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It'a okay if you don't but I wanted to ask just in case :) Where is "When Marnie Was There" is showing in America? I believe it came out last Friday but I can't seem to find movie times anywhere even online :( I live in Philly but wouldn't mind driving to New York City...

Hey you! ^___^ Thank you again for helping me with my laptop! I can never thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

As for your question, I believe I can help. Here is a current list of North American theatres (with links to each) in which “When Marnie is There” is showing -

**Updated 5/19**


Seattle, WA - Seattle International Film Festival (5/16 & 5/20)

MAY 22

New York, NY - IFC Center
Los Angeles, CA - Landmark Nuart

MAY 29

Chicago, IL - Landmark Century Centre
Toronto, ON - TIFF Bell Lightbox
Vancouver, BC - Vancity Theatre
Pasadena, CA - Laemmle Playhouse
Encino, CA - Laemmle Town Center
Claremont, CA - Laemmle Claremont
North Hollywood, CA - Laemmle NoHo
Irvine, CA - University Town Center


San Francisco, CA - Landmark Embarcadero
Berkeley, CA - Landmark Shattuck Cinemas
Menlo Park, CA - Landmark Guild Theatre
San Jose, CA - Camera 3 Cinemas
San Diego, CA - Reading Gaslamp Stadium
La Jolla, CA - Landmark La Jolla Village Cinemas
Philadelphia, PA - Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Boston, MA - Landmark Kendall Square
Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Lagoon Cinema
Grand Rapids, MI - Celebration Cinemas Woodland
Denver, CO - Landmark Chez Artiste
Cleveland, OH - Cedar Lee Theatre
Akron, OH - Nightlight Cinema
Portland, OR - Regal Fox Tower
Austin, TX - Regal Arbor at Great Hills
Dallas, TX - Angelika Film Center
Plano, TX - Angelika Film Center
Houston, TX - Landmark River Oaks Theatre
Phoenix, AZ - Harkins Valley Art
Santa Cruz, CA - The Nick
Montréal, QC - Cinéma du Parc
Montréal, QC - Cinéma Beaubien (in French)
Québec City, QC - Cinéma Le Clap (in French)
Sherbrooke, QC - Maison du Cinema (in French)
Santa Barabara, CA - Plaza de Oro (6/10)


Washington, DC - Landmark E Street Cinema
Salt Lake City, UT - Broadway Centre Cinemas
Providence, RI - Cable Car Cinema
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center
Cincinnati, OH - Mariemont Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA - Regent Square Theatre
Nashville, TN - The Belcourt
Knoxville, TN - Regal Downtown West
Charlotte, NC - Regal Park Terrace
Asheville, NC - The Carolina Asheville
Raleigh, NC - The Raleigh Grande
Greensboro, NC - Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema
Santa Rosa, CA - Summerfield Cinemas
Tucson, AZ - The Loft Cinema
Santa Fe, NM - Regal DeVargas
Duluth, MN - Zinema 2
Amherst, MA - Amherst Cinema
Vancouver, WA - Kiggins Theater
Victoria, BC - The Vic Theatre


St Louis, MO - Landmark Plaza Frontenac
Indianapolis, IN - Landmark Keystone Art
Hartford, CT - Real Art Ways (6/19-21, 6/26-28, 7/2-4)
Lambertville, NJ - ACME Screening Room (6/21 & 6/28)


Atlanta, GA - Landmark Midtown Art


Seattle, WA - SIFF Cinema Egyptian
Gainesville, FL - The Hippodrome

Source: When Marnie was There (Facebook)


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