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I remember the moment when I first heard him speak. There’s something about the way words roll off of a foreign tongue that’s elegant, as though he’d been able to capture words all his life that I could only dream of. And I just had to wonder… Behind those words, behind the gaze that I felt that I’d never be able to lift my eyes to, what did he see when he looked at me?
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I was tagged in the bias selfie challenge by @ars-ahgase @baebae-goodnight and @softtacobear and this is the third one already, i hope you’re not tired of seeing my face 😂😂
I usually put Jaebum’s selfie but I thought I’d change it up for once. So here is the one and only Mister Genius Min Yoongi, Motionless Min. 😍😍 (I love him, don’t tell jaebum)
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Caitlin, we’ve been through this again and again, and we’ve gotten nowhere. Now, I need to know: are you with me, or are you against me? Don’t answer that yet.

But my god would it ever be nice for a guy to describe my heartbeat. To make sure i’m okay when I seem panicky and take my pulse when I can’t speak, only give a pleading look. To have him go over my arms and chest and trace my veins back to where it all begins and ends. For him to tell me my translucent, bluish skin is beautiful. 

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Ask and you shall receive… :)
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I was tagged by pierxe-the-veil to do the 20 beautiful people thingy. Normally I just reblog the other persons photo and like it and not post my own because I’m so self conscious. But I really want to get in the habit of liking myself. As some of you may know, I’m having a lot of issues with my eating disorder. I’ve told my therapist, but I still seem to be falling down a really dark hole. It was so nice to be tagged by a few different people, I can’t thank you guys enough ❤️ I’m tagging: fall-bef0re-y0u–fly the-fault-in-0ur-scars mojo779 slightlytoastedtoast sadfacemoji more-than-everything dreadful-secrets and anyone else who wants to join xx
Honestly I may delete this because I’ve been so insecure lately (although these are like three weeks old). So anyways thanks to everyone :)