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BTS Reacting to Their S/O Being Almost 9 Months Pregnant and Being Insecure

Request by Anon:  BTS reacting to their s/o being almost 9months pregnant & him thinking that she’s even more beautiful because she’s carrying their child??

I love this scenario! Honestly, it was kinda challenging to write something different for each one beacause the boys would love you so much if you’re carrying their child and think you are always beautiful so I decided to make it a mix of a dabble and a reaction. I love this reaction so much and giggled the whole time to myself while writing this that my parents had to check up on me three times! Anyways enjoy you guys!

Taehyung: This guy… (sigh). He is the perfect definition of an over worrying expecting father. This guy will follow each step you make thinking even stepping too hard might you and your baby. He would ask you what you’re craving until he will be the reason you lose your appetite. JK ( not Jungkook. See what I did there). Seriously though he will do anything you ask of him and tell you how beautiful you are and that you guys should have more babies to keep that bright glow on your face. (You know he wants to have a lot of kids). You wouldn’t even have the thought of having any insecurities because he will erase them before you even have them (by flowering you with kisses). Overall, this guy is going make an amazing father and a husband. (Is it obvious that he’s my bias?)

Him grabbing your face randomly to show you how much he loves you. 

Jungkook: This guy being the maknae, he will most likely have a child after at least some of his hyungs have their own families. He would take that as an advantage and ask his hyungs everything he has to do while his S/O is pregnant. The rest of BTS who have faced the various mood swings, cravings, and morning sickness will tell him the most important thing was to make sure she still feels beautiful in his eyes. Then he would be like, “But she’s always beautiful to me.” The rest of BTS will be like, “Yeah, but she needs to hear it from you idiot!” He would tell you you’re beautiful at least 10 times a day after that. He would say it to the point you would be creeped out, but he just wants to make sure he does everything right. (This nervous bunny. He acts confident, but we all know him that he’s a cute little bunny on the inside)

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When Jimin tells him to never come empty handed when his S/O is craving something, and Taehyung’s like oh yeah I totally forgot about that, and Jungkook is like “wow seriously?”

J-Hope: Another follower. This guy would have a smile plastered on his face the minute he heard you were pregnant with his baby. He would comfort you whenever you have morning sickness and make sure you ate healthily. If you start having any doubts about how you look to him because you have a baby bump? You are in for it. He will go on for at least an hour on how much he loves you no matter how you look. In fact seeing your baby bump makes him fall more in love with you. This sweetheart will make you cry from how much he loves you.

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His excited face every time you go get an ultrasound. 

Namjoon: I don’t know why, but I’m picturing him with glasses the whole time (I have a weird interest towards guys with glasses- you know the ones that idols wear a lot). He would be writing some lyrics (about you) as you sigh and rub your belly. At first, he wouldn’t notice, but as you seem to smile less and less as the months went, he would understand that you’re feeling insecure (with the help of the other boys and the internet). I think he would be the most direct about how he feels from all the boys. He would straight out tell you how amazing you are, and he loved the fact that there’s going to be a half Namjoon and half you running around the house. He would then show you the new songs he wrote to serenade you. (I don’t know why but I’m imagining this in a study room)

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He looks so good with glasses!

Jin:J I can imagine it. You suddenly not eating because you think it will add to the weight you gained from the baby bump. He would notice immediately because you normally eat his food in one mouthful. You wouldn’t even have to tell him he would just know. He would kneel in front of you, make you face him, and hold your hand. “I love you. Thank you for taking care of our baby. He/she is so lucky to have a wonderful mother, and I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful woman to call mine. Now, what are you craving for? ” He would say it in a way that you wouldn’t feel he said it because he noticed your insecurities, which is even better.

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Imagine him doing this while he cooks for you. (I’m cringing, but happy just thinking about it)

Yoongi: He would totally take you to his studio and play music for you and your baby to listen. He would want his baby to know his passion towards music and want his child to share the same passion. If he feels that you feel bad about your pregnant self, he would write songs about how beautiful you are to him no matter what. He would be upset that he thinks that of yourself, especially with your child approaching. Although he’s not a guy that expresses himself externally, he will make sure you know how much he loves you and your unborn child. (This guy… he’s a romantic underneath all that sarcastic layers).

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Imagine Tae was your child. (I just love this gif. Yoongi looks like he’s so used this that he gave up being annoyed. Well if you can beat em, smile at their cuteness) 

Jimin: If you’re pregnant with his child, I’m sure your relationship with him would be public. He would want to take walks with you to take a break from life and low-key (more like high-key) show off his wife carrying his child (because you’re so beautiful and he wants others after you to get the hint). You would refuse because you’re self-conscious about your weight and that it would embarrass him. He’d start laughing when he hears that. “You’re kidding me right? I think we need to take you for an eye check up,” he’d lift your chin with one hand and place his other hand on your belly, ”because all I see is a radiant goddess standing in front of me”

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His smile (Swoon!!!!). You’re one lucky person if you end up with this fluff ball. 

You don't own me

Title: you don’t own me

Anonymous asked: “OMG Jim Moriarty x Reader, based on the song “you don’t own me” /You don’t own me , I’m not just one of your many toys/ (please and thank u)“

Characters: moriarty and you

Pairing: moriarty x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 382


“you don’t own me!” you screamed at Moriarty. “of course I do, I’m Moriarty the only consulting criminal mastermind in the world” he smirked. “you really should choose better boyfriends if you don’t want to belong to them” he continued. “well maybe I will” you said, gathering your things and making your way to the exit. “come on Y/N don’t be like that” he said. “you don’t own me Moriarty, I’m not just one of your many toys!” was the last thing he heard before you were gone.

“can I come in?” Moriarty said as you opened your front door. 3 days had passed after your outburst. Moriarty had kept sending employees to your apartment to apologize for him but you never opened the door until now. Seeing Moriarty instead of his minions made you realize he did care for you after all, otherwise he wouldn’t have showed up himself. “what do you want?” you asked, still pissed. “I came to apologize, look I brought flowers” he held up the bouquet of roses. “I like daisies” you said, about to shut the door. “Y/N please wait! I know I fucked up and you have every right to be angry but please these last few days have been like hell for me. I can’t do this without you darling” he confessed. You looked at him to see if he had truly meant it, when you found what you were looking for you opened the door letting him into your apartment.

“promise me you won’t ever treat me like that again” you said, facing him. “I promise” he said, leaning down to kiss you. “not so fast mister. You’re going to make it up to me” you laughed, taking a step back. “but I brought you flowers” he said looking already agitated. “fine go home with your flowers then” you said as you were about to open the door again. “what do you want me to do?” he sighed. “I want to be your equal” you said serious. “you’ve always been my equal Y/N” Moriarty said confused. “I haven’t or at least you didn’t treat me like that” you whispered. “I’m sorry darling, from now on I’ll show you how much I care about you” he said, pulling you closer to him. “I promise”

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend sleeping with soft music playing in the background. It's because she hates silence and is afraid when its to quiet so she plays music quietly to help her fall alseep. (This is me. I sleep while listening to BTS)

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

(If BTS songs)

It was a bright morning and Jin had waken up early to make sure he could spend some time with you before he had to go to practice. He had made you breakfast in bed with your favorite food and drink. He was wearing his pink apron which was a gift from you for your three years anniversary. He would silently walk in and see you laying across the bed, snoring and drooling. He would smile, but then he would notice you were playing his song “Oh y/n, aren`t you a sweetheart. I guess we can take a small nap before I go”.

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(If other songs)

He sat the tray on the nightstand next to the bed, he sat down and began singing with his sweet voice, he would put his whole soul into the sining. When you didn’t`t wake up he would chuckle and brush the hair out of your face, kissing your cheek and simply hold you close to him as he sang along with the song or at least hummed as he just enjoyed the moment he had with you. As the sun shined through the curtains he was truly happy “I think that I might never become happier than what I am with you, never change”.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

(If BTS songs)

Namjoon had been working on a new song for BTS with Yoongi, he had texted you telling you not to stay up late as he would come late home. When he came home he was so exhausted and could not wait to be in bed with you and feel the warmth coming from your body next to his. As he was about to open the bedroom door he heard a familiar voice, he opened the door carefully not to wake you up and found out you were listening to BTS Spring day, he smiled. His hand caressed your cheek “what did I ever do to deserve you”.

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(If other songs)

The door opened with a not so silent he would try to sneak his way to the bed without making a noise, the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up from your slumber. He put down his bag almost knocking over the lamp in the process, he sighed and sat down beside you, he looked at you, he admired the beauty that lied before him and kissed you gently on the head before smiling to himself “you make me crazy, I cant even go one day without thinking of you and what you are doing. Please be my side for a long time”.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

(If BTS songs)

He would come home from a long day and was ready to just go to bed and cuddle with you. At first he would see you laying in bed snoring and drooling, he would find that so cute that at first he would ignore the music, not really paying it much attention before his arm were around you. He would first be annoyed when he recognized the music “ah, I hear these songs everyday.” but when he saw your peaceful drooling face, he would give out a sigh and simply kiss you on the forehead “You are simply too much sometimes, but I still love you”.

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(If other songs)

As he gently pulled your sleeping body tighter to his, your head on his chest because he knew how much you loved to listen to his heartbeat. He would notice the music playing and would take some time to listen to the lyrics no matter what the language was, he would feel the rhythm and giggle a little by himself. He would simply stroke your hair while humming with the song as he knew you were already fast asleep, he might also had to dry away some drool from your face “you are so cute, why do you do this to me? Hehe, love you”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

(If BTS songs)

Hoseok had been dancing all day and was just aching to cuddle with you in bed and let all his worries fly away. He would lean against the door frame when he noticed that you speaker was on, he carefully walked towards it to turn it of but then heard his voice coming from it, he would smile from ear to ear when he saw how peaceful you looked while listening to his groups songs. He would be so happy that you felt relaxed when listening to their songs, his heart would flutter at the sight of you snoring “Ah, y/n you make me crazy”.

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(If other songs)

He would sit on the bed next to your sleeping body and just simply listen to what you were listening on, he might try to find out what the song was called and get it on his own phone so he could listen to it when he was miles away from you, it would remind him of you when he most needed it. His face would face yours, his thumbs carefully exploring your face as he would hum softly with the song “well, aren`t you the sweetest thing ever. It`s so silly how you can make my heart flutter by doing the simplest thing, I love you”.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

(If BTS songs)

Jimin had been dancing with Jungkook and came home little later than usual, his neck and back was hurting and he went to take to shower and change clothes before coming into bed just relaxing with his hand around you. He leaned against the door frame and smiled when he saw you “aish, they are so cute” he walked over to the bed and sat down. He heard the song that was playing and a big smile came across his face“ah y/n stop killing me with your cuteness. My only love, the one I want is you. I mean you`re perfect for me”.

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(If other songs)

He smiled from ear to ear after catching his breath after all that squealing, he would put his head next to yours and watch you as you drooled. He would even mimic some of the faces you made in your sleep just for fun and giggles, he would brush the hair away from your face when it blocked your eyes. He would hum beautifully to the song as he memorized every inch of your face “love me, that is all I ask of you” his smile would become wider and wider as he just admired the sweetness of the music and you next to him and only his.

Kim Taehyung/V :

(If BTS songs)

Taehyung was like an energy ball today, he was ready to jump on the couch and have a huge pillow fight which would lead to you two cuddling and being a giggling mess in the end. He came marching through the bedroom door to the sight of you laying there almost dead, but then you drooled and then he knew you were still alive. He would be distracted by your adorable face when he first heard that there was actually music in the room and more importantly his song “hmm, I love you. Never doubt that” he would say as he poked your nose.

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(If other songs)

As he poked your nose he would try to capture some of the words in the song, he would also do a little dance and actually just begin dancing around the room just having a great time. He might even record himself singing the song to your sleeping face as he poked your chin, nose and lips. After loosing all his energy he would lay down beside you and just take you in a big hug, he would start singing the song as he playfully danced with you, waving your arms from one side to another and so on “always look on the bright side of life”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

(If BTS songs)

Jungkook had just taken a shower and put on some clothes, he was tired and all he wanted was to get some rest. He would walk into the bedroom seeing you already fast asleep, he would notice a familiar tune and would give out a soft giggle when he heard his own voice. He would smile, it was a good feeling knowing that his voice was so calming to you, he would carefully wander and turn off the speaker so that he himself could hold you close and sing to you a sweet tune as he played with your hair “You know I love you, you silly person”.

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(If other songs)

As he laid down beside you and stared up on the roof, his ears would capture a sweet and calm melody. He would slowly close his eyes as he let the music take over his mind, his hand would hold yours as his thumbs carefully caressed it. He would smile to himself, he understood that it made you relax, the song had a romantic yet calm and just beautiful feeling to it. It reminded him of you, he turned over so he could be closer to you and whispered softly in your ear “ You know, I never knew I could love someone like this before I met you”.

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She’s An American Beauty.

Requested by Anon : Would you consider writing a Jared Leto joker one-shot based on the song American Beauty/ American psycho by fall out boy please..?🙈🙈

Warnings: None really… it’s semi-fluff?? No violence per say… mild  drug/alcohol use

Authors Note: This One-Shot will be based of Fall out Boy’s “American Beauty/American Psycho” and will be in Jokers POV - Italics are the song lyrics

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One Last Time (V)

Characters: Hoseok (Jhope) & Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff & smut

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9 (Finale)  

Summary: Hoseok is a member of a very successful boy group, BTS, while you are a trainee, who is getting ready for debut. The two of you have been dating for two years, but he suddenly left you without another word. No explanation. No apology. Nothing. You were left to suffer and find the answers yourself. If only you knew how painful the truth was going to be, you wouldn’t have been so determined to find out. But one thing that hurt more than the truth, was what the past could bring. 

Helloo :) I’m back. So…. I just realized.. that I’m really bad at posting things on time. I’m sorry that this chapter took a while to get out, but I hope that you have all liked it? I always love to hear what you guys think ❤️ I will try my best to post the next chapters for this series and the Best Friend Code as soon as I can. 😊 Since… I’m starting university in… like.. three days… 😰 BUT I promise, I will get to writing them whenever I have the time. Until next time, remember to like, reblog and share. Happy Reading~

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“The fuck Hoseok. Why are we suddenly going to Y/N’s dorm now? We have a schedule to catch.” Yoongi said.

“I.. It’s just.. I promise it won’t take long. Just please hyung we need to get to Y/N’s dorm as soon as we can. I’ll explain everything else later.” Hoseok begged.

Within minutes, the car had quickly reached your dorm with the help of his manager’s driving.

“I promise. I won’t take long. Thank you hyung!” Hoseok yelled before he ran out of the car and into the apartment.

Having came to your dorm multiple times, he knew exactly which staircase allowed him to reach your dorm the fastest. So with the help of the security guard who had quickly opened the door for him the moment he arrived, Hoseok sprinted with all his might up the stairs to hopefully reach your apartment before Jessica does.

Please be okay. Please be okay. Please Y/N.

“Jessica. What.. What are you doing here?” You confusingly asked.

Maybe it was the sudden sight of Jessica standing in front of you that gave your chills, or it was the cold emotionless smirk that she was giving that sent endless chills throughout your body.

Seconds passed as you stood by the door, and yet she still wasn’t saying anything. Just as you were about to close the door, you heard Jessica quietly whisper,

“What do you have that I don’t?”

“Pardon?” You asked in confusion.

It was just then you saw Jessica pull out a small pocket knife from her back pocket, but before you even had the chance to react, you heard someone down the hallway call for you, and then everything onwards just seemed like a blur. One minute you were about to scream for your dear life when you saw the knife quickly approach your face, and then suddenly you see Hoseok running from afar and pull Jessica away. Before you knew it, Hoseok was holding Jessica down on the ground, with the knife far far away from her grasp.

“Call security.” Hoseok shouted as you stood in complete shock.

“Y/N. Love. Security. Call them.” He said again.

It took you a couple of seconds before you finally felt your legs start to move again. Once security said that they were on their way, you stared in complete shock as Jessica was struggling under Hoseok’s grip.

“Why her Hoseok. Why?” Jessica shouted.

“I told you, Y/N has nothing to do with this. Why can’t you understand that?” He shouted.

“What’s going on…?” You quietly asked.

“You fucking bitch. You’re the one that’s in the way. He doesn’t love you why don’t you understand that. Why do you still have to be in the way of everything? Why? WHY? Hoseok? Why her?” Jessica shouted.

You stood by the door in complete horror as you watched Jessica scream every possible insult, but yet none of them seemed to have caused an effect in any way.

Just like promised, the security came and took Jessica with them. As the security and Jessica were leaving, she turned around and gave you one of the coldest stare that you had ever seen, and said,

“What I can’t have, neither can you.”

And with that, she and the security left you and Hoseok in complete silence.

You stared blankly at Hoseok, as you felt the adrenaline and fear run through your body.

What does she mean? Does that mean she’ll come back? What if Hoseok wasn’t here today? Was she going to… kill me?

“Are you okay?” Hoseok asked as he approached you.

Still being in complete fear, you flinched when you felt Hoseok’s touch.

Noting your sudden rigid movement, Hoseok quietly said,

“It’s okay Y/N. You’re not going to get hurt now. She’s gone.”

Finally staring into his eyes, you saw the sincerity and love that you had missed so much, and suddenly felt the urge to cry after all that had happened today.

Just as the tears were welling up in your eyes, you noticed a large gash on the side of Hoseok’s arm. Grabbing his arm you heard him wince.

“You got hurt.” You gasped.

“It’s fine. It’s nothing. Are you okay?” He asked.

“For fucks sake Hoseok, you’re bleeding and you’re asking if I’m okay? Sit down, I’ll go get the first aid kit.” You said as you pushed Hoseok down to the couch.

Ignoring the endless amount of protest coming out of his mouth, you ran to your room to retrieve the first aid kit before sprinting back to the living room, where you saw Hoseok talking on his phone.

As you approached him, you heard what seemed like him talking to his manager.

“Hyung.. just drop the rest of the guys over first. I’ll be right now. Help me apologize to the staff first, then I’ll go apologize again. I’m sorry. I leave now-“

Before he could finish his sentence, you snatched the phone out of his hand and said,

“Hello oppa. It’s me Y/N. Can you please come pick Hoseok up after you’ve dropped the rest of the guys? Oppa is hurt. He needs to go see a doctor. He won’t be able to make it to the next schedule. I’m so sorry.”

After getting the manager’s approval, you thanked him and ended the call.

“Really Y/N? I have a music show to go to.”

“Seriously? You think that you can go to a music show with a huge gash on your arm? If the fans see you like this, they’re going to be worried. The least you can do is get treatment for it okay?”

Letting out a sigh, you knew that Hoseok wouldn’t be able to talk you down, he rarely could.

“I can’t say no, can I?” He sighed.

“Nope.” You smiled as you opened the first aid kit and took out the disinfecting wipes to clear the gash.

You felt your heart clench, as you heard Hoseok wince from the pain.

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” You apologized.


Giving him an apologetic smile, you took out the medicated ointment and applied some one his arm.

“I’ll put a bandaid over it when your manager gets here. We should let it breathe some more.” You said as you cleaned up.

“Thank you Y/N.” He thanked.

“It’s the least I can do..” You sighed as you went to throw the garbage out.

Checking his phone, Hoseok said,

“Hyung said that he just dropped off the members and that he’ll be here in half an hour.”

“Okay. That’s fine.” You shrugged.

“Come sit down.” He said patting the seat next to him.

When the two of you were together, you would have either gladly sat in Hoseok’s lap or stuck beside him like glue, but now you found you’re awkwardly sitting at least an arms length away from him.

“So now what is going to happen?” He asked.

Not knowing what he meant, you gave him a confused look.

“What do you mean?” You asked.

“With reporters crowding the dorm’s door, how are you going to get to your schedules?”

“I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to have to go anymore. The company is probably going to tell me to lay low for a while for everything to simmer down. I regret everything that I did today. I should have stopped myself. God. I’m so stupid. Right now is such an important time for our group and yet I fucked it up by not keeping my own mouth shut.” You sighed.

“Don’t stress too much about it. I’m sure everything will be fine in the end.” He said as he gave your hand a reassuring grip.

You flinched at the sudden contact with him before pulling your hand away from him. Noticing your reaction, Hoseok felt his heart suddenly sink. He hated this just as much as you did, but he didn’t know what else he could do besides take in all your features, because when will he be able to be this close to you again?

“You’ve gotten a lot skinnier.” He pointed out.

Staring at your limbs, you shrugged and said,

“I guess. Maybe a little.”

“Are you skipping meals?”

“I mean.. you know how hard it is to lose weight..” You sighed.


Feeling like you were being treated like a little child, you changed the topic and asked how their comeback is going so far.

“I really love the song that we’re performing this time. The lyrics really mean a lot to me.”

You wanted to praise him and say how much you’ve enjoyed the song and that you even cried after watching the music video, but the thick awkwardness in the air made it impossible to do anything other than giving him a nod.

Minutes went by with the two of you sitting in complete silence, and you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything.

You wanted to tell him that you missed him.

You wanted to tell him that you still love him.

You wanted to show how much you appreciated him.

You wanted to tell him how hard of a time you were having before the debut.

You wanted to go back to normal.

But.. as naive as you were, a part of you knew that there was never going to be a future for the two of you.

How can you when the whole world will practically be watching the two of you up close?

How can anyone guarantee that feelings won’t just change?

How can anyone guarantee that the two of you will have a happy ending?

No one can.

Finally breaking the silence, Hoseok said,

“I hate this. I hate how we don’t talk anymore. I hate how even though we love each other we can’t be together. I hate how there’s no other way for us to be together. I hate how I can’t forget you. I hate myself for doing this to us.”

Finally staring into his eyes, you saw a glimpse of sadness and anger in his eyes before tears started to blind his vision.

“Aw baby. Don’t cry.” You said as you went to wipe his tears.

Letting out a slight sad chuckle, Hoseok said,

“I missed being called that. Hoseok just sounds so formal. So…. unlike you.”

“I… I miss a lot of things that had happened to us. I miss us. I miss what we had. God. I miss everything. But most importantly, I’ve missed you so so much. Don’t blame yourself for that you’ve done. You were doing it for my own good. I should have known then instead of yelling at you. I was so selfish for thinking only about myself. I will forever love you Hoseok. I.. I think I actually always will. Whether there really is a future for us or not, I’m not going to force anything.  I won’t force myself to forget about us, because to me, we were the most beautiful thing ever. I’ve been through so many emotions because of us, and I loved everyone of them. The memories of us is what keeps me going, and I would not change a single thing. You are the most important person to me, I don’t want you to hurt because of us. I want you to be truly happy. Oppa.. I want to see you truly smile again.”

You didn’t know how or when, but you suddenly felt tears fall down your face, as Hoseok started crying himself.

“But Y/N… five years.. would we still be the same five years from now? Will you still love me? I don’t know anymore. Will you come running back to me five years from now?” He asked.

“Oppa… if we’re meant to be.. I promise you, we’ll find each other one way or another. If not.. I just want you to know that I will always, always love you. You will always have a part of my heart that I will never be willing to give away. Remember that.” You whispered as you wiped his tears.

“Y/N… I don’t want to lose you.. Please. I.. I don’t know what to do. I know the right thing is to let you go, but I can’t do it even though I was the one who broke us up. God. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like everything is my fault. I broke your heart by breaking us up, and having Jessica come find and try to hurt you is also my fault. Fuck. I bring nothing but pain to you. I’m so so sorry.” He weeped as he pulled you into a tight hug.

The two of you spent minutes just embracing and comforting each other, until Hoseok’s phone broke the comforting silence.

After the call ended, he told you that his manager had arrived.

“I should get going now.” He slightly smiled, but you saw that it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Oh.. Okay.” You quietly said.

Maybe it was because the two of you had came to a mutual decision that the break up was for the best, that you felt slightly saddened. Sure, you knew that this was only for the best, but you found saying goodbye the hardest, especially if that meant facing the fact that the two of you are indeed over.

You watched as he reluctantly started to head out the door, while you lowered your head to hide the tears that are once again threatening to fall.

Before opening the door, Hoseok turned around and said,

“I uh… thanks for everything. I really mean it. I know you and your group are going to be big real soon. Me and the other members will be supporting you guys throughout the whole way. Be happy okay?”

The lump in your throat made it impossible to speak, so instead you nodded while still keeping your gaze on the floor.

“Y/N?” Hoseok asked when he noticed that you were avoiding his stare.

“Y-Yeah?” You quietly squeaked.

“Y/N.. look at me.” He whispered as he placed both his hands on either side of your cheeks before tilting your head up.

The moment your eyes met his, the two of you saw how big of a crying mess each of you were.

“It’s okay. Don’t cry. I promise you, if in five years you still want me, I’ll be waiting for you. I promise. Don’t cry for me anymore okay? I love you. I always will I promise.” He whispered.

You bit your lips in hopes of calming your sobs, before you slowly nodded.

“I know I just said it, but I really mean it. I love you. I love you Y/N so fucking much. Don’t forget that okay? We’ll be back together in no time.” He smiled.

Giving him a slight smile, you nodded and pulled him into a hug.

“Thank you for today. Really. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” You mumbled into his chest.

A wave of nostalgia suddenly filled the air, when Hoseok said,

“Baby you’ll never have to know.”

You remembered months ago, Hoseok had said the exact same words to you. Months ago you would have taken his word for it without a doubt, but being in the state that the two of you are in, you only gave him a weak smile.

“So.. I’m going to go now.” He said.

“Oh right. Yeah. Let me go get a bandage to cover the cut first.” You sniffed as you searched for the first aid kit.

Hoseok pulled out his arm as you carefully placed the bandage over the cut.

“It’s going to leave a scar.” You sighed.

“Well.. I guess whenever I see it, I’ll be thinking about you.” He chuckled.

You knew that he was trying to lighten the mood, but you couldn’t help but feel more and more guilty as you continued to stare at the now bandaged cut.

“How could she do such a thing…” You whispered.

“Y/N… Don’t worry about it. None of this is your fault. Jessica.. is.. she’s a very very scary and dangerous person, but I promise you, I’ll do anything and everything to protect you. I’ll make sure she won’t get anywhere near you.” He said as he tightly gripped onto your hand.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of physical contact, you quickly pulled your hand out of his.

You were scared. Terrified even. Although you only got a glimpse of Jessica today, you were worried as to what she would do next. You knew, from what Hoseok has told you before, that if Jessica wants something, she will do everything that she can to get it. But if Jessica can’t have something, she won’t let anyone else. Just like now, you were certain that Jessica would come back, and for one reason only, Hoseok. You just don’t know when.

“I.. I think you should get going. Your manager is probably going to get worried.”

“Oh. Right. Right.. Okay I’ll get going.” He smiled.

Giving Hoseok a subtle wave, just as he was about to open the door, he turned around and said,

“Whatever you do Y/N, don’t answer any of Jessica’s text messages. If she does text you, call me. Or…. uh.. if you can’t, call you manager. Never leave by yourself. Okay?”

“Got it.”

“I…. I’m going to miss you.” He quietly said.

“Me too.” You confessed.

It took all the willpower in you to not pull him into a hug. You want to. God. You wanted to so badly, but how could you? It would only make it harder for the two of you.

“You should get going…”

“Right… Right Yeah. I’ll go.” He sighed.

After unlocking the door, Hoseok turned around once more to see you staring at him with saddened eyes. He hated that there was nothing that he could do. He wanted just as badly to hold you and love you, but just like you, he knew that it only make the two of you hurt even more.

Before walking out, Hoseok gave you his signature sweet smile and said,

“I love you Y/N. I really really do.”

Blinking the tears away, you whispered,

“I love you too.”

With that Hoseok heavy-heartedly closed the door, and quickly made his way down to the parking lot. He hoped for nothing more then for the next five years will come by in a blink of an eye, and that you would willingly run back into his arms.

Please. Y/N. Tell me you’ll still want me years from now. Tell me you’ll wait for me. Tell me you’ll still love me.

One Week Later

Today finally marks a week since the Jessica incident.

Today also marks the day that you can finally promote with the group again. After multiple meetings, the company came to the decision to give you a week off to hide from the media, especially after they found out about Jessica.

Today is the day that you finally head back to the city after spending the last week at your parent’s house.

“Be careful when you get back Y/N.” Your mom worriedly said as you brought your bags into the car.

“I will mom I promise.” You smiled.

“You sure you don’t need your dad to drive you? It’s going to take at least an hour to drive. Are you sure you can handle it?” She asked.

“Yes mom.. I’ll be fine. My driving skills aren’t that bad. Don’t worry mom.” You said as you hauled your last bag into the car.

“Y/N?” Your mom quietly asked.


“Is she still messaging you?”

Giving her a confused look, you asked,

“She as in… who?”

“The girl who came up to your dorm.”

“Oh.. no mom. She hasn’t. I’m sure everything is all settled down. Don’t worry about it anymore mom.” You lied.

Technically you weren’t completely lying. On the first couple of days, you still received a couple of text messages from her saying that she was going to get you back, but you paid no attention to it, nor did you tell anyone about it, since eventually the messages stopped. Strangely you had gotten a few phone calls from different unknown numbers, but you never did pay any attention to them, since they were probably all advertisement.

“Good. Good. Be careful of her.”

“I know mom I will.” You smiled.

“Okay.. well get going. I’d rather you start driving now and slowly get there.” Your dad said.

“Yeah. I’ll go now. Don’t worry about me okay? I’ll call the two of you when I get back.” You smiled before giving each of your parents a big hug.

To your surprise, your dad was reluctant to let you go.

“Dad? Are you okay?” You asked as he still had his arms around you.

“Be careful Y/N. If anything seems wrong, remember to call us.” He said.

“I promise dad.” You said into his chest.

After giving a nod, your dad finally broke the hug, and gave you a tight smile. You know your parents are worried about you, even you’re worried for yourself. As much as you hope, you were certain that Jessica wouldn’t just leave you like this, not when she told you that she would be back, but you didn’t want to show how terrified you were towards your parents because that would only worry them even more.

After giving them one last wave, you got into the car and quickly started to head back.

A few minutes into the drive, you got a call from Hoseok, frowning at the phone call, it was the first time in a week that he has spoken to you, and you wonder what for.

“Hello?” You answered as you put the call on speaker.

“Y/N! Are you heading back to Seoul right now?” He asked.

“Yeah. I just left my parent’s house. Why?”

“Shit. Y/N. Is there a way you can head back to your home right now and get your manager to drive you back?” He asked.

“What? No. I have a schedule in a few hours, I have to make it to that one. Why? What’s wrong?”

“Fuck.” He mumbled to himself.

“Why? What’s wrong?” You panicked.

“Has Jessica called you lately?”

“No? She hasn’t texted me or called me in the last couple of days.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah. That’s it.” You lied.

“Y/N I know you. You’re hiding something from me. What is it?”

“It’s just…. I’ve been getting phone calls from other unknown numbers. It’s not just one this time. But I highly doubt it’s her, why would she get into the trouble of getting multiple phones or sim cards just to call me?” You nervously said.

She wouldn’t right?

With your mind drifting off about Jessica, you didn’t notice that you had loosened your grip on the steering wheel causing the car to swerve to the right, until the car beside your honked.

“Shit.” You said as you straightened the car back into the lane.

“What? What happened?”

“Fuck. Nothing. I’m driving right now and you’re distracting me. I have to go right now. Bye.” You said before you hung up.

For the rest of the drive, you tried your best to concentrate on the road. Although the drive took a little longer, you finally arrived to the underground parking lot. After telling your manager that you had arrived, you got out of the car and headed to the trunk to unload when you phone started to ring. Assuming it was your manager, you didn’t bother to check the caller id, and answered,

“I’m unpacking right now.”

You felt chills suddenly run through your body, when Jessica’s voice came through the other end of the phone.

“I know.”

“Jessica?” You gasped as you turned around to find her, but she was no where to be seen.

“I told you to get the fuck away from him.” She said.

“J-Jessica.. if you’re still talking about Hoseok, we’re not dating. Have.. Have him.. if you want.” You stuttered.

Dammit Y/N… get it together.

“He doesn’t want me. He.. He told me that he doesn’t love me. He loves you.”

“Jessica I-“

“Shut up! It’s my turn to talk. Do you know how long it took me to find you? Do you know how long it took for me wait for you to come back?” She sickeningly laughed.

Feeling all the blood rush out of your face, you were completely terrified. You were certain that she was somewhere in the parking lot, but just where?

“Jessica? Why don’t we talk another day okay? Maybe when you’re calmer?” You asked.

“Calm? I’m very calm. Yes. I’m very very calm.” She repeated.

Looking at your phone, your quickly sent a text message to your manager telling him to come get you quickly.

“I told you before, what I can’t have, neither can you.” She quietly said.

“I don’t want Hoseok you can have him. Okay? Does that sound good?” You asked as you continued to look around in hopes of finding her, but she was no where to be seen.

“If you’re trying to look for me, you won’t be able to. I’m far far far away.” She slightly chuckled.

“Jessica.. why are you calling me?” You quietly asked.

“I wanted to ask you for the last time to leave Hoseok. Leave him alone Y/N, then I’ll promise you that I won’t do anything.”

“What.. are you planning on doing?”

“You don’t want to know. There’s no surprise if I tell you right now.” She sighed.

“Jessica… I told you before how he feels about me or you is not something I can control. So please.. just leave me alone. You already hurt Hoseok last time. If you loved him at all you would stop right now.”

“I.. I hurt him?”

“When he was trying to knock the knife out of your hand, you slashed him with it. You hurt the one that you care and love the most. Don’t you think that you’ve done enough harm?” You asked.

“I…. I hurt him?”

“Jessica. I really do have to go, maybe we can talk another day?”

Just as you were about to hand up, Jessica shouted,

“NO! I wasn’t the one who hurt him, you were. If you would have just left him like I told you to, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. You should have. You should have been the one! You bitch!” She shouted.

Suddenly you heard tires screech in the parking lot, as you turned to the sound, a blast of bright light blinded your eyes, and before you knew it, a sudden heavy weight crush right into you causing you to land harshly onto the floor, leaving you in endless pain, until suddenly everything went black and you felt your body go cold.

“Y/N! Baby.. Y/N! Y/N! Please wake up. Please!” You heard Hoseok shout out of nowhere.

But it was too late, you had already lost consciousness.


Tittle: Neverland

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: G

Warning: cuteness

A/n: so you are totally welcome for them all! I am so glad that so many of you enjoy them!!!

   “Welcome to Neverland!” Peter said happily, gesturing across the camp fire with a smile. “To our newest lost boy we will show you the ropes, how to act, how to be a part of the group. Soon enough you will find a home here.”

  “And what if I want to go home?” The boy yelled over the fire, causing the rest of us to chuckle.

  “You have no say.” Peter said softly.

  “I should! This is crazy!”

  “Perhaps but you have no idea what you are facing.” Peter sang, smiling evilly as turned away from the other lost boys. “Now let the games begin.” With that the boys were up and dancing around, laughing as they twirled around, dancing the music from Pan`s pipe. I however, sat in silence, watching as they moved. I still heard the music of Pan pipe, but the desire and need to jump up and dance long since gone.

  “What are you doing?” A little voice asked to my right. I turned and smiled softly down at the scared little boy.

  “I`m sitting here.” I replied, chuckling as he rolled his eyes at me.

  “I meant why aren’t you dancing?”

  “I don`t need to. Can you hear the music?”

  “I can but I`m scared.”

  “What are you scared of?”

  “Of being here, I never wanted to come here. I mean I don`t like my daddy but I didn’t want to leave my mummy.”

  “Well the thing is, only lost boys can home here. The shadow only picks up people who are lost.” I explained softly, earning a wide eyed look from the boy.

  “But I was never lost.”

  “You had to have been, or you would have never been brought here.” I said softly, brushing his hair behind his ear. 

  “No I don`t belong here, I should be at home!” He cried, I sighed, pulling him tightly against me. 

  Peter`s P.O.V

  I looked over at Y/n, watching as she talked softly to the newest lost boy. I raised an eyebrow at her, watching as she started to run her hand down his arm. He was scared, one of the youngest lost boys, so I knew it would happen. I only hoped that Y.n could calm her down. The lost boys for some reason always trusted her.

  “What are you doing?” Felix asked from beside me, his gaze locked on mine.

  “Watching the newest lost boy.” I replied, Felix opened his mouth to respond only to get cut off by Y/n`s soft voice.

  “Whenever I was frightened. Or if I ever felt alone I turned to the night sky And a star I call my own” She sang softly her voice raising over the sound of the lost boys. The one beside her was curled into her side, staring longingly up at the girl.

“Somewhere I could run to just across the milky way. If you like I could take you
It’s just a light year and a day. We can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight. We can navigate the stars bring us back home.In a place so far away we’ll be young, that’s how we’ll stay. Every wish is a command when we find ourselves in never Neverland.” She sang, the song causing me to chuckle. She got the island put down so perfectly in the lyrics, that I found myself staring longingly at her.

   “Through all my make believe. There’s some reality in your reflection there’s much more than you see. All that you hope for you hope for today is the love someone gives you in an unconditional way”

  I sighed softly as I stared at her, a smile breaking across my face as she closed her eyes, letting herself getting carried away by the lyrics. Well she was getting lost in the lyrics I was getting lost in her voice. She was beautiful, in every single way. In looks, in personality. She was strong willed, a fighter, strong and not afraid to go up against the lost boys. She was my queen and I her King.

“We can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight.We can navigate the stars to bring us back home.In a place so far away we’ll be young, that’s how we’ll stay. Every wish is a command when we find ourselves in never
Neverland. Picture a land you never have seen life is eternal and evergreen. Future of happiness all in your hands all in this place I created. That I call Neverland” I chuckled at the, happiness can be found here, if you really and truly locked for it.

  “We can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight. We can navigate the stars to bring us back home. In a place so far away ee’ll be young, that’s how we’ll stay and with your hand in my hand I am closer now to finding Neverland. And with your hand in my hand I am closer now to finding Neverland“

  She finished the song, the camp falling silent as it came to an end. I chuckled at the confused and flustered look on her face. I chuckled at her and walked over to her, the lost boys giving me odd looks.

 “Can we talk alone for a moment.” I asked softly, reaching a hand out for her. She stared at me for a moment nodding, slipping her hand in mine. I never said a word, leading her to my hut. Once we were inside I turned to face her, giving her a soft smile.

  “I heard you singing. And it brought something out in me. Listening to you sing made me realize that I am in love with you. I know this is coming off as unplanned and a little scary but it`s true. I love you. I Peter Pan am truly and deeply in love with you.”

  “Oh Peter.” She sighed, walking towards me, smiling as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I held my breath, standing completely still as she folded against me. “I love you to Peter.” She breathed out, leaning up to press a kiss to my lips. I moaned against her, pulling her even closer against me.

  “I love you.” I mumbled against her lips. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

  “I love you too!” She giggled, reaching up to lace her fingers in my hair.

abibailey  asked:

Hiiiiiii Sam, it was my 20th birthday on Saturday so if you get some spare time, please could you possibly write something with Louis based around that? Thank you (no worries if not!) xxx

Happy birthday lovely! I hope you had a great day (I stalked your blog for an idea of a gift–I hope it’s okay!)


Louis loved birthdays. Of course he did. He’s a kid at heart and always will be. It’s no surprise how much he loves to rip open wrapping paper and eat cake until his tummy is full. And his birthday was wonderful because it was the day before Christmas. It was like having a week long birthday party by the time his family left for the holiday.

But there was one birthday he loved more than his own.

“WAKE UP!” He shouted jumping on you. You moaned and sighed heavily.

“Lou,” you groaned.

“Wake up baby!” He said and wrapped his arms around you and he nestled his face into your neck. “S’your birthday.”

“I wanna sleep,” you muttered.

“No! I made you breakfast!” He said and crawled out of bed and pulled you along with him.

“Uhn, Lou,” you grumbled. You weren’t wearing pants. Just that one green Adidas hoodie that Louis had. His hands rested on your bum while he wrapped your thighs around his hips. He smirked to himself as he held you because nothing was as lovely as holding his sleepy girl.

“Shh,” he hushed as he scooped you up and carried you down to the kitchen. You clung to him like a tiny little koala bear. You were his favorite person in the world. You were so little and sweet and you smelled like bed sheets and wild flowers.

Louis just utterly adored you. You were sleepy and you enjoyed Louis’ warmth as he ventured into the cold flat looking for your breakfast with you in his arms. “Mm,” you whined as he settled you in a seat. “M’cold,” you pouted. “Come back,” you mumbled.

He rolled his eyes. “Stop,” he shook his head. “You’re a needy little thing.”

“S’my birthday,” you protested. Louis flushed a bit as he settled your breakfast in front of you. He wasn’t a good cook—no one wanted him to cook. It would end poorly if he did. But he made a good bowl of cereal. So he set a bowl down in front of you and a cup of coffee with your sugar and cream before he placed a kiss on your forehead and a birthday card in front of you.

“Happy birthday, my lovely,” he said softly and rubbed your shoulders as you looked down fondly at his efforts. You slid your finger beneath the flap of the envelope and you smiled softly at his scribbly writing.

To my best girl on her birthday. I love you so much, my sweet. I hope I get to spend all your birthdays with you for the rest of your life and make you happier than I made you the day before. I love you.

You looked at him as you nibbled on your cereal and he smirked at you. “What?” He asked.

“I love you,” you said and pushed away from the table. “So…what are we doing?”

“Well, I got us a couple seats for a rugby game,” he smiled. “And then I wanna take you to your favorite restaurant and I believe the boys have gifts for you so they should be home by dessert time,” he said kissing you on the forehead.

“Really?” You asked curiously.

“Of course, babe. Nothing’s too good for my best girl, and of course I got you waves of presents,” he grinned excitedly and reached beneath the kitchen counter for a pink sparkly box. The shy little smile on his face, didn’t fit his personality. “If you don’t like it, I can return it,” he promised.

Your heart fluttered at his sweetness. You’re pretty sure he could have gotten you rocks and you would have appreciated it. You wouldn’t return whatever this bag had. “Lou, you didn’t—”

“Don’t start with that. I know you like to be a princess on your birthday. You’re getting lots of presents from me and tons of attention, so don’t worry my princess,” he winked and sat beside you as he patiently waited for you to open your gift. You pulled the paper apart and you looked at the plain white box. He smirked as he eyed you patiently. You slowly opened the box and examined the tea set. It was so elegant and beautiful. The set was “Do you like it?” He asked quietly. It was white polka dotted, your favorite pattern, and each cup came with it’s own matching plate. Not that you would use it matching-ly.

“Louis,” you whispered. Since you had moved to England to live with your perfect boyfriend you told him how much you wanted a tea set and felt it was wrong you didn’t have one yet. “It’s beautiful,” you sighed and wrapped your arms around him and nuzzled his neck. “You’re so lovely.”

“It’s inscribed,” he said.

“Mm?” You asked opening the box and lifting a cup out.

“It was really cheesy to get this inscribed, I’ll have you know,” he said as you peered at the cup. You can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea. Your favorite lyrics of your favorite song.

Your heart practically blew out of your chest. “Louis, I love you so much,” you whispered breathlessly and clung to him as his warm arms slid around your hips and he tugged you onto his lap.

“I want you to have the best day,” he hummed in your ear. “I love you so much,” he kissed your ear.

“I love you too, Lou. You’re the best boyfriend in the world,” you squeezed him tightly and cuddled him closely. He chuckled and sighed heavily. He didn’t like that word, he hoped that word would change by the end of the day.

Especially with the engagement ring that was burning a hole in his pocket.

Aria sighed to herself as she cleaned the kitchen. The place was a mess. It almost seemed like Hanna didn’t have any other staff. Cleaning the kitchen wasn’t Aria’s job exactly but upon seeing how much of a mess it was Aria had decided that she should do something about it. She hadn’t realized what a long, boring job it would turn out to be however. 

She walked over to the radio and hesitated for a moment before switching it on. 

I’ve got to leave
It’s time for a show

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

She grinned to herself, recognizing the lyrics. She loved this song. She went back to what she was doing, swaying her hips along with the sound of the music.  

I'll never stop loving you (Jongdae)

Sitting in silence, you eyed Jongdae as he read his book. Dark eye bags were under his eyes and he looked extremely tired and you couldn’t blame him. Ever since EXO’s ‘Growl’ promotion ended, he had been actively promoting ‘Miracles in December’ and now, SM the Ballad. It was a rare Saturday night where he didn’t have any schedules and no matter how you asked him to go to sleep, he would just reply, saying that he wants to stay up with you and that he wants to finish his book too.

You let out a sigh and Jongdae eyed you with concern. You shook your head and smiled. Jongdae chuckled and returned to his book. You watched him as he stretched his neck. His neck must be stiff. With a small smile, you lightly grabbed Jongdae’s shoulder and led his head to your lap. He smiled and pecked you on the lips.

“Thanks.” He made himself comfortable on your lap and continued with his book. You frowned and took away his book.

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Song Preference #8 - 'Beside You' by 5 Seconds Of Summer

Listen Here

Harry: “Within a minute I was all packed up, I’ve got a ticket to another world. I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go. The silent words are hard to speak, when your thoughts are all I see. “Don’t ever leave,” she said to me.”

“I think I’m all packed,” he sighed, zipping up the last suitcase and setting it on the bedroom floor. You smiled small, nodding in reply. “Yup. Looks like it.” The room grew quiet, both of you staying still as a million thoughts ran through your heads. “I don’t wanna go…” he said after a while with a small pout, looking towards you with green, sad eyes. “I don’t want you to go either baby… But it’s your job so you don’t really have a choice.” “I know, I know,” he replied, chuckling softly before another silence took over the bedroom. You stood up, wiping your hands on your jeans, looking at your boyfriend with a weak smile. No matter how many times he had to go away, it never got easier. “I can see right through your strong face (Y/N), I know what you’re thinking and I know you’re not happy. Your eyes say it all baby, and I don’t want you to be sad because I’m coming back, you know I will. I always do…” he reassured. “You promise you won’t ever leave me?” you asked like a small child, chewing on your lip. Harry shook his head, walking up to you and putting his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his relaxing scent and strong chest, his arms tightening up around you. “I would never…” Your eyes closed as you attempted to take all of him for the last time for a few months. “Don’t ever leave…”

Liam: “When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky, to the beat of our hearts at the same time. So close, but so far away. (Can you hear me?)”

(His P.O.V.)

I lay in the large hotel bed, thinking of her. I missed her so much, and these past few months had been getting harder. Every night, I would stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep with the thought of her in my mind. We weren’t even that far away, only a state over. It was nice to know she was peacefully asleep at the same time I was supposed to be. I liked to imagine her resting on my chest, listening to my heartbeat until she fell asleep. For some reason that seemed to relax her and I honestly had no problem with it. It was so cute. You learn to miss the little things like that when you’re away from someone you love so much. I missed the way she would do her makeup in the morning and leave it on the counter. It wasn’t messy; it was just a sign that she was actually there with me. I also really missed the way she would come up behind me in the morning, placing a lazy kiss on the back of my neck before going to get her morning beverage. I could just picture her in her natural state, her most beautiful state. At least I would be home soon, and I would be able to enjoy the little things about being with her once again.

Niall: She sleeps alone. My heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you. She lies awake. I’m trying to find the words to say. I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.”

(His P.O.V.)

“I hate sleeping alone…” she mumbled on the other end of the phone. The exhaustion was obvious in her words as she tried to stay awake. “But princess, you need to sleep. Seriously. I can tell and I’m not even looking at you…” “Niall, I can’t sleep… I told you that.” I sighed, not knowing how to help the problem. I wanted nothing more than to be home with her wrapped up in my arms, fast asleep. “You need to sleep. Now how can I help you to sleep? I obviously can’t be there at the moment, but there must be something I can do. Anything.” Waiting for a response, I waited to get an answer from her. “Can… can you maybe sing to me? That might help a little,” she requested, sounding so vulnerable like a child. “Of course.” The first song that popped into my head was Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. She loved that song more than any other, so I was hoping it would help her get to sleep. “Another day, another life passes by just like mine, it’s not complicated…” “Float down… like autumn leaves, and hush now, close your eyes before the sleep…” As I continued the song, I heard her breathing get softer and softer. I finished with the last lyrics. “And we’ll live forever now…” There was no reply when I finished, and I mentally sighed. She had finally fallen asleep. “Love you baby…” I whispered before hanging up, not knowing how much longer I could last without her.

Zayn: Another day and I’m somewhere new. I made a promise that I’ll come home soon. Bring me back, bring me back to you.”

“Hey boo, it’s me. You’re probably asleep but I just wanted to let you know that we’ve landed in LA. It’s our last show and honestly, I’m kinda grateful. I miss you so much and as much fun as I’m having, I’m also really looking forward to getting back home to you. Everyone is getting pretty tired, our energy is running low. But it’s all worth it. We’ve had a blast, the fans have been great. You should’ve heard them sing along last night, man it was so amazing. It almost brought a tear to my eye. But anyways, I’m really looking forwards to see you again. Skype just doesn’t do it anymore. One more sleep boo. One more sleep and I’ll be there. I swear I’m gonna hug you so tight and so long. You’ll probably get sick of me. Kidding, kidding… but I will be clingy. I know you don’t mind that to an extent. Anyways… baby I gotta go. We’re on the way to the arena for rehearsal and then the show. You’ll probably be waking up pretty soon so just remember that I love you to the ends of this earth and farther. I’ll be thinking of you tonight. Have a wonderful day baby. Love you.”

Louis: The pieces of us both, under every city light. And they’re shining as we fade into the night.”

(His P.O.V.)

“I can’t believe I’m home…” I said, looking at her tired face, still beautiful as ever. The moonlight hit it just perfectly through the curtains, lighting up her face just enough so I could see the happy sparkle in her eyes. “I’m so glad you are… I missed you so much,” she replied just above a whisper. I lifted my hand to brush some loose hair from her face. Kissing her forehead, I let my lips linger. “I missed you too.” The room grew silent again as I pulled my lips back slightly from her to look into her eyes. I know it must’ve been kind of strange for staring, but I was just starting to notice the little things again. The tiny freckles on her cheeks and her pink soft lips. I noticed how her pupils took up most of her iris, considering it was dark, but it made her look more childish in a way. A good way of course. This girl could have anything on or any little blemish and she’d still look amazing. It felt amazing to be able to touch her again, to feel the softness of her skin as I brushed my fingertips over it, causing small goose bumps to rise. Her eyes began to droop as she tried to fight away sleep. But she just couldn’t. “Sleep sweetheart. I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere for a very long time,” I reassured, wanting to make sure she had a good sleep. (Y/N) simply nodded, a lazy grin on her lips as she shut her eyes, falling asleep almost instantly. My sweet angel… My god how I’ve missed this girl.