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Relationship status: single as in never going to be in a relationship sigh

Favourite colour(s): dark red, emerald green and silver

Pet(s): none, just the thousands of pictures I stare at

Last song I listened to: Last kiss by Taylor Swift

Best song on the radio: (I forgot about this question before so here it is!) um, I really don’t know, I don’t listen to the radio.

Favourite tv show(s): Sherlock, How to get away with murder, Scandal, the Flash - I could go on forever lol

First fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Hobbies: reading, obsessively thinking

Favourite book(s): the Harry Potter series, too many that are difficult to think of right now lol

Fun fact(s): The first time I read the HP series, I hated Draco and Slytherin and wanted to be in Gryffindor. Now, Draco is one of my favourite characters and my house is Slytherin, and if anybody insults them in my presence they will receive an hour long lecture detailing the many merits of Slytherin. Also, my dream job is to be a clinical psychologist.

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Isaac walked up to the gates of the school. He’d been attending for a week and made 3 friends. Rosie, a tall blonde girl, Hugo, a short nerdy guy with black hair and Elli a girl with caramel colour skin and long dark hair. Isaac walked up to the three and stood by them. Then she walked past.

Just like Beacon Hills, this school had its groups. However, in this school the popular girl wasn’t Lydia Martin, but Y/N Y/L/N. She had long gorgeous hair and sparkling eyes. She walked past with all her friends, turned to look at me, smiled and carried on, chatting to her best friend Y/B/F/N.

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Could you do an imagine where the reader just moved to queens from Georgia (you don’t have to make them super southern they just use y'all with no accent like I do) and she’s just super nervous and on her very first day she meets Peter and they quickly fall for each other and just make it fluffy please? Thanks❤️

I’m sorry if I got this sort of wrong, I described Georgia as this beautiful country with open meadows and farms and stuff. If that’s wrong, I am very, very sorry. Also, this wasn’t my best work. But, hey, enjoy?

You sighed, looking around your new apartment. It was covered with dreary white wallpaper, and grey carpet. You could smell the musty scent of the slightly moulding furniture. The room was pretty small, and you felt a little claustrophobic. You missed the open plains of your hometown, Georgia. You missed the bright green trees, and the colourful flowers. You missed your family home that you had lived in since birth. You missed your friends, you missed the fresh air.

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Little Red Riding Hood, I’d like to hold you if I could…

Preference #8: Fight

 Niall: It was loud and scary. Voices boomed and mashed together and the both of you said words that you didn’t mean. “Break up with me then, if I’m that much of a burden to you then break up with me,” you snapped, your hands clenched by your sides. “Is that what you really want?” He asked you, dangerously slow and his demeanour shockingly calm. “Does it matter what I want?” You replied nonchalantly, the anger dissolving rather quickly as soon as you met your boyfriend’s eyes. They were mostly filled with guilt and regret and a dark blue colouring his iris. “Of course it matters what you want, how could this ever work if I don’t value your importance and opinion?” His said, his tone filled with sincerity and confusion. You sighed, looking away from him because you knew that he was right, he was always trying to find a solution for the problem. Which is the best thing to do in a relationship.

Harry: “Don’t you dare say that I don’t care about you because I do, I do care about you.” He said, his voice wavering on the last few words. There were no words, you just couldn’t form a proper sentence to respond with. It was absurd, thinking that he didn’t care for you. “I-I’m sorry Harry, I’m so sorry,” you told him, eyes glimmering. He walked the few distance there was between you and held up your hands in front of his chest. “Why would you ever think that I don’t care about you?” he asked bewildered. “I don’t know, I’m sorry.” You wrapped your arms around his body, the feeling of him holding you was enough to calm down your weariness and trepidation.

Zayn: After the screaming ended the only thing you could hear were the ragged breaths emitting from you and Zayn. You stood behind the couch with your head lowered to the floor and Zayn was on the other side of the couch with his arms crossed over his chest and a vein protruding from his neck. The quite sound of footsteps stopped when they were in front of you. You looked up, ready to apologize but he just shushed you and wrapped his arms around your waist. The argument was pointless and the two of you knew that.

Liam: It felt like the air was sucked out of the room because you couldn’t breathe, not when he was looking at you like that. He was scary when he was angry, and the fact that he’s broad and muscled didn’t help the fact. You knew he would never hit you. His eyes narrowed and darkened, his muscles tightened up under his shirt and his whole demeanour changed. But with one broken look from you he was back. His eyes softened and he visibly relaxed. “I’m so so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I would never say that to you (Y/N),” he apologized, voice slightly quivering. “It’s ok, I know,” is what you said, looking up into his eyes. He hugged you so tight it felt like losing your breath all over again, but this was nicer.

Louis: “Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you I was only joking, alright?” You apologized, walking to the couch where he was currently sitting on. He didn’t look at you and that only made you feel more guilty. You sat beside him leaving a few distance between the two of you. After staring blankly at the television infront of him, Louis turned to you eyes still a bit cold and void, “You shouldn’t joke about things like that, death is a serious subject, it’s not nice.” You knew that it was a serious subject and you knew Louis hated it when you talked about death let alone joke about it. So you closed the distance between the both of you and hugged him, and he hugged you back. You knew you were forgiven.