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How do you spot someones dominant function in real life?

(Gif: James Norrington, PotC. ESTJ.)

It’s not easy in introverts, but the extroverts on the other hand…

Te-dom: direct, forward, authoritative, blunt and objectively logical. Tends to correct other people’s facts / logical fallacies without even thinking about it. (TeNi: inclined to talk about future outcomes and patterns; TeSi: more laid back and interested in present concerns and ‘how the world works’)

Fe-dom: warm, personable, and emotionally demonstrative; very forthcoming in their opinions, sometimes with a slight inference that you better agree. (FeNi: intense and focused on future patterns, inclined to immediately read behind-the-scenes or assert their intuitive conclusions as facts; FeSi: concerned with everyone’s present needs and sensory stability)

Se-dom: eager to experience everything life has to offer, inclined to follow new and interesting pursuits, change professions, jobs, etc; willing to ‘get physical’ and push people out of their comfort zones, emphasis on sensory pursuits (art, sports, fashion, global events, hobbies, experiences). (SeTi: detached, logical, but external warmth through Fe, a general desire to get along / willing to sacrifice to keep the peace; SeFi: more intense, driven to accomplish things, can express strongly disapproving Fi judgments from time to time.)

Ne-dom: excited to discuss abstract concepts (theories, psychology, religion, philosophy, etc) at length; inclined to rapid changes in mind / approaches; often argues both perspectives at once, as if they can see three different conflicting arguments at the same time; frequently reads too much into things / has strong instincts about people, but not always certain of the outcome so they seek “proof” to back up their suspicions. May have an opinion 100% different from the last time you spoke to them. Five hours ago. (NeTi: detached, logical, more interested in systems and concepts than people; NeFi: people-and-relationship centric, driven to accomplish things, can express strongly disapproving Fi-judgments from time to time)

And the introverts, which will take way longer, since they tend to ‘hide’ their introverted dominant function:

Ti-dom: detached, logic, with a desire to categorize or systematize everything, often emotionally laid back / unconcerned with causing offense in favor of digging into the truth. (TiSe: physically active and engaged, inclined to favor ONE specific point of view, developed over time; TiNe: incredibly abstract, vague, generalizing, curious about abstract concepts / theories.)

Fi-dom: sensitive and easily hurt, but private in their feelings; makes decisions based on personal values / ethics / how it impacts other people / animals. Finds it difficult to verbalize intense emotions, often finds it easier to ‘write them down’; not inclined to offer immediate emotional judgments on important things. (FiSe: physically active and engaged, inclined to have a singular focus and/or reach firm conclusions; FiNe: abstract, interested in intangible things / psychology / concepts / theories / etc, inclined to change their minds a lot and often second-guess themselves)

Si-dom: comfortable with routine, takes things at face value / tends to self-reference a lot (personal experience), can be sentimental or have an archetype way of looking at reality; not always comfortable with too much change, very good at catering to their own internal sensory needs / comforts, eager to involve their hands, somewhat frustrated by too-abstract things. (SiTe: focused, often good with practical / business ventures, detail-oriented; retains lots of facts, logical and direct in their assessments; SiFe: emotional, easily hurt, makes decisions on how it impacts people / animals, able to share their feelings in easily understood ways once they are ready)

Ni-dom: continually reads behind what is there / interested in high abstracting / theories / futuristic patterns, somewhat detached from sensory reality / poor at interacting with the sensory environment; inclined toward theories, asserting hidden truths as if they ‘know’; often disinterested in changing their mind after they have pondered on it and reached a conclusion. (NiTe: detached, logical, wants to get things ‘done’; sees things in terms of business / rationality; good at reciting logical things or giving facts to back up their arguments; NiFe: emotional and articulate in sharing their emotions, inclined to forming moral and ethical judgments, and trying to ‘figure out’ people’s motives)

- ENFP Mod

MBTI Class 101: Fi v Fe

(In the character world and mbti community, ExxPs are so easy for people who are not familiar with functions to mess them up with each other. That is because ExxPs are typically associated with charming and sociable characters typically good with the opposite sex. Unsurprisingly, a good amount of said characters are characterized as thinkers therefore the popular type to mistype is ENTP

People are afraid that they’re favorites are ‘feelers’ (ESFP, ENFP) because of the horrid stereotype of feeler = emotional = therefore not evil/manly/intelligent. That is completely ridiculous of course because anyone who knows functions would know that feelers does not equal any of the above and have the potential to be just as heartless if not more so than thinkers. 

Popular characters that are associated with the same ExTP typings are Howl, Sebastian Michaelis, Izaya Orihara, Hisoka, Ferid Bathory, Viktor Nikiforov, Ren Jinguji, Shogo Makishima and other characters that are ‘similar’ to them. Well, they’re wrong.

First of all, Makishima is an INFJ so that takes one off the list.

ENTPs are Hisoka, Izaya and possibly Ferid. It’s true. And you can tell by their bouncy nature, but not in a sensual way.
ENTPs typically don’t care to be erotic. It is not their focus and is of no importance to them. Yes, Hisoka is sexual, but for the most part, it’s for himself. 

ENFPs are Howl, Sebastian Michaelis, Viktor Nikiforov, Ren Jinguji and a hint is that they’re extremely sensual and seductive. It’s because they are ‘in tune’ with their senses and the F in the four letters and know how to make use of it for their pleasure and or manipulation. 

An example of an ESFP is someone like Yato (Noragami) and an ESTP is someone like Ronald Knox. 

So today, we will be comparing the Fs in the two types of ENFP and ENTP to make it easier to distinguish between the two for future typings

and that is the difference between Fe and Fi. 

Sebastian Michaelis: ENFP

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Ne  Fi  Te  Si

Fi: “Introverted Feeling (Fi) is one of the hardest cognitive functions to understand, explain and observe. Because it’s an introverted function, it’s hard to observe it in people.
It’s taking place in side the mind where others can’t see it.
Unfortunately, the time Fi becomes easy to observe is when it’s in its negative aspect and people are acting selfishly and emotionally.

Fi is a judging function where the individual makes decisions based on their own personal value system. 

Thus people with a dominant Introverted Feeling function will normally be making decisions based on emotions rather than objective facts and data.”

To sum up, 

anyone who has Fi does whatever the hell they want regardless of what people say. If you’re an Fi user, you know what I am talking about.
Fi users hate broadcasting what they are feeling and prefer to keep it private.

This is why so many INFPs, ENFPs etc originally think they are INTJ or some sort of thinker at first. 
Because thinker obviously = no emotions whatsoever am I right? *sarcasm*

Fi users prefer individualism and creating one’s own rules/how they live their lives. Other people’s words will fall on deaf ears.
If their values does not lie in what society depicts, they unapologetically will rebel and mock without batting an eyelash.
They might at first, care for appearances and such, but when it comes down to the end, their appearances are overruled. 

Sebastian is vain and needs the kind of affirmation where humans look up and are in awe of his good looks and inhuman talents. But that does not stop him from being incredibly snarky and sassy about anything that does no align with his own ideals and opinions and going against that.
He treasures his own identity and skills as a demon to the point of possessiveness and competitiveness. 

(Example: He glared at Abberline hatefully when the police was able to make Undertaker laughed and immediately needed to know how and why.) 

Another excellent example is when he subtly mocked a police/reporter about how only when aristocrats are dying does the government care about what is happening while not giving a shit if poor people are dying. 

They are PRIVATE. To many Fi users, emotions are a weakness. Sebastian being a demon who needs to live up to his own name and nature is just a bonus.
When he started crying in the Green Witch arc as he entered the poisonous forest, he was aghast to the fact that a demon or a heartless being like himself could cry.

He is disgusted with the feeling and published it to NO ONE.  
In the end, he is happiest when he can be crazy as himself such as dancing like some K-pop star to get an amusing reaction out of Ciel during the Blue Cult arc.

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” ~Oscar Wilde (an ENFP)


Fact: ENTPs are more likely to mess you up by playing a little prank or maybe correct your grammar, but are more sensitive to know what is going too far and your emotional needs (Fe).

Fact: ENFPs are more likely to fuck you up with your emotions, way of life and your attachments and could not care less about what people think of them when at the very edge (Fi). 


Fact: ENTPs are more interested in science, planning and technological fields (anything grounded in general.)

Fact: ENFPs are more interested in something they can control and reform if it suits their purposes, drama and theatrics. 


Izaya Orihara: ENTP

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Ne  Ti  Fe  Si

Fe: “People whose dominant function is Extraverted Feeling, focus their decision making on the external world (outside the mind) and the primary focus is on people and human kind.
They are all about connecting with other people.
When people with dominant Fe go to make a decision, the first decision criteria they use is values rather than objective facts. For extraverted feeling these values are more cultural values and values relating to human kind as a whole.

Dominant Fe’s have the natural ability to tune into the group to know what they are thinking and feeling. They are sensitive to the morale of the people around them.

Fe users 

are as the above said, more in tune with the emotions around them and they hardly care about what they are feeling on the inside.They need affirmation and the feel of being valued and loved. They want to be accepted. 
Other people’s words will matter to varying degrees. 

Izaya is an Fe user that is unhealthy and in a loop. He admits to being very jealous of Shizuo (which is why the strong animosity) because Shizuo is loved by those around him despite being a ‘monster.’ 

As an Fe user, Izaya is not afraid to make his hurts and resentment towards the world known. He is not private about them as he likes to think he is.

The world shuns him and his attitude so he shall take is out on humanity (trolling, messing with them) and veils it by saying how much he ‘loves all humans.’
We all know he clearly does NOT and is hurt and tormented since the very beginning probably childhood.

Anyone who manages to cross over this barrier such as Shinra Kishitani who once saved Izaya by putting his life in the line, Izaya guards and treasures to the point of possessiveness forever.

Why? Because Shinra has shown that he CARED about Izaya. 
When Izaya was in the hospital and Shinra was too involved with his date with Celty to care about Izaya’s condition, Izaya was extremely offended.
And instead of being straightforward about that with his only friend, he pulled a harmless little trick he knows Shinra can easily get himself out of to show that he was hurt that Shinra did not care about him enough or his well-being. 
He has to feel LOVED and VALUED. 

Izaya would do anything for him including using his own life even though he would never admit it.

This is what an Fe user is prone to do. An Fi is too selfish for that. 

“As an actor, being on autopilot is the worst thing possible.” ~Matthew Perry (an ENTP)

[If you are constantly debating/unsure whether you are an ENTP or ENFP, now you probably have a clue.]

~Miss ENFP

Draw woke up with a start as he found himself in a type of alleyway between two buildings. He groaned softly as he got up, rubbing his head and looking up into the night sky.
“Where….am I?” He muttered in his native tounge, curiously looking around as he made his way out of the alley.

 But just as he was about the leave the alleyway, a towering man covered from head to toe. blocked his way, pulling out a knife and pointing it at the mercenary.
“Give me your money.” The stranger growled. Draw did not umderstand the other’s language, but it was obvious he was about to be mugged. 
“Hey, I’m talkin’ to you!” He barked. “And what’s with your outfit, comicon is over!“ 
Draw only stood there silently as he glared at the other. The man gave a grunt in annoyance as he stabbed forward with his blade.

But it was too slow.

In a single moment, Draw weaved around the stab and grabbed his wrist, breaking it and ripping it from his grasp. Before he could even react,  the young foreigner let out a flurry of blows into his chest, sending him flying into a brick wall on the other sife of the street and cracking it. It would be lucky if the man were to survive that. Draw looked down at the knife in his hands, spinning it around his fingers as he did.
"A nice knife for such a weakling…” He muttered. He sheathed it as he began to walk away, not even minding the screams as the people gathered around the wounded man.

Draw curiously looked around, curious why people would be concerned for that mugger. He only shrugged. If they spoke a language this strange, then they probably thought different as well.

Before he took another step, he heard a man yell at him.
“FREEZE.” He looked back to see a western man in a type of blue uniform stand before him, holding a strange trinket in his hands that was pointed at him.
“Pu-reese?” Draw attempted to reply, confused by the word. He stepped forward, looking at the man curiously. He began to step towards him, causing the man the activate the device. A loud pop filled the air, causing Draw to feel a pain in his shoulder. He growled, looking to see a piece of metal lodged in his shoulder plate. He glared at the man before him and lunged forward in a blur, sending a fist into the man’s diaphragm before sending both palms forward into the man, sending him flying 20 feet.

Draw then turned and began to run. This was bad. This was very, very bad.

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I’ve seen alot of people make jokes about Anakins ghost talking to Kylo Ren, though they are hilarious they got me thinking, why wouldnt Anakin talk to and advice Kylo Ren.

Its pretty clear that Kylo Ren hasnt seen or spoken to Anakin, for if he did I dont think Kylo Ren would be doing all of this in the name of his Grandfather. And before anyone says Anakin was always evil and died evil, he appears at the end of the 6th film as a ghost (gif). Anakin wouldnt be able to become a Jedi ghost if he wasnt good.

But back to what I was saying. If Anakin saw his own grandson start going down a path that he went down and was regretful of it, wouldnt he try to talk to his grandson to try to stop him?

What if Snoke stopped that from happening. Luke had probably told Kylo when he was a boy that Jedis can/have come back as a spirit to advise the living Jedis. And he probably told him Anakins switch back to the light sife. So Kylo had grown up on the notion that he might one day see his grandfather. But what if Snoke did something to stop Anakin from coming and seeing Kylo Ren.

It is obvious Snoke is a VERY powerful being, it could be possible that Snoke is so powerful that he can make a “shield” around Kylo Rens Force sensitivity which could stop Kylo from seeing past Jedis.

Think about it, people have had speculations that Snoke had been seducing Kylo Ren to a dark side since he was a child. What if Snoke had told Kylo what Anakin wanted for the galaxy while he was alive, leaving out the parts he wanted to. And then he could have told Kylo that the reason he has not seen Anakin is because Luke didnt want him to be told the truth, and only if he joined the dark side would he powerful enough to see Anakin.

Feeling that he had been betrayed and lied to could have been the first push for Ben Solo to become Kylo Ren.

A virgin..until I Met you pt.9 (KIM TAEHYUNG)

BTS member : taehyung x reader

genre: angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents smut


part1  part2  part3  part4  part5  part6  part7  part8 

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A/N hello every one it’s been a while i didn’t write a note well as you see this fanfic is going slow i really don’t know when shall i end it but for sure it still needs other chapters i hope you are enjoying reading please react so i can feel your support :)

you jumped in the stairs until you came down to the living room as you wanted to check your friends but you didn’t see any one ,while you were standing there the door opened and you saw jimin coming inside 

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Hi Charity! Have you got any ideas on how cognitive functions may correlate with the Ilvermorny Houses? (I know any type can be any house but maybe like what each function will most likely lead to in terms of houses?) Thank you :)


Description: Each of the four Ilvermorny houses is said to represent a different part of the ideal wizard. Thunderbird is the “soul” and “favors adventurers,” according to the Pottermore description.

The soul sounds Ni and Fi; the inner consciousness, with a focus on experiencing external possibilities (Ne) and experiences (Se).

(BONUS: Enneagram 4/7/8.)

Horned Serpent

Description: The Horned Serpent is said to represent the mind of a wizard, and favors scholars. Because of that whole aura, it’s easy to imagine Horned Serpent students remaining a little aloof from their brethren.

The mind can be any of the dominant introverted functions, but with a particular emphasis on Ti (as a system-building function of knowledge) and Te (knowledge is power).

(BONUS: Enneagram type 5/6/7.)


Description: The Pukwudgie, true to their namesake creature’s role in protecting Isolt Sayre from her deadly aunt, represents the heart of a wizard, and favors healers.

The heart relates to feeling centers (Fe/Fi) while healers is an immediate focus on fulfilling someone’s needs (Si/Se) – most likely combination, SiFe.

(BONUS: Enneagram 2/4.)


Description: Wampus represents the body of a wizard and favors warriors.

Emphasis on the body – Se/Si. Warriors can be any type, but high Se/Te is favored.

(BONUS: Enneagram 1/3/9.)

- ENFP Mod

Sweet Dreams (Jungkook)

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You pressed the middle button on your cell phone to check the time. 5:04 am. You sighed and put it back on the table next to your bed, and turned to your left, finding your cute boyfriend asleep by your side with his mouth half oppened and a relaxed face. He looked like a baby, and you smiled at him. Your fingers stroked his cheek, trying not to wake him up. 

It was the same everyday. You couldn’t sleep, and you didn’t know why. Jungkook didn’t know about this. He always fell asleep quickly, tired from rehearsing all day. You checked the time again. 5:37am. The time flied and you didn’t realise. Jungkook suddenly opened his eyes and looked at you, a little surprised, a little confused.

 -Jagiya, why are you awake? Its late.
-Im not tired.
-Is there something going on?
-Don’t worry, it had been this way for the past week. 

He slowly sat down on the bed.
-Then I should worry even more. Are you worried about something? Or sad?
 -No, no, I’m perfectly fine. I don’t know why is this happening. 

You sat by his side and he wrapped his arms around your body, making you lay on him, having the back of your head resting on his shoulder.

 -Is there something I can do for you? 

He whispered into your ear softly.

 -Maybe you can try singing. Your arms are confortable.
-If it works, I promise I’ll do this everynight but earlier, not at almost 6am. I have a free day tomorrow so let’s sleep til 11am.
-Relax and close your eyes. 

You did what he told you, and you felt his strong arms holding you tightly before the sweet melody of “Thinking out loud”(Ed Sheeran) was poured into your ear in a lovely way, making you feel happy in his arms. You never wanted to leave. Suddenly and without noticing, you fell asleep. Jungkook noticed and finished the song. He positioned you back on the bed and layed by your sife, hugging you close to his chest. 

-Sweet dreams, my love.