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Christmas (Kissed By the Baddest Bidder)
  • Eisuke: Not Honest. He's always had a hard time expressing how he really feels. And whenever he does try, it always comes out much bossier then he expects. So he acts much less enthusiastic then he truly is when you tell him you'll be spending Christmas together. You half expect for the two of you to not even celebrate it. So imagine your surprise when there's a towering Christmas tree in Eisukes penthouse, several dozen boxes of all sizes lined up underneath the tree. Just looking at it makes you a little nauseous, you own small present paling in comparison. You don't notice Eisukes presence until his arms are wrapped around you. "Is that for me?"
  • Soryu: Reserved. It's a pretty private affair. There's a moderately sized Christmas tree in the mansion as you exchange gifts. He loves the new shirt and tie you bought him, while you're amazed at the warm scarf he bought you. You notice that the stitching is simple and a little too clumsy to have been bought, and your eyes widen when he tells you he wanted to make you something. You hardly realize the tears flowing down your face, as he rushed over to wipe them away. A gentle smile blooming on his face as you thank him. It's perfect. Until Inui and Samajima rush in, another heated argument lingering in the air. "Can't the two of you ever get along?"
  • Baba: Livly. The entire penthouse seems to have been touched with the holiday spirit. You sighed as you watched him pull out another tray of cookies, from the smell of it they had burnt again. You didn't really understand why he wouldn't just buy some store bought cookies, you could decorate them once you were home after all. "Because this way I get to spend more time with you."
  • Mamoru: Secretive. He doesn't even put the christmas presents out until midnight. You think it's because he's forgotten all about it, or that maybe to him only kids celebrate Christmas. And for a moment you feel incredibly discouraged. But regaedless of if he thinks your childish, you want to give him your gift. And to your astonishment there are a dozen gifts under the tree for you. As you laugh, and eventually confess your doubts his cheeks begin to flush. "If anyone's childish, it's me, I went into the store and I couldn't stop buying things for you."
  • Ota: Warm. Everything had to be done together. You bathed together in the morning, opened the presents together, made Christmas dinner together, you even painted Christmas cookies together. He used a thick brush to apply the frosting, true to his nature as an artist. On each cookie there was an elaborate painting of some nature. "I know I can be pretty selfish sometimes, but thank you for staying with me."
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