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hockey asks
  1. Favorite team?
  2. Second favorite team?
  3. Team you love to hate?
  4. Team you just hate?
  5. Team you think is the best in the league right now?
  6. Top three players on your favorite team?
  7. Top three players NOT on your favorite team?
  8. Three players you like on teams you can’t stand?
  9. Players you hate on teams you like?
  10. Prettiest uniforms?
  11. Best venue?
  12. Best hair?
  13. Best body?
  14. Best eyes?
  15. Best shot?
  16. Best goaltender?
  17. Favorite line?
  18. Dream line (mix and match players from teams)?
  19. Head-to-head matchup you’d most want to see?
  20. Most overrated?
  21. Most underrated?
  22. Prettiest goal you ever saw?
  23. Worst/best hit you ever saw?
  24. Who on your team is:
    1. Eternal  Sunshine?
    2. Team Dad?
    3. Team Mom?
    4. Team Baby/Babies?
    5. The class clown?
    6. The quiet one?
    7. The serious one?
    8. The hothead?
  25. Player on the feeder team you most want to get called up?
  26. Player who’s always scratched who ought to be played more?
  27. Player who always plays who ought to be scratched more?
  28. Best duo?
  29. OTP?
  30. OT3+?
  31. Rarepair?
  32. Guy you want desperately to slash but can’t for some reason (Married, no good pair, etc.)
  33. Guy who is (or should be) the fandom/team bicycle?
  34. Player you most wish would get traded to your team?
  35. Player you most wish would get traded to another team?
  36. Most likely to be in the penalty box at any moment?
  37. Most likely to send another player to the penalty box?
  38. Gets away with murder award (never gets penalties but should)?
  39. Just has a guilty face award (gets penalties but shouldn’t)?
  40. Nicest guy on the team?
  41. Best with fans?
  42. Best with the press?
  43. Hockey robot award (can’t say anything but “get pucks to the net” in front of a camera)?
  44. Most likely to be photographed with small children?
  45. Most likely to be photographed with small animals?
  46. Most likely to be photographed shirtless in a hot tub with starlets?
  47. Most likely to cry at movies?
  48. Most likely to get in bar fights unrelated to hockey?
  49. Most likely to have Mafia ties?
  50. Rising star award?
  51. Most improved award?

Sully talks a lot about putting in the right guy for the right situation, and I wholeheartedly agree with that mindset. The problem is he and/or the coaching team don’t apply it to the goalies.

Murray and Flower have significant, stable, complementary differences that mean you get even more bang for your buck by having both of them at your disposal for different situations than either one of them alone no matter how good their individual performances.

Murray’s style was a good choice vs. Ottawa. Flower’s style would be a much better fit against Nashville. It shouldn’t have anything to do with anything else at this point. Just live up to the promises, put the right guy in for the right situation!

Distant- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by ohmymarner

Ok guys! Here we have a distant Mitch, but… CANADA VS SWEDEN I CAN’T EVEN! Mitch and Willy are going to face each other crapppppp. Le sigh. Someone save me. Anyway! Enjoy!

Warning: argument

Anon Request: can you do a mitch marner imagine where he seems kinda distant so you ask him about it and he gets mad and you guys fight but make up idk love you and your writing!!! 💓


              Mitch had been off lately and you weren’t sure why.

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anonymous asked:

Can you PLEASEEEE write an "All I Ask" by Adele Zimbits fic? EVERY TIME I HEAR THE SONG I CRYYYY

A great song! This fic is suitably melodramatic and emotional. It’s a canon-divergence from Kiss The Ice.

             ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~

Bitty watches Jack. He’s normally not so obvious with it, but tonight, knowing it’s the last night that Jack will be here, and with only the stars and a flickering fire to light the group, Bitty lets himself watch.

The orange light does something to Jack’s features, making them almost glow as he smiles and laughs at something Holster says. Jack looks over to Bitty and Bitty laughs along with him, not really sure what he’s laughing about. He keeps drifting in and out of the conversation, his own thoughts too loud.

Jack’s graduating tomorrow. And Shitty, of course, but in Bitty’s heart, Jack’s the one he’s going to miss more. He feels a little bad for thinking it, but he doesn’t have to admit it to anyone but himself.

Bitty pulls his hands further into the sleeves of the jacket Jack lent him, bringing his hands up to rest his head in them. This way, he can smell the traces of Jack on the sleeves. Soap and shampoo.

Ransom and Holster are the first to leave. Bitty nods off slightly against the wall after the volume of conversation drops with their departure. He blinks, and when he opens his eyes again, Jack’s moved himself closer and Bitty’s head rests on his shoulder.

“Sorry,” he whispers to Jack beneath the conversation Lardo and Shitty are having.

Jack looks down at him. “I don’t mind.”

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P.K. Subban - Meet the Parents

Originally posted by werenskiz

Request: “  Can you please write a pk subban? Something cute please or what ever you feel like lol thank you “

Hopefully you enjoy this? Also I’m sure his name is abbreviated to “P.K.” With the periods, but due to wanting to cut out choppiness, I left out the periods. If this annoys anyone, please tell me so I can change it!

Warnings: None!

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