sigh i hate u but i love u

boyfriend! ong seongwoo
  • the sweetest but also cheesiest
  • constantly uses pick up lines
  • says he thought of them all himself but you know he probably found them on wikipedia
  • he always wakes up before you do and he spends his time staring at your face and counting your eyelashes
  • always greets ur waking face with good morning sunshine :DDDD even if you look ready to murder six men
  • texts u memes. of himself.
  • you do it too but he’d be like stop i haVE COPY R I GHT but he actually loves it
  • and also he’s the one who snapchats the stupidest faces to you at 4am
  • you: jisung is the true meme king
  • him: lo UD DRAMATIC G A S P
  • on christmas he carries a mistletoe with him and when he sees u he just casually lifts it above ur heads and winks
  • “babe what’s our ship name gonna be tho”
  • he loves skinship!! Hugs you all the time :DD
  • will randomly jump out of the closet to engulf you into a hug while giving you a heart attack
  • on cold days instead of turning up the heater u like to just grab him and snuggle and he always has this WARMEST smile when u do
  • cuddle-obsessed as well!!! he likes to wrap you both in blankets snugly and watch a movie while feeding you popcorn and snacks
  • he’s always like “if my fans can buy an entire star and name it after me why can’t you kiss me goodnight” and you’re just sIGHS F I NE
  • he smiles all the time but when it’s just you chilling together alone he gets this really jinja daebak and heol fond and soft look and has a tendency to stare at you lovingly bc he’s so happy that you’re his and he’s yours :DD
  • that was so cheesy brb gonna throw uP jesusususus
  • you’d be like “ong why’re u staring at me” and he’d say “because there’s a pineapple on ur face” bc he actually doesn’t have the guts to tell you the real reason why
  • “also stop calling me ong bc when we get married u might have to take my surname”
  • seongwoo: i’m not the jealous type
  • also seongwoo: blocks daniel’s number after he saw you two sharing a kit kat
  • it was a joke but after that seongwoo always brought it up whenever he sees daniel. “hey remember when you shared a kit kat with the love of my life sixty days and two hours ago? must’ve tasted very good u trAITOR”
  • he actually finds it almost embarrassing (even tho we all know he’s the embodiment of embarrassing smh) to say things like “i love you” seriously
  • he may say it in a playful/joking way (like that one time he stole your food and u told him u hate him and he said i love u 2) but if he ever says it out loud he’ll probably ask minhyun to bury him
  • like when he confessed to you he could hardly get the words “i like you” out of his mouth the entire thing was actually him stuttering and almost dropping the small bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • butt!! once when he got home he found you sleeping on the couch
  • he sighed with a smile and bridal carried u to the bed ohoho
  • after he laid u down and tucked u in carefully he took a moment to just look at you and take in who you are as a person
  • being an idol with a hectic schedule means he really doesn’t get to see u v v v often yet you’ve been putting up with it long enough for him to understand how lucky he is to know you
  • and he just…kind of caressed your face and whispered those magical three words he never had the guts to say when you’re awake and he blushed so hARD and needed to leave the room and splash his face with water and run six laps around the neighborhood to calm down
  • his dream is to take you on a vacation to somewhere where he can forget his idol status and just enjoy a few sweet days as just two ppl in love
  • however regARDLESS of how much of a fool seongwoo acts to make you laugh he always makes sure that you know he loves you, whether it’s by sending you good morning texts or walking you home at a late hour or calling you when you’re having a rough day even if he’s busy
  • one time you told him that you wished you had better skin and he put his finger to your lips and was like stop that before i write a 6 page thesis on why you’re beautiful
  • and then a little later he ordered your favorite food from your fave place
  • sometimes you can tell that he’s tired and doesn’t want to talk and while some people just leave him alone you know to just scoot to his side and put your head on his shoulder and let the silence act as a comfort rather than tension
  • and it’s just moments like when seongwoo is so glad you exist and his mind has a flash of a happy future with you
  • seongwoo, mumbling at a barely audible level: i love you
  • you: what was that :^)
  • seongwoo: nothing. be quiet and sleep you eavesdropper

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dating pony - hcs

this was requested by 3 anons and @staygoldimagines !! i hear yall lmao

  • he’s vvv clingy
    • “hey wyd? u wanna hang out”
    • “it’s been 2 hours”
    • “i know but i miss u”
  • literally always taking u out to the movies
    • whether u like it or not sometimes
    • “pony you’ve seen this movie three times why are we going to see it aga-”
  • dating pony?? well expect literal nonstop cuddling
    • like pony really enjoy just lounging around on the couch under a blanket w u 
    • talking about stuff or reading or listening to the radio or watching tv
    • but he nevER WANTS TO GET UP
    • "pony i’m thirsty, i’m gonna go pour myself some wa-”
    • "nonononO, cmon five more minutes??? five more minutes”
  • he l ov es when u play with his ears while yall cuddle
    • it makes him so sleepy and he loves that and u sm!!
  • sometimes u got a problem w pony’s smoking 
    • so you’ll dead lick your fingers and put out the cigarette that he just lit between his lips
    • or if it isn’t lit yet, you’ll just break it while its in his mouth LMFAo like
    • “nice try”
  • he’s so in love w how you look when you’re contemplative and deep in thought
    • so oFC this boy is gonna always be sketching u without u knowing
  •  the gang refuses (refuses!) to leave him alone lmao
    • “awwwwww is someone in love??”
    • *kissy noises*
    • “ohhh lover boyyyy”
    • “stfu??”
    • “ok how bout u watch ur language horsekid”
    • *a bunch of whistles from the gang*  
    • “i hate u guys sm”
    • “oh, but you LOVE Y/N”
    •  *whistles continue*
    • *pony aggressively sighs*
  • pony is so full of love for u, it’s adorable man
    • he’ll write u poems or give u sketches he drew of u
    • he’s always thinking about u!!!
    • he’s also the first to say “i love you”!
    • even though he had terrible timing lmao
    • it was probably after the first time u guys actually kissed smh
  • he’s easily jealous!!
    • like he’ll get v salty w you when u hang w someone else??
    • especially steve tbh
    • “how did u get home last night? was everything okay?”
    • “yeah! steve gave me a ride, so it was fine”
    • “stEve”
    • “yeah, steve. soda’s best fri-“
    • “why didn’t u call me?? i couldve driven u home??”
    • “PONY U HAVE THE FLU - also u can’t drive??”
    • like sometimes pony would go sit down next to u
    • but steve gets there firST
      • so pony has to sit on tHE OTHER SIDE OF STEVE LMAO

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Can you believe kishimoto actually drew sasunaru wearing each other's faces on their necklaces like he actually did that? why?

Crazy tbh. Is this not the equivalent of wedding rings though? Im literally wearing a picture your face around my neck? I like how they both have these smug expressions on their faces too, like “yeah, yes I am wearing a necklace of my boyfriend, yeah” 

Why did he do this? …… because, as he’s said before, they’re gay married lovers “soulmates” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Sometimes I think about the fact that there are people out there somewhere who hate Annie and I can't even understand like how do u come to such a bad conclusion in ur life? Anyway I love u

Sigh. Annie, oh Annie.

I swear this character is bad for my mental health sometimes because the amount feelings i get shouldn’t be legal. 

Annie is responsible for alot of discourse. Although im not the oldest member in this hellhole that is the Snk fandom i can tell you that people’s feelings for her are either an unlimited amount of love, frustration, or pure hate. 

With everything relevant to her that has been put in the manga i think i can tell what causes all of the above, and especially the last two. This is gonna be a  pretty much a character analysis because i want to ramble k bye have fun reading.

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do u ever look at ur fav and just sigh bc they r so beautiful and ur whole body just kinda floods w emotion and ur heart swells w love and u can’t think of a singular reason to not love and support them? and like they do stupid stuff sometimes and u hate them but u don’t leave bc u r here til the end?? like ur ride or die whether or not u wanna be.

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are u still doing the prompt list thing? if so, can u pls write something with number 7 or 19 (johnlock)? ((btw your other prompt ficlets were a m a z i n g i loved them very much youre a great writer))

7. “I hate how much I love you”

set in the same universe as these ficlets : one - two - three - four


“I hate how much I love you.”

John looks up sharply at Sherlock, still lying on the sofa and now frowning at his phone, “What?”

“I hate how much I love you,” Sherlock repeats before sighing. “That’s stupid.”

John puts aside his book, wondering what exactly is going on but he barely has the time to say anything before Sherlock sits up, eyes finding his, “It doesn’t make any sense, John. How can you hate how much you love someone.”

John stares at him for a long moment before laughing, “Where did you read that?”

“Does it matter?” Sherlock asks, and John shrugs because no, not really

“I guess it’s more like a saying, something people use to express how they feel,” he replies instead, getting to his feet to join Sherlock on the sofa. “Some people can be in a bad relationship for example, but still feel like they’re in love. So they hate that feeling.”

Sherlock frowns some more, “Then it’s not love anymore.”

John smiles, leaning in to steal a quick kiss, “Bit more complicated than that, love.”

Sherlock sighs, one finger coming to trace the outline of John’s vein on his wrist, “Have you ever experience it?”

“No,” John replies immediately, guessing Sherlock’s next question without him having to say anything. “Even when I was certain I would never actually be with you, I never hated the way I feel about you.” Sherlock’s eyes search his for a long moment, only the sound their breathing filling the air, and John lets him read there what he needs. “In fact, you could even say that I adore how much I love you.”

“Do you now?” Sherlock asks, smiling, and John nods, brushing their lips.

“Yes,” he breathes. “I adore the way you blush every time you catches me looking at you.” He kisses Sherlock’s nose. “I adore the way you lean into me every time I take your hand.” Another kiss to the corner of Sherlock’s lips. “I adore the way you make me feel every time you touch me.” A brush of lips, teasing. “I adore that I can call you my husband and still witness the same look of wonder on your face each time.”

Sherlock is breathing heavily now, his cheeks flushed much to John’s delight, “I adore when you’re romantic,” he whispers.

“I know,” John smiles before sealing their lips into a proper kiss, getting lost into Sherlock’s taste once more. 

Risk and Reward? // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants to be in a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 5 of 6)

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four - Part Six Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Mentions of Sexual Content, Mentions of Smut, Heated Makeout, Angst, and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,511

Song: I Hate U, I Love U by Gnash Ft. Olivia O’Brien 


With a nervous sigh falling from my lips and my heart jumping up into my throat, I gently knocked on Stiles’ front door. The door I’ve grown so acostumed and comfortable to, but ever since last night… it’s now like it’s cold and unknown.

I internally cursed myself for picking him as a project partner back when we were still something. It seemed fun at the time, but now it’s just going to make things even more difficult and fucking akward.

School this morning was an absolute nightmare. It was as if the entire universe worked against us, forcing us to have literally all of our classes together. Stiles would give me such cold and distant stares and I wanted to cry everytime I laid my eyes on him.

Lunch was depressing with everyone engaged in mindless chatter and all I could fous on was how Stiles didn’t talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. It hurt like a bitch, but I guess I deserved it.

The worst part is not being able to talk to anyone about it. Normally, I would unload my stress to Stiles and he would always help me through it with such patience and devotion. But, when you don’t have even your best friend to talk to, what’s the point in even talking about something in the first place?

When Lydia and Malia suggested we work on our project today, I felt like I would actually scream. I’ve been trying to keep myself together at school, but at least I was constantly distracted there. What will I do when I have to actually spend time and speak to him? God, I hope I don’t break down in front of everyone.

My heart beat rose everytime I heard the faint sound of his footsteps approaching closer to the door. At the same time that I took one last deep breath, the door to the Stilinski home flew open and there he stood. The boy that I so desperately want but can’t gather the courage to have.

His eyebrows rose when he saw that the one who knocked was actually me and, then, he did something so simple yet so painful; Stiles sighed.

“Hi.” I nervously greeted, my breath hitching in his presence.

“Hi.” Stiles responded with a harsh voice. “I didn’t think you’d actually come today.”

“I had to.” I shrugged, forcing myself to breathe again. “I need the grade just as much as the rest of you.”

“Look, if you want, I can just tell the girls you’re sick and we can put your name on the paper.” He suggested and I scoffed at his offensive idea.

“I want to participate, Stiles.” I stated, pushing past him and entering the house. I could see Stiles roll his eyes as I passed by. “And, besides, we need to learn how to work with each other. Don’t we have that pack party, tomorrow?”

“Yes, we do.” He shut the door behind me, sighing.

“Right, so.” I turned around to look at him, but watched as he walked in front of me and sat down at the last step of his staircase. “We use our time together today to practice for tomorrow.”

“Emma, we’ve already spent time today at school.” Stiles looked up at me and my heart fluttered at how golden his eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

“Oh, you mean how you gave me the cold shoulder the entire time and any werewolf in their right mind would be able to sense your anger towards me?” I folded my arms across my chest. “Stiles, we need to pretend that we’re okay.”

“But, we’re not okay, Emma!” Stiles shouted, suddenly standing up from the step. “You and I are far from being okay!”

“Stiles, I’m sorr-”

“Don’t give me your careless apologies.” He interrupted and I felt my blood begin to boil.

“They’re not careless apologies!” This time I was the one yelling and Stiles was taken aback. “God, Stiles! Don’t you get it?! I’m fucking damaged and you can’t fix me! So, stop trying to make yourself the victim here and try to understand my point of view!”

Stiles looked at me with perplexed eyes and he swallowed anxiously before taking a step towards me. I felt nervous at his approach, but I didn’t budge. He stared with concentration on his face and I didn’t know if I would be ready to hear what he had to say.

“I know that I can’t fix you because I’m broken, too. Maybe not in the love department and more in the sanity department, but I get it. We are this way because of what life has done to us.” He spoke with a steady voice. “But, Emma, we don’t have to stay this way. We can help each other be better. I don’t want to fix you, I just want to love you.”

I definitely wasn’t ready to hear his words because now I’m left standing in front of him with tears threatening to roll down my flushed cheeks.

“I’m just so scared to touch happiness and then have it taken away from me, again.” I confessed with a quiet voice and I cringed at how honest I was being with him. I’ve never been this honest with anyone before and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Stiles reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my body, my head resting on his chest and I felt at home again when I took in his familiar smell. The tears commited to their threats and were now falling from my eyes, freely. It was all too much and I didn’t know how to handle it.

“Emma, if I have any say in your happiness.” Stiles spoke, his chin settling on my hair. “I swear, I won’t let it be taken away.”

Taking a deep breath, I gently pushed myself out of his embrace and Stiles stared at me with a confused look. I brought my hair away from my face and put it behind my ear.

“I already told you, Stiles.” I let out a hitched breath, not being able to look him in the eyes. “I can’t risk it.”

An annoyed sigh fell from his lips and my heart stung in pain. He was no longer the soft Stiles he was a few seconds ago and is now back to being angry and cold. I swallowed anxiously as he pointed his finger and opened his mouth to say something, probably harsh, to me. But, he was immediately interrupted with the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Stiles rolled his eyes and rubbed his face in frustration before hesitantly walking towards the door and opening it. I turned around to see a smiling Lydia and Malia standing on the other side.

“Hey, guys!” The red head greeted first and already walked into the Stilinski home, the were-coyote following right behind. “Ready to get our writing on?”

“What?” Stiles impatiently asked, shutting the front door.

“Our short story?” Lydia raised an eyebrow at him, narrowing her eyes. “You know, the whole reason why we’ll be holding pencils in our hands instead of drinks?”

“Whoa, Emma. Are you okay?” Malia, suddenly, spoke with a concerned expression. “You have tears all over your cheeks.”


“Oh, she just stubbed her pinky toe on the staircase, there.” Stiles interrupted me, coming up with a better lie than I could ever try to. “She’ll be fine.”

I didn’t trust the pace of my heartbeat to verbally agree with his story, so I just nodded and wiped my tears away instead.

“Alright, well.” Lydia spoke up, pulling all of our attentions towards her. “Let’s get to work.”

The process of writing a short story with three other people has been, surprisingly, infuriating. Malia wanted to write a thriller, I wanted comedy, and Lydia and Stiles insisted on romance. Even though there were only two of them, they were the majority afterall and we are now stuck writing some ridiculous cliché love story.

I was beyond mad that I’d have to be supporting such an absurd short story, but honestly, I was more furious at how much Lydia was being all flirty will Stiles today. I guess some feelings must have sparked in her when they kissed the other night and now she’s pratically throwing herself at him. At my- at Stiles. And it made me sick to my stomach.

“Are you kidding me, right now?” Lydia sighed in annoyance. “She so would!”

“Lydia, no she wouldn’t!” I disagreed and the banshee, immediately, shook her head.

“Emma, she just saw her true love with someone else. Do you really think she’d disrupt the small possibility of him being happy?”

“Lyds, no one in their right mind would ever just walk away from the love of their life.”

“You sure about that?.” Stiles scoffed, looking up at me with harsh eyes. “Because I know someone who’s done it.”

I wanted to scream and pull all of the hairs off of my head at his comment clearly directed at me. He knew it would hurt me and he said it anyway. I closed my eyes shut and sighed.

“How about we take a break?” I suggested, not even being able to look at Stiles anymore and everyone agreed with my idea.

“I could seriously go for some food, right now.” Malia groaned and I smiled at how pure this girl is.

“There’s some pizza in the fridge.” Stiles stated, pointing towards the kitchen. “And, no, the toppings do not include deer.”

“Well, at least it’s something.” The were-coyote shrugged, getting up from her seat and walking towards her food source.

Silence filled our little circle sitting at the dining table and I actually felt at peace, letting myself lean back on my chair and shut my eyes for a little. I tried my best to tune out the starting of a conversation between Stiles and Lydia and just ignore them. I’m not going to be someone who rejects a boy and, then, not allow him to date other girls. It’s wrong, ridiculous and not me.

“So, Emma.” I heard Lydia’s voice calling my name and I internally groaned. “I hear you have a date with Theo tonight.”

My eyes immediately snapped open and fear consumed my entire being. I quickly glanced at Stiles before looking at Lydia and his face was a mixture of devastation and infuriation.

“How the hell do you know that?!” I exclaimed and Lydia just smiled, cockily.

“Honey, I know everything.” She pushed her red hair over her shoulder with her perfectly manicured hands.

“Lydia.” I sighed, saying her name in a warning tone.

“Fine. Theo told Scott who told Kira who, accidently, spilled to me.”

“Oh, my God. He is such an idiot.” I groaned, trying to ignore the heated stare filled with rage Stiles was giving me.

“Yeah, but he’s a pretty hot idiot.” Lydia chuckled and I couldn’t bring myself to laugh with her.

I didn’t even want to go on this stupid date with him in the first place. I’m only doing this so I can find a way to just let Stiles go. I need another man in my system to push out my feelings for him and Theo was the easiest grab.

“Are you going to have sex with him?” Lydia eagerily asked and my stomach flipped, but not in a pleasant way. “I know it’s the first date, but come on! He’s too sexy to not crave a touch.”

I didn’t even need to look at Stiles to know how uncomfortable he must be. The annoyed body movements I could sense through the corner of my eye were enough for it to be evident.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was quickly interrupted by a curious Lydia.

“I wonder if he’s a big softie or someone who’s into some really rough sex. I think he likes it hard, he just seems like it.” She continued speaking and I cringed at every word that came out of her mouth. “Emma, when you’re having sex with him, will you be the type of girl that loves getting your hair pulled-”

The sound of Stiles’ chair screeching across the tiles shut Lydia’s mouth and we both snapped our heads towards him, immediately. I looked up at him with an apology already written on my face as he slid his chair out from under the table and stood up.

“This conversation clearly isn’t for me.” Stiles stated with disgust in his voice, his cold and displeased eyes locked on mine. “I’m going to the kitchen.”

I nervously nodded, my eyes falling to the floor and he left the room without another word.

“Geez.” Lydia scoffed once he was gone. “What’s the matter with him?”

“I don’t know.” I lied, thankfull she couldn’t hear the change in the pace of my heartbeat.

“Actually, you know what? What’s been going on with the both of you lately?” I immediately looked up at her in fear. “You and Stiles have been all weird and the tension between you two was practically palpable at lunch today. What’s going on, Em?”

“Stiles and I disagree on too many things.” I sighed, trying to nonchalantly shrug. “It’s starting to take a toll on our friendship.”

“Well, you two should fix that soon. We’re all best friends, Emma, we can’t be mad at each other.”

I looked at my arm that was tingling with the memory of Stiles’ fingers caressing my skin, his touch ghosting my body, and I gave Lydia a weak smile. “I’m trying.”

The sound of Malia stumbling back into the dining room with two pizzas in her hand, one she was just holding and the other was currently being stuffed inside her mouth, caught both of our attentions in an instant.

“Guys, there’s so much.” She mumbled, happily, with a mouth full of food and Lydia cringed. “You should go eat, too.”

“I’m good.” Lydia shook her head in disgust at Malia and I smiled.

“I think I’m gonna have myself a slice.” I stated, but really I just wanted to go talk to Stiles alone.

Getting up from my seat and walking towards the kitchen, my nerves were on the surface of my skin. Once I was were I wanted to be, I noticed Stiles leaning against the cupboards and gulping down an alcoholic drink.

“Do you really think you should do that to yourself?” I asked, approaching him and Stiles swallowed the liquid.

“Do you really think you should go on a date with Theo Raeken?” Stiles retorted and I groaned, rolling my eyes.


“How could you not tell me? How could you let me think I actually had a chance with you?” He interrupted and I was starting to get really annoyed at this pesky habit of his.

“Stiles, I never let you think you had a chance with me.” I stated with a stern voice and his eyes fell to the floor, my words wounding him. “I’ve been telling you since the beginning that I didn’t want anything serious.”

“I’m tired of you saying that.”

“I’m tired of you trying to break our agreement! I made it clear to you that I wanted, and still want, a distraction not a boyfriend!”

“Is that why you’re going on this date with Theo?” Stiled asked, folding his arms against his chest. “Because he’s just a distraction?”

I relunctantly nodded, not actually wanting to give him that much information.

“Like me?”

The world felt like it just fell at my feet as soon as those words left his lips and my entire heart broke into a million pieces. I didn’t even want to answer because I, honestly, didn’t know how to.

But, by the look of devastation in Stiles’ eyes at my lack of a response, it was enough for him to come to his own conclusions.

“I can’t do this, anymore.” Stiles shook his head, standing up and slamming his bottle down on the counter.

“Me neither.” I agreed through a pained heart.

“Then, I guess this it.” He sighed, shrugging at me. “This is how we end things between us.”

“I guess so.” I agreed, desperately holding back the tears that wanted to fall.

“Have a nice life with Theo.” Stiles stated bitterly, starting to walk away from me and towards the dining room where the girls were.

“Have a nice life with Lydia!”

Stiles immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at me with a perplexed expression. “What?”

“Oh, come on, Stiles.” I scoffed, walking up to him again. “She’s so obviously into you. Don’t be that blind.”

He licked his lips before gazing at me with soft eyes only to have them go back to their harsh and icy state.

“I’m not blind. I’m just too busy being in love with someone else to notice.”

I shut my eyes as soon as he finished speaking to forbid any tears from making their escape and I could feel Stiles distance himself away from me and leave. I quickly opened my eyes and took a deep breath before entering the dining room.

“Hey, guys, I’m gonna head out.” I spoke, my voice steady even though it desperately wanted to crack. “I have to start getting ready for tonight.”

“Okay.” Lydia smiled kindly at me. “There’s not a lot left to finish the story, anyway. Go have fun on your date, girl.”

“Thanks.” I smiled back and, both, she and Malia waved goodbye to me.

Glancing at Stiles one last time, I opened the front door to his house. There were dozens of emotions swimming in his eyes and I was able to read into all of them. Don’t go, I can’t believe you’d betray me like this, You’re being reckless to me and to yourself were all there. However, the strongest one was I don’t want things to end like this between us. I don’t want things to end at all. and I couldn’t help but feel the same way.


The date with Theo so far has been an actual pleasant surprise. He picked me up at my house on time and even brought me a bouquet of flowers, which I was not expecting at all. They were my favorite kind and I wondered how he could possibly know such an intimate detail about myself.

We went to a fancy restaurant downtown for dinner and the whole night had been a nice one. Theo was so much of a gentleman that it actually freaked me out a bit. He never touched me in any inapporiate way or stated any comments that made me feel uncomfortable. Theo was charming and courteous.

When we finished eating, he paid the bill and gave the waiter a generous tip. I haven’t touched a single door tonight because he’s been opening every single one of them for me. Sure, Theo was gracious and amicable and I had a shockingly pleasant night, but I still can’t get Stiles out of my head.

I guess it’s time to crank it up a notch.

“Here we are.” Theo stated, pulling his car into my driveway. He put it in park and turned to look at me with a smile. “I had a really great time tonight.”

“Me, too.” I smiled back, trying to look interested in him even though I was far from it. “Thank you for the invitation.”

“Thank you for accepting it.” He began to inch closer to me and I felt nervous at his actions. Theo reached his hand up to my cheek and I had to maintain every bit of self control I had to not flinch away. He looked straight into my eyes and I could feel his lips approaching my own. “Emma, you’re so gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” I answered before he crashed his mouth on mine, suddenly.

It took me a few seconds to close my eyes and give into the kiss, begrudgingly. He was so urgent and, yet, careless. It’s nothing like the mind-blowing kisses I’ve shared with Stiles. This kiss is lazy and absolutely unpleasant. At one point I even opened my eyes to see if he was serious and I internally groaned when I realized this is exactly how he kisses.

My God, Theo Raeken is an awful kisser.

I thanked God when he slowly broke our kiss and rested his forehead on mine. He breathed heavily and as did I, his thumb now caressing my cheek.

“Emma, are your parents home?” Theo asked and I knew where he wanted to go with this question.

“No, they’re at some dinner party.” I said the honest truth and the werewolf grinned at me. “They’ll be home really late.”

“Can I walk you inside?” Theo smirked and my heart beat faster.

That request isn’t just any request. He wants to walk me inside of my house with my parents gone and that can only mean one thing.

The internal battle I was having was like no other and it made my head spin.

On one hand, I wanted to do this. It was my plan in the first place. I wanted to get with Theo so I could find a way to forget Stiles.

Yet, on the other hand… I didn’t want to forget Stiles. My attachment to him has become so deep at this point that I can’t even see myself laying down with another man. None of them interest me, only Stiles Stilinski does.

But, I ruined everything with the boy I love. He offered me more than just a friendship and I declined it. I hurt him in a way that no one ever has and I can’t take that back. Stiles, can’t take me back. He won’t. Not anymore.


Theo smiled before turning off the ignition to his car and we both got out. I walked over to the front door first, pulling my house keys out of my purse and putting the right key into the lock. With a sigh escaping my lips and mentally preparing myself for the burden that is about to come, I unlocked the door. Pushing it open, we both stepped inside and I turned on the light to the living room.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, putting my purse and keys on the living room couch.

“Well, that depends.” Theo cocked an eyebrow. “Are you drinking anything?”

You bet your ass I’m drinking something, considering it’ll be the only thing able to get me through this night with you.

“Yes, I am.” I grinned, walking towards the kitchen.

“Then, I’ll have one too.” He agreed and followed behind me.

We both entered the kitchen and I strode over to the refrigerator to grab an already opened bottle of wine I may or may not have taken a few swings from as I got ready for this date. Theo’s eyes were on me the entire time that I placed the bottle on the counter. I could feel them burning into me with a feeling I’ve grown so acostumed to; lust.

Reaching up on the top cupboards to get glasses for the drinks, I suddenly felt his hands wrap around my waist and his face settle on my shoulder. I tensed up, immediately, and I strived to not drop the glasses down on the floor. I’ve already shattered too many things lately, I don’t need to add my parents’ wine glasses to that list.

“What'cha doing?” I asked with a playfull voice, trying my best to cover up my repulsion.

“Hugging a beautiful lady.” Theo stated against my neck, his breath dancing on my skin and eerie chills ran down my spine.

“Well, this beautiful lady wants to pour wine for the both of us.” I retorted, putting the glasses on the counter.

“Do you really want to drink wine-” Theo spun me around to face him, his face now aligned with mine as his hands gripped onto my waist. “-or would you rather kiss me?”

I internally laughed at his seduction attempt and it took everything I had in me to keep my laughs from escaping my mouth.

I didn’t even have the opportunity to answer before he attached his lips on mine with another pathetic kiss. Pushing aside all of the negative thoughts I had towards this and towards him, I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him back with passion. I deepened it by adding tongue and Theo moaned into my mouth in response.

His fingers touched the hem of my black dress, slightly hitching it up to graze my thighs and all I could do was picture Stiles’ hands on me, squeezing at just the right pressure to get me extremely turned on.

I moaned at the thought of the boy I loved and I felt Theo’s lips curl into a smile against mine, assuming I was turned on by him.

I broke the kiss when I needed to breathe again and Theo’s lips moved down to my neck, seemingly addicted to me. He left wet kisses on my skin and I brought Stiles back into the front of my mind.

I thought about his fingers hitching my dress up and softly touching my core under my panties, the wetness already there and always ready for him. I imagined his mouth sucking on my pulse point in that delicious way that only he knows how to perfectly ensue. I pictured his filthy moans right below my ear, sending shock waves all throughout my body.

I was here with another man and, yet, all I could truly feel was Stiles Stilinski’s touches igniting my skin and body like no other. It was his lips caressing my neck that I craved. It was his touch that I needed the most. It was his arms that I dreamt of being in. It was Stiles Stilinski that I truly wanted and loved.

And I’m finally ready to accept that.

I don’t want meaningless one night stands with strangers or people that I barely care about. I don’t want to be alone without the one boy I hold dear to my heart. I want everything that Stiles admitted he also wanted yesterday and I want it with him.

I may not be ready for it and it may be one of the most dangerous things I get myself into, but I want a relationship with Stiles Stilinski.

The sudden feeling of Theo tugging my zipper down my dress snapped me back to reality and I, immediately, reached my hand behind my back to halt his invasive actions.

“Stop.” I protested and he followed my orders, looking up at me with confused eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Theo asked, bringing his hand to settle back on my waist.

“I can’t do this with you.” I stated, detaching his hands from my body and taking a step aside, away from him.

“Why?” His arms fell to his sides and I took a deep breath.

“Because I’m in love with someone else.”

“You’re in love with someone else?” Theo folded his arms across his chest and narrowed his eyes at me. “Who is he?”

“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head, swallowing nervously. “I’m sorry that I led you on tonight, but I think you should probably go.”

“Emma, who is it?” He continued to press. “You owe me at least that.”

“Theo,” I sighed, squinting my eyes at him. “I don’t owe you anything.”

“I bought you flowers and paid for dinner!” His voice was almost a shout.

“Wow.” I grimaced, astonished at his words. “So, the whole night, you being a gentleman was all just an act?”

“I’m not gonna ask you again.” Theo spoke with a low voice, attempting to scare me.

Contrary to his beliefs, it did not work. I wasn’t threatened at his abusive use of that statement, I was furious that he thinks he can actually talk to me like that. I am not some chick who let’s guys walk all over her. I am Emma Miller and I demand some fucking respect.

“Get out.” I ordered, pointing to my front door without taking my eyes off of him.


“Get. Out.” I spat, my words harsh. “It’s not that difficult to understand what I’m saying.”

Theo stared at me with a stunned expression and I smirked. The werewolf took a deep breath before releasing his arms and letting them fall back down on his sides.

“You’re making a huge mistake.” He hissed and I maintained my grin.

“No, I’m not. The real mistake I made was rejecting the boy I love and going on a date with you.”

The words left my tongue with the intention of hurting and by the look of offense on Theo’s face, I knew that it had worked.

“I can be better than him.” He continued to try and plead his case. “I can give you everything you need!”

What I need is Stiles.

“Theo, why are you still here?” I hissed, glaring at him. “I told you to leave.”

He let out an angry huff and sighed, stomping all the way to my front door. Theo opened the door and turned to look at me one last time.

“You’re gonna regret this.” He stated and I laughed.

“No, I’m not.”

Theo left my house without another word and I, finally, let myself properly breath. I had succummed to a new feeling of peace and I was so thankfull for it.

I shamelessly did a little dance of vitory in the middle of the kitchen and smiled the biggest smile my lips could ever put together.

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of terrible relationships and dealt with numerous different heartbreaks. But, all of that didn’t seem to matter anymore. What mattered to me was being with Stiles and loving him unconditionally.

I’m ready to be with him. I’m ready to love him. And I’m ready to tell him.


With the most honest and happy smile I’ve ever had, I parked my car into Stiles’ driveway and turned it off. Putting my keys into my purse and taking it into my hands, I opened the door and carefully shut it behind me.

My heart beat faster everytime I took a step closer to the front door, noticing the light was on in the Stilinski living room. The feeling of exciment roared in my veins as I lifted my arm to knock on the wooden door.

Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of a girl’s laughter coming from inside the house and I stopped myself before I could. I instantly recognized the voice and the excitement in my blood was replaced with fear.

Bringing my hands back down, I decided to do something that I’ve always been against. But, I knew it was necessary for this situation if I wanted to get out of here unscathed.

Internally cursing myself for even doing so, I crouched down and crawled my way towards the huge window in the living room. The grass prickled my knees thanks to the short dress I was still wearing and it stung my skin like a bitch. It felt so stupid to try and sneak around like this and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the neighbors called the police when they see me act so pathetic and desperate.

Carefully, hovering up just a little bit, I peeked through the opened window and my heart stopped at the sight before me.

Lydia and Stiles were sitting on his couch, their bodies inches apart, and laughing with their entire soul and being. I gave a weak smile at how relaxed and happy Stiles looked as he enjoyed this moment of laughter.

I couldn’t bring myself to actually do anything other than watch the two spend time on, what I assume is, their date. Stiles was calm and content, two feelings I definitely haven’t offered him lately.

It was when Lydia leaned and placed her lips on Stiles’ that my blood went icy cold and I felt my heart shatter. As tears poured down my cheeks, I decided that this was enough.

Crawling back to the front of their door, I stood up from the ground. I wiped away the dirt and grass on my legs and took a deep breath.

Stiles deserves to be happy and if he sees that happiness in Lydia, there is no way in hell I’m going to be an obstacle.

And so I did the one thing I’d never expect myself to.

The main thing I disagreed on when we were all writing our short story.

With my heart falling deep into a painful abyss, I wiped my tears off my cheeks and just walked away.

vickyxmelonlove  asked:

Hi! May I request for Wonho & NERD!Au, please and thanks!! ^^

➸ word count: 1.5k *laughs between sobs* what is a drabble, clearly idk

➸ fluff/angst ish/hs au/nerd au

➸ a/n: instead of saying I’ll write drabbles, I’ll say I’ll write “a thing” because honestly, ,,,this came out longer than I wanted it to and this happens often to me. i hate everything. anyways lovely, i hope u enjoy this im not entirely sure im completely satisfied with this but an attempt was made. thanks for the request and pls let me know if u enoyed. okay bye.

“Dude, you’re drooling again” Changkyun half groans, half teases when he catches sight of Wonho staring over at ________ with hearts in his eyes. 

They’re sitting at their usual lunch table, and right across them, ________ is sitting with her other friends throwing her head back in laughter. 

Wonho sighs, “Am not”. Still, he wipes the corner of his mouth just to make sure. 

“Why don’t you just tell her that you like her?” Jooheon asks through a mouthful of pizza. 

Kihyun snorts from besides Wonho, and shakes his head. “It’s like you don’t know Wonho” he muses. 

“It’s not that simple” Wonho counters. 

“Of course it is, you tell her how you feel and she will either return your feeling or won’t” Changkyun tells him. 

“Yeah, and what if she doesn’t? I could potentially lose my best friend. I don’t want that, besides it already feels like I’m losing her, and what if this pushes her completely away?” Wonho sighs. He pushes his tray of food away and looks up. 

Catching his eye, ________ smiles warmly at him an waves. He smiles right back, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. 

Looking away quickly, he doesn’t catch her concerned frown. 

“Is this because of what Jinyoung said to you last time?” Changkyun asks. 

“Jinyoung? Uh, what did that asshole say to you?” Kihyun asks working himself up. 

“Changkyun” Wonho warns. 

“No, seriously. Is that guy bothering you again? Because if he is, tell us and we’ll do something” Shownu tells him. 

“Guys, can we all just–drop it. Honestly though, he’s right. There’s no way in hell someone as beautiful, and popular as her would actually go for a nerd like me” Wonho plays with his fingers and doesn’t dare to look up at his friends. 

Kihyun looks like he’s about to burst when Shownu speaks up. 

“Love is all about taking risks” Shownu points out, “and besides, ________ isn’t that type of person. If she cared at all about labels, appearances and that nonsense, don’t you think she’d have stopped associating herself with you?”

“Or with us for that manner?” Jooheon adds. 

Wonho drops his head against the table and groans. Everything his friends are saying rings some sort of truth, but he’s scared. 

“________, I need your help with something” Wonho says when she opens the door to greet him. 

“Hello to you too” she laughs letting him in, “what’s up cupcake?”

“What did we say about you calling me that?”

“Not to do it in public?” ________ teases. 

“No, I told you to stop calling me that” Wonho grins. 

“But how can I stop when you’re just as cute as a cupcake, look at those cheeks”

She pinches his cheeks playfully and Wonho lightly slaps her hands away. 

“That makes no sense” Wonho shakes his head. 

“It does to me. So, what’s this you need help with?” she asks. 

“First of all, promise you won’t laugh?” Wonho pleads, then sticks out his pinky. ________ grins and takes it nodding her head. “I want you to help me make myself over" 

“What?” ________ giggles, and stops immediately when Wonho shoots her a look. “I mean, why?”

“Well, I–there’s a girl” he starts off and _________’s eyes widen. 

“R-really?” she stutters, her heart plummeting to her stomach. 

“Yeah, and I was thinking that maybe if didn’t look like this, maybe she’d give me a second look” he admits, his cheeks pink. 

________ frowns. 

“You do realize that you don’t have to change yourself for anyone, right? If you’re willing to give her your heart, she should accept you just the way you are” she tells him. 

“________” whines throwing his head back. 

“I’m serious, Wonho. If she hasn’t noticed you now, what makes her worthy of your affection once you’re made over?” ________ tells him protectively. 

Wonho nods in understanding, “I mean–I haven’t really been obvious about it. I just think that if I look less like this” he points at his glasses, un-styled hair, and his khaki pants paired with a red polo and a grey cardigan, “I would have more of a chance of her saying yes. Plus I also really want this. I feel like I’d feel better about myself if I looked less well, nerdy” he laughs. 

________ sighs giving in. “Fine, this girl better be worth the trouble" 

Wonho’s blinding smile makes ________’s heart ache. Must be some girl she thinks. She decides to bury her feelings for her best friend deeper and fakes a smile. 

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I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine.
Your pain is my pain; and pain fades in time.
Fine? Fine, brother of mine.
All is forgiven in time.

okay but just imagine cleaning up hockey!luke after every game because he somehow manages to always get a cut here or a bruise there so there you were standing in between his legs, his feet swinging despite their length n you’re just there cleaning the cut by his eyebrow and cringing at his split lip and he just kinda scrunches up his nose when you clean the cut w antiseptic so you just kinda kiss his nose and tell him to suck it up and giggles start bubbling out of him until he says ‘that’s what i said to you last night’ and you kinda scream internally while your loser of a boyfriend sits in front of you, giggling like an idiot and oh my goD i don’t even like hockey but hockey!luke rly speaks to me

The Ex I Never Had

Highly recommended songs (Inspiration):


Bobby fidgets in the seat in front of me and slides his right arm half way on the table, allowing his fingers to tap against the surface. A sigh escapes his lips and he swings his head to stare out of the window of the diner.

Why did I even show up?” I wonder.

I glance over his shoulder watch a waitress, politely bending over to hand an elderly woman her drink.

We haven’t said a word to each other since I’ve arrived.

My index and middle fingers sluggishly trace the rim of a medium sized, scarlet mug that currently holds the remnants of my previously ordered Earl Grey tea. I can no longer feel the steam linger upon my fingers.

Someone needs to break the silence.

Fuck it.  

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Show the World

Request: Can u do a fic for Dan where the fans don’t know they’re dating and Dan’s icloud gets hacked by a fan and the fans find out? I have had this idea in my head but my writing is shit! Thank u


Warnings: swearing

We had been dating awhile, but I had always preferred to stay out of the spotlight, so we kept it a secret. I wanted it that way and Dan had always respected it.

Not to say it was easy. 

We couldn’t act like a “regular” couple in public, I had to keep out of sight in his videos and live shows. And Phil’s as well, as I lived with the two of them. Sometimes it was draining, but I imagined being in the public’s eye would be even more so.

“Hey babe.” Dan wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my head while I finished up cooking dinner. Phil was gone on holiday. 

“Hey, how was your day out?” I smiled, turning around and kissing him, before grabbing the silverware and plates for dinner. 

He put his coat away and sat down at the table waiting on me. 

“It was alright. I got a ton of pointless shit.” He chuckled. He pulled out his phone and took a couple selfies, then a few of me cooking. He was always doing that, I guess it was his way of coping with not being able to go out like a regular couple. I hated having my picture taken, but I really didn’t mind since only he was seeing it. 

I brought our plates over and sat down across from him, we ate. We talked about my day at Uni, his out shopping with friends he hadn’t seen in awhile. 

“What do you wanna watch tonight?” I quizzed, I was hoping he was up for an anime or something lighthearted tonight, I was in the mood to just chill and relax.

He named off some anime, I hadn’t heard of, but he promised it wasn’t too intense. I sighed in relief. I put on my warmest and fuzziest pair of pajamas and snuggled up to him on the couch. This was my happy place. I was safe in Dan’s warm embrace and that’s all I needed. 

I guess we both dozed off because when I woke up, light was streaming through the curtains and we were both huddled up on the couch. I snaked my way out of his arms and checked the time. It was after ten in the morning, which wasn’t too bad, neither of us had any commitments for the day. 

I made some coffee and decided to wake him up, it was lonely without Phil. 

“Morning, sleepy head.” I rubbed my hands down his arm and handed him his coffee once he sat up.

“Ugh good morning.” He grumbled. He took a sip before rubbing his eyes.

He grabbed his phone and saw it had exploded with notifications. He groaned then his whole face went ghost white. 

“This has to be a fucking prank.” He yelled before frantically scrolling though Twitter and YouTube comments. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” His face looked like a stone, I couldn’t read his expression at all. 

He silently handed his phone over to me. His phone was plastered with pictures from his iCloud. They were all over Twitter. All the ones of me and him. Silly, romantic, serious. All the pictures he’d taken.

Someone hacked his iCloud. 

In all honesty, I probably overreacted. But this was my biggest fear. Most of his fans were very kind and supportive, but there’s always that bunch that freak out and take shit too far. 

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Dan was waving his hand in front of my face.

“Huh? oh yeah, sorry.” I buried my face in my hands.

He wrapped his arms around me. “Babe, it’s okay. We’ll sort this all out. Most everyone is supportive… see?” He showed me a few comments that actually warmed my heart a bit. 

“As long as you’re happy, we’re happy Dan”

“I wish you hadn’t kept this a secret from us, but she’s gorgeous and I’m so happy for you!”

“Are u gonna put a ring on it???”

“u two r too cute together”

And a flood of other very supportive people. Sure, there were hateful people in between all these people, but the support really drove that out of my mind. People liked me, people were happy for us.

I kissed Dan on the lips softly. He looked kind of shocked.

“You’re not pissed?” He quizzed, unsure of what my response would be.

I sighed. “No. Yeah, I’m a little scared. But it’ll be nice to not have to always hide. I love you, and I want to be able to show the world just how much I really do care about you.”

“Okay. I guess we’ll make a video in response, confirming this shitstorm.” Dan stood up to grab his equipment. I fixed a few stray hairs while he set it all up. He sat down beside me.

“Hello Internet! I’m sure you’ve seen all the pictures leaked from my iCloud. And Y/N and I are here to tell you, that yes, the pictures are real and the rumors are true.”

The two of us quickly kissed before going on to tell the whole story.

Sorry this took so long to post! I hope you like it. (: xoxo

Preference: He cheated on you (5sos)

Ashton: You’ve already heard rumors about Ashton and another girl while he was on tour. Today you found a magazine showing some quite obvious pictures of him and this girl leaving a hotel, which made you suspicious and angry, and you decide to talk to him.
“Hey, can you explain that?”, you say as you enter the room and throw the magazine next to him.
“What about a ‘Hello, Ashton. Haven’t seen you today.’ And what do you even mean by THAT?!”
Ash takes the mag and runs over the pages until he finds the pics of himself. He seems shocked and for a second he doesn’t know what to say, then he sighs trying to find words.
“Just tell me if the things they wrote are true, will you? Did you have an affair with this girl while you were on tour?”, you ask. But you can tell the answer by the look on his face.
“I…”, he starts but you interrupt him.
“Why? I mean, we haven’t seen each other in a while and I know things weren’t as good as always, but why did you do that? And why do I have to find out through the gutter press?! Are you such a coward that you can’t tell me?!”
“It was only once okay?! I was…”
Now you are even angrier. “Oh, now that makes the situation way better!”, you say with a sarcastic laugh.
“If you would let me explain for just one second! It was only once. We had fun, she liked me and that’s it! I haven’t seen her again, end of the story! Now calm down, Y/N!”
“She liked you? Well, I like you, too, Ash! More than that; I trusted you. But you rather have fun with someone else when I’m not with you”, you answer while tears fill your eyes.
“I told you it was only once! I don’t know why that’s such a big problem for you? Now I’m back to be there just for you. Who cares what happened on tour with that girl I don’t even know?! It didn’t mean anything to me, it really didn’t!”,  he said defiantly.
“You really, don’t get the point, do you? It’s not about the fact that it happened only once. It happened! That’s all I need to know.” You are about to go as you notice him looking up to your face for the first time. As he realizes you leave, he throws you a rueful look that tells you he is sorry, but he just can’t tell you right now.

Luke: Luke called you and asked you to meet up because he has to talk to you. His voice was in this strange tone that already tells that something isn’t fine and he doesn’t want to talk about anything good.  But of course you agreed anyway and are on your way to Luke’s house now.
“Hey”, he greets you with a kiss on your cheek and lets you inside.  Luke has always been the cutest and most caring boyfriend in the world, but still found that perfect balance between being clingy and giving you your space.
But right now you can tell by a single look in his face that something is bothering him while he leads you into the living room to sit down on the sofa.
You don’t say anything, not sure if you should be scared of what you will hear in a few seconds.
Your fear is confirmed by Luke who takes a deep breath and looks right into your eyes. There’s something that makes him feel bad and soon will also set your world on fire.
“As I’ve already said: I need to talk to you”, he starts right away. Before you can even get a chance to speak he goes on talking.
“I cheated on you, Y/N.”
That’s it. That’s all he says, He even seems to be relieved that he finally got it off his chest and still looks right into your eyes as he waits for your reaction.
“You…You WHAT?!” Of course you heard what he said, but it took a minute until you really understood what was going on. Luke – your Luke – cheated on you. You don’t even know how to react since there are so many feelings that build up inside you. Anger, disappointment and a little bit of hope that maybe everything just isn’t true. You can’t find any words and still stare at Luke in disbelief.
“It was one time and it didn’t mean anything. Please, believe me. I was completely drunk. I know that’s no excuse for what I’ve done and I know there IS now excuse.”
For the whole time his voice is absolutely calm and honest, which makes you even more angry than you already are.
“I know you’re angry”, Luke says just before you’re about to explode. “And I absolutely understand if you want to break up. But please don’t say anything you will regret in a few days. Just think about everything and…”
“Please”, Luke goes on with his calm voice. “I can’t undo what I’ve already done. And I really would if I could, but I can’t. I can’t say anything more than I’m sorry. So please take your time and think about it.”
The worst is that you know he’s right. Every single time when the two of you have a fight and are angry with eachother, you say things you regret just a few hours later. Even though you can’t imagine that you’d regret any of the words you’d like to tell him right now, you turn around to rush out of the room, furious as you are.
“Y/N”, you hear Luke’s voice again and though you don’t really want, you stop again and turn around to look in his eyes. It’s not only his voice, but even his eyes tell that he’s completely honest with you.
“I want you to know that you’ll never find someone who loves you as much as I do. Seriously, Y/N. I’m so sorry.”
A single tear rolls down your face when you slam the door behind you.
“I hate you”, you whisper, lying to yourself.

 It’s a usual evening you spend with your boyfriend Michael and his bandmates. During your relationship with Michael, Ashton kind of  became your best friend and you used to tell him everything. “Everything okay with you and  Mikey?”, Ash asks you in a private moment.
“Not really. I don’t know what it is, but Mike acts weird since he’s back from tour”, you speak out your doubts while Ashton just smiles. 
“Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just strange for Mike to be home again”, he tries to calm you.
“Did I hear my name? You guys talking about me?”, Mike interrupts your conversation and Ashton immediately starts smiling. 
“I’ve just learned that you miss having your beloved Ashton around you 24/7 and act strange since touring”, he grins at Michael. Instead of raising a laugh, Michael just looks at you through angry eyes.
“Who said that? You, Y/N? You think I’m acting weird?”, he says without yelling but still in an aggressive tone.
“Um.. I just… Yes, you’ve changed since you’re home from your tour”, you answer quietly, shocked by Michael’s sudden and unexpected change of mood. You can’t tell where all this anger in his eyes comes from, but you’re nearly afraid of him.
“And you have to tell Ash instead of me?!” Now Michael shouts at you and makes even Calum and Luke finally fall silent.
“I’m sorry, I just worried about you. Calm down!” , you try to defend yourself, but his voice gets even louder.
“Fuck, Y/N! You don’t have to worry! Maybe I cheated on you on tour?! Ever thought about this?! I’m sure you didn’t because you don’t understand anything!”, he  shouts and stares right into your eyes.
It’s not only you who noticed his aggressive look.
“Are you serious, Michael!?”, Ashton stands up for you. “Why the fuck are you talking to her like this?!”, he tries to defend you since you’re lost for words.  Each of Michael’s words  cut you to the heart and you can’t tell how much he hurt you.
“Because I fucked this stupid girl on tour! And I even don’t know why. I just did it and Y/N keeps treating me like…”
“Leave, Mike”, Ash interrupts Michael’s yelling. “Just leave and calm down. This here will lead to nothing.”
Without any talking back, Michael heads to the door. He flashes you a last glance when he’s about to leave and somewhere in between his anger you can tell that he tries to tell you how sorry he is but just can’t show it.
While Luke places an arm around you and whispers a “I’m sorry”, you can hear Michael aggressively smashing his hand against the wall outside of the room.  “FUCK!”, you hear his loud voice again and you start crying while the rest of the boys are there for you.
You know Michael good enough. He hates himself even more than you hate him right now.

Calum: Hey Love,
R U free this afternoon? Meet up at the café..need to talk 2 U.
-cal x
This is the message that made you think something’s wrong. Calum acts strange since he is back from the tour. 
He is already waiting for you at a table in the café, looking slightly nervous, and you wonder what’s bothering him so much.
“Hi, babe. Sit down, please”, he says as you arrive.
“Hey Cal, what’s wrong?”
He cleared his throat before he continued:  “I have to tell you, before anyone else does. I…”, he sighed, “I cheated on you while I was on tour.”
Calum doesn’t even wait for your reaction but keeps on talking, trying to explain.
“I still don’t know how it could’ve happened. I was so drunk that night! I regretted it, the moment I left, trust me Y/N! All I can say is that I am so, so sorry!”
It was quiet for a while, because you are too shocked to say anything. 
“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, Cal”, you start, “I…I don’t know what to say or to do. It’s just…”
Calum quickly takes your hand and stares at you.
“Y/N, I am so sorry! But you have to know that I love you and the last thing I want is to hurt you. If I could turn back time and make it undone I’d do it instantly! Please, Y/N, I don’t want to loose you because of that stupid mistake!”
You can see that he really regrets what happened.
“I think I’ll go now. Have to think about everything you just said. It’s a big mistake and I know that you are sorry for it, but I don’t think I can forgive you that easily.”
He lets go off your hand, not trying to hold you back, but again he looks you in the eyes: ‘I’m sorry!’
And you know he means it.

I hate that I love you - Park Jimin angst

genre: angst

[this was based on the song ‘i hate u i love u’]

Originally posted by vminv

All alone I watch you watch her

You were watching the trail of raindrops at your window. Like a child you would anticipate this so called race, a drop touching another as it slides completely downward. You released a sigh before opening your window, lifting it up and was welcomed with petrichor. You always loved the scent after rain ever since you were little and it makes you feel a lot better considering you’re pretty much stressed these days.

You were about to grab your mug of coffee when someone opened your front door and immediately calls for your name, “____?”

You placed your mug back at the island and took a deep breathe. It was your best friend Jimin, probably here again because of his annoying and exasperating girlfriend.

It’s so frustrating that Jimin would never notice the real attitude of Yemi.

Oh no, let me rephrase it. He never notice anything.

You were now standing in front of him. His eyes were so confused, so lost and is definitely in need of help but the moment he laid his gaze on you, his eyes widen for a bit before rushing to engulf you in a tight hug.

You were taken aback by the impact so you tried to push him off.

Jimin did not budge but only tighten his grip on you, “Wait. Let me- just-” He’s in a lost for words that your hands just instinctively made their way towards his back, rubbing it gently. “Just for a while, please.”

You mouthed silent ok’s, reassuring him that he’ll be fine.

Someone’s phone rang but it was obvious that it was Jimin’s.

He, as if realizing what was happening, quickly let go of you. He grabbed his phone from his pocket and gulped, “Ah? Yes, Yemi? Oh, okay I’ll be there in five minutes.”

He didn’t even took one last glance at you and just ran towards the door to leave.

You were so used to this. But what can you do? You were not Jimin’s mother to overpass Yemi’s importance to Jimin.

You don’t care you never did
You don’t give a damn about me

You’re so disappointed to yourself and to Jimin.

First, why can’t he notice that you see him as more than best buddies? Why can’t he appreciate your genuine love for him?

Second, why can’t you understand you’re fucking friends? Why do you have to get attached to him to the point where you started to catch feelings? Why do you have to get pressed about him putting Yemi before you because that’s how it’s supposed to be. Why do you have to see him as your man?

Why does he have to chase someone who only wants him when she’s needy?

No, why do you have to chase someone who only wants you when he needs something?

You were having a mental breakdown, your mind and your heart starts aching.

You were always there to lend your hand to someone when they feel down, but the thing is.. when you’re the one who’s in need of someone’s comfort and reassurance, no one is there to give you a hand.

You rub your temples in a circular way, hoping to ease your throbbing pain.

You received a text from Jimin saying, “____, I see you’re not in a good condition with Yemi and she’s trying to make it up to you. Mind if you join us to dinner tomorrow?”

Time flies so fast and you were now sitting with your hands placed at a round table covered in white clothing. It was a classic restaurant and you were sitting across no one, whilst Jimin and Yemi are facing each other.

You were like watching both of them share lovely looks at each other, and every look shatters your heart into bits.

Yemi wasn’t saying anything to make it up with you but just give Jimin numerous seductive stares.

You were in a daze and slowly ate your steak with mashed potato on top. Yemi looked at you, a smirk crept at her face.

She is making you jealous.

They fed each other, the couple completely forgetting your presence.

Jimin was looking at Yemi, and you were looking at Jimin.

Yeah all alone I watch you watch her
She is the only thing you ever see

You dropped your knife and fork and excused yourself to the restroom.

You were breathing rapidly. The way they look in each other’s eyes made goosebumps to erupt all over you body

You always had this when you feel pain, heat on your face starts occurring and now your eyes starts to get teary.

You returned and grab your purse, you bid them good bye but they didn’t seem to mind.

You were silently walking, shivering a bit because of the cold air brushing through your exposed arms.

You were so mad for putting yourself into this mess and feel nothing but pain. The thought of it brought tears to fall in your eyes.

You always hated how your frustrations turns into tears.

“____!” You heard the voice you always loved. You admire it so much, it’s so addicting like a voice of an angel. It’s your source of happiness.. not much difference because it also is your source of sadness.

You slowly turned around only to see Jimin, “What happened, ____?”

His voice was tinted with worry but behind him was Yemi. Yemi looks so humiliated and there were even tears in her eyes, “Don’t you know that she’s very disappointed? She planned this for her to make it up with you. Why did you leave so fast?”

Your mouth was slightly parted but you couldn’t say anything. Your eyes were blinking too fast because of how unbelievable it was for you.

Jimin took a step backward and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, still looking at you with disbelief.

How is it you never notice
That you are slowly killing me

You shed a tear so you had no choice but to turn your back to them and run. It was all too much. You were tired of this. You didn’t know Jimin was this dense to not know a single shit about you.

It’s always Yemi. You did everything for Jimin but his world only revolves to Yemi to even notice your efforts.

You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her..

anonymous asked:

The only reason u dont respind to my mssgs is cuz u know im right lol loser


The reason I don’t respond to anyone’s incredibly hateful messages are because I have consciously chosen that I am not wasting my time on them anymore, seeing as they don’t hurt me and are not important enough. The hateful ones are only .5% of the 100% of BEAUTIFUL messages I receive, so why focus on the hateful ones? We are merely reflections of one another. You need healing, I need healing.

I follow this:
“If people are sending out negative energy and not meeting your expectations, it is important to send them unconditional love. They are simply being themselves, doing the best they know how. You will find great inner peace when you do not need others to act in a certain way to be happy yourself. When you send someone unconditional love, it is no longer possible for you to be harmed by his or her negative energy.”
- Orin.

Hope ya find peace, lil buddy.

in celebration of reaching my first 1k, i wanted to do a follow forever! i love all of you, and the very thought of having over a thousand people following me is just incomprehensible. you all mean a lot to me, and i can’t wait for when i reach beyond 1k. i love you:)

special thank you to anna for making the beautiful edit!

*not in any particular order* let’s start with a few people in particular who hold a special place in my heart: 

emily: u are one of the sweetest people i know. you always know how to cheer me up, and i’m so unbelievably happy that you creepily messaged me one day on tumblr. you’re my special lil walnut, and ur one of the v few ppl i know who put up with my obsession with calum’s ass. i will never take that for granted (trust me). you’ve never judged me whenever i’d told u something i normally wouldn’t tell anyone, and you never fail to make me smile. so i love you a lot emily and idk if i tell u that enough.

serina:my bby, serina. to me, you’re one of the most important ppl in my life. bc of my shitty memory, idk how we met or started talking, but i’m glad we did. whenever i’m anxious or angry or scared, you’re always there to calm me down. literally you’re just this huge ray of sunshine, and it’s astonishing how close we’ve gotten. i trust you with my life. i can talk to you abt anything - good and bad - and you listen to me completely. that is what i cherish the most. i love you, serina.

mary:damn, mary, where do i start. i remember when i was terrified to talk to you. i looked up at you like u were a goddess. i may have introduced myself in a weird way, but hey, look at us now. we’ve been thru a shitload together so far, and at this point, i can confidently say nothing will tear us apart. you mean a lot to me, and i hope one day my boobs will be as gr8 as urs tbh.

anna:oh, yes, anna. damn, we’re fucked up, huh? skying for almost an entire day? literally our friendship blossomed pretty quickly. since then, we’ve only gotten closer and closer. i trust u so much, and u need to realize how much u mean to me. what fascinates me is you can instantly tell when something’s bothering me. you know me better than i know myself, and you can read me like a book. you know when i’m sad or angry, and immediately, you cheer me up. ur my lil noodle ily.

sisi:sigh sigh, my fellow hoosier. i still cringe over the first convo we had. it was abt how much we hate indiana, and it was extremely mature. tbh i was intimidated by u. now, ur one of best friends, and we live less than a few hrs away from each other! if i could fly (or drive), i’d meet up with u faster than u can blink. one day, we’ll be able to be meet, but for now, we’ll keep talking abt our stupid cats and how much i ship u with luke. i love u more than words can explain, and i care abt u a lot, sunshine.

meg:ur a horny motherfucker, and i love you so fucking much. idk how, but our friendship was built around ur fanfic. lol we did nothing talk abt ur fanfic (we still kinda do tbh). u trust me enough to let me edit ur fanfic, which is super rad. u never fail to make me laugh, and i love our daily rants abt how sad and horny we are. to wrap this up, i hope one day u get to ride michael’s dick ily.

allison:omg, allison, where the actual hell do i start? we’ve been best friends since 1st grade. not only are we friends irl, but on the internet as well. you’re like my second half. you mean the world to me, and i will do anything for u. if u weren’t in my life, i’d be an absolute mess. you’re like my rock. you keep me level-headed, balanced. i can complain and rant to you, and you always know the right things to say. i love you to the moon and back, and i probs will love u more than i love my future children.

sandra:ok u lil shit i love u a lot, and u never fail to make me laugh. even tho u kinda hella r00d and ur basically the devil’s child, i love talking to u. u make me smile, and u brighten my day. yes, i do push u around and give u hard time, but rly i love u to death. ur such a sweetheart bb. tbh u act like my mom sometimes, but that’s ok i guess lol. also i can’t wait for the day when u understand that ashton irwin is not a guitarist for 5sos. ily my love.

that took a while lol. now to everyone else! (bolded are favs)


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Luke Imagine for Kat xo

Luke and I had decided to go to the shops and we were now just entering a music store. I had been telling Luke how much I had wanted Justin Bieber’s new album so he thought it would be a nice idea to just get it while we were in the area. 
The bell at the top of the door rang as we opened it and the smell of old whiskey filled my nose.
Luke knew how much I didn’t like alcohol or cigarettes, which also lingered in the air.
“Luke can we please find this really quick and then get out of here?” I questioned quietly, leaning my body into his side. He wrapped his arm safely around me.
“Of course baby, it’s a little sketchy in here.” He whispered into my ear and led me to the J section.
“Do you need any help?” A man a little older than Luke slurred from the register, putting down a bottle of liquor onto the counter with a glass clink.
“No, we’re okay. Thank you though.” Luke answered wearily, and then located the album. He held it in his free hand and then headed to the register.
He put it in front of the guy and started to take his wallet out of his pocket.
“You know”, the guy scrambled over his words as they blended together, “your girlfriend is really hot.” He blurted, laughing hysterically.
The hand I had on Luke’s chest tightened into a fist and I laid my head against his bicep.
“Uh.. She’s a lady and beautiful.” Luke remarked, handing over a 20 dollar bill.
“Right.. well I’d still shag it.” The cashier scoffed, opening the register and putting the bill in.
Luke nearly jumped out of his feet. “Excuse me? Don’t talk about my girl like that.”
The guy rolled his eyes and gave Luke his $6.11 back.
“Here pretty lady, take a sip.” The man completely ignored Luke and shoved the bottle of liquor in my face. I stumbled back into Luke, turning my head to the side.
“Luke get it away from me.” I cried frantically.
Luke wrapped his arm around my stomach and pushed me behind him.
“Harass her again and I swear to god that bottle will be shoved up your ass.” Luke growled, turning around and pushing me through the store towards the door.
“Mannn.” The guy groaned.. “You hit that ass every night?” He questioned, taking a gulp of the bottle, swinging it around in his hand. 
“Alright that’s it.” Luke yelled.
I swallowed, getting nervous. Luke was never violent in front of me. Any time a boy tried to hit on me, he made sure I didn’t see anything go down.
“Luke, stop!” I begged, grabbing his arm from behind.
“Kat. Don’t.” He replied harshly, shrugging me off of him. 
Luke grabbed the bottle out of the cashier’s hand and slid it down the counter far away from him.
“Put the damn bottle down and stop trying to get with my girl.” He growled, grabbing his collar.
The man gulped, and nodded like a lost puppy.
Luke released him and turned on his heels towards me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the store quickly.
“No one says that about my girl. You’re a lady, not some whore. God I fucking hate men. Did you hear what he said about you? I could go kill him!”
Luke was livid.
“Luke you’re scaring me.” I managed to get out. It was almost inaudible but Luke heard me.
“I’m sorry, I just don’t like seeing this happen to you. It’s disgusting.” he sighed, kissing my forehead softly. 
“It’s okay, just please calm down. Your hearts beating so fast.” I told him, my face squished from the hug he had pulled me into.

idk why but i felt like this one kinda tied together. kinda happy with it idk hope u like it, love u xoox