Sifl and Olly. Two sock puppets that had a show between Beavis and Butthead reruns in the late 90’s. They would sing songs, make phone calls, sell crappy goods and hang out with this other burnout puppet named Chester (I’ll draw him later). Haven’t really thought about them in a long while so I felt like drawing them. They were sock puppets, so you never saw their feet…so I… drew their feet.


Vera Ellen is our 5 month old dutch bunny, this card is about 5"x4" painted with water color pencils and hangs on the fridge next to her cage.

The bottom sketch is something that came from the ashes of a commission that never came through with their payment. The husband had an artistic vision that I obliged to make happen. As far as a fail sketch can “happen”. You can find my husbands tumblr at <3


gfdi this song makes me cry every single time