First of all, anyone who can’t say “I’m a cis [man/woman] and exclusively attracted to [women/men] in both a romantic and sexual sense” isn’t Straight™

If someone’s answer to “who are you sexually attracted to?” is “no-one” then that puts them at odds with heterosexism

Second: cis heteroromantic aces and heterosexual aros are in the minority.

Aces and aros with an additional queer identity are the majority of aces and aros, and certainly the majority of people involved with discoursing.

To worry about “cishet aces invading the community” is not just wrong but disingenuous as well.

Third: Only people who get more out of being with LGBTQIAP/MOGAI/queer people than they get out of being with Straight society are going to seek us out.

Only people for whom it makes sense to be here are going to be here, anyway. Filtering happens naturally, since we are not exactly a desirable group.

A homophobic woman happily living the white picket fence life who could identify as het ace is never going to identify as het ace. She does not want to be associated with us and she has not been punished enough for her lack of sexual attraction for it to have a significant impact on her life. She could identify as asexual but she doesn’t, thus she isn’t.

A misogynistic dudebro having a ton of one night stands who could identify as het aro is never going to identify as het aro. He would never want to count himself among us and he has not been punished for his lack of romantic attraction in a way that pushed hold towards us. He could identify as aromantic but he doesn’t, thus he isn’t.

These two propaganda pieces have never been and will never be who REGs are pushing out of the community.

Latibær í Vandræðum. From what I’ve seen of it, the story is decently similar to Glanni Glæpur í Latibæ.