Some LQ (aka “Sized for Tumblr”) fun TAZ posters I did. I thought about making them into t-shirts originally and sending them to their players, but then I thought about it and realized I don’t know their sizes! I might send them something anyway.

I’ll probably do an Angus one, too, since I guess theoretically I’d have to send the DM something too.

Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Fandom Basics Edition are the most popular fanfics in the mob psycho 100 tag on AO3 when filtered by kudos, comments, and what I’ve seen personally in the fandom. All of these are for general or teen and up audiences. None of these fics contain pedophilia, incest, or rape. 

If you’re new to the fandom and haven’t read any of these yet, they’re a good place to start. 

Featuring works by phantomrose96, UncannyCookie, Sifl, and more. If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. 

tomorrow isn’t always another day


It’s like Reigen’s been waiting for the question. He stops dead on the pavement, grips Mob by the shoulders, and stares down into his eyes with an expression as haunted as though every ghost the pair of them has ever exorcised has taken up residence behind it. “Mob,” he says. “Mob,” he says again. “Tell me, Mob. Look at me and tell me. Tell me truthfully. Do I look cursed to you?”

Mob looks at him, and tells him truthfully. “No.”

“Well, you didn’t look very long,” says Reigen. “Let’s just stand here for a moment, like so, and you can have another look, a nice long look, and really think about it…”

 (There’s nothing strange about being called back to exorcise the same haunted photocopier six days in a row. It must just be a very haunted photocopier.)

General Audiences


Of Cold Hands Reaching


After six months in Mogami’s mind world that weren’t even real anyway, Mob returns to his old life.

Everything is fine.

General Audiences


And Nearly Letting Go


Mob and Teruki are the sort of friends that never fight. 

General Audiences


do make tomorrow a sunny day (series)


An AU that hinges on one question: what if someone at Claw noticed Mob’s powers much, much earlier? MANGA SPOILERS

General Audiences/Teen and Up Audiences




Your name is Hanazawa Shigeo, and when you are twenty four years old, you meet a boy.

His name is Reigen Arataka. 

General Audiences


It Runs in the Family


Teru agrees to attend a party celebrating his uncle’s full recovery after a horrific “car accident,” but he’s not excited about reconnecting with his cousin, Minori, who he recalls is as bad, and likely worse, as he used to be. 

However, he is not expecting to find her trying to turn over a new leaf in the wake of a traumatic spiritual possession, and in dire need of a confidant. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, they have more in common than Teru would like to admit…especially when he realizes that Minori is trying to track down her mysterious rescuer.

General Audiences


Color in A Monochrome World (Series)


A series of interrelated Mob Psycho 100 stories. They are meant to be read in this order, but they can also be read as standalone works.

General Audiences, Teeen and Up Audiences


A Breach of Trust


This is a world in which Mob and Reigen’s paths have never crossed, in which 10-year-old Mob found psychic guidance in the form of the aging, retired tv personality Keiji Mogami, in which Reigen followed through on his plans to close the Spirits and Such Agency, in which a cruel twist of Mob’s powers forces him to confront how dangerous he really is.

10 year old Shigeo Kageyama has vanished, his trail instantly cold, and his case gathers dust in police archives as a kidnapping never solved. Four years pass before a chain of events causes his path to cross with that of the despondent, unfulfilled fake-psychic-turned-fake-investigator, Arataka Reigen. Reigen finds himself in over his head caring for an escaped victim of abuse who, for reasons unfathomable, has been taught to believe his very existence is a horrifically dangerous thing…

Teen and Up Audiences


A House Made of Cards


Reigen is terrified of the man standing at his office door. And it’s not his own safety that concerns him.

Teen and Up Audiences




The staff of Salt Middle School consider Kageyama Shigeo’s third emergency contact.

General Audiences


Extracurricular Education (Series)


A collection stories revolving around Mob’s growth through his part-time job with Reigen.

General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences


Temporary Accommodations


Due to a matter of circumstance and some near-death escapades, Mob’s body gets kidnapped.

…Without Mob himself in it.

 (In which the great Reigen Arataka’s body becomes a sort of temporary accommodation for Mob’s soul, and Reigen quickly finds out he’s not really built for this sort of thing.)

Teen and Up Audiences


We’ve Really Grown Up


Mob and Reigen hang out and solve cases together.

Teen and Up Audiences




In the aftermath of the night fighting Claw’s 7th Division, Mob’s powers return to him. However, something unknown is left behind with Reigen. Something that doesn’t want to remain there. And someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. 

(Or: in which Reigen is saddled with ???%, and things go poorly for all involved.)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Risk of Going Through a Doorway Is That It May Be Locked Shut Behind You


“You’re always you, and that don’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

(–Neil Gaiman, ‘The Graveyard Book’) (AU)

Teen and Up Audiences


A Different Outcome


In a world where it is not a peaceful life that Mob seeks, but redemption, the road to recovery seems so far-fetched, a distant dream that nobody could hope to achieve.

General Audiences


Miracles at D23 (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

Request: anon requested “Hey love ur Harrison imagines :) can u do one where ur Z’s PA and like Haz but you told her not to tell cuz you don’t want things to get weird between the 4 of you. And when ur at D23 with them, fans totally ship the two of u and Haz accidently tells Z he likes you and she tells him to make a move on you? thxxxx”

Warnings: None :)

Word Count: 1900+ (oh my)

“Z, come on!” You called out to your best friend.

“Wait, one second!” She replied through the bathroom door.

You rolled your eyes. The two of you were currently in a hotel room in getting ready for the D23 Expo. Tom and Harrison had come because the cast of Avengers: Infinity War were revealing the trailer for the movie and Zendaya was here promoting KC Undercover.

Tom had invited you two to the Infinity War panel to see the cast and you were beyond excited.

Of course you said yes, as anything to do with Marvel you were completely up for. It was how you became Zendaya’s PA when she was filming Spiderman: Homecoming. You ended up visiting her on set so often, you felt like you should be doing something.

So, you offered to be her assistant, making yourself useful. Spending so much time behind the scenes, it only made sense that you became close with Harrison, what with him working as Tom’s PA.

You had even gained a bit of a crush on him, which eventually turned into a huge crush. Zendaya constantly teased you about it, pushing you to ask him out. But you knew that the moment you did, it would ruin your friendship. So, you kept it to yourself. But that never stopped Zendaya.

“Okay, I’m done.” She stepped out of the bathroom wearing a floral romper with black flats, her hair let down. “How do I look?”

“Amazing, as always. Now, let’s go.” You stood from your spot on the bed and grabbed your phone.

“Wait a minute, you are not going anywhere like that.” She pointed to me with a raised eyebrow.

You looked down at your tank top and leggings then looked back up at her. “Uhh, why?”

“Because, as your best friend it is my job is to always help you look your best in front of your crush.” She started sifling through your bag.

You groaned. “I keep telling you not to bring that up!”

“And I never listen.” She replied and then her face brightened. “Aha!” She pulled an outfit out of your suitcase.

Yoi glanced at it, then at Zendaya. “I was going to wear that for the afterparty.”

“Well there’ll be cameras at the carpet, not the party, so…”
She held it out for you and you just took it, knowing there was no other way around it.

Which is how you ended up wearing a black halter top jumper with a pair of Zendaya’s heels. The top crisscrossed in the front then was open down the middle to the center of your chest.

Zendaya did your hair, pulling it up into a high pony, allowing a few tresses of hair in the front. She grinned as she brushed them from your face.

“Stunning.” She said.

“You know, this is a lot of work for someone who isn’t even gonna be seen.” You reminded her.

She pulled you up to standing, despite the heels you were still a few inches shorter than her, standing at a mere 5'6".

“As if.” She replied. “You, my darling, are gonna be on that carpet right beside me.”

“But–” She cut you off.

“No buts, just love.” She held her arms out to you.

You couldn’t help but smile and hug her. She was always doing her best to include you in this part of her life and you knew this was one of those ways. It was moments like these that you knew you had chosen the right best friend.

There was a knock on the door and then, “Are you guys ready?”


Zendaya pulled away from you, holding you by the shoulders and gave you a smile. “Go get'em tiger.”

You opened the door slowly, making sure to breathe, until you were face to face with your crush.

He had been looking down at his phone, but looked up when the door opened. “Finally, I thought you guys were never–whoa.”

Harrison took all of you in, his eyes raking up your body before resting on your eyes. “Wow, Y/N, you look…you look great.”

You blushed, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “Thanks.”

“Hey, what about me?” Zendaya walked up to the door. “Isn’t anyone gonna tell me how great I look?”

She gave you a teasing smile and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes, Zendaya, you look great.” Harrison glanced at her.

“Why, thank you.” She ushered you out of the room and then shut it behind her. “Alright then, let’s go!”

You smiled as they snapped another picture of you and Zendaya. It was almost effortless and you were glad that she convinced you to come out here with her.

You placed your left hand in your pocket as your right was around Zendaya’s waist as you posed.

Harrison watched from off the side as your smile turned into a laugh when Zendaya whispered something in your ear. He had just got off the carpet with Tom and since then he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

You were so beautiful, so genuine and it’s like you couldn’t even see it. Which attracted him to you even more. Zendaya said something to you quickly before walking off the carpet to where Harrison was standing.

“What are you doing?” He asked her as she stood beside him.

“They can’t get enough of her.” Zendaya stood proudly smiling at her best friend as you continued to smile for the camera, laughing a little when she caught your eye and winked.

“Can you blame them? She’s so beautiful.” Harrison said, mesmerized by how easily you attracted the cameras.

“Yeah.” She smiled then stopped. “Wait, what?”

Harrison blinked and then turned to Zendaya, realizing what he admitted. “What, is that weird that I said that? I mean, I didn’t mean it to sound like I like her. I mean I do, but not in that way, you know? Unless she likes me, I mean, not that I care…but does she? It's–”

“Harrison, shut up.” Z said to him, noticing you were about to walk off the carpet. “Answer me this one question. Do you like Y/N?”

He swallowed. “Don’t tell her. I don’t wanna mess up our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way.”

Zendaya glanced over and saw you starting towards them. “Alright, I’m only gonna say this once so listen up. Ask. Her. Out. Do it, trust me. You won’t regret it. Besides, everyone already ships you two, so I suggest you get on with it.”

Harrison opened his mouth to say something, but you had appeared next to Zendaya.

“Well, that was insane.” They both stared at you and your eyes darted between them. “What were you guys talking about over here?”

“Just how incredible you looked out on that carpet.” Z answered, smiling at you. “You’re a real natural, the camera loves you.”

“Yeah, you were great.” Harrison smiled at you and you thought you melted right then and there.

“Thanks, you guys.” You grinned sheepishly at your two friends.

“Infinity War panel’s about to start, so anyone who wanted to see it, better get a move on.” Tom appeared behind Harrison and grinned.

The four of you made your way to the room where they were holding the panel. There was a security guard at the door who nodded when Tom told him his name and then glanced at us.

“They’re with me.” Tom informed him.

The man just shrugged and opened the door to backstage, where the cast was already assembling. You were half tempted to go up to them and meet them since Tom said it was okay, but you were 100% terrified of saying something stupid, so you stayed where you were.

“Zendaya, Sebastian Stan is less than 10 feet away from us, I think I’m about to pass out.” You whispered.

“Same, Y/N, same.” She whispered back.

“What are you whispering about?” Harrison whispered as well, coming over to you.

“Sebastian Stan.” Zendaya said at the same time that you said, “Nothing.”

Harrison got a mischievous glint in his eyes and grinned. “Sebastian Stan, you say?” He said in full volume.

You saw his head pop up and he excused himself to walk over to the three of you. “Yeah, what’s up?”

You and Zendaya stood in shock as Sebastian himself stood in front of you, a half grin on his face.

“I think you have a couple fans here.” Harrison said.

He turned to you two. “You part of Tom’s entourage as well?”

You couldn’t help but laugh, the ease of which he said it, calming you. “I guess you could say that, but I’m more like her entourage.” You gestured to Zendaya.

He carried on a conversation with you two, making you feel completely at ease the whole time. Just as you asked him for a picture, someone on the stage called out his name.

He started walking backwards. “Later, yeah?” You just nodded and he grinned, turning around and walking onstage.

“I cannot believe that just happened.” Harrison walked back to you and you looked up at him. “I don’t know whether to hug you or punch you for catching me off guard like that.”

“Please be the first option.” He gave a cheeky grin and you bit your lip.

“It is Sebastian Stan after all,” You let out an overbearing sigh then gave him a playful look. “Come here.” You say, pulling him into a hug.

He took you in his arms, holding you tight as you inhaled his cologne. You laughed into his neck.

“I’m still in shock that that happened.” You said as you pulled away. “I’m so happy I could kiss you!” You exclaimed.

You both froze.

“I didn’t mean–I was just saying–” You tried to work your way out of this situation, despite the fact that yes, you actually could kiss him.

Harrison just shook his head. “To hell with it.” He murmured and pulled you back in to bring his lips to yours.

His lips were soft against yours and your eyes slowly shut as you embraced this moment. Finally, was your only thought as his arms tightened around your waist and yours went to his hair. Your mouths moved in sync and you felt his smile on yours and you giggled, pulling away for a moment.

Harrison placed one last kiss on your lips, before resting a hand on your cheek, making you look up at him. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that?”

You breathed out a laugh. “No, but I know how long I have.”

His eyebrows went up at that. “Does that mean…?”

“That like you? Yeah, I have for some time now, actually.” Your eyes searched his for any form of regret.

But all you saw in his eyes was happiness and passion. “Well, what do you know…” He placed another kiss on your lips, this one slower, more emotion in it. “We’re more alike than I thought.” He whispered, his lips brushing yours.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt this little moment.” Zendaya popped up, you hadn’t even realized she stepped away. “But they are about to show the trailer so…”

You parted, but he took your hand in his. “Shall we?” He asked you, a smile on his face.

You already started moving towards the side of the stage, pulling Harrison along. “We shall.”

This has been, without a doubt, the best day of your life.

Sifl and Olly. Two sock puppets that had a show between Beavis and Butthead reruns in the late 90’s. They would sing songs, make phone calls, sell crappy goods and hang out with this other burnout puppet named Chester (I’ll draw him later). Haven’t really thought about them in a long while so I felt like drawing them. They were sock puppets, so you never saw their feet…so I… drew their feet.

anonymous asked:

HIIIII THERE! I absolutely adore your art. You make Teru so soft (soft? Idk how else to describe it) and gentle. I was just wondering... do you have any mob/teru fics you could recommend? Thank you <3

thank you anon, i love drawing teru, who’s normally so dangerous and sharp, in a gentle way (esp when he’s around mob)  (─‿‿─)♥

and yes!! I def have some fics to rec!!! 

Slush (complete) by allthingsunrelated is one of the first terumob fics I read and still one of my favorites, I love how it keeps the tone of the manga…it’s fluffy but a little unsettling in the best way

Of Cold Hands Reaching (complete) and its continuation And Nearly Letting Go (wip) by UncannyCookie are both so good, really love the honest, authentic characterization (not only close to the actual canon characters but also close to how actual humans act, imo) and pacing here

Turning Slowly (complete) by sorrow_key is bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) and a really nice insight into Mob’s head…it made me feel a lot of things I cant really put into words

The Fairest of Them All  (complete) by Sifl is just….it’s really cleverly written and feels honest and genuine. I fell in love with this flawed Teru, truly the fairest

The Signed, Sealed, Delivered series (complete I think?) by entrenched is sweet, clever and a bit heart-breaking

and of course Impulsive (complete) and A Light Distraction (wip) by Komarty, which are sweet and tender. Reading those feels like eating sweet cake in your mothers kitchen and what more could you want

there are a lot more good fics tho *^_^* but these really stuck with me

The Fairest of Them All by Sifl

Fic can be read HERE.

Comedy, Mob Psycho 100 Holiday Fic Exchange 2016, Fluff. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 1789

Pairings: Hanazawa Teruki/Kageyama ‘Mob’ Shigeo

Trigger Warnings: None

Teru gets put in his place.