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soul to keep, ch. 5

summary: marinette dupain-cheng is no stranger to unusual situations. a ghost wandering into her bedroom and pulling her into the mystery of who he was and how he died, however, is a touch out of the ordinary for her–and falling in love with him might just take the cake. ghost!adrien au.

genre: romance with equal parts (hopefully) humor and angst

cross-posted: ao3

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“So,” Marinette said, tapping her pen against her chin as she whirled around in her desk chair. “First, we do some research. Here’s what we know.”

Sunlight filtered through the windows of Marinette’s bedroom. This was the first time that Chat had come to visit her during the daytime. He had done so on Marinette’s request; she felt that they had a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks if they were going to introduce him to Alya and Nino without looking crazy or terrifying, or both.

“We need to figure out how you work.” Marinette began to jot notes down on her notepad as she thought out loud. “You can walk through things. And appear and disappear. Is that right?”

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Misunderstandings (Gray)

Title: Misunderstandings (Requested by @aomgrayground)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 740


A long sigh left your lips as you sat down in the break room of the hospital. Since 5 am you’ve been on the go at the hospital, being one of the top doctors meant that there was very little time to rest.

You closed your eyes and leaned back on the sofa. You hoped that the next patient wasn’t for another hour.. or three. The ringing of your phone, unfortunately, cut your nap short. The name that popped up instantly brought a smile to your face.

“Hey, babe.”

“Hi, how’s your day so far?” You sighed and started picking at the lint on your jacket.

“Eh, same old same old. Treating patients left and right what about you?”

“ Eh, same old same old. Making music” You shook your head slightly at him mocking you.

“Hey babe I was thinking, how about I cook us a special dinner and we can spend the rest of the evening together?”

“Sorry baby, I have to get this beat done for Jay by 12 tonight. Can we do the dinner some other time?” You sighed and a small frown set on your face.

“Yeah we can do that, I-”

Seonghwa cut you off before you could finish answering his question “Thanks, babe I’ll call you late”


The line went dead leaving you a little sad that he was in such a rush. You haven’t spent some quality time with Seonghwa in weeks so you hoped that he would be for the dinner date, but of course, work comes first. 

You got up and went back into your office waiting for another patient. After your last patient, you hung up your coat and got in your car racing home.

You finally got home and changed into your pajamas as soon as you walked into your room. You scrolled on Instagram mindlessly until you saw a picture of Seonghwa and Jessi at the club.

All the frustration you had building up suddenly turned into anger, obviously hanging out with Jessi at the club is not working on music and was much more important than having a dinner date with you. 

You texted Seonghwa to not come home, and he could stay at Jay’s apartment for the night. You turned off your phone and went to sleep. The next morning you woke up to an arm wrapped around your waist.

You rolled your eyes and pushed Seonghwa off of you and went downstairs. You plopped on the couch and watched tv to pass the time. Moments later Seonghwa came downstairs and turned the tv off.

“I was watching that you know.” 

“You were watching Dora? Ok Y/N. Seriously what’s wrong with you? You told me to sleep at Jay’s last night and you only tell me that when you’re mad at me.”

“You told me you couldn’t have dinner with me because you were working, but then I see you at the club with Jessi! So yes I was pissed off last night. You couldn’t come home for a dinner date, but you can go out to the club.”

Seonghwa sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Baby I didn’t know it was a dinner date I thought it was a regular dinner and that’s why I said I couldn’t be there and let’s do it another time. The whole club situation, Jay took me out of the studio so I can let loose, and I ran into Jessi and we took a picture for Instagram. That’s it nothing else. I’m sorry Y/N, I’ll make it up to you tonight it’ll be just us two no work, no phones, just us.”

You smiled and kissed his cheek softly. “I like that idea, and I’m sorry for overreacting.” 

Seonghwa waved it off and hugged you tightly. “How about we get this date started early?”

“Last one to the bathroom has to make dinner tonight!” You got up and ran up the stairs as fast as you could without falling. 

“Ya! Y/N get back here!”

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Ok, so it’s been a while because exams kicked my butt! I’m back to writing scenarios so I have two more in my drafts and I need more!

Requests are always open, request away!

Sideways: Part 4 (Final)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [On AO3]

The Galran vessel was a raucous place. Whenever they hit hyperdrive, the excess air would strike the vents at an odd angle, and the sound would rattle down the halls like birdsong. If Shiro pressed his ear to the floor, he could hear the electric clicks downstairs, the frizzle of quintessence as energy shot up and and down the ship’s nervous system. Some days the whole ship pulsed like the neck of a great beast.

The Castle of Lions feels dead by contrast. The quiet stings.

Team Voltron gathers outside Shiro’s room to argue. Shiro can make out an undercurrent of tension through the door. The barest crumbs of conversation reach him; he catches words like table scraps, but they don’t fit together out of context.

Shiro’s hands flex against his cuffs. He sits at the rear of his bed, cross-legged, each wrist cuffed to a separate bedpost. It’s only a dream, but every time a crew member looks through the window on his door, Shiro’s heart sinks.

At last the door opens. Light from the hallway yellows the outlines of Shiro’s furniture, the stream broken by Keith’s shadow. It’s a familiar sight, by now—Keith’s body, black against the glare of a hallway light. In time, the door slides shut behind Keith, and the light gets swept away like a patch of dust. Keith’s face becomes visible. He still hasn’t had time to change out of his armor. Someone gave him a pad for his cheek—an Altean bandaid of sorts. There’s a spot of dried blood under his chin.

Keith’s eyes find Shiro’s, as they always do. He’s never been one to look away.

“You should get to a pod,” Shiro suggests.

Keith won’t bite. “I need to take off your arm.“

Keith looks at Shiro like he dares him to put up a fight. Shiro only lifts his right arm. The cuff snags on his wrist, and a hum of magnetic energy tickles his skin.

“There’s a little hatch near the elbow,” Shiro says, “and then a screen under that, with a passcode…”

Keith’s shoulders lower by degrees. The dark room turns his eyes to slate. Keith steps forward. He drags a chair over from Shiro’s empty desk—plunks down beside Shiro’s bed. Runs his hands through his hair once, like he can shake the tension out of the room. Then he reaches for Shiro’s arm.

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Show and Tell

Submitted by trulycas

Prompt: Superheroes

Round 2.9: Show and Tell vs. Fire

Sam didn’t like going to school.

At least, not when he was younger- six, to be exact. Wide-eyed, wild-haired, mouth always running and hands constantly tugging on Dean’s sleeve for some sliver of attention. That’s where he always wanted to be- by Dean’s side. Not in the midst of a swarm of high voices and accusing looks and giggles hidden behind palms.

He couldn’t be with his big brother when he was at school. Couldn’t hear his warm voice or count the explosion of freckles falling across his cheeks after Dad grumbled that he was “too busy” to play a game. It was always, “Class, this is Sam.” “Where have you been, Sam?” “Where’d you get that bruise, Sam?”

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Sometimes I script comics that I find too frustrating to draw and even more frustrating to attempt to make ficlettes out of. But the ideas still make me chuckle and want to share, so here are two little script-scenes. Both fairly Obi-Wan-centric, as it happens.

1. At a decently-dressy event, Anakin finds himself covered in some kind of debris. Padme attempts to brush it off, sighing that what they really need is a lint roller. Anakin turns to Obi-Wan and holds his hand out. With an offended huff, Obi-Wan asks, “Oh, so it’s my life’s duty to just follow you around, prepared to clean up your messes, is it?” Anakin continues to stare him down, palm open. Obi-Wan huffs even louder, and produces a mini lint roller from an inside jacket pocket.  

2. Obi-Wan is giving a lesson at school. Ahsoka taps her pencil lightly against her desk, bored. In the seat next to her, Tup is scrutinizing Mr. Kenobi with an unsure and slightly embarrassed expression. Ahsoka glances over, takes note, and whispers, “Sup, Tup?” He shakes his head, but she keeps pestering him with pokes and whispers. Not wanting to get in trouble for horsing around, he finally mutters back, “That sweater. I’m, um… I’m pretty sure it’s my brother’s.” Delighted, Ahsoka’s face splits open in a grin as she loudly replies, “Oh REALLY!” Mr. Kenobi’s voice floats from the front of the class: “If you have a question, Ms. Tano, kindly raise your hand.” Her hand shoots into the air, and Tup scrambles to yank it back down.

Triwizard Tournament (Carry On Countdown Dec 10th)

I love the Harry Potter series but i haven’t read the books in a while so I apologize for any inaccuracies. I don’t mean to imply that Baz is Cedric btw, I would never kill off Baz (wouldn’t have killed off Cedric either tho). Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


The Triwizard Tournament seemed overrated to him. He watched glumly as students pushed past one another to put their names in the goblet. Penny was reading a book beside him and ignored them all.
“I just don’t get it Penny. Why do they all want to risk their lives?”
She shrugged. “Fame, adventure, I don’t know Simon.”
Simon’s shoulder’s sagged. “They don’t even realize what they’re getting themselves into.”
Penny set her book aside and looked at him.
“This isn’t the humdrum. They’re going to be safe.”
Agatha stepped lightly around all the students clamoring to put their names in the goblet of fire.
As she sat beside the two of them she huffed in annoyance.
“This is barbaric.”
Penny studied her girlfriend and rolled her eyes.
“Babe, your tie is hopeless.”
Agatha sat patiently as Penny re-did Agatha’s Slytherin green tie. Simon smirked at the two of them, a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw together, who would’ve thought.
At that thought another Slytherin student entered the room. Basilton Grimm-Pitch, his enemy, slinked towards the goblet of fire and slipped his name in. He did so in a mild manner, nothing like the gaudy displays the other students were doing. Simon knew it was stupid but he had to say something.
“Baz!” He stormed over to him.
The sleek boy turned. His raven hair was slicked back and severe as usual and his eyes were as cold as grey ice.
“Yes Snow?”
Simon glared at him.
“Why would you put your name in? You could die out there.”
Baz studied his face.
“And you care because?”
Simon frowned. “Well I…don’t care. But you should. You’ve been around when the humdrum attacks. You’re not like the others, you understand what real danger is.”
Baz flicked an invisible piece of lint of his uniform and sighed.
“Look. You know who my family is right? Did you think they would be okay with me ignoring this whole competition?”
Simon hadn’t thought of that.
Baz continued, “It’s a silly competition where students are considering giving their lives away, and for what? So they can get five minutes of fame.”
Simon felt his anger fade away.
“But you have to do it. Because of your family.”
Baz nodded and grimaced.
“Snow it’s been nice and all but I’ve got to go. I’d rather not have people think I’m friends with a Gryffindor.”
Simon watched as Baz walked away from him. He often wished he could rip the Gryffindor name off his back. It came with a million expectations, that he would be great and achieve wonders, that he could defeat the humdrum, and that he would eventually kill Baz. He wanted none of those things. And to think the sorting hat had given him a chance to be in Hufflepuff, but he hadn’t listened, he had insisted on Gryffindor. Anything to impress Headmaster David.


“Basilton Grimm-Pitch!” the Headmaster’s voice rang out clear as day.
Baz rose and walked confidently, pretending for all the world that he wanted this. Throughout the entire ceremony he watched as people from other schools celebrated their champions. He wanted to scream at them that they were being stupid, taking the whole thing too lightly. But he had to pretend; after all he wasn’t doing this for himself.
He had told Snow that he was doing this for his family. That had been partially true, they definitely expected him to put his name in. But he could have resisted them. Baz had really done it as a safeguard. He hoped that by putting his name in it was one more option for the goblet to pick over Snow.
He pasted on a smile as the Headmaster congratulated him and sent him away to sit with the other champions. He had a feeling that if Snow competed, he would die. There was no way to explain it other than his own intuition. Baz couldn’t stand that idea and he had been relieved when Snow made it clear he wouldn’t be participating.
After a couple of minutes a stunned looking Snow entered the room. He looked shocked and wary. Baz rose and walked over to him.
“What are you doing?” He hissed.
Snow glanced up at him, fear written across his face.
“Someone put my name in.”
Baz felt his body recoil.
“That’s not possible.”
Snow ran his hands through his thick curls. There were dark circles under his eyes and he looked thinner than usual.
“Well I didn’t do it. So somebody had to.”
Baz snarled and walked away from him. He had done what he could to prevent this and it had still happened. Hell, Snow had even done his best to prevent this. But it hadn’t mattered. Simon Snow, the boy Baz was in love with, was going to compete in the Triwizard Tournament whether he liked it or not.
He turned back to him.
“Baz, what am I going to do?”
Baz gritted his teeth.
“What you always do, Snow. You’re going to survive.”
Snow’s face was a swirl of misery and fear.
“How Baz? Wizards die in these competitions. Regular wizards. If the humdrum attacks during an event…”
Baz clenched his fists and made a decision. Maybe he was expected to act like he hated Snow but this was different. Snow’s life was on the line. Even if the other boy didn’t feel the same way, Baz would fight to protect him.
“You’re going to make it because I’ll help you.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “What?
“I’ll help you live through this, okay? We’ll get through it together. Deal?”
He held out his hand to Snow tentatively. Snow looked at his outstretched hand warily but lifted his own. They shook hands slowly.
Snow looked Baz in the eye.

One Last Song [ Steve Rogers x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : I saw a prompt and forgot where it was from.  

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC

Genre : ANGST   |   Warning : Just angst.

Author’s Note : Hey!! I’m back!! I’m trying to get back to writing and i hope this is okay :D I’ll try to write more now that i’m done with some work and all that 

tell me what you think!

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“Hey, FRIDAY?” Steve called out as he staggered towards the alley.


“Yes, Captain?”


“Can you call [Y/N] for me please?” He asked, sliding down the brick wall with a grunt.


“Of course, Captain.” There was a pause before the A.I. spoke again. “Would you like to me to tell—“


“No need, FRIDAY.”

* * *

[Y/N] was on her way back to her apartment after a long, somewhat-boring day in the tower when he called her. Her lips curled into a fond smile as she put her phone to her ear.

“Hey.” She answered. His breathy reply came a moment later.

“Hi, honey.” Oh how she missed the sound of his voice. [Y/N] unlocked the door and walked inside the home she has been sharing with Steve for the past few years. Her smile fell when he heard another gunshot.

“Are you in the middle of a fight?” she worriedly asked as she put down her leather bag on the coffee-table and plopped down on the couch. She heard him took a sharp intake of breath, followed by a tiny laugh.

“Yeah. I missed you. Figure I could call you while fighting these stupid HYDRA.”

She let out soft sigh and leaned back on the couch, quietly listening to Steve’s adorable string of curses as he fought.

“I miss you too, Steve.” She whispered. There was a long silence before Steve finally replied.

“Tell me about your day?” He asked with a fond voice.

She told him about her day in details. She hilariously mimicked Tony’s voice when he found out she has been pranking him since last week. She told Steve about the delicious food Bucky bought her when he realized her pranking talents. She didn’t even forget to tell him about Bucky’s plan to prank Natasha and Clint when they got home.

“I wish I was there.” Steve whispered.

“I wish you were here too, Steve.” She sadly twirled the hem of her shirt and bit her lips to stop herself from crying. “I really miss you.”

“Me too, doll.” Steve let out another soft sigh. “[Y/N]?”

She hummed a reply while absentmindedly picking the lint on the couch.

“Can you sing for me? You know, that song you always sang when you’re in the shower. I really miss it right now.” Steve explained. [Y/N] laughed a little before she nodded.

“Okay. Only for you, Steve.”

“You know you love me.” She could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke.

“I do.”

I want you by my side

So that I never feel alone again

They’ve always been so kind

But now they’ve brought you away from here

I hope they didn’t get your mind

Your heart is too strong anyway

We need to fetch back the time

They’ve stolen from us


* * *

In hindsight, [Y/N] supposed she should have known what was happening when he called her. Maybe that was why she was furious. She should have known, she bitterly thought. She flinched away from Bucky and Natasha when they came into her apartment later that evening.


She barked out a laugh. Oh God. How stupid can she be? She shook her head in disbelief. Her body was shaking in anger and she couldn’t see clearly because of the tears. All she wanted to do was scream and hit something. But every single furniture has been destroyed and the only thing not ruined was the couch she was sitting in.


“I should have known.” She whispered, feeling the anger slowly ebbed away, replaced with a twisting pain in her heart. She looked up at her friends and gave them a tiny smile. “I should have known.”

“It’s not your fault.” Bucky tried to say.

“But I should have known!” She snapped.

She stared at them with hollow eyes. They wouldn’t understand. They didn’t know the horror of not hearing his voice when she finished singing him a song. They didn’t know when the panic started to set in and she started to hyperventilate because she didn’t know what was happening on the other side of the phone.

* * *

“What do you mean you can’t help him?” [Y/N] slowly asked. Bruce guiltily looked away from her.


“I’m sorry, [Y/N].” Helen Cho quietly said.


“No.” She shook her head. “Don’t.”  her gaze went to the bloodied body lying on the gurney next to her. This was just a dream, she told herself. She would open her eyes anytime soon and he’d be awake. Please.


“We’ve done everything we could.”


“You didn’t try enough.” She hissed. “Bring him back.” She looked at her friends.


“Bring my Steve back to me. Please.” Because she didn’t know how to live with this gaping wound in her heart. She didn’t want to. She turned around and saw Bucky crying quietly in the corner.


“Bring him back, please.” She pleaded. “I need him.”

* * *

Bucky was the only one who was brave enough to sit next to [Y/N] and held her hand throughout the ceremony. She didn’t cry, he noticed. He wished she did. She looked straight at the black coffin with empty eyes, her lips pressed into a thin line as she tightly squeezed his hand.

“I’ve always thought I would be the one to die first.” She told him when everyone has gone home. They were still seated on the white wooden chairs, eyes fixed on the coffin. “I never thought—“ She shook her head and wiped a tear from her eyes. A sad smile graced her face when she turned to him.

“I don’t know how to stop it, Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyebrows knitted into a confused frown.

“The pain.” She continued, pointing her finger to her chest. “I don’t know how to make it go away.”

Bucky’s lips twitched into a sad smile. “I don’t think it will, doll.” He gently pat her thigh and stood up. “You just learn how to live with it.”

anonymous asked:

Namjoon scenario where you two are dating but since you almost never see each other its like your not dating? so one day you ask your friend [on the phone] what you should do but he hears it?<3

Sorry, this is insanely long, but I was really feeling it while writing. XD Enjoy!

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say it isn’t over - rap monster x you

word count: 2,037

warning: mild swearing [ one or two swear words XD ]

“I don’t know what to do,” You sighed over the phone, leaning your back against the closed door as you slid down, sitting on the floor with your knees touching your chest. You were in the Bangtan dorm, getting something for Yoongi; he had forgotten to pack his hard drive again.

“About Namjoon?” Your friend, Shin Ah, said with a sigh of her own.

“Yeah,” You muttered, picking lint off of your leggings.

“He still hasn’t contacted you yet? Hasn’t it been nearly a month already?”

“Over,” You dryly answered, not wanting to talk about it, but wanting to talk about it at the same time. Shin Ah was your only form of comfort these days, ever since Namjoon became completely focused on his idol duties.

A part of you knew you were being selfish and a little greedy. By forcing him to stay by your side even when he was busy meant that you could be preventing him from growing as an idol and an artist, and you didn’t want that. You were so proud of him for reaching the stage in his life he was in right now, so proud of him for staying strong as the leader of Bangtan, but it was honestly so hard for you to cope with all the side effects and the aftermath.

What made the absence of Namjoon even more difficult to you was the fact that you had known this would eventually happen when you had started dating him. It had been your biggest fear, that Namjoon would gradually lose his head into making music and slowly forget about you. How could it not have been your biggest fear, when all you felt was doubt? When all you heard were the whispers around you that already talked about your break up, the voices of fans that disapproved of your relationship with him? You had gotten so much hate and was getting so much these days that it was starting to take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It hurt.

It really did.

And you didn’t know what to do to make yourself feel better.

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