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Thor Ragnarok DELETED SCENES, Alternate Post-Credits and Rejected Concepts Explained

NOOOOO!!!!! Why did they cut the knife scene?! It was so badass!

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Tenets of the Gods

Baldr: The brightness of life. Let your presence be inspiring and beautiful to all. Allow your joy to radiate from within and become your aura.

Bragi: Believe in the power of your words. Speak carefully with thought and precision. Let your praise empower and strengthen, and your insults dishearten and wither.

Eir: Seek the cure. Help those in need, and offer comfort in whatever form you can. Reject the corruption of disease, any affliction can be treated and healed with the right approach.

Fenrir: Destroy your chains and those who forge them. Never be cowed or submit in fear, reason should be met with respect but dominion with insurrection.

Forseti: Deliver the beneficial compromise. Let peace be brokered and unnecessary conflict be evaded, good faith be honoured and deception be castigated.

Freyja: Bask in your glory and empowerment. Let pleasure be a virtue, and self-determination be the basis of your strength. Revel in your emotions for they are your power.

Freyr: Advance the endeavour of growth. Nurture life in all its forms and display the beauty of progeneration. Anything can take root and grow given the right conditions.

Frigga: Provide and protect. Let all you care for be comfortable and safe, and no need be denied. The fire can warm but also burn.

Heimdall: Vigilance and caution. A misstep may bring misery and an unheard word, disaster. The way forward is clear and danger is transparent, when the time is taken to identify it.

Hela: Death is but the other half of life. Let stillness be, and quiet guide your thoughts. Endings should be neither sought nor feared, an end is but the opportunity for further beginnings.

Idunn: Wisdom in youth. Let the words of babes ring with your consciousness and seek the truth held in their innocence, ignorance is found in the dismissal of the young.

Loki: Freedom in fun and change. Do not be bound by norms and civility, evil is often disguised as order, and the fabricated as natural. The good thing is not always the common thing, deviation can lead to delight.

Modi: Evolve and progress. Find no contentment in maintaining a status quo. Each day be better than yesterday, see the good of your forebear and strive to excel further. Seek, always, the betterment of your theory and actions.

Njord: Ebb and flow, give and take. Action begets reaction, matter demands a void, for happiness there must be sadness, for gain there must be loss. Balance is a virtue, no one approach can suit every obstacle.

Odin: Wise and learned. Always search for the opportunity to learn, wisdom is found in the diversity of life. Give your knowledge freely and be gracious in reception, a mind in isolation is a mind that does not grow.

Sif: Be proud and know your worth. Demand your place and your right to exist in the world. Pay mind to fair criticism but reject detractors wholly. Take pride in yourself, and seek betterment for your own sake.

Sigyn: Steadfast and devoted. Stand firmly for what you believe, keep loyal to that you love. Nothing worth doing is easy, no worthwhile thing is effortless. Love takes work, and ideals require labour.

Skadhi: Justice through vengeance. Vileness be met with viciousness, the unforgivable can not be forgiven, though reason may temper rage. Covert, can be calamity, and war kept for a better day.

Thor: Powerful protection. Vie for strength in soul and arm, to protect is to persevere against evil, contest not only in arms but in wills. To bring joy against misery, hope against despair, and a hammer against tyranny.

Tyr: Honour and sacrifice. Victory is not always decisive, a small win leads to the larger success, a minor loss can avert the grander. Achievement can come in portion just as well as in entirety.

Ullr: Mirth in contest. Appreciate fair competition and find joy in the fight, to train you must have a partner, to win - a rival. In loss be grateful for the challenger and in victory, for the challenge.


These are some personal interpretations of the kinds of values and virtues that the gods each have, written up as specific tenets.

tbh I’m completely comfortable assuming that the reason the Lady Sif wasn’t in Thor: Ragnarok is that she’s spent most of the last couple of years on extended wild goose chase quests/in unofficial semi-exile because Loki is perfectly aware that she knows him well enough, and is smart enough, to potentially see through his attempts to impersonate Odin.

what were the norse gods like when drunk, you ask?

Odin: *steals Frigg’s wallet and dumps out a bunch of money* I️ GOT COINS FOR MY BITCHESSSSSSSS


Loki: look, dude, i can’t explain what happened. i ordered a drink, his finger touched mine accidentally and suddenly i was riding him. that’s just how life is.

Heimdallr: *chugs alcohol through Gjallrhorn*

Skadi: did??? did i not say vodka on the ROCKS? *stabs bartender* what’d we learn?


Thor: *singing a duet with Loki on karaoke* I️ *hiC* bLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN *inhales* AAAAAFFFFRRRIICAAAAAAA

Sigyn: *listening to Frigg ramble about her kids and Odin* ur too good for him, boo, dump him hon

Freyja: *rides chariot of cats into building* I️ HEARD WHAT YOU CALLED ME LAST WEEK, SQUARE UP J A N I C E

Freyr: I’m the god of peace… peas…. pees…. bees… I’m the god of bees guys

Hel: *drinks alcohol* *half of it falls through* well fuck this

Balder: oh no, i don’t drink. *loki throws shotglass at forehead*

Ran: if these bitches think they can touch my purse, just because i’m as turnt as Sif’s wig,,, y’all’re surely mistaken

Tyr: dude………………….. when did i like………… lose my hand………. weird brah

Sif: *steals microphone from Thor* BALDER’S HOTTER THAN YOU AND WE ALL KNOW IT *headbangs*

Bragi: CYNTHIA. CYN-THI-UUUH. JESUS DIED FOR OUR CYN-THI-UHS— ((bonus if you get the reference))

Forseti: I️ OBJECT *someone yells ‘it’s not even a courtroom’* I OBJECT