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Words to remember:

-No one’s going to see your first draft.
-Your first draft is just a really detailed outline. 
-You can edit later.
-Your first draft is just you telling your story to yourself. Editing is making it presentable to other people. 
-Your writing isn’t going to improve if you sit there and stare at the paper.
-Your writing WILL improve if you continue to write.
-You have enough time.
-Inspiration and motivation are not necessary to write. Just nice. 
-Yes. It’s garbage. Keep writing anyway. 
-No one cares how bad your first draft is.
-Edit later. 
-You’re doing fine.
-Don’t stop writing.
-Writer’s Block is a concept and not real. 
-Write anything you want for five minutes. That’ll help the brain juice flow.
-There’s always someone better and there’s always someone worse.
-You are not as bad as you think you are.
-Write whatever you want to.
-If it makes you happy, that’s what matters.
-You don’t have to show your work to people if you don’t want to. 
-You got this.
-Go write.

Since all his friends are coupled up and celebrating Halloween as if it was just another Valentine’s day, Stiles, sligtly upsed, slghtly angry, decides he doesn’t need them to have a good time.

He puts on some spooky makeup (he’s very proud of it) and goes to his local bar that’s supposed to serve Halloween cocktails and have a horror film screening. Stiles is absolutely down for just getting drunk and scared, up until he sees the bartender, whose costume adorably matches his. And who is also super hot. And has GLITTER all over him (Cora’s handiwork). 

So let’s guess that in the end, Stiles’ night ends up being similar to his friends’. YAY.

It’s @diminuel‘s Naga!verse again!

@bella-monoxide asked for “… Dean’s feathery tail tuff secretly flirts up on Cas …” and then this happened.

I feel like they’re at a super serious political function and Dean is trying to lighten the mood. Turns out Cas is ticklish. Also, when he gets shocked his feathers floof up, and it’s hard to get them to settle down again, which Dean finds adorable and hilarious.

“Good Enough” - (Alec Lightwood)

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REQUEST: Alec and (Y/N) go on a mission with Raphael and the vampire starts flirting with (Y/N). Then Alec becomes really jealous and agressive but at the end he makes sure that (Y/N) only loves him.

Alec grabbed his bow and arrows and handed a seraph blade to (Y/N).
“Here, take this.”
“No, I’m good, I already have my knives.” (Y/N) waved away the seraph blade but Alec insisted.
“Take it. The more weapons you have, the less chance you have to get hurt.” He said.
(Y/N) sighed and grabbed the angelic blade, she knew Alec was not gonna give up, he could be pretty stubborn.
“You know it’s not my first mission, right?” (Y/N) laughed.
“I know, so let’s make sure it won’t be your last.” Alec said and walked out of the Institute. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and followed the older Lightwood outside. She knew why he was nervous and mad, Raphael was helping them on this mission because he knew more informations than (Y/N) and Alec. But Raphael was a vampire, and Alec hated vampires except maybe from one, Simon. Simon was a vampire now, but for Alec, Simon was still Simon, the annoying and too chatty mundane.

(Y/N) and Alec met up with Raphael in a dark alley, where a Seelie was found dead the day before. Alec was standing surprisingly close to (Y/N).
“So, what do you know about the Seelie’s death, bloodsucker?” Alec crossed his arms over his chest.
“Don’t be such in a hurry, shadowhunter. You didn’t even introduce me to your lovely friend here.” Raphael said and pushed Alec aside. The vampire grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and kissed it gently.
“Hello pretty doll, what’s your little name?”
“(Y/N).” She laughed. Raphael was trying too hard but (Y/N) found it funny. Alec didn’t look very amused, though.
“Can we focus on the mission, here?” He said.
(Y/N) could tell he was annoyed, though she didn’t know if it was because of Raphael being here or because of Raphael flirting with (Y/N). But Alec had no reason to be jealous, (Y/N) thought, Alec and her were just friends, looking out for each other.
“Sure, I’ll tell you everything I know.” Raphael looked at (Y/N). “Especially to someone who owns so much beauty.” Raphael winked and (Y/N) smiled, but her smile disappeared when she saw Alec clenched his fists.
“OK, you know what Raphael? Alec and I need to go back to the Institute, I just remembered of something. We’ll call you, alright?” (Y/N) said as she put a hand on Alec’s shoulder to hold him back if he decided to put his fist in Raphael’s face for a reason (Y/N) ignored.
“I’ll be happy to give you my number if you walk with me back to my place. I’ll even show you my room.” The vampire stroke (Y/N)’s cheek and winked again.

Suddenly, Alec grabbed Raphael by the collar and pinned him against the wall. Alec moved so fast, (Y/N) didn’t even have time to react.
“Don’t touch her.” Alec spat, holding Raphael’s collar so tight his knuckles turned white. Raphael laughed.
“Alec!” (Y/N) ran towards Alec and tried to pull him away from the vampire.
“Don’t ever put your hands on her again, do you hear me?” Alec shouted.
“Or what? You’re gonna kill me, shadowhunter? Oh wait, you can’t, I’m already dead.” Raphael smiled before Alec violently punched him in the face.
“Alec! Stop!” (Y/N) shouted, dragging Alec away from the vampire, but he was too strong. 

Then, Alec moved to punch Raphael again, but the vampire moved faster than Alec this time and Alec’s fist hit the wall instead of Raphael’s face. The vampire smiled and punched Alec in the stomach. (Y/N) felt anger burning through her veins, she couldn’t handle watching someone hurt Alec, she cared way too much about him. She grabbed Raphael by the shoulders and stood between the two boys.
“Enough! Both of you!” She shouted. “Go home, Raphael. Just walk away before I kick your ass.” (Y/N) said, angry.
Raphael didn’t say anything and left the dark alley.

(Y/N) turned around to look at Alec. His hand was bleeding but he didn’t seem to care about the pain, his hazel eyes were lost in (Y/N)’s.
“That was beyond stupid.” (Y/N) said, her voice was cold.
Alec never acted like that before, he was usually the kind and smart one and that’s why (Y/N) liked him so much. But he looked so angry and out of control when Raphael flirted with (Y/N) that she was almost frightened by his behavior.
(Y/N) started to walk away from Alec to head back to the Institute but he ran after her.
“(Y/N), wait!” Alec gently grabbed (Y/N)’s arm so she would stop walking away from him. “I’m sorry.” He added.
“I don’t get it. Why would you even act like this?” (Y/N) shouted.
“He was flirting with you, I had to do something!” Alec shouted back.
“No, you didn’t! I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself!”
“He just wanted you in his bed!” Alec’s face was red with anger.
“So what? I never would’ve slept with him, I’m not stupid!” 

Alec sighed and looked down.
“I’m sorry. I was scared I was gonna lose you, that’s all.” Alec murmured. (Y/N) frowned.
“Why would you think that?” (Y/N) asked the older Lightwood. Alec looked at (Y/N) again, his eyes were only focused on (Y/N).
“Because.” He paused and started to talk really fast. “Because I love you. And I’m scared I’m not good enough, I’m scared you’re gonna find someone else, someone better than me. And I don’t want to lose you, because I need you. So when Raphael started flirting with you, I lost control because I didn’t want you to go with him, and-”
Alec was suddenly cut off. His eyes widened as he realised what was going on. (Y/N) kissed him. She was gently pressing her lips on his and it didn’t feel awkward, actually, it felt good, it felt right. Alec kissed her back and pulled her closer to him.
Then, (Y/N) pulled away from the kiss and looked at Alec.
“You’re not gonna lose me, Alec.” (Y/N) said, locking her eyes on Alec’s. “Because no one will ever be better than you.”
Alec smiled and kissed (Y/N) again, just like he has been dreaming of for months.