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So Cait's in Italy, fan pic posted tonight. Sam is God knows where but can you answer me honestly bc I'm starting to freak out! His SM pattern seems to be following what a certain persons schedule is in Montreal. She's filming at night and that seems to be when he's online the most and bored. During the day he's very quiet, when she would have the day to do whatever. I really thought all this shit was over and now it's started all over again. Why can't he just be with Cait?

Why can’t he be with Cait?? No reason that I can think of! His SM times also fit with a holiday in a place not known for rolling up the sidewalks at midnight. Neither Portugal not Italy is known for being a nation that turns in early. The weather is hot and the afternoon is spent in siesta and people only really get going again in the early evening and the real fun doesn’t start until quite late….especially after a concert….

somebody needs to just take one for the team and date me