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Giiiirl congrats on your mystic messenger blog!!! 😄 So excited to see more of your work! 😄 For my ask, what do you think the RFA guys + Minor Duo would do if they found MC's diary? 😂 Would they read it? And if they do, how would they react to her entries about them? 😉

Hey!! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely do this because it sounds hilarious!! Thanks so much for the request!!! So I am going to start out with Vanderwood because he does not get enough love <3. I hope you like it!!

Warning!! I picture Vanderwood cusses a lot sooo profanity ahead!!

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Pizza slices (Peter Parker x reader)

Name: Pizza slices

Requested: Can you do one where y/n is in a really bad spot with her family so she ends up trying to rob someone so she can pay for food but Spiderman stops her and she basically starts having a panic attack because she just needs food so badly and he ends up just buying her food and the next day at school Peter buys her lunch and she recognizes his voice? Thanks! I love your stuff

Warnings: Robbery, family problems, flufff, crime, swearing

Plot: She truly didn’t want to do it, but it was her last resort if she wanted herself and her family to live. She found a man leaving the corner store and backed him into an alley, not knowing about the hero watching her from above.

(A/N): This request was really really cool! I thought this was hella fun to write, so thank you so much to whoever requested this! Again, super creative request. Enjoy! (If this is not what you wanted, please message me and I’ll try and fix it!)

This takes place before our boy gets his real suit in case you get confused!

She didn’t want to do it.

She genuinely didn’t, but after being denied multiple jobs and her dad being fired, it was her last resort.

‘Cmon, (Y/N), you can do this…just…just back them in and get the money, easy’ as the girl begins to overthink things, she hears the jingle of the bell above the corner store door as somebody walks out. This was it, it was now or never. She jumps out, backing the victim into the alley. Step one done. “Listen, kid, I don’t want any trouble…” he attempts. His pleads were ignored, evident when the girl begins to speak wearily, holding out the gun in an attempt to intimidate the taller man, but it was clear that she was just as scared as him.

'This is wrong. This is wrong, stop while you’re ahead’ her thoughts were invaded once again.

“Just…just please give me your money and you won’t get hurt” the girl managed. The man didn’t reply, he just raised his hands in defense. Luckily (for both parties), (Y/N) was disarmed, the gun being tugged from her hands, giving the victim time to escape. She didn’t fight back, letting the hero she knew so well from the news web her hand to the wall. The (H/C) girl squeezes her eyes shut as a way to try to keep the tears from falling. It didn’t work. As she hears the thump of the heroes feet meeting the floor, she breaks down.

Peter hears this. He could recognize her voice, identifying it as (Y/N) (L/N) from school, the girl he liked since he first saw her. Sure, he knew she was troubled, but never knew how so. Maybe today was the day he’d find out. He walked up to her slowly, stopping in front of her. She must’ve heard him, as she shut her eyes tighter, curling down as low as she could go with her webbed hand. “I’m sorry before you say anything.” the girl sighs, looking down in shame. Peter folds his arms. “I just…I know this is a shitty excuse, but I’m sorry. My family hasn’t been doing great money wise, and my dad got fired and my grades are dropping really quickly because I’m trying to find work and…fuck, this is all I have left to do. I can’t afford food and we’re all starving and…” her breathing becomes uneven and he could see the tears begin to fall from her eyes and drop to the concrete. Peter hesitates, then sighs. He kneels down to her level. “Hey, don’t cry…I’ll-” he fishes for his wallet, opening it and scanning for how much he had left. 50$ could buy food, right? “I’ll buy you food. Just…wait here” and he walks away, leaving (Y/N) alone in the alley. This gave her time to adjust herself, wiping her tears and standing up. She felt the webs loosen, and she finally freed her hand. She didn’t run though, there was no point. She did, however, freak out on the inside. Was he gonna tell the cops? Would she be turned in? Would-

“Hey, I uh…I got some pizzas and some water. There are some fruit and chips in there too and…are you okay?”

His voice cuts her thoughts off and calmed her slightly. He walks towards her, handing her the bag. “Yeah. Yeah…” she shrugs. Now, Peter never really spoke to (Y/N) before this, but he could tell that she wasn’t okay. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t do it again. I know it may seem hard to get a job, but keep trying. It’s better than risking prison time” She nods at his lecture. “Thanks. I really appreciate this…” she motions to the bag. The hero rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, shifting his weight onto his other foot. “Yeah! No problem. I like pizza too, so…” he trails. (Y/N) nods. There was a long, uncomfortable pause until he broke it with his coughing. “I’ll…be off then. Y'know…uh…Spider man stuff” the girl laughs slightly, wiping her eyes once more. Peter salutes her, swinging off before she could thank him again. So, there she stood, staring dumbly at the sky with a stupid grin on her face. Her family can eat tonight, and probably for a while afterward. (Y/N) walks out with more of a pep in her step.

At school, everything went as normal until lunch rolled around. After what seemed like hours (Though it was about 3 minutes) she finally reached the till. She places the plate with the pizza slice on the table, beginning to fish for the change in her pocket. “That’s $3.50, doll” the woman behind the till speaks. (Y/N) freezes, looking up at her. “But last week it was only $2.50?” “Prices are gone up since Monday” She begins to search the rest of her pockets for whatever she could muster, but only turned up with lint. Sighing, she starts to walk off. The pizza slice was the only thing on the menu that filled her up properly on an empty stomach, as she never had breakfast in fear of wasting the little food her and her house had. Before she could move far, she bumped into a taller boy, who reached into his pockets and gave the lunch lady the change required. “That’s for the pizza” he states, flashing her a small smile before walking off, (Y/N) following close behind. “Hey, thanks, Parker” she smiles warmly at him while he stops, facing her. Peter nods, chuckling slightly as he reached for the back of his neck once again. “Uh, no problem…how do you know my name?” the question caught her off guard, but she rolled her eyes playfully and answered anyway. “Everyone knows you, you’re like the smartest guy in the school. Must be really lucky, too, my grades are shit right now” He hesitates, laughing awkwardly to fill the silence. “Wow…uh, well, speaking of…” he coughs. “Do you wanna…come study with me some time? I’ll order pizza or something” (Y/N) smiles widely, nodding. “You’d do that?” he nods. “Thank you, really. Um, it’s not much, but here” she digs through her pocket and brings out the $2.50 she was meaning to give the lunch lady, handing it to him. He laughs, more genuine this time, thanking her and nodding towards an empty table, signaling a request to sit down. She nods cheerfully, following him to the seats.

“You must really like that, huh? Every time I come over you get it” the (H/C) girl chuckles, motioning to the pizza. Peter wipes his mouth and places the food on the plate, which sat next to the box on his bed before speaking. “Yeah, I like pizza a lot, actually. It’s like one of my favorite things ever” he shrugs, unintentionally making (Y/N) laugh once again. Her smile fades slowly when she remembers that phrase being said in that exact voice a couple of nights ago.

“Yeah! No problem. I like pizza too, so…”

Her eyes widen. The neck rubs, him paying for her food even though they barely spoke before this. It all clicked in her head. “Holy shit, you’re Spider-man” her statement was certain, almost as if she was a detective after making a breakthrough. Peter almost chokes. “What? No, what do you mean? Where’d you…get that from?” he folds his arms uncomfortably. “Yes, you are! Look, you’re folding your arms in the same way!” she points at him, and he immediately unfolds them. “Oh my god, I’ve been hanging out with Spider-man!” (Y/N) exclaims, but is quickly shushed by a frantic Peter Parker. “Shh! Shut up, May will hear!” this only caused her eyes to widen more. “She doesn’t know?!” Her shock was only conveyed through whisper-yells now, but it got her point across. “No! Not even Ned knows!” She knew who Ned was now, she met him and even hung out a couple times, they seemed really close, which only made her more confused and intrigued. “Don’t tell anyone, please…I didn’t tell anybody about-” he was almost immediately cut off by (Y/N)s voice overlapping his own. “I won’t, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me” they shared a thankful smile, then continued to study. It didn’t take long until (Y/N) spoke up again. “Aside from being Spider-man, why’d you pay for it?” she inquires curiously. Peter sighs, placing his pen on his bed. “Can we just drop this whole Spider-man thing while we’re studying?” “C'mon, Peter, please? Then I’ll drop it! I thought it was really sweet! Please, I’ll d-” he groans. “Because I’ve liked you for a while and I thought it’d get you to talk to me!” the teen raises his voice so he can be heard over the pleading. (Y/N) froze, so did Peter. He immediately began to regret what he said “I mean, like, as in-” he couldn’t finish his sentence, as the girl crashed her lips into his, silencing him. It took her a while to break it, but when she did, she had a huge smile plastered on her face. “Well it worked”

“So…you like me back?” Peter asks hopefully. (Y/N) rolled her eyes again, picking up a slice of pizza. “Yes, I like you back”

Riju: “Buliara, why couldn’t the sand seal get anything out of her pockets?”
Buliara: “Sand seals don’t have pockets–”
Riju: “Because they were stuck shut with seal-lint!!”
Buliara: … *sighs*

Headcanon: Riju repeats all of Patricia’s terrible seal puns to Buliara. Buliara only pretends not to love them because she thinks laughing would undermine her reputation as an unflappably stoic bodyguard.

soul to keep, ch. 5

summary: marinette dupain-cheng is no stranger to unusual situations. a ghost wandering into her bedroom and pulling her into the mystery of who he was and how he died, however, is a touch out of the ordinary for her–and falling in love with him might just take the cake. ghost!adrien au.

genre: romance with equal parts (hopefully) humor and angst

cross-posted: ao3

previous: i | ii | iii | iv


“So,” Marinette said, tapping her pen against her chin as she whirled around in her desk chair. “First, we do some research. Here’s what we know.”

Sunlight filtered through the windows of Marinette’s bedroom. This was the first time that Chat had come to visit her during the daytime. He had done so on Marinette’s request; she felt that they had a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks if they were going to introduce him to Alya and Nino without looking crazy or terrifying, or both.

“We need to figure out how you work.” Marinette began to jot notes down on her notepad as she thought out loud. “You can walk through things. And appear and disappear. Is that right?”

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“Hold this, will you?” said the old woman, standing up. “Over your thumbs, young man. It won’t take a moment for me to wind a fresh ball. I was hoping someone would drop by.”
She held out a skein of wool.
The robber took it uncertainly, aware of the grins on the faces of his men. But he opened his arms with what he hoped was a suitably evil little-does-she-suspect look on his face.
“That’s right.” said the old woman, standing back. She kicked him viciously in the groin in an incredibly efficient if unladylike way, reached down as he toppled, caught up the cauldron, flung it accurately at the face of the first henchman, and picked up her knitting before he fell.
The two surviving robbers hadn’t had time to move, but the one unfroze and leapt for the sword. He staggered back under its weight, but the blade was long and reassuring.
“Aha!” he said, and grunted as he raised the sword. “How the hell did you carry this, old woman?”
“It’s not my sword,” she said. “It belonged to the man over there.”
The man risked a look sideways. A pair of feet in armored sandals were just visible behind a rock. They were very big feet.
But I’ve got a weapon, he thought. And then he thought: so did he.
The old woman sighed and drew two knitting needles from the ball of wool. The light linted on them, and the blanket slid away from her shoulders and fell on to the snow.
“Well, gentlemen?” she said.

– Vena the Raven-Haired | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

Sideways: Part 4 (Final)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [On AO3]

The Galran vessel was a raucous place. Whenever they hit hyperdrive, the excess air would strike the vents at an odd angle, and the sound would rattle down the halls like birdsong. If Shiro pressed his ear to the floor, he could hear the electric clicks downstairs, the frizzle of quintessence as energy shot up and and down the ship’s nervous system. Some days the whole ship pulsed like the neck of a great beast.

The Castle of Lions feels dead by contrast. The quiet stings.

Team Voltron gathers outside Shiro’s room to argue. Shiro can make out an undercurrent of tension through the door. The barest crumbs of conversation reach him; he catches words like table scraps, but they don’t fit together out of context.

Shiro’s hands flex against his cuffs. He sits at the rear of his bed, cross-legged, each wrist cuffed to a separate bedpost. It’s only a dream, but every time a crew member looks through the window on his door, Shiro’s heart sinks.

At last the door opens. Light from the hallway yellows the outlines of Shiro’s furniture, the stream broken by Keith’s shadow. It’s a familiar sight, by now—Keith’s body, black against the glare of a hallway light. In time, the door slides shut behind Keith, and the light gets swept away like a patch of dust. Keith’s face becomes visible. He still hasn’t had time to change out of his armor. Someone gave him a pad for his cheek—an Altean bandaid of sorts. There’s a spot of dried blood under his chin.

Keith’s eyes find Shiro’s, as they always do. He’s never been one to look away.

“You should get to a pod,” Shiro suggests.

Keith won’t bite. “I need to take off your arm.“

Keith looks at Shiro like he dares him to put up a fight. Shiro only lifts his right arm. The cuff snags on his wrist, and a hum of magnetic energy tickles his skin.

“There’s a little hatch near the elbow,” Shiro says, “and then a screen under that, with a passcode…”

Keith’s shoulders lower by degrees. The dark room turns his eyes to slate. Keith steps forward. He drags a chair over from Shiro’s empty desk—plunks down beside Shiro’s bed. Runs his hands through his hair once, like he can shake the tension out of the room. Then he reaches for Shiro’s arm.

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foreign affairs (sehun) - two

4.2k, part 2/?

part one

“Your attitude? Not that bad?” I barked out a laugh.

“Yeah, sorry hyung, but even I don’t get the nicest vibe from you, gotta be blunt.” Chan said, leaning onto the counter beside me and shooting Sehun a raised brow.

“Why’s that, hyung?"Sehun replied, sneering at Chanyeol with his face contorted.

"Well, that tone is certainly a start.” Ky said, frying veggies in a pan.

“The dark and brooding demeanour is another point on the list.” Baek added.

“The whole ‘lone dog’ thing is a lot to deal with as well.” I quipped, tucking my hair behind my ears and grinning.

“Oh, come on.” Sehun said, a aggravated grin playing at his lips.

“Well seriously man, do you have any friends?” Chan said, smirking.

“I’m not interested in making friends.”

“I think I’ve decided!” Back said triumphantly, throwing my door open with a wide grin.

Chan groaned from his nap on my bed. “Baekhyn-ah, it shouldn’t be this hard to pick a fucking outfit.”

“Come on Baekhyun, you made me lose my place!” Ky groaned, adjusting his glasses from his nose. Classes didn’t start until tomorrow, and yet he was already waist deep in revision for his culinary history class. Such a good student.

Even I huffed. “Baek, this is the fourth time you’ve-” I raised my hands into quotation marks “-decided on your first-day-of-class ensemble.”

Baek knitted his eyebrows at me. “Wha- what’s this?” he said, imitating my quotation marks and pulling a nasty face. “You canadians and your stupid hand gestures. No, I’m serious this time!”

“Oh yeah? Well go on then, model it off to us.” Chanyeol said, shooing Baek to the bathroom with a flick of his wrist. He rolled onto his side, sleepy eyes heavy lidded. “In the meantime, how long was I out?”

“Only since he had last 'decided’.” I said, repeating my 'stupid canadian hand gesture’ and glancing at the invisible watch on my wrist. “So, about ten minutes or so?”

“Ah, fuck this.” Chanyeol said, a lopsided grin forming as he pushed himself into a sit. He rubbed his eyes wearily. “There’s no point if this will keep happening all day.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised you’ve kept trying for this long.” Kyungsoo said, leaning back and stretching from the kitchen table. “I would have given up after he tried stealing your sweater to try on.”

“Yeah, that almost pushed me to the edge.” Chan chuckled. “He’s lucky I’m so patient.”

“Are you guys done bitching about me or should I leave?” Baekhyun yelled from behind the closed door of the bathroom, followed by a harsh thud. “Ah, fuck, almost slipped and broke my dick.”

I closed my laptop with a soft thud. “Baek, can you not talk about your dick for like five minutes, please?” I asked, rubbing my temples in disdain.

“You love it!” he laughed, swinging open the door softly. He strutted out, in impossibly tight black skinny jeans, swinging his hips animatedly. His white tee shirt was crisp and clean, and he tousled his tawny hair softly with a smirk.

“Wow.” Ky said dryly, leaving his head on his hands and giving Back an uninterested look. “You look amazing, hyung.”

“Truly a gift from God himself.” I said, with a sarcastic smirk playing on my lips.

“Holy, do you happen to be single? I’d like to take you out, hot stuff.” Chan said through the open door to my room, grinning.

“Can you guys fuck off, for like, two seconds please. Is this too understated?” Baek asked, rolling his eyes and pressing his shirt with his hands.

“Honestly Baekhyun, anything will look fine. The profs aren’t even going to notice -” I started.

“Well, this isn’t for the professors!” Back whines, shoving his hands in his back pockets.

“Then who’s it for?” Ky asked wearily, folding his glasses and setting them on the table.

“The ladies, obviously.” Baekhyun grinned, sauntering over to join Ky and I at the table. He plopped down beside me with a soft thud. “Come on, now I’m reconsidering this whole thing.”

“It looks fine!

“Who cares you idiot!”

“Can you stop worrying about it already?” We all whined un unison.

Baekhyun shrugged. “If you tell me that its actually fine, then sure.”

“It’s fine!

“Thank you.” Baekhyun said with a smirk, folding his arms. “So, who wants lunch?”

“Ah, me!” Chanyeol said, rolling back to lay on my bed once again. “But not if you’re making it.”

“Don’t worry, I need practice anyway.” Kyungsoo said, signing and standing up. “Where’s your pot again?”

“There.” I said, pointing to the cupboards. The past few days, we had gotten into the habit of cooking for each other. Baek burnt ramen first time, and we haven’t trusted him since.

“What are you thinking today, Kyungsoo?” I asked, folding my legs up on the chair. “Something spicy, I assume?”

“Is there any other way?” Ky said, turning and shooting me a grin. He loved his spicy meals, which worked out well for me, who also has a rather adventurous palette.

Suddenly, these was a soft rapping at the door, so quiet I almost missed it. Ky heard it as well, turning to face me with wide eyes.

“Ah, you have a guest?” he said, gesturing a soup ladle at the door while gathering supplies from my fridge.

“I guess so.” I shrugged, rising from my creaky chair. “Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are.”

I grabbed the handle and opened the door softly, not wanting to scare off whoever was here to see me. I glanced out, but was surprised to have my view completely hidden by a broad chest.

“Eh? You?” Sehun said, his lips twisting into a frown. “I must have the wrong room.”

I shot him a smirk. “Aw, you missed me that much already?”

Sehun ignored me, looking at my room number and chewing his lip in concentration. “Huh, one-oh-eight… the fucker must have given me the wrong - ”

“Sehun?” Ky said, peering out from behind my shoulder. He looked just as confused as Sehun. “What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you.”

“Well yeah, but why?”

“My keycard isn’t working.”

“What?!” Kyungsoo said, his eyes growing larger by the moment.

“Yeah, you told me you were coming here again… why on earth are you with her? Whose room is this?” Sehun asked, pointing to me. His brows knit together as though the fact that Ky and I being friends was the most difficult algorithm he had ever encountered.

“Hey, I’m standing right here you know. It is my room, after all.” I quipped, shuffling aside so Kyungsoo could face Sehun. It was clear he wasn’t here for me anyway.

“Whatever. Can I borrow your key?” Sehun huffed, holding out his hand and expecting Kyungsoo to hand it over promptly.

“Uh… my key’s in the room.” Ky said, his eyebrows raising.

What?!” Sehun exclaimed, his voice growing louder by the moment. His hand raised to rub at his temples in annoyance. “Are you kidding me, DO?”

“Well, it’s not like you ever leave the room anyway, I figured you would stay holed up until I came back.”

“Well you thought wrong, you idiot.”

“Hey, at least my keycard works though.”

“Yeah, that would really be useful right now, wouldn’t it.”

“Well, maybe if you had left the room before you would have realized that your card was broken.”

“Well, maybe if you weren’t a stupid fucki-”

“Can you guys stop bickering for two seconds?” I said, rolling my eyes. I swear my ears were about to burst from listening to the two of them. “Are one of you going to call the supervisor and get this fixed, or will I have to take on the mother figure here?”

“I’ll call, since apparently I’m responsible for the fucking mess.” Ky sighed. “Chan, watch the rice. Don’t let it boil over.”

“Got it hyung!” Chan said, rolling off my bed and walking into the kitchen.

Ky slipped out into the hallway to make the call, leaving Chan, Baek, Sehun and I waiting in awkward silence. The tension was so thick, you could cut through it with a knife.

“So… you coming inside, or…?” Baekhyun asked, staring at Sehun with a raised eyebrow.

Sehun scoffed in response. “Polite pass on that offer.”

“Why?” Chan asked, stirring the rice and glancing at him past my shoulder. “We don’t bite, buddy. Come in, have lunch. I doubt you’ll be getting into your room for a while.”

“What makes you say that?” Sehun asked, now intrigued. Even though he was trying to hide it, I could tell he was glancing at Kyungsoo’s culinary creation, now intrigued. He shifted to lean on my doorframe.

“Well, if the key doesn’t work, they’ll need to go through the paperwork and prove that you’re you. Do you happen to have your wallet on you?”

“No.” Sehun said sheepishly, hands starting to fiddle in front of him.

“So, you don’t have any identification on you? They won’t just unlock your room for some random without his Student ID.” Chanyeol said, shooting Sehun a crooked grin. “Come on in, we’re having lunch.”

Sehun, seemingly torn, glanced between Chanyeol, the pot of rice, and me.

I shrugged. “Seems to me like you’re out of luck buddy. May as well get comfortable.”

Sehun tossed back his head and let out a groan, but his feet still carried him inside my doorway.

“Come sit here.” Baekhyun said, patting the chair next to him. Sehun grumbled, yet did as he was told. He flopped into the chair roughly, like a five year old going to time out.

“Come on man, smile a little bit! Classes don’t start until tomorrow, there’s no reason to be this pissed off.” Baek grinned at him. “What’s your program?”

“You won’t get it.” Sehun sighed, picking invisible lint off his dark blue jeans.

“What’s not to get?” Chan quipped. “Is it Astrophysics? Neurology? Biomedical toxicology?” He narrowed his gaze. “Mechanical engineering?

“No, no.” Sehun grimaced at the thought. “I’m going through the Hattoke Jeunmyeon branch, for Dance and Preforming Arts.”

My eyebrows jumped up in surprise. “Wait, you’re a dancer?” I asked in disbelief, my tone certainly giving away my stunned demeanour.

“Yes, what’s it to you, jagi?” Sehun sneered at me, rolling his eyes at my response.

I shrugged. “Nothing, I guess. Just didn’t see you as the dancing type.”

Sehun glanced at me through his thick lashes. He ran a hand though his disheveled mop of a haircut. “Oh, yeah? And what did you see me as, then?”

I looked at the ceiling, pretending to be lost in thought. To add to the effect, I stroked my chin slowly. “Oh, I don’t know… Gatekeeper to Hell?”

Baekhyun grinned at my response. “That’s funny Chae, I was going to say the same thing!”

“I was thinking he’s more 'Portal to the Underworld’ kind of guy myself.” Chanyeol smirked, stirring the rice absentmindedly.

“Either that or Lucifer’s Apprentice, but those were off of our thrilling conversation on initiation night, so can you blame me?” I grinned at him, to which he rolled his eyes.

“I thought we agreed to forget that ever happened.” he sighed. his fingers rubbing his eyes in disdain.

“Oh, but it did.” I said, walking to the countertop beside Chanyeol and hopping up for a seat. “And after, I said I was going to force you to be my friend, and here are. Funny how the universe works out like this.”

“I said no.”

“You really don’t understand what force means, do you?” I said, making Chan snicker quietly.

“Can you fuck off with the attitude, jagi? Not sure if you can tell, but I’m not exactly in the mood.” Sehun said, rolling his head to face me. His dark eyes were burning holes into mine.

“Sure, sure, anything for a friend.” I grinned right back, ignoring my heart pounding at his intense gaze.

“And, we’re good.” Kyungsoo said, coming back into the room and closing the door softly behind him. “You can stop fucking with my meal now, thanks.” He shot a quick smirk at Chanyeol.

“I literally stirred the rice.”

“You’re not supposed to stir rice!”

“Well, I’m not the culinary major, am I?”

“Obviously not.” Ky said, rushing to save his meal from total disaster.

“Wait, can I go now? Did they fix it?” Sehun asked, his voice lilting up in hopefulness.

“What? Oh, no. They said it’ll take an hour or two to get all the paperwork in order and get a new key, but after that we should be good.” Kyungsoo said, grabbing a cutting board to dice some eggplant.

“Are you fucking with me right now?” Sehun asked, narrowing his gaze at Ky.

Kyungsoo sighed, falsifying a large, sickly sweet smile and turning to face Sehun. “Ha, yes! You got me! On that phone call, they actually managed to fix the door, tidied our room for us, and even gave me ten billion Won! Can you believe our luck?! ” The smile dropped from his face and he returned to dicing vegetables. “No, I’m not fucking with you, why would I do that?”

“Okay, okay, I get it.” Sehun said, leaning back in the chair with a loud squeak.

“He’s just giving you the attitude you always seem to give out, hyung.” Baekhyun said, leaning his head on the wall behind him and giving Sehun a soft smirk.

“Come on, I’m not that bad.” Sehun said, his cheeks flaring a bit.

My jaw simply dropped in response. “Your attitude? Not that bad?” I barked out a laugh.

“Yeah, sorry hyung, but even I don’t get the nicest vibe from you, gotta be blunt.” Chan said, leaning onto the counter beside me and shooting Sehun a raised brow.

“Why’s that, hyung?"Sehun replied, sneering at Chanyeol with his face contorted.

"Well, that tone is certainly a start.” Ky said, frying veggies in a pan.

“The dark and brooding demeanour is another point on the list.” Baek added.

“The whole 'lone dog’ thing is a lot to deal with as well.” I quipped, tucking my hair behind my ears and grinning.

“Oh, come on.” Sehun said, a aggravated grin playing at his lips.

“Well seriously man, do you have any friends?” Chan said, smirking.

“I’m not interested in making friends.”

“Who’s not interested in making friends?” Baek asked incredulously, his own heavily-social-oriented lifestyle obviously a stark contrast to Sehun’s.

“You really do belong in the Underworld.” I laughed, shaking my head in disbelief.

“Now I understand why you want to be his friend,” Chan said, slapping my thigh with his large hand. “You feel bad for the guy!”

“Is it really that weird that I’d rather spend my time at uni, oh, I don’t know, learning stuff?” Sehun asked, adjusting his seat in my chair. You could tell we were slowly working our way under his crusty shell, making him actually engage in the conversation. He tried to mask his discomfort with an extra layer of saucy attitude, but it was too obvious to bear.

“Well, obviously that’s a factor of going to school.” I said, smirking at him. “But do you want to remember all your classes, or hanging out with your new group of friends?”

“Classes.” Sehun said, his lips pursing into a tight line.

“Uh oh, I think someone’s in denial!” Chanyeol said, sing-singing to irritate him even more. It worked, Sehun rolling his eyes and crossing his arms with a huff.

“Aw, it’s okay Sehun-ah, we’ll take care of you.” Baekgrinned, and clapped shun on both shoulders, roughing him around a little bit.

“Can I opt out of this experience?” Shun whined, glancing around at all of us with wide eyes.

“Nope! No return engagements, no refunds.” I laughed, sliding off the countertop. “Sorry, hyung, there’s nothing we can do now.”

“And what’s your ultimate plan then?” Shun asked, his eyes narrowing at me. “Cause if you’re hanging with a bunch of boys to get laid, not exactly sure if you’re doing it right.”

“Hey, come on now.” Ky said, taking the pan off the heat and moving it to the table. “She’s like one of the guys.”

“Yeah, she’s like a brother, it’s not like that.” Chanyeol laughed, roughing up my hair playfully. “Could you imagine?”

I grimaced at the thought. While the trio were all attractive in their own way, I was certainly not interested in sleeping with them. “God, no!”

“Come on Chae, the option’s always open with me, oppa!” Back chirped, shooting me a playful wink.

“If you’re trying to put on the moves, I don’t suggest calling her 'sister’ while propositioning sex.” Ky laughed, grabbing some bowls and setting them on the table. “In the meantime, lunch’s ready.”

“Thank god, I think I’m starving!” I grinned, grabbing a bowl and the soup ladle eagerly. “What do you call this?”

“Spicy eggplant wok with rice.” Ky said, a smile playing on my lips as he watched my expression carefully. I heaped it into my bowl, making his smile grow wider. He was obviously thrilled at my excitement.

“Ah, spicy again, hyung?” Baek groaned, not having the fond love of spice that Ky and I shared.

“What’s wrong with spice?” Sehun quipped, shifting again in his seat and eyeing the wok eagerly. “You a little bitch or something?”

Baek rolled his eyes at Sehun’s cold observation. “Or something.” he sneered, imitating Sehun’s voice – badly.

Chan, Ky and I ignored their quarrelling, simply eating our food in soft silence. The food was amazing, as it normally was when Kyungsoo made it, which made us all scarf it down even quicker. Quickly, the pot got emptier and emptier, until finally the food was all gone and the bowls around the table were also empty.

“Ah, outdid yourself again, hyung!” Chan sighed happily, patting his stomach.

“Thank you.” Ky said, cheeks growing rosy at the compliment.

“I’m stuffed!” I yawned, slowly working my way up from my seat. “Now, I need a nap.”

“Not before me!” Chan said with a grin, darting up and running into my room. Eyes widening, I broke into a wide grin and chased after him.

“Oppa, no!” I whined as he flung himself onto my bed. I jumped on as well, the bed frame creaking between the both of us. “Come on, you napped all morning!”

“Yes, and now it’s mid-afternoon, and I’m tired again. Come on, we can both squeeze.” Chan said, his eyes growing heavy through even touching a pillow and blanket. He pulled his hood up around his face and rolled over to face the wall with a soft grumble.

“Sleepy boy.” I tsked quietly, but laying down beside his huge looming frame anyway. I snuggled my head further into my pillow, stomach full and contented, listening to the soft conversation still going on in the kitchen flowing through my doorway.

- - - - -

I rough shake at my shoulder jerked me awake. I groaned sleepily, wiping the hair out of my eyes and blinking slowly. “What?” I grumbled.

“Mwo?” a deep voice said, confused.

Ah, shit. Stupid English kicking in.

“Sorry, what?” I said again, correcting my language.

“We’re leaving.” Sehun said, crouching beside me. His hot breath fanned over my face, smelling strongly of spearmint gum. I grimaced. “Our door got fixed.”

“Oh, okay. You didn’t have to wake me, you know.” I grumbled. Not exactly a morning person.

“Exactly, I figured it would piss you off.” Sehun gave a lopsided smirk, his tone brazen and confident. He raised for his squatting position and went to stride confidently out of the room, before I stopped him.

“Hey, what time is it? Where did everyone go?” I asked quickly, before he had the chance to dart away.

He glanced at his watch and sighed, as though it was the biggest annoyance that I had even asked. He pushed the sleeve of his black shirt further up his arm. “Sixteen - thirty.” he said, glancing back at he. His dark hair fell into his eyes, and he pushed it away and leaned on my doorframe. “Uh, Kyungsoo went to help the supervisor with the paperwork, and Baekhyun decided that he would rather nap in his own bed than on the floor I guess.”

“Ah, gotcha.” I groaned, head falling onto my pillow. “Sixteen-thirty already? Almost dinnertime then, I guess.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Sehun said, gaze falling to the floor. He adjusted his shoes awkwardly, and I could tell from his tense shoulders that he was uncomfortable.

I felt bad, this loner obviously not exactly feeling welcome in our little squad. Maybe we had teased him too much, or maybe he just wasn’t used to having conversations with actual people instead of some weird online chatroom. His shoulders tight and tense, squared off, he positively loomed in the doorway. Even with his stature, you could really tell he was quite delicate, with his long legs and narrow waist.

His body was made to be a dancer.

His eyes caught my stare grazing his body, making me jump slightly. He shot me a arrogant smirk in response.

Refusing to let my cheeks redden, I quipped, “Are you wanting to come out with us? We’ll probably go out tonight since Ky already cooked.” I rested my head on my hands softly, brushing the scraggly hair out of my face.

“You guys all go together?” Sehun said, glancing between me and Chanyeol, who’s still fast asleep.

“Yeah, at least we have the past couple days.” I shrugged, my heart slowly returning to it’s normal pace. “It’s up to you.”

“Eh, I’ll think about it. Don’t get your hopes up though, jagi.” Sehun huffed, rolling his shoulders back. And, with a flick of his stupid hair, he walked out of my doorway.

“Wouldn’t have in the first place!” I yelled after him, but only got my slamming door in response.

'Don’t get your hopes up, jagi’ "Chanyeol grumbled, his voice gravelly with sleep.

"Eh, I thought you were asleep."I said, rolling over to face him.

His head fell to face me, one eye peeking open to look at me. "Nope, woke up somewhere around the time he got snippy again.”

“So, you were awake the whole time?” I smirked.

“Yep, just didn’t want to deal with his attitude. Have we officially signed on to try and tame that guy? Cause I don’t know if I can deal with his snarky demeanour much longer.” Chanyeol groaned, with a smile playing at his lips.

“Not sure. Hopefully if we did, we can reverse that decision before it’s too late.” I laughed, pushing myself to sit up.

“Well, you just invited him out for dinner with us, so good luck!” Chan grumbled, stretching his arms above his head with a groan. He opened his eyes wider, glancing out my window at the slowly sinking sun.

I stood, chuckling. “Yeah, and you really think he’d take up that offer? I don’t think so.”

“Let’s hope not.” Chanyeol said, moving to the edge of my bed. “In the meantime, I better go back to my room and shower before we leave.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably do the same.” I sighed, stretching my arms above my head, and trying to crack my back. Hiking my leggings up further on my hips, I turned to face him and leaned against my desk. “What time will we go, do you think?”

Chan shrugged and stood. “Dunno, text the group chat. I’m gunna go, brainstorm where we should try tonight!” He shot me a lopsided grin. “See you soon, I guess?”

“Yeah, see you later Chan.” I smiled back, to which he gave me a little wave and sauntered out off my room, pulling his hood over his head.

I, myself, headed into the bathroom, getting the shower running. Steam quickly filled the room

Why we had even invited Sehun into my room was rather beyond me. Yes, he was kind of screwed over with the door, but he was also very obviously a social pariah. Putting in the effort with him didn’t seem to be exactly worth the effort when he was so obviously bent on pushing us away. Even though he had a very harsh exterior, simply forcing Sehun for more than a few minutes, you could tell he was a smart guy.

Maybe it was just because he didn’t like anybody. Maybe it was because nobody took the time to like him.

Grabbing the shampoo and lathering up my sandy brown hair, my mind drifted beyond Sehun, to my class tomorrow. Obviously starting strong with a seven in the morning financial business intro class wasn’t the smartest idea, however when I had signed up for it I was thinking that early mornings would be the perfect time to bond with other students. Now, I’m confident that I have a solid group of friends that I can lean back on if nothing works out.

I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, scrubbing at my scalp harshly. The warm, silky water flowed down my body, leaving raised goosebumps in it’s wake. Soaked and silky, my hair hung down my back in a river of brown and copper hues.

Not sure if it’s obvious, but I love showering.

I twisted off the knob with a quick yawn, stepping out of the shower onto the fluffy towel I had laid down previous. Wiping down the mirror with my hand, I stared at my unclothed body with detachment.

From what I’ve been told, I get all my looks from my biological father; long, lean body, gangly limbs, pale skin. My face was sharp and angular, petite nose, large blue-green eyes. All I knew was that my biological parents gave me a weird assortment of genetic code, resulting in in a jarring contrast of sharp and soft features that never seems to look quite right. The adoption agency had given me photos of both of my 'real’ parents, but I was rather uninterested in them, seeing as my adoptive mother was the only mother I really needed.

God, I miss her.

Sighing, I grabbed another towel and dried myself off, done with picking myself apart and getting ready for the night ahead instead.

Show and Tell

Submitted by trulycas

Prompt: Superheroes

Round 2.9: Show and Tell vs. Fire

Sam didn’t like going to school.

At least, not when he was younger- six, to be exact. Wide-eyed, wild-haired, mouth always running and hands constantly tugging on Dean’s sleeve for some sliver of attention. That’s where he always wanted to be- by Dean’s side. Not in the midst of a swarm of high voices and accusing looks and giggles hidden behind palms.

He couldn’t be with his big brother when he was at school. Couldn’t hear his warm voice or count the explosion of freckles falling across his cheeks after Dad grumbled that he was “too busy” to play a game. It was always, “Class, this is Sam.” “Where have you been, Sam?” “Where’d you get that bruise, Sam?”

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Sometimes I script comics that I find too frustrating to draw and even more frustrating to attempt to make ficlettes out of. But the ideas still make me chuckle and want to share, so here are two little script-scenes. Both fairly Obi-Wan-centric, as it happens.

1. At a decently-dressy event, Anakin finds himself covered in some kind of debris. Padme attempts to brush it off, sighing that what they really need is a lint roller. Anakin turns to Obi-Wan and holds his hand out. With an offended huff, Obi-Wan asks, “Oh, so it’s my life’s duty to just follow you around, prepared to clean up your messes, is it?” Anakin continues to stare him down, palm open. Obi-Wan huffs even louder, and produces a mini lint roller from an inside jacket pocket.  

2. Obi-Wan is giving a lesson at school. Ahsoka taps her pencil lightly against her desk, bored. In the seat next to her, Tup is scrutinizing Mr. Kenobi with an unsure and slightly embarrassed expression. Ahsoka glances over, takes note, and whispers, “Sup, Tup?” He shakes his head, but she keeps pestering him with pokes and whispers. Not wanting to get in trouble for horsing around, he finally mutters back, “That sweater. I’m, um… I’m pretty sure it’s my brother’s.” Delighted, Ahsoka’s face splits open in a grin as she loudly replies, “Oh REALLY!” Mr. Kenobi’s voice floats from the front of the class: “If you have a question, Ms. Tano, kindly raise your hand.” Her hand shoots into the air, and Tup scrambles to yank it back down.

Triwizard Tournament (Carry On Countdown Dec 10th)

I love the Harry Potter series but i haven’t read the books in a while so I apologize for any inaccuracies. I don’t mean to imply that Baz is Cedric btw, I would never kill off Baz (wouldn’t have killed off Cedric either tho). Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


The Triwizard Tournament seemed overrated to him. He watched glumly as students pushed past one another to put their names in the goblet. Penny was reading a book beside him and ignored them all.
“I just don’t get it Penny. Why do they all want to risk their lives?”
She shrugged. “Fame, adventure, I don’t know Simon.”
Simon’s shoulder’s sagged. “They don’t even realize what they’re getting themselves into.”
Penny set her book aside and looked at him.
“This isn’t the humdrum. They’re going to be safe.”
Agatha stepped lightly around all the students clamoring to put their names in the goblet of fire.
As she sat beside the two of them she huffed in annoyance.
“This is barbaric.”
Penny studied her girlfriend and rolled her eyes.
“Babe, your tie is hopeless.”
Agatha sat patiently as Penny re-did Agatha’s Slytherin green tie. Simon smirked at the two of them, a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw together, who would’ve thought.
At that thought another Slytherin student entered the room. Basilton Grimm-Pitch, his enemy, slinked towards the goblet of fire and slipped his name in. He did so in a mild manner, nothing like the gaudy displays the other students were doing. Simon knew it was stupid but he had to say something.
“Baz!” He stormed over to him.
The sleek boy turned. His raven hair was slicked back and severe as usual and his eyes were as cold as grey ice.
“Yes Snow?”
Simon glared at him.
“Why would you put your name in? You could die out there.”
Baz studied his face.
“And you care because?”
Simon frowned. “Well I…don’t care. But you should. You’ve been around when the humdrum attacks. You’re not like the others, you understand what real danger is.”
Baz flicked an invisible piece of lint of his uniform and sighed.
“Look. You know who my family is right? Did you think they would be okay with me ignoring this whole competition?”
Simon hadn’t thought of that.
Baz continued, “It’s a silly competition where students are considering giving their lives away, and for what? So they can get five minutes of fame.”
Simon felt his anger fade away.
“But you have to do it. Because of your family.”
Baz nodded and grimaced.
“Snow it’s been nice and all but I’ve got to go. I’d rather not have people think I’m friends with a Gryffindor.”
Simon watched as Baz walked away from him. He often wished he could rip the Gryffindor name off his back. It came with a million expectations, that he would be great and achieve wonders, that he could defeat the humdrum, and that he would eventually kill Baz. He wanted none of those things. And to think the sorting hat had given him a chance to be in Hufflepuff, but he hadn’t listened, he had insisted on Gryffindor. Anything to impress Headmaster David.


“Basilton Grimm-Pitch!” the Headmaster’s voice rang out clear as day.
Baz rose and walked confidently, pretending for all the world that he wanted this. Throughout the entire ceremony he watched as people from other schools celebrated their champions. He wanted to scream at them that they were being stupid, taking the whole thing too lightly. But he had to pretend; after all he wasn’t doing this for himself.
He had told Snow that he was doing this for his family. That had been partially true, they definitely expected him to put his name in. But he could have resisted them. Baz had really done it as a safeguard. He hoped that by putting his name in it was one more option for the goblet to pick over Snow.
He pasted on a smile as the Headmaster congratulated him and sent him away to sit with the other champions. He had a feeling that if Snow competed, he would die. There was no way to explain it other than his own intuition. Baz couldn’t stand that idea and he had been relieved when Snow made it clear he wouldn’t be participating.
After a couple of minutes a stunned looking Snow entered the room. He looked shocked and wary. Baz rose and walked over to him.
“What are you doing?” He hissed.
Snow glanced up at him, fear written across his face.
“Someone put my name in.”
Baz felt his body recoil.
“That’s not possible.”
Snow ran his hands through his thick curls. There were dark circles under his eyes and he looked thinner than usual.
“Well I didn’t do it. So somebody had to.”
Baz snarled and walked away from him. He had done what he could to prevent this and it had still happened. Hell, Snow had even done his best to prevent this. But it hadn’t mattered. Simon Snow, the boy Baz was in love with, was going to compete in the Triwizard Tournament whether he liked it or not.
He turned back to him.
“Baz, what am I going to do?”
Baz gritted his teeth.
“What you always do, Snow. You’re going to survive.”
Snow’s face was a swirl of misery and fear.
“How Baz? Wizards die in these competitions. Regular wizards. If the humdrum attacks during an event…”
Baz clenched his fists and made a decision. Maybe he was expected to act like he hated Snow but this was different. Snow’s life was on the line. Even if the other boy didn’t feel the same way, Baz would fight to protect him.
“You’re going to make it because I’ll help you.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “What?
“I’ll help you live through this, okay? We’ll get through it together. Deal?”
He held out his hand to Snow tentatively. Snow looked at his outstretched hand warily but lifted his own. They shook hands slowly.
Snow looked Baz in the eye.

Gabriel sighed in exasperation, dusting the stray lint and dirt off of his jacket as he looked around the warehouse he had been summoned too. He was irritated, bored, and so done. While he wanted nothing more than to go back home, he knew that whoever had summoned him here would either do it again or assault him with prayers until he came back. He just wanted to get this over with.

“Hey, Nonnie! You gonna tell me what the fuck was so important that you had to summon me here? I’ve got places to be and a baby to feed!”

How I Met Her

Requested - Jungkook 

Plot- Years after BTS had split, went their separate ways, families being made, lives being settled apart from the legacy they have faced. Jungkook finds himself reminiscing old times with his children, who have a curiosity of their own. 


“Dad?” He felt the tug on the bottom half of his pajamas, his smile growing as he crouched down to meet the tired eyes of his 6 year old daughter. She rubbed her small eyes with her balled up hand, a yawn escaping her lips, and from what Jungkook could see, she had been crying. “Nightmare again?” He pouted, placing a kiss on his child’s forehead before picking her up in his arms, gently taking her to the shared bedroom she had with her twin brother. 

He heard shuffling from the other bed when he sat down on his daughter’s cradling her small body in his, watching as his son crawled into the small space and sleepily leaned into Jungkook’s side. His son yawned, his eyes cracking open and shooting Jungkook a lopsided smile. “Dad, can you tell us a story?” His son asked tiredly, allowing him to wrap an arm around his son’s small body, his daughter nodding in agreement. “Tell the one about mom.” She suggested, her eyes suddenly wide in curiosity. “You never did tell us how you met.” 

“Where to start?” 

“From the beginning!” They said in unison, the three of them chuckling at their silliness. “Well, it all started when we were in our group, BTS.”

Jungkook wiped the sweat off his forehead, his eyebrows scrunched together as he struggled to pick up on the routine. He felt eyes on him, and despite the nagging feeling in the back of his neck, he continued to work hard until he physically couldn’t stand. He fell onto his knees, his palms flat on the wooden surface, attempting to get a grip on his breath. 

“Are you okay?” He heard a soft voice say behind him. His eyes immediately narrowing in irritation, whipping around to meet a shocked pair of eyes. He backed away slightly, his awkwardness kicking in when he found himself close to the girl. She held her hands up in defense, backing away to give him his personal space back. “Sorry, I was looking for Hobi, but I stumbled upon you.” She explained, trying so hard not to laugh at his flustered and wide eyes. 

“I’ll just go.” She said, letting out a soft giggle, which in return reddened Jungkook’s cheeks even more. She turned away from him, the sound of the door opening catching both their attentions, followed by the laughter of the other members. Their eyes widened when they saw the flustered Jungkook, as well as you standing in the middle of the practice room. “(Y/N)!” They yelled happily, enveloping the girl in a tight hug. 

“Can’t breath.” She muttered, letting out a sigh of relief when they all released her. “Guys, meet my best friend.” Hobi introduced, wrapping an arm around your tiny frame. “And from what I just saw, you scared the living hell out of Jungkook.” Yoongi teased, nudging a frozen Jungkook, who cowered behind Jin. The boys let out a round of laughter, causing you to frown. 

“Leave him alone, unlike you guys, he’s made a pretty good impression so far.” You said with a smile, and he couldn’t help but send a small one back despite his shyness. 

‘(Y/N). I’ll remember that.’ He thought to himself. 

“Mom made you shy?” His daughter giggled, causing him to poke her side softly. His son huffed, crossing his tiny arms and pinching his sister in the arm. “Oh come on! Let his finish the story, we both know that isn’t mom.” They argue, only stopping when Jungkook hushed them softly. “Do you want me to continue?” He teased, watching the both of them nod quickly. “Okay then, now we’ll skip to when I wasn’t as awkward around her.”

He quietly made his way to the practice room, the sound of music and laughter echoing around the room. He let out a grunt, tripping over his own feet as he made his way to his group of friends, who huddled around you peacefully. He smiled shyly when you made eye contact with him, the skin of his cheeks turning pink when you reached over to give him a gentle hug. 

“We were starting to think you weren’t going to come.” You said softly, the boys nudging him. “And by we, she actually means herself.” Hoseok spoke him, his smile widening at his flustered friend, who roughly hit his forearm. He rubbed the spot where you had hit him, a small pout on his face. 

“Oh look at that, we have to be somewhere that’s not here.” Yoongi said with a smirk, grabbing the rest of the members and tugging them out of the practice room, their laughs echoing around the mirror walled room before fading out of earshot, leaving Jungkook and yourself alone in the room. 

Jungkook inched himself away on instinct, wrapping his arms around his head, practically feeling your gaze on his neck. “Do you not like me or something?” You whispered, his mood instantly turning guilty when he met your saddened smile. He quickly shoot his head, his mind thinking of the right words to say without looking like a total idiot. 

“I-It’s not that. F-Far from th-that.” He stuttered, his frantic eyes shocking you. Sure, you were aware of his awkwardness around women, but you didn’t think it was that bad. He hesitantly scooted closer to your huddled frame, the skin of your elbows touching ever softly. “I get even worse around girls I think are really pretty.” He said sheepishly, flashing you his bunny smile. 

You own cheeks reddened as you shyly placed your hand on top of his, which somehow ended up in between both your curled bodies. He quietly played with the tips of your fingers, the shy smile slowly going away every few minutes, only to be replaced by a small surge of confidence. 

“I can get used to this.” 

He heard his daughter squeal, clutching his shirt tighter. “What else happens?” She asked curiously, causing her brother to groan. “Don’t let her interrupt anymore, I want to hear more.”  His son whined softly, tugging on his arm. Jungkook let out a laugh. 

“(Y/N) became my best friend after all those years, it was amazing.”

“You’re going on a date?” Jungkook asked curiously, watching as you daintily curled your hair, bouncing the curls in your hands to make them pop even more. A shy smile crept up on your face as you put down the curling iron, your eyes meeting Jungkook’s in the reflection of the mirror. His eyebrow quirking in curiosity. 

You gave him a small nod, fixing the last of your appearance before strolling past him. He inhaled a whiff of your perfume as you passed by, the scent turning the skin of his cheeks pink. He loved the perfume on you, and he always made sure to tell you that. His hand grazed over your arm, gently taking your elbow in between his hands. “Wait.” He whispered, pulling you back and almost causing you to stumble into his chest. 

You felt his breath on the back of your neck, causing the hairs to perk up in nervousness. He let out a little sigh, picking out a stray piece of lint that had made it’s way onto your hair, bundling up the little piece before dropping it on the floor. He gently let go of your arm, his cheeks pink at how close you both were. You shoved his arm playfully, causing the slightly sullen boy to look up at you. “Lighten up.” You joked, poking his cheeks with your index fingers. 

“Who’ll always be my favorite guy?” You asked him, leaning down to meet his eyes, which were focused on his shoes. He couldn’t fight the smile that was making it’s way onto his face. You grinned yourself, letting out a squeal when he pulled you into his chest, laying his cheek on the top of your head. “If this guy hurts you, don’t expect me to be nice.” 

You rolled your eyes, hitting him on his chest. “You’ll like him.” You mumbled, going to open the door when knocks caught your attention. He quietly followed behind, much like an overprotective father with his daughter. He leaned against the wall, his arms crossed as he prepared to face your date. His eyes widened when the door opened, the loud laughter immediately catching his attention. 


“Wait, Eomma had a different boyfriend?” His son spoke up this time, much to the annoyance of his daughter. Jungkook laughed, ruffling his son’s hair before shrugging. “If you both let me continue, then maybe you’d find out.” He teased. “I was just getting to the good part.” 

“When you finally confessed to Eomma?” Your daughter asked hopefully, causing Jungkook to nod.

You walked out with the white gown perfectly fitting your body. Jungkook gave a small smile, taking your arm and placing a small kiss on your forehead. “You look beautiful.” He whispered quietly, letting out a small laugh at the blush tinting across your cheeks. “He didn’t hurt you after all.” He joked, both of you laughing at the memory of your first date with Hoseok. 

“I told you he wouldn’t.” You whispered, laying your head on Jungkook’s shoulder, the muscle of his arm defined through the sleeve of his suit as the music began to start. It was his honor to walk you down the aisle, despite your nervous jitters, he managed to calm you down enough for you to walk without stumbling. 

“What if I’m not a good wife?” You whispered, watching as your bridesmaid’s began to walk down the aisle, getting a glimpse of both yours and Hoseok’s family eagerly waiting for you. “You’ll be an amazing wife.” He said soothingly, taking your hand in his and gently rubbing the pad of his thumb against the soft skin of your knuckles. “He’ll love you now and forever.” He talked with you while you both walked the aisle, people watching you in awe. 

He successfully delivered you to Hoseok, who was waiting for his lovely bride to be. Jungkook placed a small kiss on your cheek, wiping away a few tears that fell out of your eyes. He ended up walking to his designated spot, looking at his hands as he heard the vows. “I will love you forever.” He heard Hoseok say, a small smile making it’s way on his face. 

“Just like I will.” Jungkook whispered to himself as you both said your ‘I do’s’. 

“B-But when do you live happily ever after?” His daughter asked, tugging on the loose shirt he wore. He smiled softly at her, caressing the hair on her head. “I’m living it now.” He whispered gently. “I met your mother a while after the wedding, and she was beautiful.” He said simply, earning the attention of his son, who was pouting. 

“Yes, your mother wasn’t my first love, no one can beat her.” He said, looking at the spot where the wedding ring used to be. “I never really got over (Y/N), your mother understood that.” 

“What happened to (Y/N)?” His son asked, hugging Jungkook’s legs. “She and Hoseok divorced after a while, they were more compatible as friends.” Jungkook answered, watching the smile grow on his kids faces. “Why not go after her again?” His son said confidently, holding the phone in his hand. Jungkook’s smile grew as he took the phone. 

“Let’s hope she has the same number.” He joked, poking his kid’s stomach, putting the phone on speaker. The phone dialed for a while before a sleepy voice answered, the voice sending shivers up his spine. 

“Hey (Y/N).”

A/N- It’s late and it sucks, I’m sorry.

One Last Song [ Steve Rogers x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : I saw a prompt and forgot where it was from.  

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC

Genre : ANGST   |   Warning : Just angst.

Author’s Note : Hey!! I’m back!! I’m trying to get back to writing and i hope this is okay :D I’ll try to write more now that i’m done with some work and all that 

tell me what you think!

Originally posted by kiserinu

“Hey, FRIDAY?” Steve called out as he staggered towards the alley.


“Yes, Captain?”


“Can you call [Y/N] for me please?” He asked, sliding down the brick wall with a grunt.


“Of course, Captain.” There was a pause before the A.I. spoke again. “Would you like to me to tell—“


“No need, FRIDAY.”

* * *

[Y/N] was on her way back to her apartment after a long, somewhat-boring day in the tower when he called her. Her lips curled into a fond smile as she put her phone to her ear.

“Hey.” She answered. His breathy reply came a moment later.

“Hi, honey.” Oh how she missed the sound of his voice. [Y/N] unlocked the door and walked inside the home she has been sharing with Steve for the past few years. Her smile fell when he heard another gunshot.

“Are you in the middle of a fight?” she worriedly asked as she put down her leather bag on the coffee-table and plopped down on the couch. She heard him took a sharp intake of breath, followed by a tiny laugh.

“Yeah. I missed you. Figure I could call you while fighting these stupid HYDRA.”

She let out soft sigh and leaned back on the couch, quietly listening to Steve’s adorable string of curses as he fought.

“I miss you too, Steve.” She whispered. There was a long silence before Steve finally replied.

“Tell me about your day?” He asked with a fond voice.

She told him about her day in details. She hilariously mimicked Tony’s voice when he found out she has been pranking him since last week. She told Steve about the delicious food Bucky bought her when he realized her pranking talents. She didn’t even forget to tell him about Bucky’s plan to prank Natasha and Clint when they got home.

“I wish I was there.” Steve whispered.

“I wish you were here too, Steve.” She sadly twirled the hem of her shirt and bit her lips to stop herself from crying. “I really miss you.”

“Me too, doll.” Steve let out another soft sigh. “[Y/N]?”

She hummed a reply while absentmindedly picking the lint on the couch.

“Can you sing for me? You know, that song you always sang when you’re in the shower. I really miss it right now.” Steve explained. [Y/N] laughed a little before she nodded.

“Okay. Only for you, Steve.”

“You know you love me.” She could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke.

“I do.”

I want you by my side

So that I never feel alone again

They’ve always been so kind

But now they’ve brought you away from here

I hope they didn’t get your mind

Your heart is too strong anyway

We need to fetch back the time

They’ve stolen from us


* * *

In hindsight, [Y/N] supposed she should have known what was happening when he called her. Maybe that was why she was furious. She should have known, she bitterly thought. She flinched away from Bucky and Natasha when they came into her apartment later that evening.


She barked out a laugh. Oh God. How stupid can she be? She shook her head in disbelief. Her body was shaking in anger and she couldn’t see clearly because of the tears. All she wanted to do was scream and hit something. But every single furniture has been destroyed and the only thing not ruined was the couch she was sitting in.


“I should have known.” She whispered, feeling the anger slowly ebbed away, replaced with a twisting pain in her heart. She looked up at her friends and gave them a tiny smile. “I should have known.”

“It’s not your fault.” Bucky tried to say.

“But I should have known!” She snapped.

She stared at them with hollow eyes. They wouldn’t understand. They didn’t know the horror of not hearing his voice when she finished singing him a song. They didn’t know when the panic started to set in and she started to hyperventilate because she didn’t know what was happening on the other side of the phone.

* * *

“What do you mean you can’t help him?” [Y/N] slowly asked. Bruce guiltily looked away from her.


“I’m sorry, [Y/N].” Helen Cho quietly said.


“No.” She shook her head. “Don’t.”  her gaze went to the bloodied body lying on the gurney next to her. This was just a dream, she told herself. She would open her eyes anytime soon and he’d be awake. Please.


“We’ve done everything we could.”


“You didn’t try enough.” She hissed. “Bring him back.” She looked at her friends.


“Bring my Steve back to me. Please.” Because she didn’t know how to live with this gaping wound in her heart. She didn’t want to. She turned around and saw Bucky crying quietly in the corner.


“Bring him back, please.” She pleaded. “I need him.”

* * *

Bucky was the only one who was brave enough to sit next to [Y/N] and held her hand throughout the ceremony. She didn’t cry, he noticed. He wished she did. She looked straight at the black coffin with empty eyes, her lips pressed into a thin line as she tightly squeezed his hand.

“I’ve always thought I would be the one to die first.” She told him when everyone has gone home. They were still seated on the white wooden chairs, eyes fixed on the coffin. “I never thought—“ She shook her head and wiped a tear from her eyes. A sad smile graced her face when she turned to him.

“I don’t know how to stop it, Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyebrows knitted into a confused frown.

“The pain.” She continued, pointing her finger to her chest. “I don’t know how to make it go away.”

Bucky’s lips twitched into a sad smile. “I don’t think it will, doll.” He gently pat her thigh and stood up. “You just learn how to live with it.”

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Namjoon scenario where you two are dating but since you almost never see each other its like your not dating? so one day you ask your friend [on the phone] what you should do but he hears it?&lt;3

Sorry, this is insanely long, but I was really feeling it while writing. XD Enjoy!

Originally posted by jeonsshi

say it isn’t over - rap monster x you

word count: 2,037

warning: mild swearing [ one or two swear words XD ]

“I don’t know what to do,” You sighed over the phone, leaning your back against the closed door as you slid down, sitting on the floor with your knees touching your chest. You were in the Bangtan dorm, getting something for Yoongi; he had forgotten to pack his hard drive again.

“About Namjoon?” Your friend, Shin Ah, said with a sigh of her own.

“Yeah,” You muttered, picking lint off of your leggings.

“He still hasn’t contacted you yet? Hasn’t it been nearly a month already?”

“Over,” You dryly answered, not wanting to talk about it, but wanting to talk about it at the same time. Shin Ah was your only form of comfort these days, ever since Namjoon became completely focused on his idol duties.

A part of you knew you were being selfish and a little greedy. By forcing him to stay by your side even when he was busy meant that you could be preventing him from growing as an idol and an artist, and you didn’t want that. You were so proud of him for reaching the stage in his life he was in right now, so proud of him for staying strong as the leader of Bangtan, but it was honestly so hard for you to cope with all the side effects and the aftermath.

What made the absence of Namjoon even more difficult to you was the fact that you had known this would eventually happen when you had started dating him. It had been your biggest fear, that Namjoon would gradually lose his head into making music and slowly forget about you. How could it not have been your biggest fear, when all you felt was doubt? When all you heard were the whispers around you that already talked about your break up, the voices of fans that disapproved of your relationship with him? You had gotten so much hate and was getting so much these days that it was starting to take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It hurt.

It really did.

And you didn’t know what to do to make yourself feel better.

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