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Lana Del Rey on singing

“I was the cantor in my church choir.”I just really liked to sing. Even at a young age. My secret is how much I love to sing.” “Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be able to do my favorite thing every day.”

“Vocally I never did anything to take care of myself. I’m on the run, I’m always screaming and I eat tons of chocolate and milk, so I shouldn’t be able to sing the way I do.”

“I do live in my songs, and so I love singing them at shows or at home alone. The shows all just blend into the rest of my life since I sing all day long. But they are always memorable since I have so many weird and sexy people who come to say hello. It’s always a freak show and I enjoy every show.” - 2010

“I sang to the same people in the same bars and had a pretty comfortable experience doing that. That’s not really possible for me anymore.” 

“I love to sing and I really love to write, but in terms of being onstage, I’m not that comfortable, which I think is sort of clear [sighs].” - 2011

“I have no discipline, no technique, I’ve never took any lessons. I just like to play with my voice, from the highest to the lowest pitch. When I listen to myself, the authority of my voice amazes me. It seems naïve to say that, but I love my songs, they move me to tears… When I find myself alone in the studio facing the microphone, I’m so free, capable of anything.”

“I sing in an dreamy way, like in a conversation with God, with something that’s superior to me.”

“When she [Stevie Nicks]  started singing, she told me she wanted to hear me sing something, too. And then I really freaked out!” "I said to her over the mic, ‘I just sound so quiet compared to you.’ And she was like, ‘That’s ok, you can be my little echo!’ "I thought that was so cool. I’m not as loud as her. My voice isn’t as low as hers. But she loves it for what it is.” "That, as it was happening, was a career-defining moment for me.”  - 2017

“I had one of my voices, the low-pitched one. The higher one, I am still working on. For example, on ‘Yosemite’, I sing with a very perched voice, which I haven’t used in years. I was really afraid of leaving this passage in, that my voice was too fragile, that it revealed too much of me… On Honeymoon, I’ve changed the key of four songs because I found them too high and it would’ve forced me to show my vulnerability. Henceforth, depending on how I use my voice, I can take that away or I show it, it offers an enormous liberty.” - 2017


Top 9 Sui/Han Programs (in no particular order)

Spanish Romance | Champagne | Samson & Delilah
Painted on My Heart | Stray Cat Strut | Terracotta Warrior
Francesca da Rimini | Plants vs. Zombies | La Strada

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people in 2017: guys I'm scared ezra is gonna get more people and bad people are gonna come into the fandom. My ass who has been here since 2011: (sigh)

It wasn’t nearly this bad. There isn’t even a comparison from then to now kid.




KH Appreciation Week Day 4: Favorite Keyblade

Destiny’s Embrace…BECAUSE IT’S PURTY :D

I even actually made the keyblade back in 2011…*sigh* I went through all of my places where I might have still had a picture of it…it’s gone…deleted…I deleted it from my devART account during my changeover to tumblr, and I apparently didn’t do a good job at backing up my art stuff ^^; I would take a new picture, but it’s back at my parent’s place…where I can’t get to until Saturday :/ …the only thing I could find of it online is a tiny little thumbnail in a google search here ^^; 

Truth be told, I’d like to remake it. I’d just need to get a couple more things than what I have now…it’d probably turn out better after these 4 years too ^^;