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Caitlin, we’ve been through this again and again, and we’ve gotten nowhere. Now, I need to know: are you with me, or are you against me? Don’t answer that yet.

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Ask and you shall receive… :)
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I was tagged by pierxe-the-veil to do the 20 beautiful people thingy. Normally I just reblog the other persons photo and like it and not post my own because I’m so self conscious. But I really want to get in the habit of liking myself. As some of you may know, I’m having a lot of issues with my eating disorder. I’ve told my therapist, but I still seem to be falling down a really dark hole. It was so nice to be tagged by a few different people, I can’t thank you guys enough ❤️ I’m tagging: fall-bef0re-y0u–fly the-fault-in-0ur-scars mojo779 slightlytoastedtoast sadfacemoji more-than-everything dreadful-secrets and anyone else who wants to join xx
Honestly I may delete this because I’ve been so insecure lately (although these are like three weeks old). So anyways thanks to everyone :)