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Alright, I wasn’t going to say anything, but someone sent me this post of a comment on a screenshot of something I wrote earlier this year and I just want to say a few things.

Hating a ship? It doesn’t mean that you hate it because it’s a wlw relationship. 

I don’t project myself onto Clarke because guess what? I have nothing in common with her. I don’t relate to Clarke. Do I love Clarke as a character? Hell yeah. But I don’t relate to her and finding Bob attractive doesn’t mean that I “live to fetishize” him. Please stop being literally disgusting. You know, kind of like your entire fandom measuring Alycia’s fingers through videos of her and actually fetishizing her.

If Clarke had fallen in love with a girl that didn’t try to kill her/literally destroy her to the point that she couldn’t face her own people- I would’ve been fine with it. Even though I ship Bellamy and Clarke 100%, if Princ/ess Mech/anic were to happen and a positive, romantic relationship formed between Clarke and Raven, I would have zero problems with it. 

I didn’t like Clarke’s relationship with Lex/a because of the things that Lex/a did to Clarke. Is it lesbophobic to point out the very real fact that Lex/a was the one trying to kill Clarke and all of the 100 in season 1? That she tortured Raven and tried to have Octavia killed? That she told Clarke that an alliance between their people would only begin with Finn’s death, and once Clarke killed him Lex/a threw away the entire alliance and left them all for dead? That she took Clarke prisoner? 

THESE are the reasons that I never supported Clex/a, and being glad that a relationship I personally view as being extremely negative does not make me lesbophobic.

You can try to make me out as some kind of vile human being, but I’m not.

when doctors dont take you seriously bc you're young...
  • me: everything hurts and im having mobility problems
  • doctor: its just growing pains! do yoga!
  • me: im constantly weak and exhausted
  • doctor: youre just a lazy teenager! go exercise!
  • me: i feel depressed and hopeless
  • doctor: teenage hormones haha!
  • me: i have no appetite and my weight fluctuates rapidly
  • doctor: teenagers eat so unhealthy, eat some fruits and you'll be fine!!
  • me: i think i have this disease, my parents and i have done extensive research. please run tests for me.
  • doctor: you're convincing yourself that something is wrong when you're just having normal teenage problems!