Sierra Nevada Mountains - Sunset Mac & Cheese

On our recent backpacking trip into the Sierra Nevada Mountains we stopped at our favorite dinner location along the way. A nice quiet spot in the Alabama Hills looking up at the beautiful crags of Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states. When the sun started to set we were in for a breathtaking surprise of insanely beautiful color. Awestruck.

35: Sierra Nevada Mountains Sasquatch

The thing that stuck with me in one eyewitness testimony is that the sasquatch looked “very attractive.”

So here’s a sasquatch thinking he is hot shit, struttin about.

Requested by anonymous

“Norman Clyde was attracted to the Sierra Nevada Mountains sometime after 1911 while in his mid-20s… Clyde spent more than 50 years perfecting his mental maps, locating crashed airplanes, and rescuing lost souls and climbers in trouble - or retrieving their bodies.

Clyde’s name was legendary. Many climbers would rank him second only to John Muir as an intimate pioneer of places inaccessible and second to none as a climber… Clyde climbed Mt. Whitney at least 50 times. Between 1914 and about 1940, he became the first climber to reach the tops of at least 126 peaks.”