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Jungkook; Boyfriend Material

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Cooking (with dem sleeves rolled up, like BOI)

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Playing with dogs. Alway super cute with anyone

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That lip bite tho, like can you let me live please?

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Personal cuddle buddy

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Bare face and absolutely gorgeous 

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Lifting them weights

Now everybody say it with me; Jeon Jungkook is boyfriend material.

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this is how I cope with having to wait for the new episodes

I actually fail to comprehend how Park Seo Joon looks so perfect even when he’s mad

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or when he’s the biggest awkward puppy and hides from everything 

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Library- Fred Weasley

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Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- could you please write a fred weasley oneshot where the reader is an introverted and kind of reserved hufflepuff and he’s taken a lot of interest in her from afar and tries to talk to her 

Word Count: 757

Author: Charlotte

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Perfect girl (BTS Namjoon x Reader) (Smut/fluff)

Requested by anon! I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it ❤


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 You were going through your morning routine as always, but this time you couldn’t do it peacefully. Namjoon woke himself up just to whine and beg you to stay home. You were even running late! This morning he was unusually clingy, and it was kind of adorable. “Joonie, I’m going to the gym.” You pinched his cheek before taking a bite of your banana. Unexpectedly it was taken out of your hand and replaced with a poptart. You softly sighed and set it down, looking at your loving boyfriend with soft eyes. “Why are you doing this?" 

 "Why are you trying to lose weight?” He quickly responded to you, leaning on the kitchen counter and staring at you intently. 

 "Joonie…“ you smiled softly and looked down at yourself. You felt disgusted every time you saw yourself, and you thought Namjoon might feel the same way. You sighed and grabbed your duffle bag as well as your water bottle. "I’ll be home in a bit.” Just as you put your finger tips on the door handle, you were grabbed by your shoulder, turned around, and pinned to the door in one swift motion. You were a little surprised by the intensity in your boyfriend’s eyes. You wrapped your fingertips around his wrists gently but didn’t try to push him off. Instead, you listened to what he had to say. 

 He was staring back and forth between your eyes, and he looked so sad and lonely. “You go everyday. You don’t come back for 2 hours and when you do come back, I’m already gone. I never see you.” He leaned in and kissed your lips, pressing his body to yours. 

 "I need to lose weigh-“ 

 "Sh.” He looked at you as if he’d just been insulted. “Need to? No. You don’t need to lose anything baby.” He cupped your cheeks and kissed you once more. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered and sighed softly. “I fucking love everything about you so why would you try to change?” He sounded so sad. 

“Joonie I don’t like my body.” You began to get choked up because you knew how sincere he was. It made you feel better about yourself but at the same time you just wanted to lose weight and look better for him. You wanted to impress him. 

 "But I do baby…“ he grabbed onto your hips and rested his forehead against yours. "Must I prove it to you..?” He whispered. “I could give you the best workout of your life right here.” He was getting a little fired up. You two haven’t had sex since you started working out a couple months ago. Your heart jumped in excitement at his sudden attitude change. You looked in his eyes, smiling sweetly. 

“You’re fucking amazing.” You said before wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. 

 "I love you (Y/n), please don’t go.“ He whispered against your lips, squishing your cheeks together and staring into your eyes with hope. He slowly started to walk with you, backing you up until the back of your legs hit the couch. He pushed you on your butt and leaned down over you, putting his hands on either side of your head. He licked his lips and watched as you got all flustered. It made him chuckle. He stood up straight and pulled his black shirt off. 

"Joonie don’t you need to leave soon?” You asked breathily as you watched him. He shrugged and got on his knees in front of you, helping you take your clothes off. 

 "I have more important business here.“ He said I’m a husky voice. He got a little irritated when you tried covering your body. "Don’t hide things that belong to me.” He grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers. “Look at me.” He demanded and squeezed your hands to grab your attention. You looked down at him, chewing on your lip. His stare gave you chills all throughout your body. 

“Joonie I just-" 

 "I love your curves.” He started off, moving his hands down your sides to your thighs and squeezing gently. “I love watching you walk and showing you off to everyone. You’re stunning and anyone would agree.” He smiled and laid his head on your thigh. “Plus I have the perfect pillow.” You giggled softly at his silliness and ran your fingers through his hair. 

“Thank you…” you lifted his head and ruffled his already messy hair. He scrunched his nose and laid you down, crawling on top of you. The aura slowly became hotter, and it was very exciting. You haven’t felt so carefree in the longest time. The look in his eyes yelled danger but you felt so safe. 

 "Lets have a day all to ourselves.“ He whispered hotly against your skin before gently planted his lips on your neck, trailing down to you chest and occasionally sucking. Soft moans escaped your lips and encouraged Namjoon to go further. His thumbs hooked onto the waistband of your panties and pulled them down slowly to build onto your anticipation. 

 You grabbed onto the back of his neck and pressed your bare chest against his, moaning as his hand grabbed your ass. "Joonie…” you breathed out, missing his touch. You closed your eyes and bit your lip softly as his hands touched your body and sent you to the sky. He reached down and pulled his cock out of his boxers, too impatient to take them off. You watched him with lust filled eyes and felt all tingly. “Baby you’re being slow…” you grabbed onto his jaw and looked in his eyes. He grunted softly and gave you a daring look before pushing himself in without warning. You gasped and moaned, closing your eyes tightly. 

 "I missed this so much.“ He tipped his head back and groaned. "I’ve missed you… so so much.” He spread your legs as far as they could go and squeezed your thighs roughly. He looked at you again to check on how you were doing, and your facial expressions drove him absolutely crazy. You drug your nails into the linen love-seat and bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly.

 "Mm~“ you curled your toes, gasping when his tip hit your cervix. "Oh fuck Namjoon” you arched your back and ran your fingers through your hair. The feeling was indescribably magical. Sex with him has always been amazing but it’s when all the sexual tension built up that it felt the best. 

 "You like that baby?“ He spoke smoothly, making butterflies go wild in your tummy. He kept one hand on your thigh firmly and brought his other one to one of your hands. Intertwining your fingers, he thrusted his hips at a faster pace. 

"More Joonie..~” you moaned and tipped your head back, squeezing his hand tightly. He smirked softly and rubbed your thigh, bucking his hips when he was deep inside you to hit your g-spot. “Oh~” you inhaled sharply and heavily sighed in relief. He loved the faces you made, and the way you squirmed as he pleasured you. He felt lucky to be the only one able to make you feel this way. He leaned down to kiss you, pressing his body against yours as he roughly fucked you. 

The skin-ship threw you over the edge. You loudly moaned against his lips as you orgasm, squeezing his hand tightly. As you came down from your high, you suddenly felt empty. You opened your eyes and watched as Namjoon planted kisses all over your body. Especially over the areas you were most insecure about. You smiled and hugged his head, giggling softly. 

 "Joonie you’re so good to me.“ You said in a tired voice. He laid his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes, rubbing your sides slowly and gently.

 "That’s because I love you baby. Everything about you…” he kissed your shoulder blade and across your chest to your other shoulder. “Don’t try to change…” He hovered over you again and kissed you once more. “Because I don’t want my beautiful baby girl to change.”


Member: Mark

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You inhaled Mark’s scent, allowing it to overwhelm your senses as you sunk into couch, right into his waiting arms. It had been weeks since you last saw him, but it was understandable, you reminded yourself. He was an idol after all and in one of the fastest growing bands, Neo Culture Technology or NCT, on top of that.

There was passion in Mark’s eyes, one that cannot be extinguished even when he was supposedly spending a quiet afternoon with you. His desire to dominate the worlds of music and entertainment burned bright that you could not help but wish with all your heart that he achieves his dreams too.

Wrapping your arms around Mark’s waist, you gave it a squeeze before saying, “I’m really glad you chose to spend your day off with me.”

“I would always want to spend it with you, Y/N,” Mark said, rubbing the back of his neck before resting his head on top of yours.

The two of you fell into a comfortable silence until Mark spoke again. “Ordered pizza. Is that alright?”

“Are you kidding me? That’s seriously the best! My favorite?”

“Yup. But I still don’t get why you like pineapples on your pizza.”

You rolled your eyes in good nature. Here you two go again with this discussion.

“Pineapples so belong on a pizza,” you began.

“Well, pineapples are good,” Mark agreed. “But not hot—“

His phone rang, and the tunes of “Mad City” cut clearly through the air. Already, you could feel the signs of a frown on your lips.

Mark sent you an apologetic look before leaving the room to answer the call. He almost tripped in his hurry. You slumped back on the couch, crossing your arms across your chest.

Ten minutes.

It took just ten minutes before something came up. You couldn’t even fully enjoy those ten minutes with him in peace.

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morning | jimin

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Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Genre: fluff/suggestive smut

Word Count: 583

Summay: Jimin just couldn’t help but make you a red, blushing mess on that Saturday morning after. 

Reader’s POV

“Jimin-ah?” you murmured, as you rolled to the other side of the bed. You opened your eyes, squinting them as the sun shined through the windows that Saturday morning.

His eyes fluttering open, lips curving up into a warm smile as he pulled you into his warm body. Snuggling into your chest, he sighed peacefully,“ Morning y/n ~”

Letting out a laugh, you ruffled his hair and kissed his head tenderly before whispering,“ Hey, we need to get outta bed though. We have to go to Jihyo’s baby shower remember?”

Looking up, he pouted and whined,“I don’t want to…..Can’t we just sleep in and cuddle?” as his hands fell to your hips.

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Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 (Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole)

Part 2 (The Tres Spades)

Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

I’ll admit that “game” Eisuke had always turned me off. I found him far too arrogant for my liking and borderline abusive in his behavior towards the MC.

However, standing in front of the “real” Eisuke Ichinomiya, I finally got what all the fuss was about.

Unlike the others, Eisuke was far more handsome than his sprite ever let on. In our world, there’s no way he would ever have been a hotel mogul - he was far too beautiful for that. He would have been given a reality show like the Kardashians, and toured the world making appearances at clubs, all the while promoting his male skin care line or clothing brand.

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can seokjin teach me how to be pretty

can yoongi teach me how to fix things

can namjoon teach me fashion

can hoseok teach me how to be happy

can jimin teach me how to be cute

can taehyung teach me how to model

can jungkook teach me how to be good at everything

important detail

draco is taller than harry by a few inches as we all know
but he’s got super long legs so when they’re both sitting down he actually becomes shorter and uses this circumstance to nuzzle into harry’s neck whenever it’s possible
i just felt like y’all needed to know

Look how much I love you (Zen Smut)

Rated R
Smutty AF
A little angsty?

You and zen had been walking around the mall all day. Not doing much, just appreciating your time together, until some fans recognized zen and came running up to him.

“Zen can we get pictures?!? “Will you sign this for me?!?!” You looked up to your boyfriend of five months face, at first he was taken off guard, but then quickly smiled and agreed to what his fans were asking. Of course the small scene had drawn the attention of others and soon enough there was a small crowd of about 20 people wanting pictures and autographs.

Normally this didn’t bother you, you had been stopped. By fans with him before, it just made you slightly disappointed that you couldn’t have one day alone with the man you love.

He removed his hand from the place where it was interlocked with yours to take photos and sign things. He politely listened to the little things his fans would say to him. You looked out into the group of people in front of you. A majority of them were young girls, about your age give or take a few years. They were all so thin and pretty.

You shook the negative thoughts from your head. Zen loves you. Right?

You lost your train of thought when you heard some fans whispering to each other. “Is Zen really dating her? She’s not even that pretty, he could do better.” You felt your happy attitude from earlier today drain from your body.

They were right though. Zen could do better. You were on the verge of tears when you felt a rage hand wrap around yours again. You looked to see your handsome boyfriend smiling down at you. “Ready to go princess?” He asked smiling. You nodded up at him pushing into his side slightly.
Once you were back at the home you and Zen shared he left a soft kiss on your cheek, “I’m going to take a shower babe.” He said leaving you and walking to the bathroom, taking off his shirt as he went. His body was perfect. Didn’t he deserve a girl that was just as perfect?

You walked into your guys’ bedroom and laid on the bed thinking.

You heard the shower shut off and the door open, Zen walked in with a towel around his waist.

You quickly flipped yourself over facing away from him so he would t see the tears that were now streaming down your face. You could hear him opening drawers and changing his clothes. When you heard him stop you assumed he did what he always does and stopped in front of the mirror to take a look at himself.

You casually flipped back over wiping the tears off your face, fighting back the ones that threatened to come out. You watched him mess with the t-shirt he had put on. While you were busy staring at him you didn’t even notice him looking back at you. “Y/n, why is your face all red and puffy? What’s wrong?” He asked turning back to you.

“What, oh nothing.” You said wiping off your face again looking away from him. “Babe I know you’re lying, tell me.” He said not giving up on.

“It’s just…” you sighed “your so perfect and I’m so… not perfect. Today I heard some girls who wanted your picture saying how you could do better and I just, don’t you agree with them?” You said tears welling up In your face again.

“Y/n, you couldn’t possibly believe I think that, and how could you think that about yourself? You are perfect.” He said to you his red eyes sincere. “I guess I just don’t see it.” You muttered yo yourself. “Well if you don’t see it then I’ll just have to show you.” Zen said wiping your face dry and pulling you up in front of the mirror. “All of this,” he said gesturing over your entire body “ is perfection.” He slowly lifted your sweater up and off of your body looking at your top half in the mirror seductively. “This is beautiful.” He said running his hands over your now exposed stomach down to your jeans.

Undoing the buttons and pushing them down your legs, you kicked them the rest of the way off, quickly realizing where this was going. “This is gorgeous. He said running his fingers along your legs. “And this,” he said running his hand over your panties “is my favorite part.” He said quickly moving his hand into your (f/c) panties.

He rubbed you gently kissing your neck as you tilted your head up. He used his other hand to grab your head and push it forward forcing you to look at yourself, and him behind you, in the mirror. “Your so perfect. I want you to see what you do to me.” He whispered in your ear staring into your eyes in the mirror.

He then moved unhooking your bra and throwing it across the room. Reaching around to grope your breasts. You let out a small moan. His fingers moved as he slipped two of them inside you causing your knees to weaken. You let out a louder moan as you fell back on him slightly. He took the opportunity to attack your neck, leaving hickeys. He removed both hands for a moment. Sticking the two that he had been using on you in your mouth. You sucked them clean as he pulled away to remove his shirt and boxers. Bringing his hands back to you as he pulled down your panties swiftly.

He aligned himself with your entrance looking at your face in the mirror. Your lips parted slightly as you closed your eyes in pleasure. “I love watching the faces you make.” He said slipping into you. “You just look so pretty when I’m in you.” He moaned pulling out and slamming into you again. “I don’t want your eyes to leave that mirror, not until you realize how much I love you and how beautiful I think you are, got it?” He said smoothly. You nodded moaning in the process.

“Good.” He said, as he began to slam into you more rapidly. You started moaning louder. You two looked at each other in the mirror.

You moaned louder. “Zen.” You gasped out. The sight of him filling you from behind drove you crazy. You could hear him moaning behind you. His hands sat on your hips keeping you in place. “Y/n” he moaned into your ear.

His thrusts into you got more sloppy, you were reaching your high and so was he. He suddenly moved one of his hands grabbing your face and forcing you to look at his face in the mirror. “Do you see it now?” He said breathing heavy. You nodded. “Good. Now cum for me” he moaned into your ear. Barely above a whisper. That was enough for you though. And you rode out your orgasm he pulled out of you shooting his load up onto your stomach.

Quickly he spun you around kissing you hard. “If that doesn’t prove how beautiful you are to me, than I don’t know what will” he spoke. Pulling away from the kiss. You smiled up at him. Pulling him back to the bathroom. “After that you need another shower. And so do I” you said turning the water on. “ ohhh round two?” Zen giggled behind.


request: newt imagine where he’s a virgin and doesn’t know what to do with his hands (tongue, his member etc.) so you show him what to do/where to touch it’s all very slow and cute bc he’s really nervous and he stops midway and starts rambling saying sorry for not being good and that your super pretty then in return you give him a bj and then fluff lots of fluff

warnings: smut yas

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some of these are from like… 2 whole week ago and im Very Sorry. im trying to get better at replying to anons so please send me your question again if you would still like me to answer it!!

(if you just sent me a nice message, i probably read it 8 times and held my face and im very, very grateful and thank you)

Would you be opposed to receiving a fan letter? It would just be a letter addressed to you plus maybe some fan art/gifts!!             

i would actually be super flattered and honoured wft?!?! i do have a PO box if anyone wants to like, send me a postcard i guess!! I’ll do my best to dutifully reply to everyone!

Leonie Li
PO Box 3707
Marsfield NSW

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make out - carl grimes
warning: bruh they make out and stuff. its not sex so idk MAYBE nsfw
(sorry for any typos!)

“No, my dad won’t be here tonight. He’s still working on something. I really think he should get some sleep but he just won’t.” Carl mumbled, his fingers playing with the ends of your hair. He sat up against his headboard, you rest your head in his lap as you read one of his comic books. Now, you set the comic down and looked up at your boyfriend. “Well, I’m sure he’s fine. He’s probably working on something big, but don’t worry, he knows when to stop.” you said, smiling as you looked up at him. Carl nodded and looked down, his eyes meeting yours. He smiled lightly and lifted his hand to caress your cheek, his touch was gentle and his skin was soft. “You alright?” you asked, smiling at him. He nodded and sighed out quietly. “You’re just so perfect.” he whispered, his voice low and calming. You felt your cheeks heat up and you let out a small giggle. “You’re perfect too.” you mumbled. Carl smiled wide and slowly leaned down, closing his eyes in the process. His lips brushed past yours and you felt your insides twist. That was a different kiss, and it only made you want more. Suddenly, he leaned down fully and pressed his lips to yours. You kissed back regularly, lifting your hand to grab his cheek. You expected it to end any second, but it continued, which was new to you. It was exciting and surprising. Normally, you ever only kissed for a few seconds.
He deepened the kiss slightly and let his hand fall to your neck. Without breaking the kiss, you sat up and pulled yourself closer to him. His hand now fell to your side and rested there, his other hand on the side of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck as your lips moved together. Heads tilting, hands moving, the kiss was getting deeper. You had the rush inside of you, this feeling of adrenaline. It was something you’d only felt once. You had never wanted to kiss someone so badly before. 
Carl gripped your hips tighter and pulled you onto his lap, your legs underneath you. You held yourself up by holding onto his shoulders, still not breaking the kiss. Carl deepened the kiss further and took the next step, biting down softly onto your bottom lip. He pulled you closer to him, pushing himself against you gently, causing you to gasp. 
Carls lips left yours and he began trailing kisses to your cheek and down your jaw. “Is this okay?” he asked through anxious breaths, his hands lowering down your sides. You nodded your head and bit down on your bottom lip. This was the first time you’d ever been kissed like this - even touched like this. Neither of you were experienced but it sure felt like you were. It actually felt really good.
Carl began lowering down until he finally left kisses on your neck. You tilted your head back and closed your eyes, biting down on your lip even harder to avoid letting out a gasp.
Soon enough, Carl found his way back to your lips. He was more passionate with the kiss; more powerful. The loud breaths could be heard coming from both of you as you continued the kiss, rarely breaking apart for air. You felt his hands slip up the bottom of your shirt and his hand eventually gripped onto your bare side. Before you had the chance to say anything, he pushed you back on to the bed and hovered over you. You giggled through the kiss, letting your legs fall underneath him as you reached up and pulled him back down. You connected your lips with his again and he instantly grabbed one of your hips with his free hand. 
“Is this..” Carl breathed, “too much?” he asked, breaking away from the kids for a second. You looked him in the eyes and your red, swollen lips formed a smile. “Is it too much for you?” you asked in a whispered tone, still breathing quite heavily. He watched you for a minute before shaking his head. “No, its not.” he mumbled. “Then its not too much for me.” you whispered back. He grinned widely before quickly leaning back down and swiftly connecting his lips to yours. “I love you..” he said in between kisses. You wanted to say it back, but he didn’t give you the chance. He deepened the kiss and you gasped, allowing him entrance to your mouth. It was surprisingly pleasant. You kissed back and brought your hands up, your fingers getting tangled in the ends of his hair. You could feel the shivers run down his arms.
Out of nowhere, he slipped his hand up under your shirt again and grabbed your side. He then pulled you up into him before pushing you back down softly and leaning down closer to you. You wanted more.
A moan escaped your lips and he smiled into the kiss, knowing that he was doing something right. You lifted your leg slightly and wrapped it around his leg, pulling yourself up desperately, deepening the kiss yourself. This was it. You knew what would happen. He pulled away from the kiss again and leaned down, placing his lips against your neck and kissing. You tilted your head back, arching your back slightly as you bit down on your lips. It wasn’t enough to keep you quiet, though. He bit down gently on your neck and you gasped loudly, earning another small moan from him.
“Y/N…” he breathed heavily, “I don’t k-”
you cute him off by giggling, “I know you don’t. neither do I, but… you’re doing good.” you mumbled, each word cut off by a heavy breath. He grinned against your skin and his other hand gripped onto your hip, pulling you up closer to him. He then pushed you down against the bed completely and it made a noise. Before you could stop yourself, another soft moan escaped your lips causing Carl to let out a chuckle. You looked down at him and smirked. “You think its so funny, huh?” you asked, nearly breathless. He looked up at you and shrugged. You took the opportunity to push his shoulders back and roll him over. He tried to hold you back but you soon wrapped your legs around each side of him and smirked. He was now on the bottom. “Y/N, wh-”
you smashed your lips against his and he quickly responded by doing the same. He reached up and grabbed your hips tightly, before pulling you down into him and wrapping his arms around your back.
You were feeling something you’d never felt before. You were enjoying this moment, and even though you never knew you could, you really wanted more. Carl slowly grinded up against you, your face going bright red as you broke the kiss. At first he looked scared, he thought he did something wrong, but you quickly leaned down and began leaving kisses down his jaw and to his neck. You would give him the same pleasure. “Shit..” he whispered as you sucked slightly on his neck, your fingers playing with the ends of his hair again. He mumbled your name before sliding his hand down to your thigh and pulling you back up, closer to him.
Seconds later, you were at his lips again. It would continue further, but his foot hit the alarm clock on the table and it fell off, making a loud sound. Though you ignored it and continued to kiss him, still grinding softly against him, it caught the attention of the person downstairs.
A loud knock was heard at the door and you quickly jumped off of Carl, your eyes wide in fear. You’d never got up so fast. You pushed yourself to your feet and ran to the other side of the room, pretending to read a comic. “Y-Yeah-” Carl called out, his voice shaky and raspy, he still gasped for air. The door soon opened and Michonne stood there. “Are you alright? What was that noise?” she asked. you turned to look at her, hoping your face wasn’t as red. “I went to grab my book and my hand hit the clock- sorry.” He stuttered half way through his sentence and Michonne gave him a suspicious look. “Okay..”

The next morning, you woke up in your own bed. You and Carl decided that was enough after Michonne nearly caught you. You got dressed and went downstairs to find Michonne sitting at the table with Rick. Michonne smiled at you, but her eyes averted in a different direction and she smiled even wider. Almost as if she was trying not to laugh. “How’d you sleep?” Rick asked, clearly avoiding the topic of what Michonne told him yesterday “Uh.. okay. I couldn’t really sleep. I was thinking.” you mumbled, smiling awkwardly. “I’ll… be outside. See you later.” you said quickly, then exited the house. Maggie saw you walk off the porch and decided to talk to you. When she approached you, everything seemed normal, but then she noticed the marks on your neck and grinned. “Hey, y/n, I gotta tell you something.” she mumbled. Glenn walked over beside her, ready to ask her a question, but he stopped when he saw her talking to you. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked her. She giggled and sighed, turning her attention to Glenn whos eyes had widened. “I’ll be over there-” Glenn muttered, soon walking away. (protective brother Glenn got awkward.)
“Let me help you cover those up.”