing them a great injustice, so I hid my feelings. To this day I’ve never told anyone, and I’ve never shown a girl I’ve liked how I feel.


Y/N… I don’t like her. I’m in love with her. Now, I’ve never been in love before but I know this is what it must feel like. My heart skips a beat whenever she enters a room or walks by me, even if we don’t speak and she just glances at me, it feels like my heart is dancing in my chest. The butterflies - How can I describe the butterflies? It feels like thousands of cocoons hatch in my stomach when she smiles, and beautiful butterflies flutter around in my stomach making me feel as if I could rise off of the ground and start floating in the air. Sometimes I feel tingling sensations running down my spine that make my whole body shudder when I lay eyes on her. When she touches me, a fire inside of me ignites, a fire that not even a million buckets of water could put out. A forever burning flame, that makes my skin prickle and goosebumps rise on my arms and legs. If this isn’t love, then what is it?


We drove down the road in a comfortable silence, exchanging a few words and jokes now and again. We mainly spoke about our pasts and she enthused about her old friends and the hobbies she once had. She told me stories about her childhood and embarrassing moments from high-school that she’s still trying to forget. The way her eyes light up when she’s really into a story warms my heart. Sometimes I just want to grab her and kiss her, and tell her how beautiful she is to me and that I love her more than anything in the world. I’m scared though. Scared of rejection. I don’t think I’d ever be able to live it down if she pushed me away. It’d be the worst pain in the world, and I don’t think I’d even want to live knowing that she hated me…


We arrived at a pharmacy and parked the truck. We both jumped out, our knives tucked into our pockets beside our guns. We slowly crept towards the doors, before banging on them to check if there was anything inside. She looked at me through the corner of her eye, as if to ask me if I could hear anything. I knocked once more then shook my head. We both stood back, gave each other a knowing look, taking our knives out of our pockets. “3… 2… 1…” I spoke, before we both kicked the doors. The wood cracked and the doors flew open.


We dashed inside, checking everywhere to see if there were any walkers creeping around. I held my knife in front of me, ready to kill anything that tried to attack. She jumped over the counter and walked up and down the aisles where shelves were stacked with boxes of medication. She sighed, walking back towards me and sliding over the counter, sitting on the edge of it. She tucked her knife back where it belonged and smiled. “It’s clear,” She stated, patting the space beside her.


I hoisted myself up onto the counter, shuffling a little to get comfy before slouching. She scooted up closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, sighing again. “Doesn’t it feel good to go somewhere and not have to stab a dozen walkers before you can sit down?” She laughed. Her head bobbed up and down on my shoulder as she chuckled to herself, making me smile widely like an idiot. I turned my head to look at her, my face dangerously close to hers as I gazed into her amazing Y/E/C eyes. For a moment I felt like I was getting lost in them, like falling down a well or drowning in the ocean. I wanted to sit like this forever, with nothing else surrounding us.


I looked back forward, tilting my head so it was on top of hers. We sat in silence for a moment, the sound of our breathing being the only noise in the room. “Why did we come here again?” She suddenly said, amusement clear in her voice. I shrugged, before she moved her head off of my shoulder and turned her body to face mine, “You’re awfully quiet today Maggie, are you alright?” She asked, placing a hand on my arm gently. I wanted to melt into her touch and pull her into a hug but I knew I couldn’t. She looked at me sympathetically, and my stomach fluttered with the same butterflies as I saw the concern and care in her face, “You can talk to me.” She said consolingly.


“I… I’m fine,” I stuttered, looking down and fiddling with my thumbs, not knowing what to say to her without sounding like a moron, “My mind is just… Elsewhere.”


“What are you thinking about?”


“You,” I unconsciously blurted out, suddenly looking at her with my eyes widened as I realised what I’d just said, “I… I mean -”


“Maggie are you sure you’re alright? You’re shaking…”


I jumped off of the counter, standing in front of her and holding my arms by my sides to try and calm myself down and get back into a sane state of mind. She looked at me with furrowed brows, showing her confusion, “Maggie, what do you mean? Why are you thinking about me?” She jumped down and stood in front of me, holding me in front of her by my upper arms as she forced me to look at her directly.


“I mean…” I started, before sighing. I’m just going to do it. If I don’t tell her now I’ll regret it, either of us could die at any time and I don’t want to waste another minute fantasising about what we could be. I want it to be a reality, “I’m thinking about you because I like you, and damn does it feel good to finally say it… Listen, I know you probably think I’m crazy and you’ll most likely hate me after this but you needed to know,” I confessed. She looked at me for a moment, her eyes widening before softening again.


“I don’t understand… Why would you like me? What is there to like?”


Hearing those words broke me inside in an instant. How can she not see anything that’s worthy of being liked? I love everything about her, even her flaws and her embarrassing moments. Everything.


“There’s a whole list of things I like about you Y/N… A list long enough to take us to the end of time. I have liked you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life. You’re beautiful Y/N, truly… I wish I’d have told you earlier, but I never found the courage.”


“Maggie I don’t know what to say…” She whispered, taking my hand in hers and giving it a gentle squeeze. I looked down at our hands and back upto her face. She took a step forward, our faces only inches apart as a huge smile grew on her face, “I wish you’d have told me earlier too…” She said quietly, before leaning in and pressing her lips to mine softly. My eyes fluttered closed as my free hand came upto her face and rested on her cheek, stroking the soft skin. The kiss was slow and sweet, and the fire inside my body was stronger than ever before, as she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly as she disconnected our lips. I hugged her back, wanting to lift her up and spin her around in glee but I refrained from doing that.


We both pulled away to look at each other, and she sighed, a small smile settling on her face as her eyes seemed to twinkle. And right then, I knew that this girl was everything to me…




This is actually the first time I’ve written anything F/F so I hope it’s good! Thank you for the request. Remember - Anyone can send a request for an imagine or a ship, just go to my Ask page!

In Need of Comfort Pt. 3.5 (A Gif Blurb Mini Series)

(Yep, this one goes back in time a little, sorry - but honestly you don’t have to read them in any kind of order for them to make sense)

You could tell from the look of sheer terror on Dean’s face that he hadn’t meant to slaughter the entire house of men, that he really hadn’t been able to control himself. The mark finally had a firm grip on him. 

Once Sam stepped away from him, after he practically begged Dean to tell him that he had to kill all those men, you stepped in front of Dean. You should have been scared out of your mind, but all you could think about was Dean and what Dean needed. He needed you. 

As Sam let go of Dean, Dean sighed, his eyes fluttering as he fell into your arms. His weight was too much for you and you crumpled to the floor, your arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. Thankfully, Sam’s hand helped lower you to the floor, but he did nothing else. 

“I need a minute,” Sam mumbled, running his hands through his hair, leaving you and Dean on the floor alone. 

“I didn’t,” Dean mumbled, your hands on his neck holding him close to you. “I didn’t mean to,” he pleaded into your neck, his lips grazing your pulse point. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, kissing your neck, tears rolling down his cheeks. 

“Dean, shhh,” you squeezed him tighter to you. You could feel his heart beating rapidly against your chest. His arms clung to you desperately. You didn’t feel like you were comforting Dean. The man in your arms was completely and utterly broken. You ran your fingers through his hair and pressed a firm kiss against his neck, squeezing your eyes shut willing away the tears that were building in them. “Dean, I know,” you choked out. “It’s okay.” Tears slid down your cheeks as you silently prayed to anyone who would listen to save the man in your arms. To save the man that you loved. 

The two of you sat there for what could have been hours before Sam finally returned, helping you pick a broken Dean up off of the floor. This was the most broken you had seen Dean. Little did you know, this was only the beginning. 

For You (angst & fluff )

  “Sehun I need you to do a favor for me..” you said suddenly

He patted the empty space beside him on the couch signaling for you to take a seat. You came over to him and sat down with a racing heart. He looked at you for a second before putting his business magazine down on the coffee table.

 “What is it __ ?” he asked painfully slow. He tilted his head while looking at you until you answered him.

 “I-I need you to let me go” you said stuttering.

All he did was chuckled darkly…

Sehun is the heir to his family’s company. Their company is one of the biggest in Seoul and you being the daughter of his parent’s colleague means that you are fated to be involve in each other’s life including this marriage. 

 “..and why is that?” he asked confused. 

He always thought that the reason you agreed to this marriage was all because of money and wealth that his family had. Not like you’re not wealthy , just that he was much more than you are. He never thought that one day you’ll come to him asking for a divorce.

 “I’m pregnant-” you said trembling but was cut off immediately 

 “whose?” he asked with jealousy 

He might not love you , but he cannot stand the thought of other people touching you , his wife.

 “wha-what?” you asked 

 “you heard me.Who is the father?” the ice in his voice was so cold it sent    shivers down your spine.

 “of course it’s you! Who else?!” you answered quite annoyed.

 “then? why do you want me to divorce you when we are having a family __?..  why..?” 

The look in his eyes were dark but you knew it wasn’t lust … but pain and you were confused.

with a long sigh , you answered him 

 “because Sehun , look around us.. there is so much wealth , too much wealth.. and I don’t want our child to live this so called luxury.. I want her to know that nothing starts off easy , that nothing will come to him or her just by snapping his or her fingers.. I don’t want my child to grow up and be forced to marry someone they don’t love.. just like me.” 

Your answer seemed unacceptable for Sehun. None of them made him understand the situation. Your relationship might not be filled with love , but it wasn’t filled with hatred either.

 “___ if you don’t want our baby to live in this state , we can change it. We can move to a small apartment , we can send her to public schools , we can let her marry whoever she wants-” 

 “Why do you even care? why are you trying to fix this? why can’t you see what I’m trying to do?!” you said cutting him of his words

 “Because this is family __ ! We are talking about building a family that is starting and you want to tear us apart ! I want our child to live with a perfect and loving parents but how can we give that when you want me to set you free?! and who’s going to take care of you while you’re alone? How am I suppose to know whether you’re save? whether you’re ill?.. ” 

You were taken aback by his answer.You can’t understand what his points were. He didn’t love you nor did he actually cared for you but why can’t he let you go?

He ran his fingers across his hair with a groan. He was so close to tears. This is everything he ever wanted , a family. He is also in love with you , he observes your every step , every movement , every smile , every laughter. He finds you charming , beautiful , a stress reliever , a person that makes him smile by just hearing her name and last but not least his home.

He took a step towards you and took your hands .Tears already flowing down his cheeks. He pulled you into a hug , a hug that he hold onto tight ,that he didn’t want to let go. You were unsure what to do but you hugged him back. His tears are now landing on your shoulders. He tried to speak but nothing came out. He gathered up his courage and start talking again.

 “Why can’t you see I love you? Why can’t you see I’ve always been in love with you? I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want to set you free. I only have my eyes on you and forever you . This family is what I’ve always wanted in life ! So please.. please let me know that you’ll change your mind” 

You pulled yourself apart. His face was all red from the sobbing. 

What have you done? You tore this man’s heart away and there is only one way to mend it back… and that is to stay.

“ I will.. I will stay and I will start to love you.” you replied while holding onto his face giving him a sweet kiss.

“Thanks ___ , I love you”

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one, hope you all enjoy!

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Prompt:  Could you please make one where Pietro and the reader star gaze? I’d really appreciate it, love your work! :) ~anon

Warnings: swear word?



“Have you seen Pietro?“ 

You had been looking for Pietro for what felt like ages.
"No, sorry. Do you want me to help you look?” Replied Wanda
“No, I should be fine. Don’t want to interfere with your training, thanks anyway Wanda” you smiled as you walked out of the training room and back into the hall.
Where was this boy?
Pietro told you that he was doing a quick run around the base grounds and would be back "before you could say ‘Pietro is attractive’” (his words. not yours) .
That was over an hour ago.
At first you thought that he was just taking his sweet ol’ time but after an hour, you were beginning to get worried.
Even without his speed he should have been back by now.
“You look lost. Need another tour?” Teased Natasha as she passed you outside the training room.
“Have you seen Pietro anywhere? He left for a run over an hour ago” You asked nervously
She cocked an eyebrow “no I can’t say I have. Have you checked outside? Lord knows we can’t get him to run in our ‘small excuse of a running track’ I’d say your best bet would be out there” she replied.
You blushed. How did you not think of that?
“Thanks Nat” you said as you began to walk to the door leading outside.
“Anytime kid” you heard her say as she went into the training room.

You had been walking outside for twenty minutes now and still no luck.
Sighing, you decided to start walking back inside. By now it was fully dark and you’d be a liar to say that the woods surrounding the base didn’t scare you. Of course you’d never admit that though, you were an Avenger after all.
Just then, you caught a glimpse of white laying on top of the hill near the tree line.
“Pietro?” You called out hesitantly. You could of sworn it was the top of his head that you were seeing, but it was too dark to be sure without getting close.
After a few moments, you heard a soft voice respond.
“Yes, dragul meu?”
You let out a frustrated sigh as you sat down beside him “do you have any idea how long I have been looking for you? Where the hell have you been?!” You asked angrily.
“I have been right here, I was on my way back but I couldn’t resist watching the sunset, then the stars were even more stunning. I didn’t realize how much time had passed, I’m sorry to have worried you dragul meu” he distantly replied.
“Whatever” you said in a frustrated tone as you laid down beside him. After a few moments of staring at the sky, you couldn’t help yourself.
“This seems boring, why would you want to lay out here for so long anyway?” you complained.
Sighing, Pietro turned to face you.
“Do you not see the beauty in it Y/N? Out of all people I thought you would” he replied
“I guess I was never that into the stars. All they are is bunch of lights in the sky. Nothing special” you shrugged.
Pietro looked back up at the sky in awe. “No. They’re so much more than that” he said, letting out a reminiscing sigh.
“When Wanda and I were children, before.. everything happened. Our parents would always take us out to the nearby field to look at the sky. Our mother would tell us stories and we’d lay there for hours, just observing. There was something so beautiful about it.
Did you know that the sky’s a time capsule Y/N? Every time we look up we see the lights of the past” he paused and pointed at a star “see that one there? For all we know, that star could have burned out. But the light takes so long to travel to us we wouldn’t even know it yet.
And after.. after everything had happened, Wanda and I would always go to that same field. Looking at the sky, seeing the light made when we were happy. For a few brief moments all the pain got to leave us, and it was just us and the big universe, nothing else seemed to matter” he sighed. “It’s a place for me to think. To remember yet forget at the same time. It’s one of my favourite things” he concluded, eyes never leaving the sky.
You smiled at him, then turned to see the sky for your own, this time in a new light.
“I never thought of it that way” you quietly said, now also becoming lost in the stars. How could you have missed such beauty?
Pietro chuckled “many people don’t” he said as he put his arm around you and pulled you close. He was so warm, so strong. Instantly, you moulded to his body, it felt so natural, like a perfect fit.
“What’s your favourite constellation?” You asked softly.
Pietro took a moment to think.
“Gemini” he responded “it reminds me of my sister” he admitted sheepishly.
You smiled.
“I love you” you mumbled against him. Not realizing what you had just said before it was too late. Instantly you tensed up. 'Great job Y/N, you just ruined everything’ you chided yourself. You got way too caught up in the moment. How could you let that slip? Now he’s never going to talk to you again, things were never going to be the same. You prepared for the awkward silence that was sure to ensue.
But then you heard the four words you’d never imagine would leave Pietro’s lips.
“I love you too Y/N” he quietly said.
You looked up at him astonished.
“What?” You asked softly, not believing the words had just been said.
Pietro took his gaze off the stars and looked you in the eyes earnestly.
“I love you Y/N” he repeated. You didn’t know what more to do but smile. Maybe you thought too much into saying it, you always have been dramatic. Pietro lightly chuckled, pulling you closer.
You two laid there for the next hour in a pleasant silence, remembering the good times and strangely forgetting the bad; just as Pietro had said.
There was something so freeing about the stars, you couldn’t believe all the years you’d missed it.
Together you and Pietro laid, completely out of touch from the world, yet completely in love with each other.