Got the designs for my Older Code Lyoko AU… which could honestly use a better name but that’s not my main focus right now. The inspiration behind these outfits was to combine their season 1-3 outfits and their season 4 outfits, with a little creative twist on my part, to get outfits for them to where when they have to go back to Lyoko. Those reasons will be elaborated on later.

I did have to come up with my own visions of how they’d grow up, so if you don’t necessarily agree then I’m sorry but at least we can agree to disagree.

Per Ollie’s request

[10:56:40 PM] Ollie: you need to draw two cookies with randomized toppings boxing

[10:56:40 PM] Ollie: but

[10:56:44 PM] Ollie: they’re breaking apart

[10:56:52 PM] Ollie: so

[10:56:58 PM] Ollie: they’re feeling pretty

[10:56:58 PM] Ollie: crummy