sierraisrad replied to your post: I think after I get back from California I’m gonna…
I replaced red meat with seafood 3/7 days a week. It’s marvelous and so healthy.

I don’t like seafood at all and my family rarely eats it so I probably won’t do that.

pearlskinanddiamondeyes asked:

2, 4, 9, 32

2. What colour underwear/boxers are you wearing now?
Dark gray.

4. What’s your favourite number?
Oh boy. Asking a math major what his favourite number is. Well, 87 is my favourite number for sports jerseys since that is what I used (not because of Crosbitch) though in general, π (pi) is probably my favourite number. Either that or e.

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Physical characteristic: The face in general I’d like to say, though I don’t really pay enough attention to where my eyes go first.
Overall characteristic: Probably their general intelligence level. If I come across someone who isn’t to swift I can tell.

32. Favourite football team?
College: Penn State
NFL: Washington Redskins (my mom is a fan and that transferred to me)
EPL: Liverpool