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Three simple words- Isaac Lahey (Prompts)

Anon asked: 22, 25, and 31 of Isaac Lahey? 😍❤️

“OH MY GOSH JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ISAAC” you groaned walking away from him, although he was walking right behind you, as he laughed at your despair

“God, you’re so hot when you’re mad” he sighed happily and you turned around to look at him

“Oh yeah and I’ll look even hotter when I cut your balls off” you threaten him and he smirked as he pulled you closer by grabbing his arms around your waist

“Feisty. I like that” he mumbled against your lips, you pushed him away

“Not this time Lahey” you said as tried to walk away but he grabbed your wrist tightly “What do you want me to do?” He whispered on your ear, you turn your head to face him
“Three words. Say it and I’m yours” you sentenced, he glanced at you but no words came out from his mouth “I knew it” you sighed as you got yourself free from his grip, as disappointment filled your heart you started walking away as fast as you could

“I LOVE YOU” he shouted and you stopped, your heart pounding roughly against your chest, you gave up and ran back into his arms, you kissed him hungrily as you ran your fingers through his curly her, one of his hands was on your waist while the other held your thigh firmly against his hip.

Isaac pulled away breathing heavily “You can’t scape now” he declared smiling widely

“Wasn’t planning to”

tfw you think oscar issac is moderately good-looking and suddenly this slight attraction turns into a full blown mind-consuming soul-wrenching crush

He’s doing cute stuff… I don’t wanna like him, but stuff like this is making it difficult to keep up the anger I feel toward him for all of his earlier douchey-ness…. :(

When I’m finally able to relax and watch my show(s)...


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@theosgreco ♙: Sharing a bed

The air is thick with sweat and defeat as Octavian crawls into bed, dreading having to curl up next to Theo, not because he doesn’t love his comrade, but for the simple fact that he can’t stand this heat any longer. He’s showered twice already and still can’t seem to rid his nostrils of the foul smells of a long day spent fighting in the hot sun. Beds are hard to come by and if you want to sleep alone then you may as well find a spot on the floor and deal with the hard concrete.

“Mind if I join you?” He doesn’t bother waiting for a response and lifts the paper-thin blanket while he kicks off his boots, crawling in beside Theo. He radiates heat and sweat begins to fall in beads down Octavian’s forehead and he sighs heavily through gritted teeth.

“It’s so goddamn hot,” he shakes his head, annoyance dripping from his lips as he crosses his arms over his chest and relaxes onto his back. Their arms touch and Theo just ‘hmm’s’ quietly, eyes still closed in attempt to doze off peacefully, but Octavian stubbornly doesn’t want to be the last to fall asleep. He nudges his pal in the ribs, jolting him awake and letting out a soft chuckle when Theo’s eyes snap open.

“Can I help you?” His voice is stern, but Octavian can tell he’s not actually mad—that tone is reserved for moments when Theo’s temper gets the better of him, which is far and few between.

“Just making sure you’re awake,” a childish snicker makes its way past his lips and slices through the silence surrounding them.

“I am now.”

He doesn’t respond, instead focusing on shifting his restless legs to roll as gracefully as he possibly can in this tiny bed onto his side.

“Hey,” he whispers, extending his index finger and poking Theo’s shoulder gently to garner his attention, “you did good today.” He doesn’t respond, just nods silently but Octavian can see the questions and self-doubt swirling behind his stoic eyes. “I mean it,” he reassures, propping himself up onto his elbow.

“I just wish I was more…” Theo trails off, unsure of where his thoughts are going, but Octavian knows. He always knows.

“You don’t have to be. That’s what you have me for,” he raises his arm slowly and gives him an affectionate pat atop his pal’s chest.

“I know, but—”

“No, Theo, I mean it. You’re my brother. I got you,” and with that Octavian rolls onto his back once more, willing himself to sleep.