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- the first time someone knocks richie’s glasses off his face eddie comes after the little shits with the vengeance of an asmathic boy with an eerie capability to wield his inhaler lethally

- “you just don’t fuck with eddie kaspbrak.” the rumours kiss the hallways of Derry High, his blue inhaler like a beacon of fear in his freckled, tan hand.

- richie tozier once burned the soles off a bully’s shoes using his eyeglasses and the sunlight.

- “he’s fucking ingenious,” one girl says, her glasses glinting on her face. she’s glad richie tozier showed those overgrown assholes what glasses can do

- eddie can’t run fifteen feet without wheezing like someone’s force choking his lungs

- to combat this, he hitches a ride on richie’s back when they’re running away from bullies. it’s oddly romantic.

- richie actually doesn’t know how to tell eddie he likes him (properly, that is. he was supposed to ask ben) so he just… tells him… and then nods… makes a dick joke… and runs away

- eddie sighs and sticks “i ❤️ u too idiot” on richie’s bike

- do not tell anyone. but richie put that shit in a time capsule to commemorate. he hopes someone will find it and know of his and eddie’s love

- he buys rips eddie sunflowers from the denbrough’s garden

- eddie of course knows where he got them from and returned it to mrs denbrough

- he tells richie to “try again,”

- to woo richie’s mother into letting him date her son, he bought her pies and promised to not let eddie run around without his two fanny packs (jokes on her eddie already does that)

- eddie makes richie wear the second fanny pack “its bad for my hips, richie. share the weight.”

- he dutifully carries the fannypack. why? because he fucking loves eddie kaspbrak, even if that means carting around a fanny pack

- every time richie comes into the pharmacy without eddie, the pharmacist just goes “?” and richie nods. he knows. the people of derry know. he’s whipped for eddie kaspbrak. he wears this like a badge

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Little firebug ben part 9 part 1

‘Leia, I don’t see why we’re here. So what if he’s a little moody? I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. Also, have you seen who his parents are?’ Han elbows Ben gently in a show of fatherly love and smiles at him.

‘I’m fine, mom.’

‘Han, don’t encourage him. He’s more than a little moody and I’m trying to be proactive about this.’

Ben sighs and kicks his feet. He’s sitting between his parents on a light grey sofa in a fancy office with fluffy clouds painted on the walls. Shelves crammed with stuffed toys line the walls but they all look new and untouched. This is somewhere he’s never been before but he already doesn’t like it. The sofa is cold, hard and prickly with left behind emotions. He wishes people would take their feelings with them.

‘Ben, sit still, please.’ Leia puts her hand on his bruised knee and lightly squeezes. ‘There’s no reason to be nervous.’

‘Not ner-fuss. Don’t know why we’re here’sall.’

‘Stars, Ben. Where did you learn to talk like that? It’s awful. Please speak properly. Doing so now will help you in the future.’

‘Geez, Leia he’s just a kid. So he may have overheard some of me and my pals having a game a few times, what’s the big deal? Gotta learn from the best, right kiddo?’ Han ruffles his hair and Ben is starting to feel a tightness in his chest.

The door opens and a stylus thin woman in a sharp suit walks through the door. Ben sees her smiling face but doesn’t feel anything happy about her.

‘Princess Organa, Mr Solo, I’m so happy to meet you. I’m Adee Min.’ The woman pivots her head and stares at Ben in a way that makes all her teeth show. ‘And this must be Ben.’

‘Please, call me Leia.’
‘I’ve never been a ‘mister’ and don’t plan on starting to be, lady.’

Adee Min laughs nervously and sits down in a soft pink chair in front of them. ‘Well, alright then. Leia, Han, let me start by saying how honored I am that two amazing heroes chose our office for assistance in this delicate matter.’

‘Adee, please just think of us as normal people. Because we are. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.’

Adee Min feels like she’s trying to hold back a gush of emotion Ben can’t quite pick out but she just nods and smiles at Leia.

‘Yes, ma’am. I mean, Leia. So what brings this charming family in today?’

‘Well, Adee,’ Leia puts her arm around Ben’s shoulders and hugs him to her side, ‘Ben here is having a hard time and we’re not sure why. He’s awfully gloomy for a six year old, spends a lot of time staring out the window listlessly or hunched up on the floor scribbling pictures he doesn’t us to se. We try to give him everything he wants but nothing seems to perk him up.’

‘No, not a normal child at all.’

Ben feels his face heat up and shudders. He doesn’t know who he picked that thought up from.

‘He’s been acting out a little as well. And we know we’re not home as much as he’d like, but…’

‘See? You are a whining brat but they do admit they’re not home.’

‘Acting out in what ways?’

‘Well,’ the arm tightens around him and Ben feels the exhaustion roll off of Leia. She’s trying to focus but she’s thinking about something else.

‘The kid has a small obsession with fire.’ Han is slouched in the corner of the couch, arms crossed and looking fussily out the window.

Leia pauses, obviously surprised.

‘Yes, Ben seems fixated on fire. We caught him starting one a little while ago. But we’ve been more careful since.’

‘A little firebug, trapped in a glass. Meek and good for his mom.’

Ben grips the edge of the couch. He hasn’t heard this voice in a few days. He had hoped it had gotten lost.

This scene was a bit too long to gif or screencap so a video will do, but basically this is why I’m in love with Andy so much. 

i asked my boyfriend /who has never heard of camp camp/ to name the characters:

max:  *sighs* ben.”

nikki: “just amy.”

neil: “ted… he looks like a loser.”

david: *murmurs* dickhead.. lanky mclankypants.. no not really, he’s probably called aaron.”

daniel: “zack.. wait no omg, he looks like gordon ramsey… and jimmy neutron.”

harrison: “loser tom.. tom the loser.”

gwen: “jenny. no, the sister from phineas and ferb.”

nerris: “no.”

jermy: “harry styles.”

nurf: “brutus. bert…no his name’s bert.”

space kid: “ted 2.”

mr campbell: “gaston 20 years later.. now he eats 13 dozen eggs to help him get large. *breaks out into song*

dolph: “tim.. no his names actually adolph *laughs* wait is it actually adolph, no thats mad?? *uncontrollable laughter*

the quartermaster: “*takes about five minutes* probably marty.”

preston: “tessa brooks.”

Not a Princess: A Descendants Imagine (Slight Jay X Reader)

Warnings: none :)

“Benjamin!” You shouted, having absolutely no idea where your best friend was.

You huffed out an annoyed sigh, your blond hair, like your mothers, lifting slightly off your face.

You stomped downstairs, uttering curses under your breath, and causing yourself to glow a bit red.

“(Y/N),” a voice chuckled behind you and you flew up into the air in fear. The voice erupted into laughter and you slowly lowered yourself to the ground.

“What have I told you!” You shouted but clapped a hand over your mouth as the only sound that came out was like bells. This caused Ben to laugh louder and you glowed a bright red.

“Alright, alright,” Ben conceded, holding his hands up in surrender. “I was just showing our new students around.”

Your jaw dropped and you glared at Ben, smoothing out your hair and your light green dress as you noticed the 4 newcomers.

“This is (Y/N), daughter of Tinkerbell,” Ben introduced you and you nodded.

“I- uh- nice to meet you!” You chuckled nervously and your voice returned to normal.

“Hi, I’m Evie,” the girl with dark blue hair introduced herself, obviously the evil queens daughter. “This is Mal,” She pointed to Malificent’s daughter with violet hair. “Carlos,” she pointed to the smaller boy, Cruella d'evil’s son. “And this is-”

“I’m Jay,” the other boy stood up from leaning on the wall and smiled at you. You struggled not to stare. Good-looking was an understatement.

You shook your head. Pull yourself together girl! He was a VK.

You inched closer to Ben, looking small next to him.

“You should have warned me!” You hissed between your teeth. Ben let out a laugh and you rolled your eyes.

“Where were you anyways? I sent Audrey to go get you!” Ben sighed and you blushed a bright pink.


“You weren’t terrorizing Chad again were you?” Ben shook his head and you offered a shy smile.

“You really shouldn’t do that you know, you wonder why your not a princess.” Audrey chided and you let out an exasperated sigh.

“Well I’m so sorry your highness! Since I’m not a Princess, I’ll just go and join the other maids then, right? Where my kind belong? Hmm. I’ll go and fly away to Neverland? Trust me, the lost boys are a whole lotta more fun than you and your rules!” The last part escalated to bells again and you had a bright red glow.

Audrey look mortified and Ben just looked a bit sad.

“(Y/N)!” Andy, Anna and Kristoff’s son, called and motioned for you to come over.

You let out a relieved sigh and hurried over to him, dwarfed in comparison next to his tall frame.

“Woah,” Jay breathed as he watched you go.

“Dude stop drooling,” Carlos elbowed him in the chest.

“You sure she’s not a villain?” Mal smirked at Ben and he laughed.

“No, she’s really soft deep down, she just has a mouth on her.” Ben smiled. “But if you ask Chad Charming- he’d tell you otherwise.”

Jay stared at the doorway you’d disappeared from. He just had to get to know you better.

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So This Is Love [4]


Summary: Y/N is heavily mistreated in her household. Prince Peter has to find a bride to become the queen of the kingdom.

AN: iconic ball scene coming ahead and a big big thank you to @trashholland for making me this amazing moodboard!!! thank u bila <3

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

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Prince Peter stood beside his uncle and aunt as dignitaries were being announced. Positioned high above in a balcony, King Benjamin gave a small wave of his hand at each one that bowed in his direction.

“Have you found anyone to your liking, darling?” Queen May asked her beloved nephew.

“No.” Peter gave a short answer.

“Just try sweetheart.” Peter sighed. May wanted Peter to experience true love but she had to think of their family’s greater duty to the people.

King Ben looked over at the exchange and beckoned Peter over. The young prince moved closer to his uncle.

“I know who you’re looking for.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The prince tried to lie.

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