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yoongi: the Angry Heterophobe™. does not want to see or be seen by straight people. is always ready to kick a homophobe in the kneecaps. says “this is homophobic” when he’s mildly inconvenienced. owns tons of angry political t shirts. incredibly soft around whoever he’s dating tho.

hobi: the Sunshine Gay™. sighs and says “wow i’m so gay” when he sees someone he likes. perpetually sad about the lack of happy gay romcoms. a loving mother to all the baby gays. when he’s dating someone it’s cuddling and hand-holding 24/7. tears up when he sees photos/videos of same gender couples proposing or getting married.


And so I drown in inexplicable joy as I take the first step of the journey that is only mine

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si nos amas, salva nos
My contribution to the YOI fandom. For the anons who wanted sick Yuri K.

Yuri feels at home on the ice—it’s was the one thing he is absolutely sure of. With the Grand Prix right around the corner, every second of practice is crucial.

One more time. He needs to run through the routine again. There are still a lot of things that need work. He hears Victor’s frustrated sigh from across the arena, hears the music as it is started from the top.

Yuri begins to skate. His moves are wrong, his jumps too sloppy. He falls behind the music and catching up is an impossibility. Victor is waving frantically at him from across the rink, but if Yuri doesn’t nail this now, he’ll never be ready for the Grand Prix.

He doesn’t feel good, and not just about his performance. His body is on fire, his limbs heavy and achy. His head is filled with such a dense fog that it’s a wonder he ever managed to make it out on the ice in the first place.

He does a triple axel, and this time his stomach leaps up with him. He hadn’t eaten that morning, his appetite completely gone in the wake of illness, but it takes everything he has to swallow back a rush of bitter tasting saliva. The nausea catches him off guard—he wipes out on the ice, skidding to a stop on his back.

He doesn’t get up. He can’t.

Victor is running to him, his worries inquisitions turning into frantic yelling.

Yuri can only watch as Victor runs to him, slipping in his shoes and coming to a stop at the edge of the rink. Yuri’s stomach still feels wrong, unpleasant.

He’s going to throw up. He can feel it steadily rising up his esophagus, his mouth flooding with acidic saliva.

Victor asks him if he’s okay and helps him sit up to lean against the wall. Yuri wants to answer him, but opening his mouth would be a terrible idea. He wonders vaguely if he has the flu—it would explain why he suddenly feels so miserable.

“Yuri, talk to me—”

A deep, rumbling belch pierces the air. It takes only another few seconds of nauseous swaying before Yuri turns to the side, away from Victor, a thin stream of watery vomit spurting from between his lips.

Victor begins to panic, and nothing Yuri can do can possibly fix that, especially when he continues to gag wetly over the ice, water and bile leaving his body in a flourish.

His stomach empties quickly, strings of spittle and sick clinging to the edge of his lips as he tries to level out his breathing. He feels marginally better, though his vomit-tinged shirt has seen better days.

Victor’s all over him now, bombarding him with questions, and Yuri can only nod; yes, he knew he was sick, he wants to go home, he promises to confide in Victor next time.

It’s moments like this—not necessarily when he’s sick, but when he has a caring boyfriend that is willing to do anything for him—that Yuri knows he wouldn’t change his life for anything.

Hm… This is difficult for me to respond to. Cause I don’t want to offend anyone. (And also idk if you even ship KD or CS, or none of them at all?)

But I see a huge difference, since it is two completely different relationships. Yeol is a friend and bandmate to Soo, while Nini is smth a lot more. I don’t have any issues with CS, they’re friends. But you can tell that Soo acts in a different way with Nini, than he does with Yeol.

There’s been several occasions where some of them have teased Soo, and Nini doesn’t tease him the way the others do. He doesn’t go as far. And on the rare occasions that he does, he often doesn’t get any retaliation back from Soo. But if Yeol messes with Soo, you can almost always guarantee that Soo will get his revenge. But when it’s Nini, he will just throw him a glance or even laugh and smile.

Soo dotes on a lot of them, and idk if it’s cause i’m obviously biased af, but I find that he takes care of Nini a lot more?? He looks out for him a lot more. Like he wants to protect him, be there for him. I’ve talked about this many times, but KD always has each other’s backs. They’re always there to assist the other in time of need. Their bond is very special and deep. Chemistry wise it’s also different, I never sense a romantic vibe from CS, since they’re friends so *shrugs* idk anon..

Like idk what to tell you…… Again, I don’t want to offend anyone. And I don’t like comparing his relationship with Nini to his relationship with Yeol, cause it’s two ENTIRELY different things??? So idk what to tell ya bruh.. sorry :/


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Random headcanon

Harley considers it a tragedy if she ever breaks a heel on her shoes and forces Joker to carry her until it can be fixed/replaced.

when you want to have a good time but there’s ship hate in the tags of your otp:

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That moment when you search tumblr to see if you can find somewhere legit to buy henna from, because you really want to learn how to do it, and everything in the tag says that white people wearing/doing henna is cultural appropriation. 

I had always been taught that doing henna was okay regardless of race/culture, so long as you didn’t do dumb shit and you respect the meaning behind it. 


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Whumpy Stiles prompts

(becuase we all love seeing our favorite human in dangerous situations)

  • Smoke inhalation problems that don’t show until later
  • Stiles dislocates his shoulder in battle and Derek has to reset it
  • Magical curse/spell that makes something embarrassing/weak (fainting, nosebleed, sneezing attack, vomiting, paper cuts) happen to Stiles whenever someone says “human”
  • Magic!Stiles runs too many spells or holds up a long-term spell that leads to weakness/magical exhaustion
  • Derek accidentally hits Stiles with the Camaro
  • Hiding an injury/poison bite from the pack that grows infected
  • Witch/creature slowly drains Stiles’s energy/life force without him realizing (until things get dangerous, of course)
  • Stiles gets trapped in a garage with a running car, toxic fumes, or some other potentially lethal circumstance where he needs to fight to get out
"Ronald would like me to tell you that Seamus told him that Dean was told by Parvati that-

-Malfoy is looking for you.”
Harry looked up from his place under the tree, squinting at Hermione’s face in the sun.
“Malfoy. He’s looking for you. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve heard.”
Harry rolled his eyes. “Stupid git’s probably just going to get on me about our potions project again.”
Hermione sighed and sat down cross-legged next to Harry. “You know, Ron and I still think you should’ve asked to switch partners. I know house cooperation is important and all, but so far it doesn’t seem like you and Malfoy are resolving your differences.”
Harry ran his hand through his hair and shut his eyes, leaning back against the tree.
If only she knew.
“Hermione, you know I can’t expect special treatment like that.”
Hermione nodded, resting her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “I know. Just… Please try to get along.”
Oh, I’ll try.
Harry smiled at her and stood up, brushing grass from his robes and collecting his things. He intended to go find Malfoy and hear what was so important that the whole of Gryffindor house had to relay it to him.
“I’ll see you in a bit. Tell Ron where I’ve gone.”
Harry made his way up to the castle, planning on checking Malfoy’s usual spots in the library and Great Hall when he was yanked off the path by the front of his robes.
“What the- oh.”
Malfoy stood in front of him, still grasping his robes to tug Harry out of sight.
“Potter.” Malfoy was grinning as he said it, and he still hadn’t let go of Harry’s robes.
“Malfoy. You know, if you had wanted to speak to me, you could’ve just asked instead of making everyone carry your message like owls.”
Malfoy brought him a little closer; Harry could see the tiny flecks of blue in his gray eyes.
“Speak? Who said anything about speaking?” Malfoy slid his arm around Harry’s waist, guiding him back against the tree. “I just wanted to do this.”
And then Malfoy was kissing him, and Harry was kissing him back, unable to help grinning as he did so.
When they broke apart, they were both out of breath and blushing slightly.
“Always so dramatic, you are,” Harry said, threading his hand through Malfoy’s.
Malfoy looked down at the ground sheepishly, smiling at Harry’s feet. “You like it, though.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I suppose I do.”
“You like me.”
Harry laughed. “Yes, Malfoy. If you need to hear me say it, then I like you.”
“Good.” Malfoy was blushing even more now, but he continued speaking. “Otherwise it’d be unfair. Now, Potter, we really do have to work on that assignment for potions, and because you’re positively dreadful at it, I thought that-”
Harry moved his hand up, trailing his fingers along Malfoy’s neck and effectively quieting him.
“I know. We’ve got to work. Or… We could wait a bit and…” He raised an eyebrow, grinning.
Malfoy tugged on their joined hands, leading Harry away from the tree. “Oh, thank Merlin. I hoped you would suggest something else. You really are awful at potions.”
Harry laughed. “Yeah, alright, you’ve had your fun. Come on.”
“I’ve had my fun? No, Potter, I think I’m just getting started.”

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You know, you used to like me because of how I am. I mean, I thought you chose me for the way I am. You did. You wanted a certain life. And I gave that to you. You were tired of being poor. You wanted a big family. I could’ve stopped that too. I didn’t need to have four kids to make up for the wasteland that was my childhood.