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Never drawn a srs comic in my liiiife. Guess I shouldn´t think too hard about this, everything about it. Who knew this was harder than shit posting.

Been feelin real bad bout my drawings for a bit, and I don´t think I really know how to pace something. Good to know, see you tomorrow class

File got corrupted twice and keept saving over the wrong versions *FFFF*


PORN TO MAKE HISTORY 2: QUAD SQUAD is finally available! 
74 pages of 18+ Yuri!!! On Ice goodness, with sexyfunny comics and illustrations by Bigbigtruck, Kori Michele, atelierMUSE, and koukounut. 

Want to get it? HERE’S HOW.

Tablo:  Throughout the entire time (3 years) it took to resolve the controversy, [Hye Jung, Tablo’s wife] never once made it seem like she was experiencing any hardships.  

Host:  Even though it was probably really difficult for her.

Tablo:  Yes, it was probably even more difficult for her than for me.  Much more difficult.  But she always said, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

But, we did have one conflict.

We were eating together, and because I always had this troubled look on my face, the atmosphere while we were eating wasn’t very good.

Suddenly, Hye Jung-ie slammed her spoon on the table.

“Hurry up and cry.  Just hurry up and cry.  Cry as much as you want,” she said.

And at those words, I really cried.

She told me to just cry it all out now and put an end to all of it.  She told me, “You’re not someone who can’t beat this.  You’re stronger than this.”

So, like a child, I cried and cried.

Host:  Did she not cry with you?

Tablo:  She didn’t cry then, but when the whole controversy was resolved, one day, I asked her, “It was hard, wasn’t it?”  And then she started crying really hard.  She had held it all in.  Even though she’d been wanting to cry, she thought it would, as a result, make me weaker.


Recently i’ve lost pots worth of cuttings/plants.. 10, maybe 20 of them across several pots :(( was very sad but also upset cos I realised that most of them were potted with pumice+soil from a particular bag that seems to have lots of mold spores in it. The lowest leaves on these cuttings are black with rot, and there’s mold growing across the surface of the pumice! It’s the same type of mold I see in many of the pots that used soil from the same bag, and i’m really sad about the plants i lost and wondering if it’s worth repotting and somehow sterilising all the plants that might be affected..

I’m just going to take a break from this blog, and astrology so I can focus on myself and to just plan things out for the future. I’ll answer the questions that were asked last night/this morning later, so…this is just a heads up.

Second Impressions

Written for Killervibe Week, Pre-Particle Accelerator 

Second Impressions

Cisco eased open the door to the auditorium and slid in, feeling like a kid late to class. From the looks of things up front, they hadn’t gotten started yet, but almost every seat was filled anyway. His labmates had warned him that Wells frowned on anyone being late to one of his all-staff first-thing-in-the-morning meetings, and the last thing Cisco wanted was a frown from Wells.

Stinking buses. The minute his first paycheck hit the bank, he was getting a car. It could be fifteen years old and have a steering wheel held on by duct tape, but it couldn’t possibly be as unreliable as CityTran.

He peered around and found one open seat at the end of a row about halfway up. He strolled through, like, hey, yo, I’m not late, just ducked out to go to the bathroom.

“Hey,” he whispered to the pretty doctor he’d met on his first day. “This seat taken?”

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btw, guys, i’m a middle-of-the-road kind of gal about a lot of things, and I don’t care for too many absolutes. I’ve found that the truest answers tend to lie somewhere in between two extremes. 

For bellarke, I do think it’ll be romantic eventually, just not in the traditional way, perhaps. bellarke is unique and thus it’s not progressing in a regular fashion, so yeah, I’m just accounting for that. 

hey uh, with tumblr’s new “safe mode” bs…

i dunno if my stuff is still showing up, but.. I wanted to try from the beginning to make this blog sfw and relatively clean of cussing even, but if tumblr’s gonna block LGBT+ content because its “inappropriate” i dont know if theres anything i can do about that

for now, I’m just gonna keep posting lgbt warrior cats and headcanons and stuff, i really hope its not being blocked, because I think a fair chunk of my followers are under 18 :/

All savelia shippers aboard I’m going on a rant @apollodiangelo
Your cheeks, I don’t know what the fuck it is, but I’m obsessed with them. Like the skin is so soft, but when you poke them they’re soft too? What the heck? I’m love your cheeks.

(Also send me an ask if you ship it, I want to know how many people do) (also, NO MATILDA IT’S NOT CANON) (yet) ; ) (I’m joking) (obviously) (cough)

a brief list of things comin’ up on that art post cycle:

1) a looping animation (should be done today, hopefully? involves… drunk papyrus. and my terrible humor.)
2) art replies to cuties in my inbox
3) a couple of mock-game animated ‘scenes’ involving au skelebros
4) … a much longer animation attempt involving skelebros and my incessant need to have music and bands a part of any and all ways i make creative content

…alongside various asundry random shorter form ideas i get (eg, i really want to do another grillby movement animation, because gdi i’m going to get the hang of flames without taking 20 years for one gif)

i am rly so nervous that i won’t cope again but i am also acc getting so excited abt going uni in september?? i love studying i miss it n im so so looking forward 2 like, not being limited by fuckin exam boards n the curriculum n whatnot yknow? i wanna get a degree n honestly if i can i wanna either study more after n shit (i acc used 2 rly dream abt getting a phd lol? but i like stopped thinkin abt that this year ig bc i feel rly. incapable idk) orrrr do teacher training if i can n be a teacher like idk i. sorry im having hopes n dreams again lmao setting myself up 4 failure but yknow


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.