North Peak and Shamrock Lake, CA by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
North Peak looms above Shamrock Peak in the Hoover Wilderness of Mono County, California.


Summer Solstice Sunrise Moon Set by Jeff Sullivan
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On the Summer Solstice this year the full Strawberry moon set just after sunrise before it rose again shortly after sunset that evening. This image was taken a few minutes later than the prior one that I uploaded from this morning.


Milky Way Over Tioga Lake by Jeff Sullivan

I’ve now been here in T or C almost 5 full days. Here’s what the world around me looks like. Pictures (a mix from my camera and my phone, some Instagrammed, but most not):

My room at the residency (PURPLE!!)

The Rio Grande (called the Rio Bravo in Mexico)

Me on a mini hike

View on hike (Healing Waters Trail)

Creepy pioneer dummy at the Geronimo Springs Museum


Vintage wedding dress at the thrift store in town

Tiara with turquoise 

Christmas (red and green chile) chicken enchiladas at Maria’s. SO GOOD.

I want to live in this room forever (At The Charles Motel And Spa)

More pictures of my time in Truth Or Consequences. TODAY IS MY LAST DAY. Tomorrow it’s on to Las Cruces, which I am really really really excited (and a little bit scared) about. 

Sunsets in New Mexico are 65% of what I live for

Written on a sign downtown 

My clothes on the line in the residency’s courtyard

My swelly, stubby feet (and Zia tattoo) while soaking at Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs (I went to four different hot springs places since I’ve been here: La Paloma, Hay-Yo-Kay, The Charles, and Riverbend) Most places are $5 for 30 minutes. 

I was nowhere close to being alive

Art hop at Grapes (a gallery). Myself, the other other artists-in-residence, the owner of the property and her friend walked around town on a FREEZING night for the monthly art hope. We went to…maybe 5 galleries. It was fun even for a cold-weather wimp like me. I also discovered the artist Delmas Howe, who lives here in T or C and paints incredible naked cowboys and cowboy angels and cowboy lovers and bright, vivid Western scenes.  A lot of his work is in the Rio Bravo Gallery.  

I sat under this piece of art at the Passion Pie coffee shop each day. 


Dead Tree, Olmsted Point, CA by 4 Corners Photo
Via Flickr:
A dead tree slowly weathers on Olmsted Point in Yosemite National Park.