sif of asguard

No but imagine an AU where Skye goes to Asguard willingly. Imagine one where she learns to control her abilities there. Imagine her becoming friends with Lady Sif and her friends. Imagine Lady Sif training her in the ways of Asguard fighting. Imagine her going to Heimdall literally every week to find out how her friends are doing. 

Now imagine her being one of the first ones to find out Loki was posing as Odin. Imagine the fight that would break out. Imagine her literally razing a battlefield of enemies to the ground with the power of her mind. Imagine a feast held in the honer of the warriors that fought and won. Imagine a toast being raised in Skye’s name. Imagine tales being regaled through out the realms of a fierce Midguardian warrior by the name of Quake. 

Imagine the heartfelt goodbyes and “can we convince you to stay"s by all her allies and new friends as she walked to see Heimdall for the last time. Imagine Skye saying "I’m sorry, but my friends need me.” because she knew war was coming to her home and she had to help. Imagine the last wave good bye as she was taken away back to her home.

Now imagine a black SUV being jerked to the side of the road as a Asguardian portal literally opened right in front of them. Imagine an exhausted Phil Coulson on the way back from a three day mission holding himself back from swearing as he swerved to avoid the giant swirling beam of light in the middle of the road. Imagine Melinda May immediately reaching for her sidearm as the both exited the car.

Then imagine the shit eating grin on Skye’s face at the awed look at theirs. Imagine how Skye standing in the middle of the road decked out and stunning in full Asguardian armor gives a little wave and says something cliche like, “Miss me?”

Imagine that.

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Gaylord Focker : meeting parents

The second time Melinda called her mother in the past five years, it wasn’t because she needed a ride out of rural Canada after her top secret government agency went belly-up. Tsai decided it was better to be safe than sorry, though, and packed her machete just in case.

But the coordinates led her to a Holiday Inn outside Las Vegas and, yeah, it’s a long drive but her curiosity is getting the better of her. She asks for Melinda’s favorite pseudonym at the front desk and is told “they” are waiting for her.

She raises one eyebrow at the key–a heart-shaped, ornate key at that.

She taps it thoughtfully against the palm of her hand as she waits for the elevator to make it to the top floor.

Melinda’s room is….not the honeymoon suite. It’s the Valentine’s-Day-barfed-this-room-up suite as far as Tsai can tell. It’s the suite romance goes to to die.

She knocks on the door.

Melinda opens the door in a bathrobe. She also–Tsai notices immediately–has a wedding ring on.

“Mom,” she says with a nod and steps aside so Tsai can walk past her into the garish, horrific room.

“Sweetheart,” says Tsai to be an ass. She’s been driving for six hours straight, after all.

“Geetings,” says the paragon of female perfection also dressed in nothing but a bathrobe who’s sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Mom, this is Lady Sif of Asguard,” says Melinda. “Um. Possibly now Lady Sif May.”

Sif nods. “I accept this endearment,” she says. “And you shall be granted the title of Lady or, should you prefer, Sir in accordance with our union.”

Tsai sighs. Trust Melinda to marry Asguardian nobility.

“Our clothes are missing,” Melinda said as sheepishly as she ever admitted to. “And apparently we got married last night.”

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do you take requests? could you write something about that what-if scenario of Stoick being too late to save Hiccup? q-q

Well, I’ve never taken requests before because I’ve never gotten requests before. Prompt responses, yes, but not requests. That being said, sure, I’ll write a short something (even if it rips my heart out to do so).


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