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Mafia Boss’ Wife 2

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“Hey,” Jay kissed your forehead as a greeting, dropping off his keys by the side table next to the couch you were perched in. At your lack of reciprocation, Jay sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “You’re not still mad are you?”

Again you remained unresponsive, shuffling further away from him and kept your focus on your laptop. Jay on the other hand, just took the space you created as an invitation to sit next to you.

“Babe don’t be mad okay? I’m sorry I’ll stop. It’s just… I want to protect you. I hate that you’re at risk because of me and that’s not fair.” He took your hand stroking it with his thumb, affection you didn’t shy away from. “But I hate it even more when you’re mad at me.”

“Well whose fault was that?” You bite back, unable to hold your tongue and ice him off for longer.

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

You sighed, raking your hand through your hair. “I hate it when you treat me like a child. I’m your wife and I know exactly what I’ve signed up for. You should stop shutting me out.”

“I understand but I can’t help it. I just want to keep you safe, if anything happens to you I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.”

You move your laptop off, staring at Jay with those doe eyes he often got lost in. The fact that your safety had always been a priority for Jay was no secret. He’s put bodyguards on you and made sure to leave a clear message with all those broken bones, bloodied faces and body count whenever anyone thinks they could touch a hair on your head.

“Jay,” you say softly, barely audible. If it weren’t for the fact that you’ve muted the music on your laptop, he might not have heard. You look away from him, unable to look him in the eyes when you finish your sentence. Not wanting to see his jaw get slacked or the impact of your words punching him in the gut, you run off into your bedroom to get ready for bed.

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The perfect pocket auto doesn’t exist yet. It may never exist. The Glock G42 is close but it’s in a sub optimal caliber. The Kahr PM9 is also really close but the weird light double action trigger and I just couldn’t learn to get along.

I really like Sigs. The P938 seemed to be everything I wanted in a pocket auto. Small for a 9mm (it’s the same size a a 42. Maybe even a touch thinner.) accurate, acceptable recoil, and damn good looking at that. The trigger isn’t great but could be fixed. It’s two biggest cons are the need to use the safety and the price. Even with Sigs IOP program expect to pay North of $600 out the door. For Glock guy that’s two pretty big cons.

I don’t like to pocket carry very often. Lounging around the house and times when a tucked dress shirt and slacks are required in public are it. If the P938 was my only carry pistol training could overcome the safety issue and the price would probably be less painful too. And out of all the small pistols I’ve tried (there are several others including the P290, PF9, revolvers, P238, Bodyguard, etc) the Sig 938 has been my favorite.

So the perfect pocket auto may not exist but maybe there is one that’s close enough.