FMAB: The men are body builders. The women are weight lifters.

The kings look like this:

See the definition in their muscles? How it shows off their bodies and gives the idea of power? 

(Live Action Reference: Dave Batista-WWE)

This by no means indicates that they’re weak. It just means the workouts that the men do are meant to enlarge their physique apposed to increase their strength. Yes, those are two different things. 

(Matthias Steiner-Olympics 2008)

This man looks NOTHING like the above picture of the pro-wrestler, yet is lifting 258.0 kg (568 pounds). Again, this doesn’t mean Batista can’t lift that amount. But his body shape gives the impression that it can lift more than Steiner’s.  

Now, let’s look at the queens.

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Okay so i just finished rewatching fmab for the 2nd time and here are some things I love about it:
•The universal fear of the Briggs soldiers. Like the bad guys are really convinced that theyre gonna win the battle until “THEY’RE BRIGGS SOLDIERS OH NO WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE”
•they got a tank into Central????
•the agreement that Ed has terrible taste in everything
•Greed insisting he doesn’t want friends and then having a breakdown when he doesn’t
•the build up for most of the series to seeing hohenheim for the first time and it turns out he’s actually a really awkward, superpowered dork
• Armstrong making friends by showing off his muscles and this only ever working on Sig Cutis and they probably bond over workout routine and protein shakes or something
•Roy at first seeming like he’ll be the stoic, harsh leader but it turns out he likes dogs and procrastinating while still being able to decimate an army and kill a homunculus in a fit of rage
• Winry and Ed loved arguing with each other so much they decided to get married (I’m exaggerating slightly bc they do love each other but someone who doesn’t know either very well might be a tad confused)
•Ling being an awesome Slytherin prince and teaming up with a demon and eventually becoming bffs bc there’s not much else to do when you share a body for months and he seems like a decent enough guy
•Armstrong AKA the guy who probably cries over butterflies, having the most terrifying soldier ever as his sister
•Omg Pride’s design is so cool!!!!
•They never ever forget a character ever. Hughes death that you expect will probably be forgotten or glossed over? Nope. Still has a big enough impact to send Roy on a revenge rampage and me into tears
•Envy being the biggest and possibly most human- hating homunculus but still getting his butt kicked 24/7
•The whole time Greedling fought Wrath the last time I had Garnet’s song “Stronger than you” stuck in my head and it seemed really fitting

•okay so I know that Fuery is very minor character but whenever he comes on screen i still stare at him cause I’m not totally sure how they managed to make a character so adorable •ROY CARES SO MUCH ABOUT EVERYTHING AND SO DOES RIZA •happy endings are my weakness (Greed lives and moves to Xing with his bff okay he totally does)

Think of these as little Extras.

Izumi and Sig no longer fuse with one another as it could severely damage Izumi’s health, but they don’t mind, it just means they get to spend more time with each other.

However even if Roy and Edward’s imaginated fusion were true, I don’t think that would have stopped Izumi and Sig from fusing when they were younger, they love each other too much to give a shit what they look like! lol