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don't be a fool

Summary;  Shawn’s newest tour schedule forces him to make a decision, resulting in a broken relationship between him and Y/N.



It had been one of the best two years and ten months of your life — ask any one of your friends and they’d agreed with you when they say that you’ve never been happier. It sounds cheesy, and almost naive to be so invested in a relationship at such a young and ripe age, but it was inevitable when you had a guy as passionate, loving, and charming as the one and only Shawn Mendes

Despite his hectic schedule, Shawn always found a way to make time for you, and that’s what you loved about him. You were understanding of how he wouldn’t always be able to be home, and in turn, Shawn always made the days and nights he was with you the best. The amount of trust you had in your boyfriend was like none other, and his arms eventually became your second home. You trusted Shawn with all your love and heart.

Aside from the occasional disagreements that would usually be resolved before the two of you would go to bed, your relationship with Shawn had surprisingly gone somewhat smoothly. That was until the topic of Shawn going back on tour to debut his newest album was brought up at the dinner table. Of course the idea of Shawn touring around the world and ultimately being away from you and his hometown was nothing new to you. In fact, he’s been away from you months at a time because of his career.

It wasn’t the distance that scared you when Shawn brought up touring, oh no, not at all – it was rather the crack in his voice and look of pure terror when you asked him how long his upcoming tour would last. That’s when you felt the goosebumps ride up your legs and spine, and the color completely drain from your face. There was no way this would result in something good.

You’ve got my heart, but I can’t let you keep it babe,

‘Cause I won’t be sure that I can stay.

“W-What do you mean a year?” you frantically asked while trying to get yourself to believe what Shawn had just told you.

“I’m leaving in about a month, Y/N. I know that’s not a lot of time and I don’t know,” Shawn began to mumble. He takes a deep sigh waiting for one of us to break the silence.

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BTS Reacts: Your Accident On Stage

Request: Hey! Can I request a bts reaction to their girlfriend in a girl group performing onstage but tripping on a wire and hurting her ankle? Your blog is so nice to read through!

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin wiped the palms of his clammy hands on his pressed dress pants. It was your first award show performance since debut and he knew you would be terribly nervous; he could practically feel your screaming nerves radiating from his designated seat in the audience. Seokjin could picture you backstage, head-mic slightly askew, your hands gently swinging by your side, nowhere to throw your nervous energy. A fond smile appeared at the corner of his plump lips.

Seokjin watched idly as the staff set up your group’s stage, half listening to the other member’s banter.

“She’ll do great,” Namjoon encouraged. Seokjin quickly looked over to Namjoon, a reassuring, dimpled smile letting him release the breath he was holding. Seokjin pressed his lips together and nodded slightly. The lights suddenly dimmed, and he hoped Namjoon couldn’t hear his heart hammering in his chest.

He watched as your group made their way across the stage and into their positions. Spotting you easily, pride blossomed in his chest and flourished up through his throat, the sudden urge to yell words of encouragement almost too difficult to push down.

You eyed the audience until your wide eyes found the striking blond of his hair, a small, barely noticeable smile at the edges of your lips, and you gave a short wave. It took everything in Seokjin not to return the small gesture.

Your performance started off without a hitch, hitting your notes while battling your nerves. You found the camera easily, showing off when it was your turn to shine. Seokjin sang along easily, letting out an embarrassed laugh when he turned slightly to see his head bobbing to the beat on one of the large screens from just a few seconds before.

All it took was a quick look away. A collective gasp from the audience had his head snapping to attention, eyes immidiately following your outline curled up on the stage floor, desperately holding onto your ankle. Your face contorted in pain and every atom in Seokjin’s body screamed for him to go to you, to carry you to a safe place and whisper words of comfort, to wipe away your tears.

He traced every move they made, multiple staff struggling to carry you off stage, your four other members crowding around you to help any way they could. Namjoon placed an arm around the back of Seokjin’s seat, a large hand coming to block his oncoming words from view.

“I know you want to go to her hyung, but you can’t. It’ll look way too suspicious.” He looked to him with apologetic eyes and squeezed his knee with a note of finality. A forced smile made it’s way to Seokjin’s features and nodded, not sure he trusted his voice enough to keep up appearances. He puffed out his cheeks and blew out air, if not for just something to do, to distract himself from thoughts about you. How much pain were you in? Did you wish he was there beside you to soothe away the disappointment that would inevitably come?

He ran a hand through his carefully styled locks and exhaled deeply. “I know,” he murmured, a careful expression set on his face as he watched the staff set up for the next set.

Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi ran a hand through his sweat-stained hair, exhaling deeply. The new choreography wasn’t making sense no matter how many times they repeated it and he could already feel the ache of his muscles. He would have to work overtime with Hoseok to get this choreo to stick. Yoongi rolled his shoulders back and gently tossed his head from side to side, stretching the strained muscles.

Hoseok passed him a water bottle and downed half, glancing at the clock on the practice room wall and idly wondering what you were up to. He smiled shyly at the image of you that popped into his mind, your hand tucking your hair behind your ears and smiling at the ground.

“Mm, just a second,” Yoongi held up a hand to Hoseok who was closing his own water bottle and made his way over to his bag where he was keeping his phone.  He chuckled softly at the blinking light of new messages waiting for him, knowing you had probably sent encouraging texts like you always did when he was working on a new track or learning new choreography.

Clicking the home button, Yoongi’s brow furrowed when he was greeted with multiple missed calls and texts, all from your group members and even one from his manager. His heartbeat sped up as if he was still practicing as he skimmed through the phone calls and texts. He clicked on the most recent one, a text from your group leader, Hyerin:

Hey, Yoongi. This is Hyerin. (Y/N) had an accident and tripped over a wire during concert practice. She fell through one of the floor lifts and hurt her ankle and leg really bad. She keeps saying she’s fine, that you don’t need to worry. But I thought you should know. Call our manager’s cell when you can to check on her. I attached the number just in case you don’t have it.

Yoongi stood rooted to the floor, his back facing Hoseok and the rest of the practice room. He felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Hoseok mumble something that sounded like “Are you okay”, though the words were too far away for them to be from the man standing right beside him. Yoongi read the text over and over until he had every line memorized. How had this happened? Usually you were so careful; they had to be exaggerating. You were fine, and the girls were just naturally overly worried. Yoongi’s thoughts ran wild, the adrenaline running through his veins.

“I have to go,” he muttered. Yoongi quickly grabbed his things and shoved them back into his bag. He spoke quickly, not wanting to waste more time here than he already had. “I’ll be back late, tell Bang PD I’m headed out.” And with Hoseok staring at him, eyes full of concern, Yoongi rushed out the door.

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok’s chest heaved, the adrenaline and sweat of performing still coursing through his veins. The crowds’ cheers still rang in his ears as he made his way into their changing room. He placed his in-ears on one of the makeup counters and took a seat on one of the couches in front of the monitor. Hoseok quickly pulled out his phone and pulled up his most recent texts, all from you sending love and words of encouragement just before their stage. This was the first time that you had been promoting at the same time but he wasn’t going to let it dishearten the tradition you two had set.

Hoseok quickly typed out cheers, most in the form of emoji’s, setting a bet of if either of them won, the winner would have to cook dinner for the other later on in the week. He hit send, pocketing his phone and gazed up at the screen, catching the tail-end of Bangtan’s performance.

Hoseok glanced over his shoulder, grinning when Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon came over to watch the performances, squeezing onto the couch, Jungkook coming to lay across Yoongi and Hoseok’s lap.

Easy conversation filled the room, from Taehyung and Seokin’s impromptu dance battle to Namjoon trying to decipher the deeper meaning of a song a girl group on the monitor was performing. Hoseok watched as three staff members ran past the open door, but dismissed it, thinking nothing of it.

Hyung, shouldn’t (Y/N)’s group have performed by now?” Jungkook questioned, looking up from his spot still sprawled across his lap. The question had been biting in Hoseok’s mind, but he wouldn’t voice it to the other members. His lips pulled a deep set frown, eyes searching the monitor. In the corner of the left screen was a list of all the performances. He quickly scanned the list, worry clawing it’s way through his being when his eyes landed on the words next to your group’s name: Cancelled.

“Come on, guys. It’s time for the awards,” one of their manager’s came in through the open door, clapping his hands to get their attention. Jungkook rolled off of Hoseok’s lap and onto the floor, his breath escaping him in a loud grunt. But Hoseok remained seated, brows furrowed, mind racing with thoughts of you and what was happening. He felt the burning prickle of eyes on him and looked up to where his manager was standing by the door. He jerked his head in the direction of the hall, and Hoseok immediately stood, following him out into the empty hallway.

“There was an accident,” his manager started. Hoseok could feel the color drain from his face. “Some wires weren’t properly taped down and (Y/N) tripped over them. She sprained her ankle and had to be taken to the hospital for proper care.”

“Why wasn’t I told earlier?” Hoseok’s voice was deathly quiet, a harsh contrast to the rage that was boiling inside of him.

His manager sighed. “Hobi, you know you couldn’t have gone with her. That’s way too obvious.” Hoseok knew the consequences if his relationship became public, but it all seemed so small when it came to something like this.

“I need you to go get ready for the awards. And when youre out there, I need you to hold it together.” His manager patted him on the back and made his way back into the room, ushering the boys to go through makeup touch-ups quickly.

Hoseok went through makeup and wardrobe in a daze. His thoughts were only filled with you. He knew you would blame yourself for the performance being cancelled. He knew the furrow in your brow and the slight purse of your lips in disappointment when they told you, you wouldn’t be able to dance for at least 2 weeks. He knew you would push yourself to get back on your feet and reschedule the comeback.

“It’s my job as a leader.”

He could picture your determined set features easily, imagine the ups and downs of your voice, having heard this statements so many times before. A small, sad smile settled on his lips at the thought of you pushing yourself so much. He sighed, releasing all of his negative thoughts with the rush of air. He would help you recover, even if it meant forcing you to stay in bed all day. A genuine smile filled his lips, the image of your group members making you food and arguing with you that it wasn’t acceptable rest to dance on one foot filling his mind. Hoseok relaxed his shoulders, willing the stress of today away.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

The bitter cold nipped at Namjoon’s bare hands and cheeks as he stood, arms crossed on the side lines, waiting for your solo stage. He licked his dry, cracking lips and checked his watch for the third time. As if on cue, the intro music filled his ears, the soft, delightful sound of your humming making tiny mountains of goosebumps raise against his skin.

A tender smile settled across Namjoon’s face. It was just the intro and he was already smiling like the love-stricken fool he was. He placed his hand in one of his thick coat pockets and idly traced the outline of the velvet box there. He felt the nerves creep up from his chest spreading like wildfire through his limbs.

Namjoon watched with adoration as you graced the stage with your prescense, mic in hand, waving lovingly at the crowd. You glided across the stage, the train of your long, deep scarlet gown trailing behind you, heavy winter coat desperately trying to keep you warm. You easily found Namjoon towards the back left side of the crowd and shot him a knowing smile. Your eyes quickly flitted to the rest of the crowd, and a cocky smirk pushed it’s way to his features. You may flirt with the crowd but he knew you were completely and utterly his.

Your first couple of stages went off without a hitch, having performed your newest single that was quickly gaining popularity. You hit all the notes you had expressed concern about to Namjoon and was even so worried as to seek help from Jungkook. You easily riled up the crowd, though it may have just been you performing, your presence filled the entire stage so naturally.

During a quick five minute backdrop change and water break, you were simply chatting with the audience, telling a story about your parents you had revealed to Namjoon when you were just getting to know each other. He knew you told the story when you were particularly nervous, the memories of you and your parents holding hands and walking around the cherry blossom festival soothing your excited nerves.

Namjoon’s eyes shifted from your form to one of the staff members setting a camera cord down towards the front of the stage, without taping it down or having any regard for where you might walk. His eyes strained to make out the line of the cord, it’s placement. A slight nervous sweat broke out across his forehead and he rolled his shoulders back to soothe his worries. The staff was smarter than that. They wouldn’t put you in danger, no matter how small it was, he thought.

Namjoon’s worries only began to grow as your next song started playing, a hyped up pop song he had helped you and your producer in creating. It was one of your favorites, as you usually would just lose yourself in the song and the crowd would always sing along with you.

As the bridge approached, your favorite part because of the high note you were to hit, you walked up to the stage to fully interact with the audience. It felt like Namjoon had been thrown in ice water, watching you walk just past the cord, your heel barely touching it.

It was almost as if time had slowed and sped up at the same time, your singing barely registering in his ears as you swiftly turned on your heel too fast and tried making your way quickly back to the center of the stage, only for your foot to be caught up in the cord. Namjoon watched in horror as you crashed to the stage floor, hands desperately trying to catch yourself. Your mic rolled off stage with an echoed thud as stunned silence filled the outdoor venue.

Two staff members came rushing out to help you stand as you tried laughing off the embarrassment. You winced as you tried standing on your own, taking a tentative step back only for your ankle to give out under your weight, sending you clattering back down to the stage floor.

You looked out towards the crowd, panic filling your vision, eyes finnaly landing on Namjoon. Anger exploded in his chest, bitter rage furrowing his brows as he made his way along the side lines, carefully covering his face from the crowd with the hood of his coat. Someone would be losing their job tonight, he thought bitterly, as he made his way backstage, flashing his backstage pass at the door. That’s for sure.

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung’ chest heaved from the performance Bangtan had just finished as they made their way down the hall to the viewing room where they would view their performance and give their thoughts.

“V-ssi!”An unfamiliar voice rang through the long hallway. Taehyung turned around and stepped aside, letting all the boys pass as he waited for the man shouting his stage name.

As the man approached, he eyed the press badge hanging from his neck and sighed impatiently. “I’m sorry,” the deep timber of Taehyung’s voice echoed in the hall too loudly for his liking. “But I do not have time for a personal interview. If you would like one, please see my manager.” And without waiting for his response, Taehyung turned on his heel, and made for the room with the rest of his members. His eyes rested on Namjoon, who was already making his way to Taehyung, hands resting in his pockets.

“It wouldn’t be because of (Y/N)’s accident, would it, V-ssi?” the man called out no more than 10 steps away from Taehyung, but the words echoed noisily in his mind. Taehyung remembered the call he had gotten from your best friend that you had managed to fall off stage from a loose wire while performing with your group at the Gocheok Sky Dome during the last leg of your concert. The six foot fall had broken your ankle in 3 places, and had put your wrist in a sling. Taehyung knew you were clumsy but the carelessness of the staff had put him in an agitated mood, finding every available second to be with you at the hospital.

Taehyung snorted at the man’s words and turned abruptly, venom poised in his throat to kill, but a large hand landed on his shoulder, as Namjoon made his way past, easily carrying himself towards the man. Said press took one look at Namjoon and took an uneasy step back, his eyes darting between the two men.

Taehyung was unable to hear their hushed conversation over his thudding heartbeat, anger still coursing through his veins. He was sure whatever quiet but deadly threat Namjoon was uttering to the man would have him skittering away, tail tucked between his legs.

In the viewing room, Taehyung stood behind the couch, as off screen as he would be able to without looking too reluctant to participate. He just wasn’t in the mood to record, but would push it down for his fans.

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A/N: (Y/G/N) = Your Group Name

Jimin bounced quietly on the balls of his feet, nerves on fire with anticipation. Normally he was comfortable performing on music shows, but this comeback was special. It was the first time he had a huge helping hand with the production and choreography of the song, and he wanted everything to be perfect. And it fell perfectly in time with your group comeback. Though your interactions were kept very limited, you still managed some time together, even if it was only five precious minutes.

Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle lowly and bite his lip at how shy you had been with him earlier. Your group was coming back with a sexy concept, something you were far from used to, and the outfit was more suggestive than you would like. He smiled at how you squirmed under his gaze, biting your lip and nervously tucking your styled hair behind your ear. Jimin took off his leather jacket, and gently placed it around your bare shoulders, an adoring smile aimed at you when heat flushed up your neck and to your face, pulling the jacket around you closer, his heady cologne soothing your screaming nerves.

Taehyung and Jungguk came up behind, laughing at something that had been said just out of earshot and Jungguk placed a hand on Jimin’s waist, tugging him close. Jimin smiled at the action, and glanced back at the two boys, mischief filling their eyes. Jimin snorted and rolled his eyes, looking back to the stage where staff was setting up your group’s comeback stage.

“I heard (Y/N)’s group is doing a sexy concept,” Taehyung grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Jimin. Jungguk giggled and scrunched his nose at Taehyung.

“Shut up, Tae,” Jimin smiled, lightly punching him in the stomach. Taehyung doubled over in exaggerated pain, holding onto Jungguk’s forearm for support.

“(Y/G/N) on in 60 seconds,” a staff member called over the intercom and Jimin smiled as he heard screams and cheers from the audience. Pride flowed through his chest and he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his plump lips.

“Come on, lover boy. We should move before someone sees you,” Jungguk joked, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the small, dark hallway where the rest of the members were waiting.

Jimin pulled away, a shy smile spreading across his face. “It’s okay, I’ll just watch from here. I can’t be seen, I’m sure.”

Jungguk pursed his lips and shrugged, turning to meet with the rest of the members. Jimin turned around just in time to see your group take their places on the stools that was part of your routine. As the lights dimmed, the crowed erupted in cheers and whistles. He found you easily, hair almost as bright as his, long and flowing to your mid back, well past the crop top that showed your toned stomach from long nights in the practice room, a shy smile gracing your brightly colored lips.

Jimin found himself entranced, only able to follow your form along the stage, surprised when he realized your song was almost over. “Jimin-ah, come on. Bangtan’s up next,” a stylist called. Jimin sighed and took one last look at your form on stage, confindently striding towards a stool.

Jimin turned to walk away, but the sound of the crowd’s gasps caught his attention. His attention snapped to the stage, immediately finding your form on the ground behind the stool your were heading towards just only seconds before. His brow knitted in confusion, wondering how you had tripped when his eyes caught sight of the loose cord laying across the stage, near where your stool had been.

It took every careful ounce of self control Jimin had learned over the years to not rush out to you onstage and take you into his safe arms. His fists tightened at the sight of you holding your ankle, the immediate swelling noticeable even from where Jimin was.

“Come on.” Jimin felt Namjoon’s firm grip on his arm, gently pulling him away, the last thing Jimin was able to see was your members carrying you off stage in the opposite direction he was. Jimin turned to Namjoon, his pleading eyes searching Namjoon’s careful one. “I know everything in you is screaming to go to her, Jimin-ah. But it would be too suspicious if you’re not on stage with us.”

Jimin looked down at the ground, searching for the restraint he would need to not just abandon the performance and go to you. He knew this performance would be a big one for the group, and exhaled, the only comfort in knowing that you were in good hands with your members and staff.

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk bounced excitedly, barely able to keep still with the nervous energy in the air. He adjusted his black face mask and pulled his gray hoodie over his head as people started cramming their way to the front of the stage. Jungguk was never one for crowds, especially in such a small club as this, but you had begged him to one of your performances. And with a small break in his schedule, he was finally able to oblige.

The lights dimmed, signaling the beginning of the show and a giddy smiled brightened his face. The announcer moved from behind the curtains, and settled himself in the middle of the stage. He began riling up the crowd, announcing who was performing with flourish, and what the top prizes would be. The crowd roared and whistled when your name was called and Jungguk’s eyes widened in surprised at how much you were loved. Sure, you had told him how much you loved performing and couldn’t count how many times you had done it now, but he wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction.

Jungguk bit his lip and smiled in anticipation at seeing you on stage, basking in the roar of the audience. He understood the feeling well. It was almost like a drug how addicting it was, to have people screaming your name, to take pride in your work and be returned with such unadulterated love.

Other contestants performed, some doing well, others being outright booed off stage, their nerves getting the best of them. As the next to last person ran off stage, a teenage boy who attempted a rap by Agust D and had been screamed at to get off stage, the announcer happily called out your name into the mic, the crowd once again gaining volume, whistles and cheers erupting from all over.

You peeked your head out from behind the curtain, the crowd screaming louder, if possible, and you smiled and winked towards the audience. You easily walked over to the mic, adjusting the stand to your height, and looked up to the dj, sporting an “ok” hand sign.

The melody began, your usual hip hop base traded for a slower guitar tune that Jungguk recognized as Taeyeon’s “Fine” that had recently been released. His eyebrows raised in surprise; the only time he heard you sing was in the shower as he would always hum along. Jungguk smiled easily as you confidently sang the verse and build, eyeing the crowd for their reaction.

Jungguk beamed with pride as you belted out the chorus with practiced precision, the crowd cheering and clapping in response to your beautiful voice. Jungguk pulled his facemask to rest just under his chin and joined the crowed in cheering, whistling as loud as he could. You locked eyes with him, and smiled warmly, winking at him.

Coming to the end of the chorus, the performance was cut short by an opened water bottle that was flung up towards the stage, water flying all over the stage, narrowly missing your face. Your immediate reaction was to flinch away from the unexdpected intrusion of your personal space, causing you to stumble backwards, foot becoming caught up in the cord of the mic and slipping in a small puddle of water, sending you tumbling down to the stage, ankle landing in an almost unnatural way.

Rage boiled within Jungguk’s chest, heady and hot, threatening to shatter the thin façade he was maintaining. Namjoon had warned him before he left to stay low, to not make himself known. But one look at you on stage as you winced at the pain shooting up from your ankle to your knee, causing unexpected to tears to spring from your eyes had him roughly pulling up his mask and hood, pushing through the crowd to make his way backstage.

You tenderly grabbed at your now swelling ankle, and looked out towards the direction the water bottle came from. Jungguk followed your gaze to the teenage boy who had been booed off stage just before you, being carried off by two bouncers.

Jungguk swore under his breath, taking off after them. barely catching up with the bouncers before they threw the boy out the door. He pulled on the boys hood roughly, stealing him from the grasps of the bouncers. The teengager quickly spun around, caught off guard by the unexpected force, and Jungguk hastily landed one good punch in the side of his cheek before the bouncers flung him out the now open door.

The two bouncers eyed Jungguk, recognition filling them, as his hood had fallen down and mask halfway down his chin. They glanced at each other, unspoken words passing between them. Jungguk’s chest heaved fro exertion, hair askew.

“Don’t let it happen again, Jungguk-ssi,” one of the bouncer’s deep voice sounded too loud in the small hallway. Jungguk replaced his hood over his head and fixed his mask, bowing slightly to the bouncers, a barely heard “Thanks,” leaving his lips before he turned on his heel, and down towards the backstage door where he was sure you would be.

Meant To Be

Request: Anthony and the reader met when they were younger practicing ballet and they were in love, but the reader moves to Chicago or something and, years later, she returns to New York to try out in Ham and she and Anthony meet and it’s just fluff

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Fem!Reader

Word count: 3,767(wtf)

Warning: None

A/N: My first RPF, how exciting! And it’s Ant. Did you guys know I love Ant? Cause I do.  I’d also like to point out that I really don’t know much about Broadway auditions, so a lot of this could be completely wrong. Anywayyy, hope you enjoy! 

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Glitches (Namjoon/Reader)

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Genre: Soulmate!au

Words: 1.7k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary:  It’s said that the day you meet your soulmate you’ll be gifted with a vision of a crucial moment in time for both of you. A moment when your life will change forever, for better or worse.

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I already loved you.

TITLE: I already loved you.


AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is planning to confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day, with orchids and a poem he himself wrote. Someone from the Avengers (who has a problem with Loki being in their team now) catches him in preparation and mocks him, saying “Oh, a monster in love, nice.” This gives Loki a pause as he is reminded of his heritage and his past deeds. He throws away the flowers and the poem, telling himself he is a deluded fool to think you’d ever reciprocate his love….Cont.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I loved this imagine so I did this for fun. It isn’t the best, but maybe someone will write one better. ;) Hope you enjoy. (I so wanted to make this smut, but I held back, lmfao) 

It was Valentine’s Day and although Loki had never celebrated the Midgard custom he was all too eager to use this day to confess his love for you. Since the day you arrived he had felt a strong pull towards you. He had been pleased when you had been nice to him, even forming a close friendship. He couldn’t remember a time when someone treated him with such kindness and genuinity. He realized some time ago he wanted to claim you as his own, but his own self-doubts got in the way but he had decided today, Valentine’s Day, he would finally admit his feelings for you.

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Makoto was kicked out of her first school when she was twelve years old. She was justified, she maintained even when the gates slammed in her face. The boys had deserved those swift punches to the jaw–if their parents wouldn’t teach them not to yank up girls’ skirts, then she would. Dad had told her if they didn’t listen to her ‘no’, then they could listen to her fist.

He was right, but he wasn’t around to defend her fist to those parents or the principle–and her ‘aunt’–or, more appropriately, her father’s second cousin–didn’t want to hear it. 

So her head was forced down and her ‘aunt’ muttered her apologizes to these jerks who didn’t deserve it.

But ‘sorry’ never left Makoto’s mouth.

She walked in the rain after that. Her ‘aunt’ disappeared somewhere–no doubt back to her fancy home with her husband and two children where she would complain about this delinquent child over the phone with a friend and that friend would say ‘oh, you poor thing, after all you’ve done for her’ and neither of them would think about how that delinquent child would go home to an empty fridge, an empty bedroom, and an empty apartment. 

‘Whats’it matter anyway? School was crap’ Makoto thought with a lit cigarette between her chapped lips. No one blinked an eye; they all thought she was of age. She inhaled the stale gray smoke and released it through her nose, content when the sound of thunder rolled over in the sky. 

It felt better to be out here than inside with just the walls as company. Well, walls and pictures but Makoto didn’t like the pictures. They couldn’t talk, couldn’t assure her she was still loved, couldn’t promise her that everything would be alright, couldn’t kiss her head, hold her close, and dry her tears. 

Pictures sucked.

There was the chime of a bell and it drew her eyes to an open store door where a woman walked out with her hands full of white lilies. Makoto scrunched her face up when she caught a whiff of the flowers. She hated the smell; it reminded her funerals and people trying to cover up the reek of decomposing bodies, as if the perfume would make them smell a little less dead. But she turned her head towards the store’s window, seeing her reflection among a sea of flowers and plants. 

Oh, a flower shop. Makoto put her hand on the window and smiled down at a display of tulips. Mama and her loved flower shops. They used to go all the time fpr new seeds before…well. Before. 

She loved her garden at her old home. Mama lined it with a flurry of different flower types, some naive to Japan, others with names so tricky she would stumble saying them and her father would laugh. When she was eight, Mama had given her a pot full of rose seeds to take care of. Barely a year later, her room was bursting with roses, daises, forget-me-knots. She liked to give Papa a few to use as bookmarks–sometimes when he fell asleep at his desk, she would sneak in and put a flower behind his ear; a little surprise just for him.

But that house was gone; that garden over run with weed, and every one of her potted plants had been thrown away–dying from neglect when she had just given up, the color drained from her eyes.

Makoto pressed her cheek against the window, nuzzling it as if it was the front of her mother’s shirt, and sighed. 

She wanted one; someone to talk to, something worth going home to, something that when she walked in the house, she could pretend it was saying ‘Welcome home, Makoto! I missed you’!

But–she sighed out some smoke–that was stupid. 

She didn’t have any money right now anyway. Needed it for dinner tonight; she couldn’t skip again, she already did that twice in a row. 

Spitting the cigarette out of her mouth and crushing it under her shoe, Makoto shot one last regretful glance at the flowers–in particular a pot of hedera ivy hanging from the ceiling–and started turning on her heel. As she did, however, she clumsily smacked into someone’s shoulder.

“Aw, shi–s-shoot!” She stumbled back awkwardly, red running across her face in embarrassment. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t see you!”

The woman softly chuckled and placed a hand on Makoto’s shoulders to still her. “It’s alright. It was my fault.” She said, her tone soft and reassuring. She was taller than Makoto (which, whoa, that doesn’t happen often) dressed in a long red button up coat and flourishing black pants, her fingers shining with two garnet rings. 

Makoto looked up but the woman moved before she saw her face; still, her olive hair brushed past the girl as she walked into the store. Makoto got a whiff of her perfume–light and comforting, like jasmine in the spring time. 

It stayed with Makoto until the rain came pouring down.

Later, when Makoto arrived home, soaked to her bones with a bag of vegetables and cheap beef weighing down her arm, she was surprised that there was a package on the floor.

Who the hell?

She looked around her, searching for the evidence of a stalker or a stupid murderer who picked the wrong kind of prey but no one was there.

Hm, okay, well if there’s like a decapitated head in there or something to that effect, then she might as well check.

Putting down her bag, Makoto got her keys and sliced the package open, surprised to see a nest of ivy looking back up at her. In fact, it was the same exact ivy from the flower shop; it even had the same pot. Makoto looked around herself again and then noticed a card tucked away in the bundle. Careful of the leaves, she took the card out and read the delicate handwritten note:

Make sure to keep it by the sunlight. I’m sure you two will have plenty to talk about.


Meioh? Makoto didn’t know anyone with that name. She searched her brain, thinking of all the cousins she hated or ignored at the funeral, all her parents’ friends and coworkers, even her neighbors. No one came to mind. She looked at the card again, the pretty cursive hand writing, and for some reason she felt comforted. Safe.

Like she wasn’t alone.

Makoto smiled to herself, and caressed one of the leaves. “I got the perfect place for you.” She told it as she lifted the box and her bag up and went through her door.

It would look best near the window by her bedroom, where the sunlight was the warmest.

Love at First Video Part 32: Wedding Frustrations

Misha Collins x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“No, I didn’t order four dozen sunflowers!” You argued for what seemed like the tenth time. The florist handling your wedding was on the phone, and they had messed up your order. “I ordered four dozen (your favorite flowers), not sunflowers.”

You heard them apologizing on the other end of the phone, as they rushed to make things right. Brushing your hair back from your face, you glanced out the window, noticing West pushing his sister down in the backyard.

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Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: This imagine was inspired by that adorable picture of Segs holding baby Cracknell. My heart swoons for hockey players and babies.

 Mentions: Adam Cracknell

 Warnings: Slight Cursing, Pregnancy

 Preview: You two had never even talked about the topic of children. You had not even talked about marriage. So a protection slipup was not in the plans for your relationship.  

 Characters: 623 words

You had found out two weeks ago that you were pregnant. You just had not gotten up the nerve to tell Tyler. You were scared to how he would take the news. You and Tyler had been together for two years but you were still young. And even though Tyler had calmed down after he met you, he still enjoyed nights out partying it up.

 You two had never even talked about the topic of children. You had not even talked about marriage. So a protection slip up was not in the plans for your relationship.  

 You were pulled from your thoughts when you felt your breakfast making its way back up your throat. You ran to the bathroom.

 You had almost finished throwing up the contents of your stomach when Tyler came in. He kneeled beside you rubbing circles on your back and pulling your hair into a pony.

 When you finally did finish, you got up and washed your hands and face. Tyler looked at you with concern.

 “Are you okay babe?” he asked standing behind you wrapping his arms around your stomach. You flinched at the touch of your stomach. You had stared at your stomach for what seemed like hours convincing yourself you couldn’t see anything. According to your doctor, you were 12 weeks along. You had snuck off to an appointment during one of Tyler’s practices. Tyler looked at you confused and it once again pulled you from your thoughts.

 “Must be some kind of stomach bug, I probably caught it at work.”

 “Maybe I should call Adam and Theresa and tell them to come another time.” He questioned.

 “No its fine Hun, I know how excited you are to meet Lynde and this is the only chance before everyone heads back home.” You smiled trying to reassure him.

 He let it go thankfully and soon you were all sitting outside. You swooned when Tyler was finally handed the small baby. Suddenly you could see Tyler holding your own little baby.

 Tyler was instantly entranced by the little girl and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Even with his shoulder, he was making sure he held her with such care. It was love at first sight for him or so you thought.

 “Is she giving baby fever Tyler? Will we have little Seguins running around soon enough?” Adam asked with a chuckle

 Tyler’s laugh was so loud it boomed in your ears.

 “No way dude. I am a long way off from having any kids myself. I will borrow yours sometime though.” He smiled back down at Lynde.

 He didn’t notice all the color drain from your face as you excused yourself, but Theresa did and she followed you. You were hoping you would be able to pass it off as being sick.

 You walked into the kitchen and poured yourself a glass of water. Not only had Tyler just said that he didn’t want kids anytime soon, he didn’t even imply he wanted them with you.

 You sighed grabbing the kitchen counter.

 “Are you okay, Y/N?” Theresa asked making you jump.

 “Oh yea, just not feeling too hot, think I caught a bug.”

“Cut the bull, So why haven’t you told him?” Theresa stated quite matter of factly.

 “What are you…” you tried to play dumb.

 “Y/N, I just carried a baby for nine months I know what pregnancy looks like. It is why Adam asked, he was testing the waters. You are glowing sweetie.”

 “Well thank god Tyler has not noticed.” you sighed.

 “Not noticed what? Am I in trouble?” He laughed.  

 “Tyler, I’m Pregnant.” you blurted out.

 Thank god he wasn’t holding Lynde anymore. 

I'm Not A Child

Fanfiction Contest 2016

written by @midnight-eclipses

This isn’t happening. This can’t possibly be happening.

Over and over he repeated it in his head like a mantra. There was no way this was happening. He wouldn’t accept it.

This was just another horrible nightmare. Soon he’ll be bolting up in his bed in the TARDIS and it’ll just be another restless night. He’ll wake up and head down to the console room and find something to fix until you woke up. Then the two of you could go to some other ridiculous planet or some other primitive time period on a silly adventure. That was exactly what was going to happen.

He tried so hard to convince himself of that, even now as he ran towards the TARDIS with your battered body in his arms.

Knots began forming in the pit of his stomach as he felt your warm blood seep from your side, through his clothes and onto his abdomen.

His eyes darted down towards your face. You were getting paler by the second. If he didn’t get to the medbay soon he would lose you for sure.

No. I won’t let that happen.

With new resolve, the Doctor willed his legs to run faster and harder than he ever did before. Within seconds, his familiar and beloved box came into view through the foliage of the forest he was navigating. A glimmer of hope wormed its way into his heart’s as she opened her doors for him and allowed him entry.

He ran up the ramp, dashed through the main console room, and bounded up the steps and into the hallway. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he sprinted down the spaceship’s hallways. He didn’t run in a particular direction, he knew the TARDIS would open any doors and arrange rooms for him in order to reach the med bay.

“…hnngh…” You groaned in pain, struggling to stay awake. You refused to close your eyes in your current state.

“Hang in there,” the Doctor pleaded. “We’re almost home.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the familiar sleek metal pocket door came into view. It slid into the wall, revealing the stark white walls, metal tables and rows of cabinets.

The Doctor rushed in and laid you down on the metal table at the far end as carefully as possible.

“Be right back,” he reassured you, despite not being sure how conscious you were.

He ran to opposite side of the room and rifled through cabinets.

“Where are they, where are they?” he muttered to himself as he pushed away canisters and peered into plastic containers.“I know they’re here!” He was gritting his teeth now, frantically throwing canisters on the floor without a care.

One hit the wall and rolled over to him. Gold light seeped out and shone around his foot. Catching sight of it, the Doctor bent down quickly to pick it up and ran over to you. His hands shook as he unscrewed the cap.

He dumped down the nanogenes and sighed in relief as he saw them quickly respond to your wound. In a matter of minutes the gash had closed up and color drained back into your face.

That Doctor’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed thickly. That was way too close for comfort. You almost could’ve…

But then, you would never be safe with him, would you? You were better off without him living a normal, boring and oh so human life. Weren’t you?

The Doctor shook his head. He couldn’t keep thinking like that. Those types of thoughts were what kept him from getting too close to Rose. He couldn’t do that to himself anymore. He couldn’t do that to the people he loved anymore.

The Doctor paused. He loved you?

When did that happen?

When had he allowed himself to feel this way?

His eyes flitted down to stare down at your hands. His own gingerly lifted one from its place and held it between them.

Had your hands always been this warm? Or had he been so focused in the past that not even a touch as warm as your own could thaw through the ice he had placed around his hearts?

Even then you had succeeded. You had already gotten under his skin and wormed your way into his hearts, tearing down every wall placed in your way without even trying. How could a human possibly do such a thing in such a short amount of time? You were the only other one to do so. How?

Despite himself, the Doctor smiled. He didn’t care, not really. All that mattered was that he did love you, and you had the right to know.

Your hand twitched within his and your fingers curled. Eyes fluttering open, you were greeted with the sight of the medbay’s bright white ceiling lights.

Memories began resurfacing. Right. You were attacked by the king’s general on planet Khalisadir. You and the Doctor had helped aide in a revolution against the planet’s tyrant and his regime. The Doctor must have made it to the medbay after all.

The Doctor’s face appeared above yours. You noticed just how tired yet relieved he looked. His eyebrows drew together worriedly.

“Hello,” you rasped, realizing just how dry your throat was.

The Doctor smiled. “Hello.“ His hand squeezed yours.

You sat up slowly. You still felt weak.

Your eyes scanned over the Doctor.

“Oh!” You gasped at the sight of blood on the Doctor’s clothes, your blood. It stained through his coat all the way to his Oxford. “There’s blood everywhere.”

“Hm?” The Doctor looked down at himself. Right, he was so caught up in getting you fixed up he forget to get rid of his coat and suit. He removed his coat and jacket, dropping them both on the floor. His dress shirt, fortunately, didn’t get so much blood as everything else. “It’s fine.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Janis Joplin gave you that coat! I’ll wash it, I promise.”

You turned, ready to hop off the metal table until you registered the Doctor’s fingers were intertwined with yours. You froze. It wasn’t that you hated holding hands with him, quite the opposite really. It was just… he had never laced his fingers between yours so tightly.

“There’s something you need to know. Something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now.” His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously as he swallowed.

“Yeah?” You shifted on the table. Where exactly was he going with this? He wasn’t going to confess, was he? No, of course not. He was the Doctor. He was immortal. He couldn’t afford getting attached to a human. Something so fragile and fleeting. It would only hurt him in the end.

“English isn’t my first language.”

Okay, you thought. That wasn’t what I expected at all.

“So forgive me if what I say doesn’t make as much sense as I wish it would.” The Doctor swallowed thickly, collecting his thoughts as he did so. “You are as devastating as the death of a star. You’re eyes are as infinite as the cosmos itself. And you pull me in like a black hole. If I could compare your beauty, I would liken it to the most vibrants corners of the Medusa Cascade but even they would fall short of your radiance.”

Your heart pounded in your chest as his hands slid from your hands up to your elbows.

“For years I’ve felt nothing but emptiness. Which reminds me about you humans. You lot have this arrogant belief that your planet is the only planet that can support life. Like I did. I thought–” He sighed. “I thought Rose Tyler was the only human being capable of making me feel this… but you. You’ve made me realized there is more life in the universe besides her. And just as the Daleks have stolen my TARDIS many times, you have ruthlessly stolen my hearts.”

You felt time stand still. His hands were on your shoulder now. When did they get there? How long had you been staring into those deep, dark eyes? Why were you filled with dread?

“Doctor… I… you.” This couldn’t really be happening, could it? “You’re not serious.”

He deflated and pulled his hands away from yours. You realized how cold the room was. “You don’t… Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t get me wrong!” you blurted out. “I’m flattered it’s just… why now? Why not before I almost died?”

And then it clicked for him.

“Oh, you think…” The Doctor’s hearts felt heavy. “You think I’m confessing so that you’ll stay with me.”

You hugged yourself. “You’re the Doctor. You don’t die and you definitely don’t fall in love. How could you, when compared to you, we’re nothing?”

Many thoughts passed through the Doctor’s mind. Hundreds, actually. But one beat every other to the ground and stood on top: You believed he was desperate enough to manipulate you into staying. Or even worse, you believed you weren’t worthy of such affections from him.

“It’s okay, Doctor.” You shrugged. It wasn’t okay, not really, but you wouldn’t say that. "I wasn’t going to leave anyway. You don’t have to lie to me.”

The Doctor scowled fiercely. “I would never do that to you. I’m not a child, I know what this feels like.”

His hands found their way to you shoulders once more, cool fingers pressing firmly against the exposed skin of your shoulders.

“I know what love is. I… I love you.”

Your fingers curled on the edge of the metal table.

Time froze once more as his face leaned in towards yours. In those few seconds you noticed four things; the Doctor’s freckles were in the shape of his favorite constellations, his Oxford fit him perfectly, his hands had slipped down to your elbows, he paused an inch away from you waiting for permission to continue.

You leaned forward, granting him what he now knew he had wanted for a long time, a person with which he could truly express his emotions.

All that love, all that respect and compassion and happiness was shared in that one kiss. Just a smoky connection between you, and you two understood the extent of each other’s emotions.

And as you felt just how much the Doctor truly loved you, the moment he pulled away and gave you the brightest smile you had ever seen on him, you grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in for another.

This is a really lovely story. It’s technically sound, but better than that, it gave me al the right kinds of feels, and that makes me very happy. The core of a good imagine is feels. Well, it’s also characterization, which this definitely rocks, so you have both. Plus, confessions of love are always fun, and this fic does it so nicely. It makes me happy, and I’m proud to post it on my blog.

Scared Part 2

Requested by: anonymous 

Summary: you find out that you are pregnant and Josh gets scared 


Your Pov: 

Last night I did not sleep well. I kept waking up due to nightmares. The first one that I had was about Josh. They all were about him. It wasn’t until the third nightmare that I woke up screaming. The first two I would just wake up startled and confused, but the third one was so vived and terrifying that I woke up screaming my lungs out. 

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Truth Be Told [SaiIno]

 Note: It’s time for another little fan fic. The beginning is somewhat similar to the short post I made last time. Anyway~~

The smell of Ino’s perfume lingered in the air as they walked past the dango shops and food houses - not that it was annoying or anything. Sai liked the subtlety of it, how it vanished and resurfaced like it was teasing him or something. The subtle, lingering perfume would be gone soon though, he thought as Ino led him into a cul-de-sac that would eventually end with him bading her goodbye at the gates of her house. Sai thought he knew how dates were supposed to go because he read about it in the books, but he forgot everything about them the moment Ino arrived at their meeting place. 

Sai was usually calm, but today he wasn’t. What if he was being too tacky? Too stiff? Too casual? Too formal? The prologue was just him being a nervous wreck, but Ino saved him from embarrassment when she smiled and told him he was being cute. That was a good thing, right? 

Ah, it was the second time her smile saved him.

“Today was definitely fun,” Ino said with a smile as they continued to walk. “Ah, thank you,” Sai uttered as he smiled back at her. “My house is just up ahead,” Ino said to him. Perhaps he was reading between the wrong lines, but he thought there was a sense of longing in her voice. Sai didn’t want this day to end so soon, but when she stopped in front of a house with a garden that he could only describe as an intricate work of art, his heart was forced to accept the fact that this was the last time he would see Ino today. 

It was strange, really, how much he longed to spend more time with her. It was a new feeling for him - peculiar, even. He knew what it was like to miss somebody, but not this way. This was frighteningly intense. Ino turned around to meet his gaze. Today, they were both out of their mission gear. Sai didn’t know what to wear for the occassion, so he put on a gray shirt and a pair of pants that suit him pretty well. Ino, on the other hand, almost gave him a heart attack when she appeared in a bright yellow, knee-length dress with short sleeves and a hue that mingled really well with her goldspun hair. When he first met her, he was still stuck on the idea that nobody was worth liking or beautiful, but now she took his breath away with every time he looked at her. She was perfect.

“I guess this is where it ends,” Ino said with a sad smile. Sai smiled and rubbed the nape of his neck, “I had fun today, thank you,” he said. Just then, Ino smiled from ear-to-ear as her cheeks almost glowed with a pinkish-red tint. “Why does this feel so bittersweet?” she laughed. When Sai realized that she had a point, he laughed along with her.

When the laughter subsided, she looked him in the eye and held her gaze. Sai didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to avoid her gaze, but he didn’t want to seem too smitten. She might think he’s being creepy, like a lot of people do when he holds his gaze for too long. When she lowered her gaze, she smiled. He almost let out a sigh of relief. “Hey, Sai,” she said as she reached out and tugged at the sleeve of his shirt.

“Hm?” he felt a strange warmth creep up his cheeks. “I like you,” she said, her sudden confession punctuated by a sweet little giggle. It was so random and out of the blue, like an ambush. Sai stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what she meant by that while trying to grasp the right words to say. Before he could muster anything, however, Ino handed him a dogwood flower and said, “Thanks again, I’ll see you around.”

Before he could even reply, she was gone. She ran into her house. Sai wondered if he angered her because of the fact that he didn’t give her a proper response. Either way, he was certainly flustered. And this flower? He asked himself as he held the small flower in the palm of his hand. He smiled at himself and headed home. I like you. What did she mean by that? More importantly, why was he starting to feel so giddy?

Ino’s words continued to dig a hole in his head as he walked, so he kept on thinking about what she possibly meant by it. She could mean that he liked him as a person, right? Somehow, that disappointed him. As someone she thinks of as a potential boyfriend? That intrigued him. They went on a date, and she said she had fun…so why not, right?

When he realized what kind of phantasmal world he had plunged himself into, Sai buried his face in his hands, ashamed of himself. “What am I even thinking?” he asked himself. Suddenly, he remembered how her embrace felt. It was only in his mind, but it felt real…like she was actually wrapping her arms around him and pressing her chest against his. He couldn’t feel her heartbeat at that time, but he sure wished that she didn’t feel his, because it was racing out of his ribcage the moment he felt her warmth pressed up against him. That was the first time she did that to him.

After she saved him from Gengo, his intentions were to ask her out. Although he looked cool on the outside, he was actually panicking on the inside. Instead of directly asking her out, he ended up telling her that he wanted to thank her if she’d let him. Fortunately, Ino was such a straightforward person. If she was the one who initiated the date, surely…she liked him…that way, right?

“Ah, Ino,” he uttered her name unconsciously, almost immediately receiving a cough from whoever was standing behind him at that time. He turned around quickly, to see his former teammate, Sakura, towering before him despite the fact that he was taller than she was. Sakura and Sasuke seemed to have patched things up a bit, he thought, perhaps it was the start of something special. Suddenly, he wondered if he always thought like this. Something special, he repeated. It was odd for him to think of something like that.

“Sa-Sakura,” he stammered. Why am I stuttering? he scolded himself. Sakura grinned, almost deviously, and spoke: “Are my ears tricking me, or did I just hear you utter Ino’s name as you return from your date?” 

Sai’s eyes widened a little, surprised by the fact that Sakura knew. Never mind, Ino probably told her. “Sakura, do you like me?” he asked, and wondered if Ino’s words were simply friendly. Sakura twitched as her face became drained of every ounce of color. “D-Do you want me to break every single bone in your body?” Sakura was furious.

“I guess not,” Sai shrugged his shoulders. Sakura sighed, “Why are you asking me that out of nowhere?” she aked. “Becuase…well…”

Sakura caught a glimpse of the dogwood flower in Sai’s hand, and she smiled. Ino had asked her about this before - lavender or dogwood? “I’ll wait for you” or “Accept my feelings”? She encouraged Ino to choose the latter.

“So she finally told him, huh?” she uttered to herself, mentally patting Ino on the back. “Did Ino tell you that she liked you?” Sakura asked. Sai’s pale face reddened a little, and Sakura was suddenly reminded of the face Ino made when she told Sakura of her feelings for Sai.

“Y-Yeah, but I didn’t know what she meant by that…”

Sakura heaved a heavy sigh. “You’re hopeless, Sai. She likes you…romantically. Do you understand that?”

“O-Oh. I thought she just liked me as a friend, so I asked you…”

Sakura laughed at her former teammate’s naivety. Sai was a beast in the battlefield, but not so much in the battlefield of love. “Why would she say ‘I like you’ right after a date if she only saw you as a friend? What did you say?” Sakura asked.

“Nothing,” Sai replied, suddenly feeling extremely queasy. Sakura’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he said that. N-N-N-Nothing? she thought to herself as she tried her best to hold back the urge to punch this guy in the face. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?” she raised her tone a little as Sai almost shrunk in his shirt, like a snail retreating into his shell. “B-Because she didn’t seem like she was expecting an answer.”

“You idiot!” Sakura said, landing a light punch on top of his head. “Even someone as straightforward as Ino would like to hear your answer! She’s probably wondering if she did something wrong for you to ignore her confession like that!”


“You better tell her how you feel tomorrow, or else I’m going to break you into a million pieces. For real,” Sakura warned as Sai swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. “I-I’m not doing it tomorrow, though,” he said. Sakura’s cold glare nearly froze him.

“I’m doing it today,” he said as he quickly turned around and started to run towards Ino’s house. Before Sakura could retort or reply, he was already off. She only shook her head and smiled. You’re lucky, Ino. Sai’s just within your reach, she thought. 

A boisterous garden and the Yamanaka clan crest on the gates. It was, undoubtedly, Ino Yamanaka’s house. He wondered if it would be rude to just enter the gates, but the doorbell was at the front door, so he invited himself inside their garden and looked around for a few moments. Dahlias, poppies and daisies popped up everywhere. The garden was beautiful, not so different from the person who tended it.

Before he could even realize how cold his hands were, he had already rung the doorbell and received a resounding, “Coming,” from Ino, whose voice was muffled by the thick wooden door. “Ino, I like you,” he said in an oddly monotonous voice. He shook his head at himself. “Ino, I like you,” he said with an inhumanely wide grin. No, too unnatural.

Before he could practice a third attempt, Ino opened the door. She had already gotten out of her yellow dress and was in her regular at-home clothes. It was the first time Sai had ever seen her dressed so casually and comfortably. Compared to her mission gear, Ino’s everyday clothes were very loose and seemed to allow a lot of room for movement. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and a pair of gray pants. She was surprised to see him, and almost tried to hide her outfit behind the door. 

“S-Sai,” she gasped.

“Ino, do you have a mission tomorrow?” he asked. Ino looked confused for a moment, but she shook her head anyway. No, she was telling him.

“I-I think we should go on a date again tomorrow.”

Ino’s face was as as the roses that grew in Ino’s garden. “E-Eh?” she cried out, “Why?” she asked, obviously shocked.

“T-That’s because…”

Too weak, he told himself. He took a deep breath, and let it out.

“Truth be told, Ino, I like you too.

Thanks for reading~~

Close Call Joker X Reader

J stood in front of the Lamborghini brushing his slick green hair back the pinkish sky illuminating around him like one of those old catholic drawings of god. Frost stood close behind him with a brief case, a few more men were present  waiting next to my car door, they were all stern faced and dull. We were waiting on some guy J was working with to make a new gun deal. Whether it was going to work out or not J didn’t tell me he just smiled his hot silver smile saying “Oh baby it will go directly as planned” so really that told me nothing but I glad to be along for the ride. A black Cadillac pulled up next to us and a tall guy with a rose neck tattoo stepped out shaking my babies hand. 

J smiled widely at him “Welcome boys!” He said loudly laughing Frost stepped forward with the brief case and put it on the hood of the car opening it to show the new visitors. The man smiled looking at J they shook hands again. “Pleasure doing business with you J, your trust is honoring” The man kissed J’s many rings. J laughed loudly seeming to wait for the man to bring out his side of the deal. “Oh right!” the man smacked himself on the forehead ushering men that brought  out five large duffel bags, all filled with firepower. “You did well son!” J said fatherly patting the guy n the shoulder  “Kill em’ boys” he said turning around heading towards the car. The man had a intense look of panic a crossed his face. “But I have a wife and family!” J smiled laughing heartily barely looking at him as a couple of the henchman grabbed his arms. “Oh I’ve got a wife too sonny. It’s all part of business! You will find it in yourself to forgive me I know. Good day or in your case goodnight!” J opened the door “But I did everything you asked!” J nodded at the man’s cries a horrible guilty feeling drained throughout my body I felt side and couldn’t bare to hear the man beg any longer. “Come on baby. Let’s go”  said softly to him. J peered at me with his dreamy, icy blue eyes. I felt everything bad go away when I looked at him. 

He smiled at me his hand reaching for my face when suddenly a splash of red exploded from his shoulder. My eyes widened as he struggled to get into the car blood pooling around him. My mouth let out a blood curdling scream, my hands panicking reached for him, aiding however I could to get him back into the driver’s seat. “Go boss Go!” Frost yelled firing a machine gun in the direction of a new bunch of thug’s directions. “Baby are you okay?” I said small tears welling up in my eyes. The beautiful orange sky that made my baby looks like a god washed away into a dark blue showing him in a new light. He reversed the car speeding away once he got turned around. Nodding weakly yes to my question. His face was drained and ghostly white his eyes hung open lazily with a dead mans expression. “Baby I’m worried about you” I said resting my head on his shoulder. “Don’t you worry your pretty self kitten, Daddy’s okay” I kissed his cheek hoping he would make it the couple miles back to the hideout. He smiled weakly at me.

J roared upto the hideout which was really a huge mansion he had the men keep spruced up so nobody expected any Joker living here, plowing through the garage door. Ten of his men came flooding out of the door helping J out of the car and whisking him out of my sight. I yelled at them to wait but they slammed the door in my face, I looked down at the clean cement floor in defeat. They were just going to bring him to the basement to one of the doctors that would bring him back to his normal stuff but my mind wanted me to doubt that. I made my way up to the room we shared melancholy hanging over me.  
 How many times have we gone through this process? He had been shot in front of my more times than I could stomach, seeing his own life source splattered a crossed walls, staining my expensive outfits had become a strange sort of normalcy, it brought tears to my eyes but brought with it no panic.. Normally. This time was different seeing his face drained of what little color there was left and the sound of his voice softened and.. vulnerable? That wasn’t the psycho that roped me happily into his word of explosions and laughter. I buried my head into the satin purple pillow that laid on his side of the bed. I nose breathed in his scent Coach mixed with blood and gun powder, the scent of heaven. A sigh escaped my mouth regretting the fact his scent was going to leave my body. bringing out tears and heavy sobs. If he left me now there would be nothing for me. My best bet would be to turn myself rotting away in his memory accompanied by a padded cell. 

“Is our pleasant business partner dead?” I heard a soft voice chuckle. “No boss but we know where he is. We were just waiting on your plan.” The door burst open revealing my love and Frost. J laughed putting his hand on his bandaged chest. “So thoughtful Frosty. No we won’t kill him-” J locked his eyes on my reddened ones blowing a kiss before turning to prance around the room. “First we are going to destroy what he calls a ‘business’ then-” He picked up one of the little trinkets I kept around the room; he threw it in between his left and right hand as he paced. “-then we will kill his family give him a bit of hope then WHAM-O!” J threw the trinket o the ground. Frost and I jumped slightly meeting each others gaze he smiled shyly at me. “Tie his up and well you know the rest my good man” J said patting Frost on the shoulder before running and body slamming the bed. I winced as he began coughing and laughing due to the impact. He held his chest looking up at me. “I may have to cancel Bats and my’s date night” I buried my head into his neck letting warm tears freely flow again. “Don’t get soft on me now dear.” He said stroking my hair softly. He stayed silent as I cried most likely because he didn’t know what to say. He was crap when it came to that but being able to feel his hear beat was enough for me.  

Thanks for reading guys! More to come Same Bat-time Same Bat-channel!

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The Cabin In The Woods

Modern AU

Alexander Hamilon x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1327

Warnings: Ghosts, dark, slight angst, clown, implied smut, scary movies, the woods

“We should be there in a few minutes.” Alexander said, the winding of the canyon roads making you sick.

“I can’t wait. One more hour driving up this canyon is going to make me puke.” You said, trying to focus on anything other than your upset stomach.

“Me too, I didn’t think a two and half hour drive up the canyon would be this bad.” Alexander sighed, looking just as sick as you felt.

Alex turned off onto an old dirt path. Your car was completely surrounded by trees, no other cars drove up this path with you. In the distance you could make out the old cabin that belonged to Alexander’s friend, George Washington.

“Is that it?” You asked, staring skeptically at the worn down cabin.

“Yup, George told me it was old, but not to judge it by it’s appearance. It’s still as good as new and a little bonus surprise…no neighbors! We can be as loud as we want!” A smirk slowly appeared on Alex’s face. “Or should I say you can be as loud as you want.” Alex winked at you, a blush heating up your face.

“Alexander!” You exclaimed, smacking his arm as he snickered.

“I’m sorry! Don’t hit me. You know I’m driving down an old road, you want us to die?” Alex quirked an eyebrow at you.

“Just keep driving.” You rolled your eyes.

After a few minutes you made it to the top of the hill the cabin sat on. It was a large cabin, definitely too big for just you and Alex to be staying in. It seemed more than a couple decades old, but George was right when he said not to judge the cabin by it’s appearance. For it’s age it was a very nice cabin, with a lot of the inside having been redone and updated.

“This is so pretty.” You smiled, walking around the living room and kitchen.

“That’s what they always say before the murderer arrives.” Alex dropped your bags on the ground.

“Don’t say that!” You glared at Alex’s amused expression.

“Just saying, but don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Alex said, puffing out his chest.

“That didn’t happened when we watched, It.” You smirked, watching his posture deflate.

“We don’t talk about that movie! It’s not my fault that I have a fear of clowns.” Alex grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Don’t worry, I’ll love you even with that irrational fear of yours.” You pulled his crossed arms apart and gave him a tight hug.

“Are you even scared of anything, love?” Alexander asked, returning your hug just as tightly.

“You know, I’m afraid of ghosts.” You leaned back from the hug to look up at him.

“Well, I am sorry to announce that this cabin is haunted!” Alex grinned maliciously at you.

“Oh, shut up! We both know you’re just trying to scare me.” You pushed him away, turning to grab your bags.

“Okay, you don’t have to believe me. Just remember, it won’t be my fault when they come to get you for your disbelief.” Alex grabbed his own bags, smirking as he lead you to the master bedroom.

“Alexander, stop!” You whined, starting to feel slightly anxious at his words.

“Okay, fine. You stay here, I’m going to go grab us something to drink.” Alex turned to exit the bedroom.

“Wait, Alex!” You cried, not liking the thought of separating from him.

“What? You’ll be fine, I’ll only take a few minutes.” Alex attempted to reassure you.

“But it’s getting dark!” You yelled after his retreating figure.

“I’ll be right back!” He yelled back, continuing to walk down the hallway, further and further away from you.

You sat on the bed, looking for something to calm your paranoia. You could see the sun setting quickly behind the mountains. You turned on the lights, deciding to busy yourself with unpacking your and Alexander’s bags.

After several minutes had passed, Alex still hadn’t returned. You couldn’t help but grow more anxious. Deciding to see what was taking him so long, you began to walk towards the kitchen.

The floorboards creaked under your feet, causing you to jump. You heard the wind starting to howl outside, and the tree branches scraping against the windows. The whole atmosphere just gave you the chills. You quickened your pace hoping to find Alex.

“Alex!” You called out, finally reaching the doorway of the kitchen.

“(Y/N)! Run!” Alex screamed.

“Alex! What’s going on?” You began to push open the door, when all the lights cut out.

You heart dropped to your stomach. You were submerged in complete darkness. Your heartbeat quickened as you felt around for the light switch. You fumbled with it for a bit, but no matter how many times you flipped it up and down, no light turned on.

“Alex!” You screamed, feeling around the room for guidance.

“He told you to run and you didn’t! That’s your mistake.” A deep voice rang out through the room.

You screamed, feeling around for any type of exit. Tears started to rush quickly down your face. In a state of panic, you gave up feeling around and began to run. You tripped over the coffee table of the living room and landed with a hard thud on the ground, skinning your knee.

“You shouldn’t of come here. Your disbelief has awoken my spirit.” The deep voice boomed, the sound of thunder not crashing too long after.

You began crawling towards what you thought was a door. By now, you were crying hysterically and were in a complete state of panic. Your knee ached as you slammed on it repeatedly as you crawled.

“Did you kill Alex?” You choked out with a sob, as you continued your hectic crawling.

“What?” The deep voice was softer now, with a slight concerned tone.

“Did you kill him? Cause that’s not fair, I’m the one who didn’t believe.” Your sobs were loud now, echoing around the room.

“(Y/N)…)” The deep voice trailed off.

“How do you know my name?” You screamed.

Suddenly the lights were all back on. You pulled your knees to the chest, looking around the room for some sort of monster. The kitchen door slammed open, causing you to flinch and hide your face in your knees. The sound of pounding footsteps reached you quickly.

“Oh, (Y/N). I’m so sorry, I didn’t think this would scare you this much.” Alex’s whispered, putting his arms around you gently.

“Alex? What happened to the ghost?” You asked, removing your face from your knees to look up at him.

“There was no ghost, it was me. I was just trying to scare you. I wanted to get you back for the whole clown thing, but this was too much.” Alex sighed, using his thumbs to brush away the lingering tears on your face.

“You set this whole thing up?” You asked, becoming less scared and increasingly more angry.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to be this scared. I love you.” Alex began peppering your face with kisses as he whispered more apologies to you, your anger quickly fading.

“I love you too. Just never do this again.” You sighed, snuggling your face into his chest.

“I promise. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Alex asked, kissing the top of your head repeatedly.

“Well, there’s this movie I want to watch to get in the Halloween spirit.” You began to smile.

“Sounds perfect. I think Hocus Pocus is already in the DVD player.” Alex grinned, helping you up off the ground.

“I actually had another movie in mind.” You smirked at him, seeing the color from his face drain. “Let’s watch it.”

“I deserve this, don’t I?” He asked, retreating with you to the bedroom.

“Yes, you do.” You smiled at him, kissing him once on the cheek before leading him to a night of horror.

Our Home (KlanceWeek, Day 4: Welcome Home)

Pretty much a continuation of my entry for Day 3, “Remember Me”, where Keith met Lance when they were kids, and they promised to recognize each other by their scars. So now Keith is going home with Lance for a break from fighting with Voltron. This is part three, so you can also read part two, “(Little) Partners in Crime” from Day 5′s prompt.

Keith had been a bit apprehensive about leaving the Castle of Lions to visit Earth, but one look at Lance’s face upon hearing Allura say they could, and Keith knew he wouldn’t be able to say no.

“You should come with me!” Lance insisted, again grabbing Keith’s hand out of excitement, a gesture Keith was fairly sure was involuntary, but didn’t dislike.

“To meet your family?”

“Yeah! My mom probably remembers you, and I have a lot of younger siblings now that you haven’t met. It’ll be great!”

“But… it’ll be your first time seeing your family in… I don’t know how long we’ve been out here. Won’t I just be in the way?”

“Nah, it’ll be chaos either way, so I doubt you’ll make much of a difference. So come on! Please?”

Lance’s gaze was steady, urgent, insistent. Keith wasn’t used to being looked at like that. Especially not by Lance. He wasn’t used to somebody wanting him to be a part of something– not because they needed him, or that he was useful, but just because they wanted him to be there.

“You sure you want me to go?” Keith asked, still a bit uncertain. “Not Pidge or Hunk? You’ve known them longer.”

“Nope. It has to be you. Oh, but if you don’t wanna come, I won’t force you…”

“I’ll go!” Keith blurted, his face reddening. “I mean yeah. Sure. If you really want me to.” 

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a follwo up to your last story? Like maybe what happens the next morning??

First story can be found here

Alex stirred slightly as he slowly became aware of his surroundings. He leaned forward, the blanket that had covered him dropping to his lap. A pain shot through his neck that he reflexively began to rub as Jo’s voice rang out, “I told you to take the bed, didn’t I?”

Alex groaned and stood, stretching his arms above his head as he turned towards where she was standing at the stove, “I’m good. I’m not so old that I can’t crash on a couch.” His eyebrows hiked in disbelief when she snorted at him, “What? I’m not!”

She looked over her shoulder at him, “Try telling that to your neck.”

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Not okay. - Pan x reader

Description/Request: Could you do an imagine with pan where you cut yourself when you are sad so when pan finds out he tells you he loves you and fluff

Warnings: Self harming, topic of depression, angst, If only the feckin ‘keep reading’ cut things would work I could say you could easily skip. So, if you’re sensitive to dark topics, please move on.

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Nightmares and Unbroken Promises - Mileven

based on this post! thanks so much for letting me use your headcanon for this fic!

It was nights like this that Mike hated the most. Nights filled with tears and apologies that settled on the tip of his tongue but couldn’t pass through his teeth. Nights where his pride held him back from correcting his mistakes. Nights when he debated sleeping on the couch instead of in their bed.

He couldn’t even remember what the fight was about. One minute, they were fine, and the next, El was in tears and his throat was raw from yelling. He’d always had an uncontrollable temper, ever since he was a little boy. Tonight, his anger became a third party in their relationship, creating a wall between the two of them.

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Until the End, and Even Then

Notes: Request from anon.  Sabo takes a nice, scenic trip to Marineford.  (Not.  ANGST AHEAD!)  Also, casually refusing to rewatch Marineford to get the timeline right because ACE

Oh, and this is a long one.  Like, really long.

“Sabo!  Sabo, did you hear the news?”

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Ya Only Need One Picture For Twitter Love - Part 5: The Morning After (Finale)

Previous Parts Here

The sunlight was streaming through the window into your small bedroom.  Rolling on your back you could feel a satisfying soreness throughout your body, a blissful reminder of the night before.  Sweeping your hand out across the bed you expected to feel a sleeping Niall.  But the bed was empty.  The sheets had long been cold - he was gone.  

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