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It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused


Repetiergewehr Vetterli, Modell 1871

Designed by Johann-Friedrich Vetterli, manufactured by SIG in Neuhausen, Switzerland c.1871-80′s - serial number 85177.
10,4x38mmRF eleven-round tubular magazine, bolt action repeater.

The short, copper-cased, rimfire 10mm round used by this rifle was - on paper - surprisingly enough barely inferior to the large Chassepot cartridge. With its large capacity magazine, the Vetterli would have swept the floor with any of the remaining Minie rifle armies.
Among the other oddly forward-thinking features of this rifle, the Modell 1871 did away with the magazine cutoff of the Modell 1869, a feature that would remain in most other military rifles until WW1.

rooku  asked:

How did Sig reacted when Leo lost his arm ? I mean, i don't know if Sig was with him at that moment , how did he reacted when he knew that. (sry my bad english u.u )

Sig was not present for the incident that took Leon’s arm, and in fact didn’t know where he was for the majority of the Siege.  Sig’s involvement with the Siege had little to do with liberating Orgrimmar – it was just a way to look for Leon.

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