I already posted this on my main blog, but I hope nobody minds that I put it here to show SOMETHING before I pack everything up for my move. This is page 2 to a comic I’m working on at the side. (Though I’ve been bad and have been working on it more than Bio Dredge OOPS.) Dhum and Siggers is much more down-to-earth and slice-of-life compared to Bio Dredge, so it tends to be easier to work with. If y’all are ok with it, I may update with Dhum and Siggers comics as well sometimes.

Using this to show you guys because I think I’ve finally gotten a comic style that works for me. It might not be as polished as my previous pages for Bio Dredge that I’ve shown, but I honestly enjoy it a lot regardless! I can get pages done much faster and still be satisfied. I’ll probably be applying this style to Bio Dredge and any other comics I might be making in general.

My only concerns, how does the background style look? And the props (food and such on the blanket)?