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yes i’m still wrecked over Christian Borle. thank you for respecting my privacy during this difficult time.

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Heyo, I was wondering if you could do a PINOF 9 anxiety between dan and phil and they end up cuddling or something fluffy?? Idk if that makes sense but ya, I love ur writing

““Ready, Phil?”


Dan frowned, looking up from the camera setup. “Strange. Usually you’re a lot more excited about scraping the Sharpies onto my face.”

A sigh escaped Phil’s mouth, and he pushed his hair back. “Dan, is this my legacy? Just- whiskers?”

“The rebrand won’t come today, but it might in the future. I mean, I’ll never truly leave Danis Snot Onfire behind, but that doesn’t mean I won’t develop,” said Dan, and Phil chuckled slightly.

“I’m nearly thirty-one, and the Internet still treats me like a child. It’s like… I don’t even know, they think I never swear, they think I barely know what sex is- is this what I am now?”

“You know what you are, Phil?” Dan asked. “You’re a bloody legend, is what. You’re smart, and you have amazing ideas, and a crude sense of humour, and you’re funny and beautiful-”

“Only to you.”

“Only to literally everyone,” said Dan, sitting in front of Phil and holding his hands. “You know all our plans, right?”

“Our plans?”

“When we finally get our home. Our real home, not this tiny little thing. When we finally get our forever home, and our shiba corgu, and when one day, you wake up because our little girl is crying and she wants her Papa to hold her… one day, Phil, we’re gonna finally make it, and we’re gonna be the happiest we’ve ever been. Even more than we are now.”

Phil smiled slightly, and Dan asked, “Ready to record?”

“Not yet,” he said. “What… what do you think it’ll be like?”


“Describe it. I love it when you describe things for me.”

“What do you want me to describe?” asked Dan, as Phil lay down on the bed, resting his head on his pillow.

“What… what’ll our little girl look like?”

“I have a couple theories.”

“Go on, first one.”

“She’ll be a little bit chubby. Red hair, freckles, and the brightest green eyes anyone’s ever seen. She’ll grow up and she’ll be a dancer.”

“What kind of dancing?”

“Who knows? Maybe she’ll be good at everything. Ballet, hip-hop, everything we can’t do.”

Phil laughed slightly. “Do you think she’d prefer dogs or cats?”

“She’ll love them both equally, y’know? She’ll obviously love our dog, but beyond that, it’ll be like… she’ll just… love cats, too. She’ll love every animal, just like you.”

“What else?”

“I think she’d dress with like, pastel, but greys. Pastel and grey, almost grunge. She’ll love gradients.”

“I think so, too.”

“What’s the next theory?”

“She’ll be one of those kids who has like, a million different races. She’ll be beautiful, Phil, almond eyes, so dark you can’t even see her pupils, and hair darker than coal. She’ll have skin a little bit tan, and she’ll love colours and rainbows, just like you.”

“What else?”

“She’ll love to cook. She’ll always be making you cookies and stuff because she knows how much you love them. She’ll have the warmest hugs in the world, and she always knows what to say if anyone is upset.”

“And… our house?”

“Black marble!”


Dan laughed. “Kidding. I think… dark wood flooring, but lighter walls. Maybe like, a pale blue. Dark browns, greys, and blues everywhere. It’ll be aesthetic as well, the kitchen will have all vintage machines and our room is gonna be gorgeous, a nice bed and everything.”


“Our room is gonna be classy, but also modern. Like, sleek edges and everyting, but also elaborate wood carvings on our dresser and stuff.”

“I like that.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. I think… it’s us. It really is.”

“And so is this.” Dan held up his hand, and Phil took it, hoisting himself up. “Ready for the ninth year, Phil?”

A small smile became a bright one, and lit up his face. “Sure am.”

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The Grimes’ home was full of people again on Friday. There were family and friends stopping to say their goodbyes before they headed back out of town or out of state. Some would be back for Christmas. Others wouldn’t come back home until next year.

Rick and Michonne decided to get away from everyone and spend some time alone before they headed back to DC on Saturday. They’d packed a small picnic, headed out into a meadow on the farm and spent most of the afternoon there.

“I can’t believe this is our last day here. I feel like the week flew by,” Michonne said with a sigh.

“Well, it’s been an eventful one.”

Michonne chuckled. “It certainly has been one to remember.”

Rick smiled at Michonne. “Yes, it has.” He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss before stretching out on the blanket. “Do you think we would have gotten together if you hadn’t agreed to come home with me this week and pretend to be my girlfriend?”

Michonne stretched out on her side facing Rick. “I’d like to think that we would have ended up together eventually. It would have just taken us a little longer.”

“Well, I’m glad you said yes to this, that you’re here, and that we’re here together. Thank you…for everything.”

“You’re welcome, but you don’t have to thank me for being here and you definitely don’t have to thank me for loving you. It’s what we do, right?”

“Yeah,” Rick nodded. “It’s what we do.”

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There is only one person on his mind always - and Jon needs everyone to know who that is.. (ft. Davos)

During council meetings

Jon: Wrong! This is all wrong!

Davos: But this is the only way

Jon: No it isn’t. Ask Sansa, she’d know

At the stables

Jon: I don’t want this horse

Davos: We’ll get you another one

Jon: No just get me Sansa’s

Davos: *sighs* … All right

Standing at the battlements of Winterfell

Jon: I love being home. Winterfell is just beautiful, like-

Davos: Sansa. I know.

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Sterling snorted, getting up form his bed. He straightened out his jacket and shirt, planning to wear it again that day. Less laundry he had to drag to the laundry room later.

“It wasn’t like that.” Sterling laughed. “He’s my boyfriend from back home.”

“Boyfriend?” Alec asked, smirking, “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

Sterling smiled, remember what Josiah had told him yesterday. “Yeah,” he nodded, “I do.”

Alec shook his head, a smile still on his face. “Good for you. He’s pretty. Don’t let Anna find out.”

Sterling sighed, “Yeah. That’s going to be an issue.”

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"Son, I have a new ground-breaking invention. It's a shovel."

As one who has become the family heavy lifter, he’s commonly asked to do heavy work, but digging up something with a plain, old shovel sounds like a punishment and Virgil’s first instinct is to assume he’s in trouble… or about to be taught some sort of lesson. Either isn’t very appealing. He turns to his dad, with a raised eyebrow. “And… what exactly do you want me to di–Oh.

It dawns on him in the middle of his words. There was a pun in there.

He should have known.

With a long, ever-used-to-his-dad’s-jokes sigh, Virgil rolls his eyes and shakes his head. There’s a smile in there too though. “Hilarious, Dad.”

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When Dark first became Dark and grabbed Damien's cane, he then went to find William. William turned around and looked at him, beginning to cry and grow angry. "What are you doing with that, that's not yours." He says, snatching it out of Dark's hands. "It's Damien's, you're not allowed to touch it." Dark sighed, "William, Damien's gone." "Of course he's gone, he's playing hide and seek! Now while I go find him, make sure you don't touch that cane new friend!"


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A snippet for the Monster Hunter AU fics?

Monster Hunter AU tag // here’s an excerpt from the next chapter

“So he was here?” Muriel nods, playing with the trinket in his hands as he looked around. Asra had been here. What was he doing out here? He looks to his companion, handing her the charm which she takes reluctantly.

“Thank you but this won’t help me find Ilya,” Portia says with a sigh. “It’s a tracking charm for monsters. Ilya is human, I’ve told you this Muriel.”

“Then why is it sensing two presences here?” Portia holds the charm to her chest, red hair in her face as nails dig into her skin.

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All I see from this fandom is complaining and whining. No wonder Taylor doesn't spend as much time here anymore. It is exhausting to see. Fans complained about the merch being ugly before so she went to a different manufacturer to make it more nicer and of course the price would be higher. I even saw some fans on Twitter getting mad at Taylor for not giving them time to save before announcing the uk and Ireland shows. She had given as enough to time. I can't with this fandom. So entitled.

Personally, I feel like T is spending some precious time with her loved ones this holiday season.

About the noises. Sigh… It’s really tiring tbh. Nothing will ever be enough for some of y'all. Don’t be surprised if she takes a longer rest after rep era. The way some of y'all constantly whining is not a fun thing to see / experience.
If - Chapter 11 - RiaTheDreamer - Red vs. Blue [Archive of Our Own]
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If, chapter 11: “Bad Fish”

“I think you should stop being sick,” Caboose told him with his weird voice. He sighed. “It’s making me sad.”

“Okay,” Grif said, shivering.

“I don’t like fish anymore.”

“Me neither.”

piper ‘saves jason and leo from medea’ mclean

piper ‘putting gaea to sleep’ mclean

piper ‘saves jason from hera’ mclean

piper ‘stops percy and jason from killing each other’ mclean

piper ‘saves jason from achelous using her strength’ mclean

piper ‘attacks heracles with food’ mclean

piper ‘stopped percy and jason from drowning’ mclean

piper ‘defends nico di angelo because it’s the right thing to do’ mclean

piper ‘takes on three gods at once’ mclean

piper ‘a threat to nike’ mclean

piper ‘keeping annabeth on track and defeating a giant with her own ideas and emotions’ mclean


piper ‘fighting a giant almost single handedly’ mclean

piper ‘tell me she’s irrelevant one more god damned time’ mclean