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The night was quiet, silent and calm. Clouds slowly rolled across the sky on a gentle breeze. Below, a single figure walked in the dark. He was tall, standing a little over 6 feet, although his stature didn’t seem all that great with the way he carried himself. He was slouched forward slightly as he walked. Has hands here gathered in his pockets, his head hung low, his jet black locks hanging over his face. What little skin that showed beneath his clothing was pale, and almost seemed to glow in the light of the moon. He looked up and around at the surroundings. His eyes were a striking fiery color. Mixtures of oranges and yellows and reds colored his irises, which seemed to glow lightly in the darkness, and were a stark contrast amongst his black sclera. He pauses suddenly, and brushed strands of his hair behind his ear. They were pointed in an elegant, almost elfin style. Black stud earrings dotted the tips of each ear. The exposed ear flicked lightly at a sound that caught his attention. He turned with a curious look, sensing something, or someone, nearby.

sietpyre is wandering through the swamp

Who was this? A human? A spirit? It was hard to tell, but she was bored and could always just test if the wanderer could see her.

“Hello? Can you hear me? I know you’ll at least see the light, but…”