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Here’s 10 more songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. In no particular order as always. Although I’ve REALLY been into that new Jaymes Young song. Sooooo good.

1. “Angela” - The Lumineers
2. “Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene” - Hozier
3. “Stoned On You” - Jaymes Young
4. “LIttle Do You Know” - Alex & Sierra
5. “Broadripple is Burning (Daytrotter Sessions Version)” - Margot & The Nuclear So So’s
6. “Broken Bones” - Kaleo
7. “Cherry Wine” - Hozier
8. “Wolves” - Down Like Silver
9. “After the Storm” - Mumford & Sons
10. “What It Is” - Kodaline

anonymous asked:

can you please post a pic of yourself? ❤️xxx ily

If you want to,and you’re comfortable with it,will you post a photo with you?

of your stupidly beautiful face😂

Here ya go! <3

Find the smallest pore on their cheek and
    name it.

Count how many eyelashes go missing at the
    end of the day and mourn.

Measure precisely how many kisses it takes to
    get from elbow to wrist.

Study their knees, meticulously.

—  Sierra DeMulder, What to Do After You’ve Memorized the Face of the Person You Love

Such a pleasant surprise-I’m sitting here procrastinating about working on a fic, so I go check out Sheila’s Twitter to see if she’s saying anything about the upcoming season (I usually try to avoid her Twitter and only look at it if someone posts something about it on Tumblr, but when you don’t want to open a Word document, you sometimes do rash things).  The last thing I expected to see was people talking about something I had written, but yay!  Plus, being part of dragging Shameless and its writers, even passively and second-hand, is very enjoyable indeed :)