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Hi! How are you Are you taking requests Because I need some Moriel fluff

I’m not technically, but I will almost never say no to Moriel fluff. Moriel in general, really. :) I didn’t really edit this, so I hope it’s okay!


Dawn has started its birth over the Sidra, casting the lantern lights aside for a new day. The streets are almost empty and the music has dimmed to a faint melody. But Rhys and Feyre are still dancing below, her blue crystal dress shining in the soft oncoming light.

Perched over the balcony, Cassian hands Azriel a drink - the last one on this, the Night Court’s most special night. The bubbles tickle and tease going down, and Az feels warm watching his brother dance with the woman he clearly loves.

Cassian tips back a drink himself and inclines his glass towards the couple. “Do you think they’re-”

“Yes,” Az answers, before his brother can even finish.

He’s known, or at least suspected, since the day he gave Rhys the blood rubies and sensed the change in Feyre’s scent as she stepped off the rooftop. Arousal, but something else too. Something different. He’d only ever scented that once before - on Rhys’s parents, when his father would visit his mother in the camps while he and Rhys were training with Cassian. For all the cold looks, the loss of love that transpired over the years between them, that scent was always there lingering… somewhere between them.

Azriel scents it now. Every time Rhys and Feyre are close. The shadows whisper to him about the taste. It makes him happy… and a little bit sad too.

“I’m done,” Cass says sleepily, standing abruptly and clapping Az on the shoulder to say goodnight. He leaves and Azriel sees Rhys and Feyre slow far beneath him. Feyre’s head is on Rhys’s chest, and he’s sliding his arm under her legs, wings stretching wide.

Azriel stands with a faint smile ghosting his lips, glad his brother has someone at last. Starfall was truly something this year, he thinks.

He watches Rhys murmur something into Feyre’s ear before turning away, a small happy ache in his heart turning him inside, and stops when he reaches the open dining room and the scene that meets him from the settee.

She hasn’t gone to bed, but she’s fast asleep. The pale light of dawn is playing on her hair, all those gold tendrils spilled over the cushion in a delicate cascade. And that dress - Cauldron, he’d nearly toppled over when he’d seen her in it. White and decadent and slippery as silk, practically inviting him to dip his fingers past the open back and caress her skin.

But what really does Azriel in is the quiet, peaceful look on Mor’s face as she sleeps. Contented. Blissful. Whole. Everything he’s always wanted her to be every single day since that other age when he found her face quiet - quiet as she died, amid leaves of red and gold. He’s done everything he can since that day to make each new one better, like she is right now.

Az leans down, his weight going into the balls of his feet as he crouches next to her. His scarred fingers are light as he pushes back the hair from her face and brushes along her cheek. His thumb lingers an extra moment on her chin, just below her lips.

“Mor,” he whispers. He can see her eyes moving sluggishly behind her closed lids at the sound of his voice. “Morrigan, love.” It is a name only reserved for her, for when the lines feel blurred and they can pretend they do not dance around one another so carefully.

Just now, that name works. Mor gives a small shudder, her face scrunching up adorably. He hates to wake her, but it’s worth it to see that beautiful brown in her eyes finding him as she blinks herself partially awake.

“Az?” Her voice is groggy as though she’s been asleep all night and not out dancing for hours and hours - with him, with Cassian, with Rhys.

Az smiles and that hand that had rested on her face moves to her hip. His other arm’s braced to slide under her shoulder, but it stops and waits for her to catch up. Mor stretches her neck and back in a tight movement, peering around and realizing where she’s fallen asleep. Her hands reach out blindly as her eyes close again, seeking him out and clutching at his chest as he finally scoops her up, exactly as Rhys had Feyre. “Azriel,” she says, as though there should be more she will say, but can’t; she’s too exhausted. His name sounds divine off her tongue, even half-mumbled.

Azriel enjoys the way her breathing quiets out as he carries her upstairs to her room, the way her heart beats evenly against his chest as he opens the door, and the way her hands cling even in near sleep as he sets her down on the bed. He’s grabbing those hands, so smooth and clean and precious to him, with his own so he can leave her be for the morning when her fingers curl into his palm. “Az…”

He stills and watches Mor wearily open her eyes one more time, the softest sleepy little smile painting her face. Not even Velaris has ever looked so beautiful as Mor does now, Azriel thinks, his stomach doubling over. Does she even realize how wonderful she is? To him? To the world?

Mor gives a faint tug, and it’s not until Azriel is pushing his knee into the bed to climb up and join her that he sees them close again. She turns on her side, and his hands follow her lead to band around her waist. Where his nose hits on the pillow just at the base of her neck, he can smell the citrus in her hair. It smells… incredible, he thinks. It smells like home, he remembers. It smells… perfect. Gently, he squeezes his Morrigan’s fingers back.

Azriel is only allowed a few hours of sleep before the new day beckons and his family will go in different directions, but for now, they are the best few hours of sleep he has ever gotten.


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Inner court children head canons??? I hope you have a better day ❤❤

Thank you!!

Moriel - No kids. Not ever. As mentioned in a previous ask, I think Mor and Az are fulfilled enough with each other and don’t need children. They’ll be chasing Rhys and Feyre’s little ones around enough as it is, haha.

Feysand - Okay, in reality, they probably have two. But I’d be super down if they had one super special, amazing, talented little trouble maker of a child. And I’d prefer it were a girl who has Feyre’s look for the most part, but gets the wings and eyes from Rhys. I think she’d be a lot like Feyre in personality - stubborn and determined and daring as hell. But I think Rhys takes her on a lot of father/daughter dates, you know him and his spa days and such… I think they spend time at the beaches and in the artists quarter of Velaris. But she’s willing to go out with mom and explore too. After the war, Rhys and Feyre are content to be homebodies. It hasn’t been that long for Rhys that he was stuck for fifty years away from his home and Feyre wants to feel like she has a home. When they finally have their daughter years later (and by years I mean like 1,000+ years - no children PLEASE for at least several good long centuries), it’s their daughter who makes them want to get out more and see the world again, visit other courts. They do it when they’re obligated of course, but their daughter makes them want to explore even when they don’t have to. And when she grows up, she’s an excellent politician and Rhys knows that if the day ever comes where he and Feyre aren’t there anymore, the Night Court will be in good hands.

Elucien - ALL THE CHILDREN ALL DAY EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME. They’re gonna procreate like rabbits basically. Just when Lucien thinks the last little terror has left the manor for good, oh - whoops, Elain is preggers is again. Oh well what are you gonna do, and Lucien not-so-secretly loves having a big family anyway. He grew up with one, but the one he starts with Elain is loving and lacks the torments he received as a child. When his sons and daughters grow up, they have a wonderful time visiting the Autumn Court and giving Beron hell for what he did to their father. When the Elucien household isn’t being feisty (and let’s face it, when are they not really?) they are always busy. It’s like a fantasy world equivalent of soccer practice, cello lessons, and after school specials. Someone always has some kind of sport or recital. Elain particularly enjoys traveling Prythian with her kids to watch their various talents flourish and no two kids have the same abilities. Lucien gets a bit exhausted by it from time to time, but he can’t imagine it any other way.

Nessian - You know, I could see them being a cross of Moriel/Feysand easily. No kids or one is enough. I think Nesta is unsure what motherhood would bring her, but she never shies away from a challenge. And Cassian has always wanted a family, but he’s fine with just one and after Nesta brings the little thing into the world and screams at him, “Never again in seven courts and I doing that,” he laughs and says, “Okay.” And it’s a girl and she’s super close with Feyre’s daughter. The two sisters will sometimes sit back and watch their little girls play who both are so much like them, and they’ll be sad they never got that as kids themselves, but they’re happy life has brought them here, given them a second chance. The girls take turns sleeping over every other night practically to the point that it drives their parents nuts and eventually Mor has to just step in and say, “Give them to me, geez” and she wears them out with shopping and lunch dates and all sorts of auntie fun. And the Nessian kid - she’s a spitfire. Nesta and Cass weren’t prepared for how deadly a combination mom’s iron will and dad’s fearless spirit could be, but damn - there it is in their daughter. She raises hell throughout the entire court and breaks hearts wherever she goes.


The One That I Want [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe X reader where she’s a cheerio at her private school and part of glee club and when the new directions find out he has a gf (you) they take a disliking to u bc ur schools team is their main competition in cheer and glee club since Sebastian thought it’d b a good idea to unite ur schools team and his for glee

a/n: i can totally see seb with a cheerio idk guys IDK

“Girlfriend?” Santana quips, squinting her eyes at the Warbler captain. Just then you and a few other cheerios tumble from the door. You do a flip, high pony whipping back when you stand up, royal blue skirt fanning out across your upper thigh. Quinn glares, crossing her arms over her red McKinley High uniform.

Sighing, you strut over to Sebastian, tennis shoes squeaking on the polished floor. He grins at you, taking your hand. “Hey Bas. Didn’t know you guys had company over.” you pout, pecking his lips, ignoring the gags from the Glee club. “Oh, New Directions! Fancy meeting you here- actually, why are you here?” you quip, tilting your chin up.

It’s Quinn who speaks; the head cheerio that you know too well. “We can ask you the same thing.” she says softly, fluttering her eyelashes, looking innocent. “We had an issue to settle, what’s your excuse?” she questions, tilting her head; pale blond ponytail cascading down the back of her head.

Your boyfriend grabs your arm before you’re able to step forward; long fingers wrapping around your white long sleeve undershirt. “Now, now, babe, don’t make this about them.” Sebastian chuckles, fixing his striped tie. You bite your pink glossed lip, crossing your arms over your blue and gold uniform. “The Warblers and the Pitches are teaming up for Sectionals.” he explains, dress shoes tapping over to the piano. “Mine and Y/N’s voices sound absolutely phenomenal together, so I had to do a duet.” Sebastian rolls his lime green eyes.

“You guys know Alex & Sierra, right?” you ask, sitting on the edge of the piano stool, nodding teasingly at the New Directions. Most of them nod, making you grin wickedly. “Well, we’re-” you motion to the Warbler and yourself, “In the middle of practicing one of their covers.” you taunt, spinning on your ass so you’re facing the piano.

Sebastian smirks, rolling his navy blazer to his wrist before starting to play the slow melody of a Grease song. “I got chills, they’re multiplying, and I’m losing control…” he begins, perfect plump lips moving with each vowel. “'Cause the power you’re supplying….It’s electrifying!” he sings in a soft tone, smiling at you.

Crossing your legs and fixing your short skirt, you bat your eyelashes at him. “You better shape up, ‘cause I need a man.” you breathe in, chest rising, “And my heart is set on you… You better shape up; you better understand… To my heart I must be true…” you sing, waiting for him to join in. “Nothing left- Nothing left for me to do…”

“You’re the one that I want…. Oo-oo-oo, honey.” Together, the lyrics flow smoothly along to the piano. New Directions shift awkwardly as you stare into Sebastian’s eyes. “The one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, honey. The one that I want, oo-oo-oo, the one I need..” Sebastian’s voice raises as yours gets low at the last line.

Grinning, you stand up, hearing the rest of the Warblers and the Pitches do back up to the two of you. “If you’re filled with affection… You’re too shy to convey.” you purr, coming to Sebastian’s other side, “Meditate in my direction… Feel your way…” you lean your elbow on top of the table, ear touching your shoulder.

Sebastian taps the piano keys, gazing up at you; green eyes filled with love. “I better shape up, 'cause you need a man…” he belts out, straining his neck as he hunches forward. His blazer scrunches in the back slightly.

“I need a man.” you interrupt, making your voice louder than his. “Who can keep me satisfied.” you wink, tapping his chin with your index finger.

He smiles, peering down at his long fingers. “I better shape up, if I’m gonna prove-”

You lean forward, hair bouncing around, “You better prove….That my faith is justified…” you hold the note while he sings ‘are you sure?’, face inches from yours. “Yes I’m sure down deep inside!” you muse, mouth hanging open.

Slowly, Sebastian rises from the stool when the Warblers and the Pitches continue the pace. “Cause you’re the one that I want… Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want.” the two of you sing, smirking at Rachel’s (and others) shocked face. He takes your hand, pulling you into him, placing the other hand on your hip, over the short blue skirt. “Oo-oo-oo, I need the one that I want….Oo-oo-oo, the one I need… oh yes indeed…” you end it, eyes focused on his for a moment.

The Warbler licks his lips before turning to the McKinley Glee club. “That’s just a taste of what you’re up against.” he taunts, holding you firmly to his side.

Sam gulps, “We’re screwed.”


this is the greatest thing in the history of great things.

sierra boggess & josh groban singing ALL I ASK OF YOU

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2 and 16 for nessian or feysand? Please and thank you 😘

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?

Already done for Nessian!

Feysand - Rhys is the big spoon. Definitely. I think all the boys are? Except maybe Elucien… anyway! My version of Rhys is kind of the taller, leaner build and I think that just fits Feyre so well because she’s rather lean herself. So even though Rhys towers over her in a lot of ways, their bodies just sort of match. They’re compatible, ya know? And I think for them, spooning isn’t really a big thing unless its playful. Like if they’re having a tender moment, they’d rather face each other or lay with Feyre’s head on Rhy’s chest. But when he’s teasing and tickling and attacking and flat out fingering/fucking Feyre, he’s behind her enjoying all the different ways her body molds in front of him, locked between his arms. He loves how she wiggles inward on herself when he tickles her and she tries to get away. He loves how scrambles forward to escape his teasing when he’s being an absolute prick. And most of all, he loves the way her back arches, head falling against his chest while her fingers grip his shirt and the sheets when he makes her come.

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

I don’t think either Nesta or Cassian is scared of them, though Nesta isn’t fond of water in general. The noise doesn’t really bother her so much though and it kind of matches that hot temper she has burning in her at all times.

Feysand, on the other hand, I think neither would be scared nor inclined to a panic attack from it, but I think Rhys would be the more uncomfortable one. I think the rain is gloomy for him, a sign of winter and sadness and less happy times. He can’t go flying. A lot of the shops in Velaris close for the day getting no traffic. All the training spaces are outside and getting messy in the mud isn’t fun. He has to pretty much stay indoors all day moping about less pleasant things like work and the Hewn City, but…. Feyre makes it better. She’s used to rain. She had to hunt in every element growing up, so she knows how to handle it. And she knows it bums Rhys out. The second it starts raining, she’ll start the fire place going and lay a blanket out, warm something hot up to drink, and sit with Rhys in front of the fire while they read together and listen to the rain. One of my favorite Feysand headcanons is that she’ll eventually reach over while doing this and start massaging his knee. The first time she does it, Rhys pauses his reading and looks down at her curiously where her head is in his lap. “What are you doing?” “Massaging your knee.” “Why?” She blinks up at him. “Because it hurts.” “How on earth do you know it hurts right now?” She’ll sigh, reach up and stroke his face once with a fond smile, and resume her work. “You told the Bone Carver. You told him one thing no one else knew about you so that I wouldn’t have to. And it was that your knee hurts when it rains because you messed it up during the war. I thought-” Rhys leans down to cut her off with a quiet kiss. “Thank you.” “Keep reading.” “Love to.” Suddenly, thunderstorms don’t seem so miserable.

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what experiments were done on jason?

ok so to clear things up i’m gonna summarize their situation all in one!!

basically sierra, keegan, and jason have all been experimented on in some way when they were children or teenagers. they were all saved and taken into a house, which was originally just a lab but the scientist who found sierra - the first inhabitant - had the building expanded so there was room for living as well. there are more inhabitants than just the three, but they haven’t been developed yet. so they’re all in this safe house because the experiments done on them have impacted them so much that society would reject them and treat them badly. they can leave if they want to, though.

the scientists that saved them found out that there was this huge group of people who experimented on people to see how they could be genetically (or in some other way) modified. the kind of leaders leaders of the organization (at the time) were Sierra’s parents, who passed away when she was a baby. the members have since been missing and the good scientists have been finding these kids all over the world.

basically, jason is electric (if that’s the right word) - when he’s in any way not in control (for example laughing, crying, excited, angry, nervous) his fingers send electric shocks! when he’s very angry or just feeling something very intensely his whole body becomes electrified, so that if someone touched him they would get a slight shock

sierra’s experiments are what turned her into a cyborg

keegan was turned into something kind of like a werewolf. when he’s feeling a negative emotion such as anger or suspicion, his eyes turn red and he grows fangs & claws

thank you for asking :D sorry for the long ramble lmao !! <3


All I Ask Of You & Masquerade, the Phantom of the Opera Paris, Sierra Boggess & Bastien Jacquemart.

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Or maybe people commented negatively because the Discourse talks about race and sexuality outside of the movie were a huge turn-off (just like Ghostbusters), and the movie itself was primarily about humanity versus the bare minimum of Power Ranger-ing, which was a let down. Also, congrats on race shaming their authors and blowing off their (probably quite valid) opinion just because of their race. Have you contacted the KKK to let them know you're just as much a bigoted cunt as they are?

BREAKING NEWS: local blogger makes post applauding diversity in new movie, but RACE SHAMES THE FRAGILE WHITE MALE POPULATION. local anon points out that reverse racism is indeed real, local blogger deletes blog in shame.

Northern Cardinal–Seeing Red, Oakton, Virginia, March 15, 2017

Exclusive: U.S. group Sierra Club seeks probe of EPA’s Pruitt over CO2 comments   

U.S. environmental group the Sierra Club has asked the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general to investigate whether the agency’s head, Scott Pruitt, violated internal policies when he said he did not believe carbon dioxide was a major contributor to climate change, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

Lawyers for the Sierra Club wrote to the EPA’s Office of Inspector General on Tuesday asking the independent watchdog to check whether Pruitt violated the EPA’s 2012 Scientific Integrity Policy when he told a CNBC interviewer on March 9, “I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”

The request ramps up tension between the U.S. environmental movement and the administration of President Donald Trump, who has called global warming a hoax meant to weaken the U.S. economy and has packed his Cabinet with people who question the science of climate change.

An overwhelming majority of scientists think that carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to global climate change, triggering sea level rise, droughts and more frequent violent storms.

“It’s pretty unprecedented to have the head of the EPA contradicting basic scientific facts,” Sierra Club Senior Attorney Elena Saxonhouse told Reuters on Wednesday. (REUTERS, March 15, 2017–By Emily Flitter, NY)

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I'm so sorry about your mom! I hope everything will be fine!! 😊 Could you do fluff with any acomaf pairing?

Thank you!! And thank you for sending me a nice distraction. I really appreciate it. :)


When Cassian first sees her, he sobs. Great big, filthy sobs. Nesta would roll her eyes at him if it were any other day, but she supposes on her wedding day she should at least pander to him a little.

He’s decked out in Illyrian garb - it’s kilted and full of leathers and badges that allow her to see the thick muscles of his calves and arms. Dark greens and reds and gold run through the ribbons and fabrics. And much to Nesta’s delight, he’s kept his hair down in a silky wave that falls evenly to his shoulders, little curls coming off the sides here and there. Rhys and Az are behind him dressed in a similar fashion, but Nesta liked Mor’s suggestion to go with Nesta’s own personal style for her wedding dress.

She chose something plain and largely unadorned of details save for some small embroidery on the cuffs. Nesta’s never liked to make a fuss with things. But the dress is full of color - a deep burgundy like a fine wine brought in from the Summer Court. It moves around her like wine too, flowing freely about her legs and hugging her loosely around her generous chest and arms in a way that blends the fashions she was used to in the mortal lands with those of Velaris.

She’d had… fun getting ready. It was hard to realize that’s what it had felt like. Fun. Between being Made, fighting the war, and all of the aftermath that had come about, Nesta wasn’t sure she could ever get back to happy. Not even when she’d let Cassian in and he’d eventually proposed. She knew she liked being with him. She knew she loved him and didn’t want anyone else but him. But it didn’t really hit her until she turned the corner and saw him standing there in the temple waiting for her, a priestess at his side ready to join them together for life.

This was happy.

This was her future.

This was her Cassian.

And she was his Nesta.

She walks down the aisle alone. Her father isn’t there anyway and he would never have been allowed the privilege to begin with.

But Feyre and Elain are there, who did her hair up with simple purple orchids and smiles and hugs a plenty.

And Morrigan. The Morrigan who is beaming at Nesta from where she stands in front. Mor winks and Nesta has to stifle her own tears because it hits her then, in full force. That this is all really happening. She has friends now and a family who aren’t obligated to her by blood. And she loves them.

Only her short, short life full of keeping tears at bay holds them back, but Mor knows. So does Cassian, as he takes her hands and tells her, “You look beautiful, Ness,” leaning in to whisper it at her ear.

“Can we just get on with this stupid thing?” Nesta says, but there is no bite to it. Cassian chuckles.

“Of course.”

The ceremony is short. Again, Nesta doesn’t like to make a fuss. And afterward, they go out for drinks and dancing. Nesta herself even lets Cass pull her out for a few spins.

When darkness falls and stars glitter through the air of the courtyard, Nesta snuggles into Cassian’s broad chest and inhales the wood smoke she finds waiting for her there. Cassian brings her hand up to his lips for a sweet kiss.

This is happy, she thinks one more time. This will always be happy.


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Different anon. I can see a situation now...An early stage of a new Team kidnaps some of the kids (likely the Ketchums or Berlitzs) as leverage against Ash to meet their demands. However, their plan goes south when one of the parents, be it Ash or otherwise, blasts into their hideout and goes "GET THE F* AWAY FROM MY SON/DAUGHTER!" All Hell proceeds to break loose.


The parents burst in and the early new Team is crying like ‘PLEASE TAKE THEM AWAY I’M SORRY’ because said child is not taking any of this shit (no matter which child it is).