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We're eggs now? I thought we were siggers.

I would never call my followers that, it sounds too close to another word I don’t like😣😣😖

Penn Museum's 6,500-year-old skeleton 're-discovery' to go on view

PHILADELPHIA — The Penn Museum will move the 6,500-year-old human skeleton — found in a museum storage room — to a public space beginning on Aug. 30 for guests to view.

“Our goal as a museum and research institution is to share what we love with the public — the thrill of discovery, or in this case, the thrill of re-discovery,” said Julian Siggers, the Penn Museum Williams Director in a press release. “Exploring and investigating our shared human past, whether it be in the field, in the lab, in the archives, or in storage, is what makes the field of archaeology and anthropology so exciting for us. We hope our visitors can join us as we make these fascinating connections.” Read more.

This is a commission I did for OlcanBishop on deviantart. Normally I will not accept super detailed armor for commissions, but I just couldn’t pass up drawing something Monster Hunter related! Especially when it has my two favorite babies in it! THAT JAGGI DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S COMING TO IT, I’M SURE. Dhum’s wearing Stygian Zinogre armor and has an Abyssal Lagiacrus great-sword, while Siggers is wearing the Lagombi armor and using a Ceadeus lance!