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2D/Russel headcanons: 1. He tried to convince 2D that his too short pants in Saturnz Barz video wouldn't look good because he's too tall for them, but when 2D kept asking what's wrong with that and staring at him the more Russel tried to explain mom/grandpa pants in confusion he gave up. 2. If he's in a good mood he'll let 2D come inside his room and spray paint with him (in the app Russel's room has spray paint sounds and an art studio type look with paint cans.

1. This is so cute. Can envision it like: 

Russ: Aw, c’mon, really, man?

2D: wh-what’s wrong? 

Russ: The pants, ‘D, the pants. That’s what’s wrong. 

2D: *blank stare*

Russ, sighing: Those clearly don’t fit you. Or, they might, if you didn’t hike ‘em up past your stomach. 

2D: They’re comfy, Russ……

Russ: …

2D, starting to look honestly worried: …

Russ: ….Okay, fine, you look great, ‘D. Forget it. You look fantastic. 

2D: …..Okay, great. Yeah, yeah. So, uh, what sorta socks? I’m thinkin’ a spot’a pink. *holding up bright pink socks* 

Russ, just…. nodding at this point and trying to appreciate his ‘fashion sense’ (and honestly finding the whole situation…. cute…): ….Yeah, yeah, that’ll look great, Stu.

2. I like that! I don’t have the app, I’ll have to look it up later :) But yes, we know 2D really likes tagging shit, he’d probably LOVE to do that with Russ

How To Break The Heartbreaker {part 2}

Daveed Diggs x Reader


Authors Note: thanks for all the love on Part 1! I STRONGLY SUGGEST READING PART 1 BEFORE READING THIS OR ELSE YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND IT! I also wrote the final line of this part before I wrote anything else lol

Step 8: break his heart
You didn’t know where to begin at this step. Had you not been so attached to Diggs that you might have been able to do this easily.
Hell, anyone BUT Diggs would have satisfied you.
But the heartbreaker had found a new way to break your heart, and it wasn’t intentional.
He’d made you fall in love with him.
And it broke your heart into pieces, because now you had to break his heart, which would hurt you ten times worse. You were praying, hoping that God might send you a divine intervention, and that you wouldn’t have to break up with him.
Even better, find a way to stay with him.
You should have known to be careful what you wished for.
Your friends were slowly beginning to decipher that your intention was not at all to break up with Diggs, but to STAY with him. They hadn’t figured out the extent of your impromptu plan, but they knew for a fact that you had abandoned the previous plan, which was aggravating them.
The only reason you were getting this attention was so that you could finally put Daveed Diggs in his place.
The only reason you were now getting popular was because someone needed to stand up to his mouth.
But to their anger, you were being charmed by his words, and they sensed something bigger growing inside of you.
Love isn’t something easily demolished.
Which is why they had to stop it before it got to be too much to handle.
The plan was in place, ready to be executed and put into play. Your friends didn’t realize, at least then, how much this plan would hurt you.
And how much the so-called “cold hearted asshole” Diggs would be hurt as well.
You laughed as Diggs let down the roof of his convertible, wind whipping in your face as you sped down the street to your house.
He had made a random stop to your house, asking if you’d be interested in going to see a movie with him.
Cliché as it was, you couldn’t help but swoon whenever he talked to you or acknowledged your presence, and this was no exception.
You could hardly pay attention during the movie as you were too busy focusing on the fact that Daveed Diggs was holding your hand during the duration of it. He would run his thumb along the outside of your hand, making you both simultaneously melt with love and sob in sadness, knowing that even though he was here with you now, he wouldn’t be yours much longer.
You had to find someway to end it, but every time you made up any sort of plan, your heart would hurt so much that you’d immediately shut down said plan and push it off until the next week.
Your friends were impatient now, claiming that this had been your plan all along and that you were just looking for fame and popularity.
In truth, you were just too helpless to do anything but fall more in love with the heartbreaker.
You had to figure something out, and quick. You didn’t have any idea of the plan that your friends were setting up, and for the time being, you were perfectly content to be Diggs’s next “victim.”
Today was the day that your friends decided to end any and all relationships that you shared with Diggs. They came to school, fully prepared to ruin somebody’s life that day.
They began Step 1 as soon as they saw you leave Diggs’s side for class. They took their chance.
“Hey Daveed!”
He recognized them vaguely as your friends, so he gave them a friendly smile.
“Hi. You’re Y/N’s friends right?”
They nodded.
“Listen, we have to make a movie for our film class, and we wondered if you’d help us by being one of the actors in it.”
Diggs’s ego was being weighed visibly, between shooting the movie or being with you.
His ego won out.
“Sure. When do you want me to help you?”
They grinned, knowing they had him now.
“This afternoon right after school?”
“Perfect. See you guys later.”
He waved, and walked off to class.
Your friends smiled smugly amongst one another, knowing that the first step was now completed.
“Hey. Is this where I’m supposed to meet you guys for the movie?”
“Yeah, come on in. You ready?”
“Yeah. Why’s she here?”
He gestured to the redhead standing between the girls, looking quite satisfied as she held herself in a pose that signified an I’m-better-than-you attitude.
“This is Alexis. She’s gonna be your love interest.”
Diggs glanced around the room, an eyebrow raised.
“Love interest? You’re using my ex-girlfriend as my love interest?”
They all giggled, as if something were obvious.
“Of course, silly. This movie is about love!”
He started backing out of the room.
“If you’re going to have someone be my love interest, why can’t you use Y/N?”
They all laughed.
“Because it’s about Y/N! It’s a surprise for her birthday!”
Diggs visibly relaxed, and smiled uneasily. It couldn’t hurt, right?
“Yeah, anything for her. Let’s do this.”
“Now, you two are going to kiss.”
Diggs shook his head.
“I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I can’t do this to Y/N.”
The girls pouted, looking at him.
“Come on, Daveed. It’s for Y/N, she’ll love it if you’re in it. Please?”
He shook his head again.
“What if she gets mad at me? I don’t really want to lose her…”
The girls rolled their eyes.
“Oh come on. You don’t think we didn’t ask Y/N first? She thinks this is for a school project, and she said it was okay as long as it was for strictly homework.”
Diggs breathed a sigh of relief, and surrendered to Alexis as she attacked the lips that you thought had belonged to you.
“Thanks Daveed. We’re all done.”
As soon as he was clear, he was off and running out of the building, towards his car so he could pick you up for an impromptu date.
He loved surprising you, randomly showing up at your house while you were in a sweatshirt and leggings, comfy but unattended too.
Diggs thought it was cute whenever you looked comfortable and he loved to play with your hair when it was messy.
“Ugh, another one?”
He smiled at you, and gestured to the car.
You yelled towards your mother’s general direction that you were going out, and hopped in the passenger seat of Diggs’s car, speeding into the night with your newfound love driving you.
“How could you? I can’t believe you’d do that to me!”
You cried as you yelled in Diggs’s face, pain and sadness spreading through your body with each word you spoke.
“What are you talking about Y/N? What’s wrong?”
You had been in film class, bored out of your mind as you watched the movies your classmates had made.
You perked up when your friends began presenting, specifically because you had heard the Diggs was in it.
You waited patiently for the movie to begin, but once it did, your heart dropped to your stomach.
“Y/N L/N. A sweet person, who doesn’t deserve what they are about to see.”
They clicked onto the next frame, and your throat closed up as your tears began flowing.
Diggs had Alexis, his ex, pinned up against the wall of a classroom, kissing her as if the world depended on it.
Your world came to a sudden stop, as if it were confused on what to do next. You felt numb, as if the love in you had been sucked out and thrown away, along with the pieces of your now broken heart.
There was an audible gasp throughout the room, and you felt every person in the room’s eyes on you.
You looked down at your lap, tears falling silently as you soaked in the new information.
You should have known, you should have known that nothing good comes from dating Daveed Diggs.
“I thought you loved me!”
You wept, as Diggs attempted to calm you down.
“It was just for the movie! They told me they told you!”
You scoffed as your sadness turned to anger.
“Yeah sure, like I’d believe the heartbreaker! You just cheat on me because you got bored, and you just want someone else! You know what else, Diggs? The problem is, I never loved you. This was all a setup, for revenge!”
You lied through your teeth, not wanting to be one-upped. Not this time. Diggs needed someone to take him down a peg.
Diggs’ eyes flashed betrayal.
“What are you talking about?”
“You broke Alexis’s heart, I wanted revenge! I plotted this whole thing to get you to fall for me, but I never planned on this! I never planned on falling for the heartbreaker!”
Diggs looked broken.
“You mean you played with my heart, and then planned to break it?”
His anger wasn’t there. There wasn’t anything that displayed rage, just sadness.
He turned away, so you couldn’t see the tears in his eyes, and began to walk away.
“So you’re just going to leave?”
You said, barely acknowledging the guilt you felt in the pit of your stomach.
Diggs turned back to you, the remorse in his eyes making you stop short of your next level of anger.
“You know, Y/N? I may know how to break hearts, but you broke the heartbreaker.”

Okay okay so hear me out

Juzo’s therapist recommends he gets a therapy animal/comfort animal for his PTSD from being in a killing game and shit.

So everyone is like ‘I bet Juzo is gonna get a dog that’ll be big and scary like him’ and it’s not too far fetched to assume because Juzo thought the exact same thing as he walked into the Animal Shelter looking for something. He wanted to adopt cause he figured it would give him something to feel good about.

As he is walking around and looking at all the animals, looking out for some cool looking pit bull or something…he spots HIM.

He spots this tiny little white cat at the back of it’s cage. Now normally he wouldn’t have thought much on it, he was a dog man after all. But for some reason this cat had caught his attention. Then, he notices something important. The cat is missing (honestly I’m really caught between it missing one of its legs or an eye so whichever one tickles your fancy works).

“I’ll take that one.”

“Are you sure, sir…there are other cats who are a bit more…adoptable…”

“Are you saying there is something wrong with this one?”

The glare coming from the boxer makes it clear what answer he actually wants.

“N-No sir! I’ll go get you the adoption forms!”

Juzo just sits there staring at the cat through the bars before whispering. “It’s okay…there’s nothing wrong with you.” It’s unclear if he is talking to the cat or himself.

So big buff Juzo leaves there with smol cat and takes him home before realizing he doesn’t have any cat supplies. He makes little cat a bed out of blankets and pillows and leaves a tiny bowl of water there for him before running to the pet supply store.

He has no clue what cats need but there will only be the best for his cat. He proceeds to buy the most expensive food and litter, a way too fancy Litterbox, lots of toys, a scratching post, and more. The cashier looks at him with wide eyes as they ring up the total.

Mr big tough boxer goes home and brings in the mountains of cat supplies, sets every thing up, and then goes to check on small cat. He looks at the makeshift bed and he is nowhere to be found. So he searches the rest of his home only to come up empty. Now he is panicking. This panic only gets worse when he notices an open window.

Juzo feels weak and is hating himself for failing again and again. He can’t even protect a simple cat, how could he ever think he could protect Kyosuke or anyone else? As his thoughts spiraled and his body began to shake slightly, he sits down on his couch, his heads in his hands (well one of his hands, the other is a robot hand thing). His heart is racing and his breathing is beginning to quicken as it feels like his lungs refuse to let him have enough air and everything is starting to feel like too much when suddenly, he feels a weight in his lap. Juzo looks down and there is the little shit himself laying contently on his lap as if he hadn’t just almost sent Juzo into a full fledged panic attack, swaying his tail calmly and starting to purr. Juzo feels himself start to calm down and instead be filled by relief. He mutters grumpily to the cat about him being “a little shit” and to not worry him like that again.

The cats name ends up being Kyo. Juzo tells everyone that’s the name he had when he got him and that he didn’t want to change the cat’s name and confuse the cat. Really, Juzo named him Kyo cause he reminded him of Kyosuke with his white fur and calm demeanor.

Juzo had bought a cat bed but, Kyo sleeps on him or next to him so it’s pretty much useless. Juzo pretends to be grumpy about it but, he doesn’t mind. Petting Kyo relaxes him.

“I’m not a bed you damn cat. Why don’t you go use the one I bought you? It cost a shit ton so it should be comfy enough”


“Whatever *pets*”

Everyone thinks it’s really cute how he is with his cat but, if they bring it up they risk being punched.

Juzo has such a fucking soft spot for Kyo. Like this cat has clawed him, scratched up his curtains, knocked shit off his tables, meowed loud enough to keep him up at 3 am and all he can manage is an annoyed sigh and some heavy cussing for a minute before he has totally forgiven him.

Sometimes, when Juzo is petting Kyo, he’ll look at him and say “it’s okay that we are a bit broken, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with us. We’re still good, alright?”

He likes to think that he says it for the cat but, it’s something he himself just needs to hear out loud sometimes. He also can’t be mean to himself about his missing body part cause that would mean being mean to Kyo in extension so Kyo has cut down on his self hatred a bit.

All in all, Juzo loves his cat and his cat loves him and he has something that makes him happy and feel needed and loved and important.

My Cuddle Bug |Wooffrags|

((Oh this was such a cute prompt thank you for submitting it! ^-^ for the anon who asked for Preston thinking he was too clingy and Rob cuddling with him and convincing him he wasn’t. I hope you like it!))

Rob giggled as he looked down at his boyfriend by his side. Preston had intertwined their fingers and was leaning against him, his head resting on Rob’s shoulder. Rob lightly kissed Preston’s head, causing the shorter to blush. Rob had always loved how Preston would cling to him, he was so cuddly and Rob thought it was adorable. They loved being together, even when they were out doing things they were at least holding hands. Today they had gone out to a party with some friends.
“Hey Rob!” A voice yelled, causing the couple to look up. It was Mat.
“Hey man, what’s up?” Rob grinned.
“Nothing much, nice to see you guys again.” Mat replied. The three talked for a while about what had happened since they last saw each other, how they had been, nothing in particular really.
“You know, you guys are a pretty cute couple.” Mat said. This caused the pair to blush, and Preston hugged Rob’s side tighter. Mat laughed. “Damn Preston you’re so clingy, give the guy some space.” Mat had meant it jokingly, but it hit Preston like a punch. Preston paused for a second. Was he too clingy? Rob didn’t seem to mind that he liked to be so close to him…
“Hey, we should probably go, it’s getting late.” Rob said. Preston nodded, and they headed home.

“Hey Preston.” Rob grinned, throwing a pillow at his boyfriend and flopping down the couch. “Wanna cuddle?” Preston caught the pillow, and was about to say yes, but he decided against it. Those words were still bugging him. Was he really too clingy?
“Actually I think I’m gonna go take a shower and change.”
“Aw, okay.” Rob said, he grabbed the remote and began flipping through the channels to find something to watch.

Preston discarded the pillow and headed upstairs to the bathroom. He stepped inside the small tiled shower, and let the hot water run over his body. He still couldn’t stop thinking about what Mat had said. Now that he thought about it, he was pretty clingy. He was always right by Rob’s side whenever they went out, always in contact. Rob must be so annoyed with him… but knowing the Canadian, he would never say it directly to Preston. He finished in the shower and wrapped a warm towel around his waist.
“I am not going to bug Rob anymore.” He mumbled as he stepped into their room. He would just stay up here the rest of the night and give Rob some space. He would stop being so clingy.

Preston slipped the soft fabric of the pajama top over his head, they were Rob’s pajamas, but he wouldn’t mind. Then he went into the bathroom and dried his hair off, making it light and fluffy. He felt much better now that he was clean, although he still couldn’t shake off that slight feeling of sadness. Preston sighed and sat on the bed, opening his laptop to watch some YouTube videos. He decided not to go back downstairs, he would let Rob have time to himself for once.

Rob heard the water stop upstairs and smiled, knowing that his boyfriend would be down soon and they could cuddle and watch tv. The couch was getting lonely with just him. He decided to watch some episodes of Master Chef while Preston showered, they loved watching it together and when he got down here they could catch up on episodes they had missed. He was half way through the next episode when he realized that Preston hadn’t come down after his shower. Rob frowned at the realization. Maybe he went to bed already? He went upstairs to see why Preston hadn’t come down or even said good night.

“Hey Preston?” He asked, knocking on the closed door to the bedroom they shared.
“Yeah?” He heard his boyfriend’s voice say.
“Can I come in?”
“Uh, yeah, come in.”
Rob opened the door to find the shorter man sitting cross legged on the bed on his laptop. So he wasn’t sleeping, he just didn’t want to come downstairs and watch tv with him… Rob was slightly saddened by this, but Preston could do what he wanted, he didn’t have to cuddle with Rob.
“Oh, I was just wondering why you didn’t come downstairs.” Rob said.
“Oh.” Preston blushed slightly and looked down, “I just thought I would give you some space, you know, let you have time to yourself.” Rob was surprised at this, he liked alone time of course, but he loved spending time with Preston. That was kind of the whole point of living together.

“I wanted to spend time with you actually…” Rob said.
“Really?” Preston asked. “I figured I was being pretty clingy today, that you would maybe need some time away from me.”
“Preston you aren’t clingy, why would you think that? I love being with you.” Rob replied. Preston looked down again, embarrassed. The Canadian wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and kissed the top of his head. He smelled like soap from the shower, it was nice. “Please don’t ever think you’re too clingy, okay? I love cuddling with you.” Rob whispered into the Texans hair. Preston smiled and wrapped his arms around Rob’s neck. Rob suddenly pulled the shorter off the bed into his arms. Preston squeaked in surprise and tightened his grip around Rob’s neck, wrapping his legs around his waist.

“Now come, my love, we shall watch Master Chef!” Rob exclaimed, hurrying down the stairs and into the living room. He gently set his boyfriend on the couch and sat next to him. He pulled Preston onto his lap and pressed his face Into his soft hair. Preston giggled and relaxed against the taller man’s chest, relieved that Rob wasn’t annoyed by him and his cuddliness. Soft kisses were pressed to Preston’s hair, and he sighed and snuggled against his boyfriend, turning to wrap his arms around him as they watched their show. Rob pressed his lips against Preston’s, and they shared a warm kiss. When they pulled away, Rob laughed and looked at Preston.
“Hey, are those my pajamas?” He asked, giggling.
“Yeah. They’re comfy so I’m gonna wear them.” Preston said matter-of-factly.
“Oh I don’t mind.” Rob replied “They look cute on you.” He kissed Preston again and they leaned back against the couch. He pulled Preston closer against his chest and they watched their show, wrapped up in each other.

Jimin coming home to you napping on the couch and you look just so adorable and comfy that he settles beside you, nuzzles your neck and falls asleep

for xerxies19: Sterek where one of them is turned into a duck for some reason? (and turns back, maybe)

Quack, says the angriest duck Stiles has ever seen before in his entire life. Even without actual eyebrows or human lips, Derek somehow manages to scowl. How? Can a scowl be an attitude? Stiles doesn’t understand. It’s funny, though.

There’s some more angry quacking and then some kind of urgent foot stomping that just looks so much like waddling in place that Stiles can’t help but point and cackle.

Derek, who is an actual duck, glares and comes to bite at Stiles’s pant leg with his duckbill. Which absolutely does not make the laughing stop.

Ten minutes later, when Stiles has finally calmed down, he tries to grab Derek. Because carrying him would be easiest, right? But Derek flips out. He flaps his wings and almost manages to bite Stiles’s fingers.

“Whoa, dude, calm down,” he says. “I gotta carry you.”

Derek shakes his little duck head in an emphatic no. But that’s not going to work.

Which is how Scott finds him–in a shouting match with an angry duck.

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